View Full Version : RAUCOUS, 08.06.04: Posted!

08-16-04, 05:48 AM
The complete results for New ERA RAUCOUS (06.20.04) are posted!

They can be viewed by going to our website ( http://www.neweraofwrestling.net ) and clicking on the EVENTS button to drop down the menu, then either click RESULTS or PAST TV Cards to get to card #14. Or you can click on the RAUCOUS logo on the right side which will take you to the Past TV Cards page.

Yep. It's done. Enjoy it. Thanks to Juan Rivera who wrote the Chaos / Hart match from which I just formatted and added a couple minor things.

The next lineup will go up tomorrow ... uh .. hopefully tomorrow night .... I may do both a RAUCOUS and RAPTURE lineup since our RAPTURE forums are now up.. I just need to look at the roster and see who I have available ... I'm going to be changing the roster page a tad .... putting all ACTIVES on a first page ... and then moving the inactives to a 2nd page from which you can click a link to get to from the ACTIVE page. That way it'll be easier for me and you. :)

And head over to OORP and let me know what you thought of the card. Or else I'll job you hardcore. :P Don't believe me? JUST TRY ME.

-sean edmunds, owner