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08-17-04, 12:47 AM
All RP for the match between CAITLYN DAYMON and JANE DOE at RAUCOUS should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

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John Doe
08-18-04, 12:52 PM
FADE IN….Black Water Mental Institution. Camera’s are outside a room. The room is enclosed with one metal door. The camera’s stay outside the two way glass. On the other sits Jane Doe, her blonde hair covering her face. Arms filled with scars from self mutilation. Jane is wearing black baggy jeans. And a slipknot shirt. Her lips black with lip stick, as her eyes have black eyeliner.


“Two years in here will drive a women nuts. Over the deep end. Seeing the fact that I am sick and tired of sitting here and talking to doctors everyday. I much rather sit and talk to the graceful little pricks at New Era. Time is of the essence, and frankly I don’t have much time to waste. So let me start with a basic fact. I am going to turn the heads of thousands. Yes…I know, fans are already in hype mode for John Doe, but the point is I can make the same appearance as that man.”

“Let me break the ice a little. Maybe is some weird chance me and John are brother and sister, the fact is, I have no clue, the fact is I have amnesia also. Although I do not like the fact I can’t remember my own name, I still accept it. Now, I remember Catylin Daymon. I remember when we had a little match at Destrucity. Let me tell you a little something…one match doesn’t make a difference. Match two is were I am able to prove my potential.”

“But, wait a second you are Rocko’s wife, I totally believe you have the same attitude your husband has. I mean who else would leave a federation after losing in a Triple dance to even look at the World Heavyweight title, I am talking about EPW Cat if you didn’t know. But you know your husband as a great hit it hard attitude.”

“Honestly Daymon, I want to beat your face inside out. The fact of the matter truly is, I am pulling for a blowout win. Hell, I am surprised they allowed you to wrestling in the ring with such a uprising star such as myself.”

“Consider this match a crude reminder on how damn good a women can be. Frankly I can beat you senseless anytime Daymon, but admiring the fact that you also are a star rising to her own profound glory I will defeat you in one swift pin.”

Jane moves her head her hair covering her face even more. She moves her feet as a metal noise is heard. Cameras catch shackles chaining Jane’s feet to the floor. Jane moves her hair again as her eyes give off a dead feeling, a blank look. Jane snickers.

“But wait a second, this is just the beginning Cat. See I am not in this because it’s a women’s division. My goal is to beat the men. I will beat them plain and simple. My first target is going to be Jonathan Marx. After I am done with you Cat I am going after him, and after him Jean Rabesque, I am going to destroy them one by one. The fact is Cat, you are just one more rung on the ladder of my glory.”

“I plan on making an impact, I plan on breaking the mold. Just be prepared for the loss you are going to receive. Thus, be happy you are even stepping in the ring, after the cancellation of Rapture, I am surprised they let me on Raucous. So let’s just consider this my time to prove to the world that I am the best, and that I can beat the best.”

“See you soon Cat.”

(Fade out)

08-23-04, 04:53 PM

Rocko Daymon
Professional wrestling isn't like what it was in my hey-day; it's surpassed that. I feel I don't belong. So when I'm done with my match at Revolution... I'm done for good, people. I'm announcing my retirement.

(Fade into a familiar scene at a press conference many months ago. A man sits behind a table before a troupe of reporters, a doctor to his right and Caitlyn Daymon to his left. We cut to another highlight of this conference.)

[/B]Rocko Daymon
...I wouldn't call it "throwing in the towel". Quite simply, I think I've done this federation a service, and my time has gone on. It's time for me to stop dreaming about reclaiming my lost fame, and handing it over to someone else.

(A second cut in the sequence. A reporter stands up to ask a question.)

What about your match against Troy Douglas, Cameron Cruise, and Jonathan Marx at Empire Pro, scheduled at Black Dawn?

Rocko Daymon
Yeah, well... I considered going out that way, but then again, title shots are on the line in that kind of match. I honestly didn't want to interfere with the plans of any of the other wrestlers. If I won, what use would a title shot do to me, considering I'd have left the business? I sent my letter of resignation to Freeman the other night. He was sad to see me go, but he understood. As I understand it, he's looking for a substitute for that match... but I really don't know the details.

(The last statement reverberates slightly as the image fades into the present day. Caitlyn Daymon sits cross-legged on a stool at the end of an empty bar, adorned in black leather pants and a pink baby-doll "Mastodon" t-shirt. Her dark brown hair, usually pulled back into a ponytail, loosley hangs across her shoulders.)

