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08-17-04, 12:48 AM
All RP for the match between JONATHAN MARX and JOHN DOE at RAUCOUS should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

The RP deadline is 11:59pm on Tuesday, August 24. Angles should be sent to secandido@comcast.net ..

John Doe
08-22-04, 01:44 PM
FADE IN…John Doe skipping in random circles. John comes to a halt then looks at the camera. He smirks, then yawns, John gives off an evil smirk, his eyes balnk and cold.


“Marx…Marx…Marx. God, what is this the Third time I have faced you? Let’s see for I remember it’s one for John Doe one for Marx. Marx, I have seen the great ways of old school wrestling, and I hate to break it to you Marx. It’s dead. The ways of the path are exactly that, the PAST. I’d like you to meet the future of wrestling….me.”

“Marx, I hold no grudges against you, sure Troy Douglas hates you, sure Christian Sands hates you, but me…I despise you. So, I guess there is only one way to settle that difference out, in the ring. I plan on making you a clear example on how damn good I really am.”

“Marx, the problem is, how bad do you want to win? See I want a win so bad I can TASTE it in the air. After losing yet another shot at the TV Title, I am really at the point where I just want to bash a skull in. Marx you my friend are the man I am going to have to do that to.”

“So you go and get Brandon Jacobs, and you tell him you have to make a promotion, that you need to reply to John Doe, and that you need to say some crap about him. Hell 95% of the trash that comes out of your mouth is just bullsh*t anyways.”

“The fact of the matter is Marx I am truly going to show you what it takes to face off with a man and what a man can do in the ring. So you go ahead and step in the ring with me, honestly I can’t wait for another ring presence with you. It improves my skills, and quite frankly it will improve yours too Marx”

“The fact is Jon, I honestly am anticipating this match up the chance to go toe to toe with you again Marx is just filling my body with energy. Hope your body can keep up with my agility. The point is Marx, you are hitting your downfall, I am just going to use you as my high mark of my career. The point where I say…I beat Jonathan Marx”

“But Marx I am not going to fill the air with my talking, I have training to do, maybe run a couple miles. See you in the rings Marxie”


08-24-04, 07:15 PM
::Jonathan Marx, dressed in a tie and suit, stands in front of a class room with the message “Old School wrestling is dead” scrawled on the chalkboard::

JONATHAN MARX: ::slightly irritated:: Is he right? I know that is the popular version of and there are some who would like you to believe old school wrestling is dead.

::picks up a table and throws it across the room::



Because old school wrestling indeed alive and well… sure we have some dregs of society showing up to wrestle matches in t-shirts and jeans acting like hyperactive gymnasts on a sugar rush… but that is because reform never comes over night.

The old school revolution is only nearing its second year and is only a matter of time that those radicals will kill themselves or I’ll have the chance to do it myself. It isn’t like I have been getting any help. If Rabesque wasn’t such a ***** WIMP, he would have ANNIHILATED all of you BASTARDS before I had a chance to even enter this sport BUT SADLY I HAVE TO WORK ALONE!

Always alone… but I continue because I know old school wrestling still lives within the hearts of men. Good men who use to love this sport, who use to take their children to watch wrestling or go to a show with their friends. The fans want to see a second golden age emerge from the darkness and I will do everything in my power to make sure that it happens.

If Christian Sands hates me, let him know that the feeling is not mutual because I respect Christian Sands and it was a hell of a battle to finally bat him. He is a shining light in a sea of darkness and one of the wrestlers who will be the future of this sport, but that comes with the territory of leading a revolution. You are going to step on some people’s toes who you don’t want to on the way to glory, but you still have to step on their toes.

I don’t want to fight you Doe. If you join me by my side, we could be comrades in arms in our mission to lead the old school revolution. But sadly even if we wanted to, NEW won’t let that.
Doe, we are tied 1-1, you have given me a hell of a battle, I have learned a lot from you, but now I am going to teach you even more and take you to school myself, old school style and prove that old school wrestling is alive and well.

Class dismissed.


John Doe
08-24-04, 08:12 PM
FADEIN… John Doe sitting in a school desk he’s smoking a Marlboro Special Blend No. 27. John looks around. Nobody in the room but him, he inhales the cigarette then blows it out slowly through his nose. John opens his eyes and looks at the camera. He smirks as evil little smirk across his face.


“Why I’ll be damned. No crack jokes about lead paint chips….not Brandon Jacobs? What is it Marx, what have you done? This is a trick a little ugly looking trick. I think you are trying to play me for a fool. Marx, I will admit I have went day in and day out battling you in the ring fighting against you, trying to defeat your glory at it’s whim”

“The fact of the matter is, I need to break the mold here, I need to prove myself to the world, I need to show every should out there that the best is yet to come, that I am about to show the world who John Doe is, why John Doe is the best.”

“I don’t think you get it in the skull of yours that your Rookie of the Year win was just a moderate fluke, that you got that little trophy of yours because you pulled out a point above the rest. You are leading NFW? What NFW East? The freak clown show, the place where no one gets points no matter what, last time I recall you where not the point leader.”

“As a matter of fact, I believe big bad John Doe is the point leader for NEW, that’s right, sure I lost to Alex Borden, that was a fluke just like you Rookie of the Year crap. Marxie do you understand that you have taught me a lot in the ring every single time I faced you. Let me tell you a couple.”

