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08-31-04, 06:58 AM
The match assignments have been sent out and writing has begun. I'm aiming to get the matches back by Friday or so and if all goes well, a conservative posting time for the show should be around Sunday night. If there are delays unforeseen at this time, I'll be sure to update you all.

I'd like to say that I'm very happy with the turnout with roleplays this week. With a few exceptions, you all roleplays your asses off. Nice work.

Since Jeff has been carrying the burden for so long, I thought that maybe I should do some introducing of myself so that you know who I am if you don't know me already, and so that I can express my vision of e-fedding as far as booking style goes so that there is no confusion if situations arise.

I co-founded EPW with John Miller (who later gave up his part to Jeff), but haven't taken as active a role since way way back. 2004 was my 15th year in fantasy wrestling, so suffice to say I've been around a while. I was also part of GXW/GWE staff for several years.

Here are some general rules I need to put out there so that we understand each other. This way, none of you will accidentally get on my nerves...heh. Also, it's a good barometer for how things are/will be run.

1. DO NOT IM or email us to discuss how you think you should have won a match because your roleplays were better, but we chose the other guy. I will job you, and I will job you hard. You will submit to a headlock. Understood? Good :)

I WILL accept questions regarding WHY you lost. You may ask for a detailed opinion of your roleplay, why we judged the other guy/girl as better, why you lost in general. Just don't tell me you should have won.

2. DO NOT no-show a match unless you have emailed us a reason first. If you no-show a match and can't email a reason, email us one as soon as you are able. If you no-show me without reason, this is another spot where you will job and job hard.

If you no-show a PPV, you more than likely will not be booked until I get an explanation (assuming you didn't email me).

If you no-show a PPV as a champion, it's time to find yourself another fed.

3. If you roleplay a second time without your opponent replies, and there is more or less two days between your posts - I will accept this.

4. If your opponent has roleplayed, and you post your lone reply within a few hours of the deadline, I will look very unfavorably on you for doing so. This is what is referred to as "sniping", and it isn't fair to your opponent.

5. If you break character in a way inconsistent with the usual behavior of your character, you will lose. If a change in attitude is in the works, I suggest you email us about it. If I push you as a face and you start acting strangely heelish without any word, I'll look down on that. Keep me in the loop.

6. If you send in an angle or storyline suggestion and I don't feel I can use it, I will 100% of the time contact you to see if we can alter it to your satisfaction in order to run it in another way. I may have to turn it down completely from time to time, but I'll do all I can to see that you're happy. I will not edit anyone's storyline's without notifying them first. I will also never write dialogue for your character without permission.

7. Don't ask me when the card will be done unless you're offering to help finish it. I will job you. You will wrestle a match in a diaper. Sense a theme? :)

8. There will be no airing of dirty laundry in public. If you have a problem with another handler, go to them first. If that doesn't resolve it, come to me. If I see it on the boards, I will lock it up immediately. Then I'll take care of it in private, and it might not be pretty.

Finally, I'd like to say no one has been guilty of any of these things so far as I know. I just want to get the ugly details out there for future reference so we don't have to do it later.

I'm very happy with everyone in the fed and the great work you're all doing. There's a reason we're the hottest fed on the FW.com circuit. :)

- Dave