Caitlyn Daymon
In normal circumstances, I wouldn't start this off in the way you just witnessed. But I felt I should open up by making a point to my opponent.

First of all, Jane... my husband has nothing to do with this match. You never knew him, I doubt you will ever, and you weren't even a part of wrestling during the time of his departure. So why you should bring him up is something that totally escapes my understanding. Secondly, your comparison of my attitude towards wrestling to his own isn't just inaccurate, but pointless as well. Even a person with memory as bad as yourself could understand that two people, even if life partners, have differences in personality. I suppose the same can't be said about you and your brother...

Furthermore, I think you need to stop relying on your faulty recollection skills and pick up the tape of Black Dawn in order to get your facts straight. Rocko didn't lose any "Triple Dance" for a shot at the world title; he never even participated. And the match was four corners. So, before you make another inappropriate accusation against my family, try to at least humor me next time by knowing the way it was.

Like Rock said, he served his time and purpose. He paved the way for the "alternative" breed of professional wrestler in mainstream competition, such as you and your brother. Then, after the disaster caused by his medication being switched (which I have no doubt was the work of an old nemesis), he simply decided he needed a break. He's in Japan right now, doing quite well in some of the independent federations in the Pacific circuit.

But wheras Rocko felt he had done his time in wrestling, I am quite the opposite. I've only just begun. I have yet to make my own waves, and I hope to do so by pulling out an impressive victory in this upcoming match. So, to suggest that I am a "quitter", just like my husband, is quite a flawed statement. Why give up when I haven't even started?

(She shrugs, closes her eyes for a moment, and continues.)

Caitlyn Daymon
Now... I'd like to get back on track.

Jane... we had a good match at Destrucity. Though you weren't the opponent I was expected to square off against, I proved to the world that I can adapt to spur-of-the-moment changes during a match and overcome any challenge. Even though I won the match and proved myself to be the better athlete that night, I respected you for your effort and talent.

That respect, of course, went out the window as soon as I saw your last promo. I can only take so many pompous remarks about how badly you're going to tear me up.

Let's milk this, shall we?

(Caitlyn uses the fingers on her right hand to count off the points.)

Caitlyn Daymon
Your entire professional wrestling career consists of the following...

A loss to yours truly...

A cowardly attack on Victoria Hawke and my good friend Karla Star...

And a meaningless pre-show scrap-match between you and Hawke, where Karla gave you your just desserts.

Yet you somehow find the nerve to call yourself an "uprising star"... to suggest you could beat me in "one swift pin"... and, ridiculously enough, to confess your plans to compete against some of the male contenders—Marx and Rabesque, two of the finest wrestlers of ANY division, of all people!

(She stands for a moment with a confused expression, which only says that she’s unsure of whether or not to take her opponent seriously.)

Caitlyn Daymon
…now, I’m all for stepping out the stereotypical roles of women being more inferior to men, doing the Lindsay Troy thing… “Girl Power”, what have you. But can’t we all take this one step at a time? You talk of making an impact, which I admire, to some degree. But you don’t have it in you. The only “impact” that I intend to make is the one of your head crashing into the mat as I put your down with the Daymonplex.

Jane, your identity here among the rest of the competitors at NEW is merely that of a jobber. When you get your ass kicked night after night, few people are going to take you seriously when you say you can beat all the men in professional wrestling, much less beat me. With that said… unless you can’t come up with something a little more believable, please do this world a favor and keep your mouth shut. Otherwise, I think it’s safe to say that I have little to worry about at Raucous.

In terms of strength and dedication, I was impressed at Destrucity. But after watching that promo, Jane… I just don’t know what to think any more. But if you’re what professional wrestling has resorted to, then I’d have to say that we’re all in a lot of trouble.

(Caitlyn comes off the stool and starts for the door.)

Caitlyn Daymon
I’m finished talking to you at this time. Be as it may, the life of a mother calls. I will see you at Raucous, Jane. And should you decide to speak again, a little hint: rely on notetaking, tapes, and plain ol’ facts…

Don’t rely on your memory.

(With that, she leaves the room.)


