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08-29-04, 04:11 PM
My name is James, and I handle "Jecht Mathias Cronqvist" in current and previous feds. I just added my fed to fwrestling.com's hosted sites and looking forward to some civilized discussions.

08-29-04, 07:37 PM
Do you like to torture league presidents by having to spell out that name repeatedly on shows? ;->


08-29-04, 09:57 PM
Anybody's who's character name has an FFX connection rules the school.

08-30-04, 11:57 AM
Paul, LOL Actually, the feds I've been in shorten the name to "JMC". I learned the hard way that very few fedheads can actually spell my character's last name right, often confusing the V for a U.

Shawn, good thing you noticed. :-D JMC's name actually comes from two videogame characters. The second is a character off of "Castlevania: Lament of Innocence". Which is, aside from Simon's Quest, the best of the Castlevanias hands down. Interestingly, I also handle two more characters with FFX names in them--Auron Vestahl (former conman arrested for something he didn't do) and Rikku Technal (airheaded half-sister to Auron).

As I said, my fed Cairo Championship Wrestling (http://fwrestling.com/host/highimpact) was just added to Fwrestling.com. Unfortunately, the person I left in charge while I was gone trashed the fed under its old name, so now I have to start over.