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08-22-04, 01:28 AM
New ERA's website underwent a huge re-design the past week as I worked on a design that agreed with both IE and Firefox (a big problem w/ the last site) as well as a design that didn't rely on frames which looked terrible in 800x600 ....

You can view the re-designed New ERA of Wrestling website at our website:


*Please note: The past RAUCOUSes results have not been formatted to fit the new design as they are extremely timely ... and it takes a LOT of patience which I haven't had .... so, they'll open up in a new window .... as soon as they are finished, the site will be 100% complete ... right now its 95%...

Take a look at Destrucity for the layout of cards ... except for RAPTURE ... which will be setting up shop for the first time this week.

Hope you enjoy .. and hope I can get the entire site finished asap. -passes out-

owner, new era

08-25-04, 11:41 PM
gotta love Dreamweaver MX....templates what a wonderful thing


08-26-04, 09:05 AM
they're great ... but a ***** to edit into a wrestling website...

way too many links offered on teh template .. and even one little over deletion messes up the entire thing.

took a while to get it how i wanted it.