John Doe
08-24-04, 01:37 PM
FADE IN…. Jane is in a ring doing pushups. Her hair hangs low, its tangled up as though it has been uncombed for weeks, she stands up after 25 or 30 pushups. Jane’s hair covers her face, the camera zooms in on Jane, sweat drips down her face slowly, and steadily, she smiles a beautiful smile as she lets out out her first words of the promotion.

Doe: “F*ck you Daymon.”

Jane hops out of the ring and walks towards a set of free weights and starts curling 25 pounds.


“Cat I can’t believe it, you had to push it so far to even get your husbands final words in your promotion, just to get a point across? God, people amaze me these days with there idiocy and what not. Listen here babe, I don’t care if your husband is retired if he was (makes a little preppy voice while battering her eyes) “Such a great man.” The point is Daymon you take after your husband, and that is what is going to equal your downfall come Raucous.”

“Cat, honestly I never knew Hawke and Starr where your friends, and attacking them only made it more fun for me. But since you are such friends with them, well then I guess you will have to endure the same fate they did won’t you?”

“See you came at me quite hard Cat, and it disappointed me sincerely. Honestly you came at me with the same crap I would have expected from a b*tch like you. You think you own the park already just cause you beat me once, well Cat the ball game isn’t over.”

“You want to step in the ring with me? Go ahead do it, take your time, you can even hit me first. No, you know what Cat, I will lay down in the ring and you can get on top of me and TRY to pin me one two three. Of course you will fail but that is ok Cat, we all can’t be winners.”

Jane puts down the weight.

“Cat let me tell you something I am the Ace of the deck. I am the best women wrestler in the world, and I will prove that at Raucous, being that I am the Ace you are merely just a joker. The point is, you never use the Joker, it is unimportant, while the Ace can be the highest card in a game, and that’s exactly what I am Cat, the highest, the best d*mn thing ever.”

“Everything has a consequence. When I debuted at Destrucity, I had to wrestle you, and I lost, then I became angry and well Starr and Hawke felt my wrath, now I face the women that beat me at Destrucity. Come Raucous I am going to beat you until the blood flows down your beautiful face and then I am going to turn you to your back and pin you for the big three.”

“Cat, I am starting to dislike you already. And when it all comes down to it I just want to beat you senseless. But that is not every women like Cat.”

Jane stands up leaning against the ring

“Every time when I think about those days in Black Water, all that medication, all those shock treatments, it absorbs in my mind the anger controls me, and you Cat are going to be the person that will have to take my fury. I am not going to let you prance on me, and beat me. No…I am going to beat you Cat, I am going to make sure you receive a beating that you will never forget.”

“ I don’t care if God himself was in your corner I will still beat you. I will choke the life out of you, until your face turns every color of the god forsaken rainbow. I want you dead, I want you to suffer how I have suffered, I want to be the best. And to be the best I have to beat you Cat, and I will do that I will beat you I will make sure you leave by the power of a referee, I am going to show you pure and utter pain.”
“Cat, let me tell you a something, I might not have known Rocko, nor do I care, but back in EPW, the true reason he left was because he feared when Marx and the rest of them were going to do to him. He knew that they were better than him, the wrestling had evolved to a stage that he could never amount to, compared to Marx and them he was nothing, a weak old man that had the retire because he was to afraid of the new wrestlers.”

“And you are just like your husband Cat, you are behind on what wrestling has become, and I am going to show you the pure art of wrestling…Pain. I am going to show you what pain is, why pain can destroy you, and how long pain can last. I am going to prove to you that you are no better than me, that you are nothing...just like your husband.”

“Come Raucous you are going to beg for mercy, and I am going to forgive you with agony. Bring you A game Cat because the Ace is about to but out the Royal Flush, and the game ends when I have three of a kind….1...2...3.”

“Oh, and by the way Cat, the reason they put you int eh ring is to see the best.”

“And the best…”

“Is ME”


08-24-04, 03:38 PM

(Fade in on a placid, scenic view on the Morningside Mental Health clinic outside of Seattle. A black Nissan 350Z comes through the calm woods toward the establishment, quickly sidling into the nearest parking spot. A moment later, the engine dies, and Caitlyn Daymon appears from the driver's side and enters the building.)

(Inside, Caitlyn casually makes her way down a hallway of offices, notably carrying to objects in her right hand. She soon comes to a door labelled "Dr. Adrian Henry". She knocks.)

Dr. Henry
Yes? Come in, please.