“Ok we start with Travis Smith and Jonathan Marx vs. John Doe and Troy Douglas. Now this was a great match, being the fact that Douglas never promoted left me hanging and doing all the work, but hell I had you on your toes the whole match Marx. And well you beat me, it is true, BUT! It was not you who defeated me, it was Travis Smith who pinned Troy Douglas. You never put my shoulders on the ground, you were the man that pulled me to the outside of the ring to stop me from breaking a pin. And I learned that maybe a little cheating here and there is ok.”

“Then there is the good old John Doe and Alex Borden vs. Jonathan Marx and Troy Douglas. God I hated that match, frankly I don’t remember who got the pin, all that I remember was that you and I were beating the hell out of each other, and that’s when it hit me, that Old School Wrestling is nothing compared to the New Evolutionary Stage that I perform today.”

“See Marx your Old School crap is the basis of everything that I perform in the ring, except my moves are move high risk, my moves can change the outcome of the match in a heart beat. If you really want to take it into focus, my moves can be reversed easily but if they are not, the damage can be done, and when that damage is done it’s lights out. You use your little Marxism, I like that move, I think it is a great move, but compare that to the Amnesia Attack, well you have yourself a great move next to an insignificant move.”

“Now, the point I am bringing across to you Marx is that no matter how hard you tried to bring back Old School Wrestling, the point is…it has died, and when it died it formed a new form of wrestling which is the kind I like to work.”

“Marx, I am making these points to bring into focus that it is not as easy to beat me one on one as it looks. That your style is not as great as mine, you are looking at the man that is going to defeat you, you are looking at the man that is going to enhance your knowledge on how damn good I am in the ring, prepare for your loss and my win.”

“See you in the ring Marx!”


08-24-04, 11:58 PM
::Jacobs is sitting by his laptop watching Doe’s latest promo on Real Video while Marx’s is sitting in his chair relaxing watching Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends::

BRANDON JACOBS: John Doe replied, do you want to savagely attack him again?

JONATHAN MARX: Nah, I feel sorry for the poor boy. He probably lost his memory by repeatedly blowing moves and landing on his head. I could see him wandering around the streets with amnesia working at the docks as a fisherman to make ends meet.

BRANDON JACOBS: He does seem a bit water logged. What I don’t get is if Doe is such a talented wrestler, why does he need to do all those high risks moves?

JONATHAN MARX: For all he knows, he could be offspring of circus performers and it could be in his blood.

BRANDON JACOBS: A cross of the bearded lady and a midget?

JONATHAN MARX: He could only hope his genetics are that good. But whatever it is, he either doesn’t think he is good enough to get the job done without having to do something to kill himself or there is some deeper mental issue.

BRANDON JACOBS: He could be an escaped mental patient who went off the deep end and forgot everything. In fact, I could see John Doe having imaginary friends who he talks to since he doesn’t know anything about himself.

JONATHAN MARX: Maybe A big polka dotted elephant…

BRANDON JACOBS: Why an elephant?

JONATHAN MARX: Unlike Doe, elephants never forget.

BRANDON JACOBS: Okay, but why the polka dots?

JONATHAN MARX: So it would be spotty likes his moves, plus when he went out drinking with Wells, Jared’s imaginary friends would have someone to talk to.

BRANDON JACOBS: I didn’t know Wells and Doe are friends.

JONATHAN MARX: If he isn’t, he blatantly stole Wells’ gimmick of forgetting who he is. Either way, it is time to go elephant hunting. Jacobs, bring the gun.


John Doe
08-26-04, 06:53 PM
[FADE IN…John Doe is sitting on a stool, New Era backdrop, John yawns as he looks dead eye with the camera.]


“Well look who decides to grace us with his everlasting gratefulness….Brandon Jacobs. I was wondering if you fell off a cliff, although I was really hoping for that outcome, due to the fact I sincerely dislike you my friend, but that is in the dirt right now. As of late I am concentrating on one thing, Jonathan Marx.”

“Now, the irony of it all is that you Marx have to take Brandon Jacobs, a WFW commentary to help you in your promotions. The question is Marx, can you do a promotion by your self, instead of having Jacobs basically do it for you.”

“Honestly you are a wimp Marx, when Jacobs wasn’t at your side in your first promotion, you asked for me to join you. For me to team up with you and to bring the old school revolution back. Honestly it’s pathetic to try and kiss my ass before a match. Marx I know that I am that damn good, and I know that a man like me teamed up with you would put you in high marks, make you and I the biggest thing to hit FW.”

“But, unfortunately like you said New Era won’t let that happen, and the other part is, I like being on my own, I love the rouge stuff, and I don’t plan on teaming with anyone of late, if I had a change of heart Marx the possibilities are out there, but as of this moment you are sh*t out of luck.”

“Marx, let me break it down for you. Sure I am an a*shole, I am a great, don’t doubt the greatness of me Marx, I mean I am a living God. And no, I was not sucking on paint chips, I am telling you the truth Marx, I am going to show you why I am a great, why I make men fear the match. At Raucous the old school revolution is coming to a halt, and I am going to have the privilege of ending you.”

“I am going to defeat you. I am going to prove to you why I am the best damn thing out there, prepare for your end Marx, at Raucous I am going to prove to you that hell is not just a myth, that I am the supplier of hell, and I am going to give you a good taste of it.”

“See you in the ring Marx, it may be your last time stepping in one”

“I Am Greatness…I Am God…I Am John Doe”


08-26-04, 09:06 PM
RP ended the 24th ... the last RP by Doe doesnt count. The 24 hour rule ended at 11:59pm on the 25th.

John Doe
08-26-04, 10:39 PM
Oh..well thank Sean Edmunds! Glad to knwo that you are still alive even though you are never on AIM. *growls* :rolleyes: :p