(She opens the door, revealing the office of a mild-mannered doctor, the very same from the taped footage pieced to the last Caitlyn Daymon promo. He looks up from his desk and smiles.)

Dr. Henry
Ah, Mrs. Daymon. I see you came promptly.

Caitlyn Daymon
Good morning, Doctor. I'm sorry if this meeting clutters up your busy schedule...

Dr. Henry
Oh, it shouldn't be a problem. Tell me, how is your husband?

Caitlyn Daymon
Just fine, as far as I could tell from our phone conversation last night. But he's not the reason why I'm here.

Dr. Henry

Caitlyn Daymon
I brought these...

(Caitlyn holds up a pair of video tapes to show the doctor.)

Caitlyn Daymon
Taped segments from a patient of the Black Water Mental Institution. I wanted you to watch these... and to give me a little feedback on this girl.

Dr. Henry
Hm... what seems to be the problem?

Caitlyn Daymon
Well... her behavior is a little erratic. She claims to be an amnesiac, but I think it may be something different...

Dr. Henry
Hah... what's your diagnosis.

(Caitlyn smiles slightly.)

Caitlyn Daymon
Mental retardation...


(Fade into further into the segment. A television and VCR have now been pulled up in front of the doctor's desk. Henry now sits on the edge of the desk, his lab coat off and arms crossed patiently over his chest as he concentrates on the video footage. Caitlyn sits in one of the guest chairs, staring blankly up to the ceiling. She is seemingly bored.)

Jane Doe
Oh, and by the way Cat, the reason they put you int eh ring is to see the best. And the best… Is ME!

(Adrian Henry uses the remote to turn the television off. Following the promo, he shakes his head with uncertainty.)

Caitlyn Daymon

Dr. Henry
It's strange...

(Henry comes forward, picking up one of the tapes and idly playing with it as he continues.)

Dr. Henry
This girl—“Jane”, as she calls herself—claims to be suffering from amnesia. But the funny thing is nothing in her behavior suggests that she’s anything of the sort. And I’ve studied enough amnesia patients, your husband included, to know what some of the symptoms are.

Caitlyn Daymon
Well, I figured the whole “amnesia” angle was a load of bull… but this still doesn’t make any sense. Would a rational and sane person make something like this?

Dr. Henry
Not unless it was a sad attempt to gain some attention, in which case I pity her…

Caitlyn Daymon
What do you think?

Dr. Henry
Well, in my opinion, I’d say she’s living in denial. She talks a lot about how badly she’ll beat you… showing an almost blind sense of confidence, totally ignorant of what was obvious over the past few weeks. Another sign is the complete ego-centralism—almost every sentence begins with “I”. It shows you that the person is completely absorbed with herself, either out of fear, doubt, or self-loathing. I’ve seen it in several patients…

(Freeze-frame on Dr. Henry’s face.)

Caitlyn Daymon
Straight from the horse’s mouth…

(The camera pans back, revealing a backdrop scene where a television playing the footage from Dr. Henry’s office has been set up. Leaning against the TV is Caitlyn, sporting a white long-sleeved t-shirt and jeans. In her hand, she holds the remote to the VCR.)

Caitlyn Daymon
Take it from a trained physician, Jane. You’re a nutcase, all right… but an amnesiac, you are not in every aspect. A person who suffers from amnesia forgets everything. While you seem totally ignorant to the fact that you haven’t done ANYTHING as of yet to prove your power beyond the level of cowardice and the fact that Karla essentially handed you your own ass last week at Raucous, you seem to have a fine time remembering jumping two other competitors at the conclusion of a hard-fought match…

You couldn’t remember each and every folly you’ve pulled thus far in NEW…

But it seems that you can recall any “great” moment of your career in the wink of an eye and go on about it in great detail, as your last promo proved to everybody… except for the fact that you step around the facts.

There was nothing great about your cheap shots against Karla and Victoria Hawke at An attack could be done by anybody, Jane; even people without legs. All you need is the element of surprise. And as you saw at Destrucity, that sort of thing isn’t your best bet against a competitor like me. I expected to square off against someone else, but I was surprised to be paired against you. And you know what?

It didn’t stop me from winning.

(Caitlyn goes a little to the left of the frame, where a finely crafted card-playing table is set up. She takes a deck of cards from the surface of this table and begins to shuffle them in her hands while she continues…)

Caitlyn Daymon
I find it hard to understand how a person who has yet to win a match can be considered the “Ace” of the deck, but let’s leave that thought on hold for right now. We’ll run with this flimsy concept… for a moment, at least.

As you said yourself, Jane… the Ace can be the highest card in the deck. The ace CAN BE the highest card. But the problem is, “can” is not definite. I think to be more accurate, Jane… the Ace can be the highest card in the deck, depending on certain situations. It all matters on what’s in your opponent’s hand.

It also depends on the game... which is where your entire argument collapses like a house of cards—Ace on top, if you’d like. This is professional wrestling; not Texas Hold ‘em.

(Caitlyn throws the deck of cards back onto the table, scattering its contents into a messy design.)

Caitlyn Daymon
You are not an “Ace”, Jane. To be compared to that, you have to WIN matches. You have to SHOW people that you are a force to be reckoned with, and I’m NOT going to go over your history a second; why couldn’t you have at least tried taking points from my last promo?

Not an Ace, and definitely not the best. That goes without saying.

The fact is… you’re merely a jobber. Filler, and nothing more. Watch the tapes yourself. In fact, go to the NEW website, and read the name at the top of the list. Then read the name at the bottom. Through all rational and logical belief, it’s fairly obvious that the better of the two of us is… yours truly.

Prove me wrong…

(Caitlyn shrugs slightly.)

Caitlyn Daymon
Well, can you? Your in-ring performance, as documented on tape, is lacking. You couldn’t come up with a decent point in any of your promos if your life depended on it. You merely go on and on, boring me to death about how badly you’re going to beat me up in that ring, and how much you hate me… but what is your POINT, Jane? How does THAT prove ANYTHING?

I, rather, tend to rely not what I can—or will—prove to the masses… but what IS proven, by my own actions. And Destrucity says it all. I beat you then, which proves to everybody that I am no longer a mere valet, but a well-trained competitor. I proved myself to better than you. And most importantly, I proved to everyone that you can be beaten.

Did you hear that, Jane? You can be beaten. And you haven’t said a damn thing that wouldn’t suggest history repeating itself, aside from the fact of confessing your hatred.

But you know something? I don’t like you very much either…

(Slow track in on Caitlyn’s upper body.)

Caitlyn Daymon
A certain privilege should be carried among us, the few and daring female competitors in this federation, because we’re creating a dynamic field of competition in a predominantly male sport. But lately, I listen to what you have to say, and realize that you’re not the right material for NEW Women’s division.

Putting you out of your misery would be doing this federation a favor. But this is what I have to say, Jane…

At Raucous, simply put… I’m going to beat you. I won’t choke the life out of you, or unleash months of pent-up rage. Unlike you, I’m going to leave emotions aside. I’m going to forget the fact that you’ve insulted my family, and ignored my talent. With nothing on my conscience, I will step into that ring, give that match every ounce of strength I have in my body, and put you to that mat for the three count. And I’ll step out… leaving you there with all of your wasted anguish, misery, and “pain”.

(She snickers.)

Caitlyn Daymon
“Pain”… such a funny, overused word. You claim that pain is your game, Jane… but if you really want to know what pain is, then why don’t you try sitting through sixteen hours of labor in the back of a station wagon, then tell me how you feel.

The only “pain” you feel is what you bring upon yourself. It’s the same kind of pain you felt last week at Raucous, when Karla found her revenge for your chicken-**** performance the previous week. Perhaps if you didn’t feel the need to step out and aimlessly attack other competitors, you wouldn’t have gone through all of that.

But you won’t have to worry about me trying to extract any revenge for what you did to Karla. She can take care of herself. But be happy that you have yet to cross me, and pray that you never do. You **** with me, and I will teach you a new meaning of “hurt” that you can only imagine feeling at this time.

(She shakes her head suddenly.)

Caitlyn Daymon
There’s nothing more I can say, Jane. The more you talk, the less sense you make. And there’s not one thing I or anybody else can take from your promos that shows that you’ve improved your performance since last time, which just goes to make me wonder why you even bother filming; are you ever going to come to an actual ARGUMENT, or are you just going to throw words around for a half an hour to make yourself look good?

(Caitlyn scoffs.)

Caitlyn Daymon
I honestly can’t wait until this match is over… because I can finally find something better to do with my time.

(She walks off camera as we fade to black.)