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The Great Eye
08-04-04, 05:48 PM
FADEIN: A man bursting from the ocean water SFX: A horn plays, follows by tribal chanting. CUTTO: a map of Africa, with it saying "Mother Africa" on it...CUTTO: The words "18 Survivors" CUTTO: A snake swimming in water. CUTTO: The Orange Flag of Tribe DDT, as quick shots of ALPHA, BOOGIE, CINDY, FELICIA, GREENIE, and MALONE hit the screen. CUTTO: People walking in the night time with lit torches. CUTTO: The Pink Flag of Tribe Sharpshooter. CUTTO: Quick shots of DOUGLAS, MYSTIQUE, NIXON, RABESQUE, and SANDS, hit the screen. CUTTO: The words "39 days" appear. CUTTO: The Blue Flag of Tribe Power Bomb. CUTTO: Quick shots of BORDEN, HOLLY, KRISTEN, POE, MICHAELS, and SHANE. CUTTO: The words "One Survivor" SFX: A quick drum beat ending the intro.)

(FADEIN: Tribe DDT, Day 15.)

(CUTTO: MALONE and ALPHA sitting on the beach throwing rocks into the ocean.)

MALONE: "This is it...We could be no more after today."

ALPHA: "I know, it sucks...I'm not gonna be fishin' for Sands or Rabesque, I'm not gonna shake my ass to stay in favor with Michaels...We get busted up I'll pop somebody in the mouth and go home...Hell with this..."

(CUTTO: Alpha in an aside.)

ALPHA: "i'm not really that upset about moving to another tribe, but my goal is to motivate my tribemates into wanting this, at least for my sake...Trying to stay friends in a new tribe is a lot harder then just calling the shots in your own."

(FADEIN: Tribe Sharpshooter, Day 15.)

(FADEIN: SANDS and RABESQUE sitting on the beach.)

RABESQUE: "If we win, I think we should go for Michaels, he seems smart. Or Alpha, get the threats and vote 'em out."

SANDS: "I can see that, at the same time, let's worry about not losing, we have a good group, losing this would be crummy."

(CUTTO: Tribe Power Bomb, Day 15.)

(CUTTO: MICHAELS and POE sitting at the shelter.)

MICHAELS: "We gotta get this today man, Gotta break up one of those two tribes, get them over here, and vote 'em out."

POE: "Who you think we need to get rid of?"

MICHAELS: "Jean...He wants to win so bad he can taste it. People like that will do anything to win, can't be trusted. If we win, we get him and get him out of here."

POE: "Anyone else?"

MICHAELS: "I dunno, Greenie seems nuts, could be a problem, Malone's more then likely kinda a beaten up puppy, he'd be useable...Nixon dunno about her, but well, I already got all the women I need here, so don't care about her."

POE: "Well, we'll get this today."

(CUTTO: DOC SILVER in front of a wrestling ring. The tribes march towards the ring.)

DOC: "Welcome everyone, to today's all important reward challenge, the reward of course is, that the tribes that don't lose today, will stay together, the tribe that loses, will be broken up and drafted into service by the other two tribes. Today's challenge is simple, it's a three way dance between the surviving women on each tribe. Nixon Vs Cindy Vs Holly. first person to have a fall scored against them has her tribe broken up. Let's get ready."

(CUTTO: The tribes looking nervous as their respective women get into the ring.)

DOC: "AND...GO!"

NIXON: "I QUIT!" (Everyone looks in shock at NIXON who shrugs and then smirks mockingly at the members of SHARPSHOOTER who look horrified.)

DOC: "Nixon loses...Sharpshooter is disbanded!" (The other tribes celebrate as RABESQUE stares daggers at NIXON who mockingly waves 'bye' to him.)

DOC: "Well, we really have no way to settle who won this, so Power Bomb, pick somebody."

MICHAELS: "We'll take Rabesque."

(RABESQUE looks a little less angry as he walks towards Power Bomb.)

DOC: "Now DDT, take 2." (DDT huddle for a second.)

ALPHA: "We'll take Roberts and Douglas."

DOC: "One more for Power Bomb."

MICHAELS: "Sands."

DOC: "Nixon goes to DDT...Well, that's that, return to your champs, see you tomorrow."

(CUTTO: Tribe DDT, Day 15.)

(CUTTO: NIXON, MALONE and ALPHA sitting near the beach.)

NIXON: "So they voted off Mystique, and I knew the whole guys against girls thing was in effect. I figured I was doomed, so I got out of there."

MALONE: "Yeah, I can see why, no reason just hanging around till they vote you off, might as well fight it screaming and kicking.:

NIXON: "Yeah, well, I hope we can stick together..."

ALPHA: "We'll see what's what...People help each other out ya know."

NIXON: "I know...But keep it in mind."

ALPHA: "I will." (An angry ROBERTS walks over to this group.)

ROBERTS: "what's with that Mickey Mouse (BLEEP) there? What were you trying to pull you (BLEEP)"

NIXON: "Look, you all wanted me gone, I'm trying my luck with a new tribe."

ROBERTS: "Try your luck with this...You little (BLEEP)..."(ROBERTS pie faces NIXON and shoves her to the ground. He goes to punch her but ALPHA and MALONE jump him and pin him to the ground. ROBERTS is screaming profanites, as various and sundry off camera officals move in and handcuff ROBERTS, who is taken to a waiting boat and taken off of Africa.)

MALONE: "(BLEEP) We just gave 'em a free elimination...Unreal...What a damn moron."

ALPHA: "People are such idiots, if he was so mad with her he coulda gone to people about it...Mebbe we shoulda kept Boogie around, keep everyone laid back and stoned..."

MALONE: "I'm gonna check on Nixon. Now we gotta win 2 out of 3 or we're gimped for the final merger."

(CUTTO: Tribe Power Bomb Day 15.)

(CUTTO: SHANE with SANDS and RABESQUE in the woods looking for fruits.)

SHANE: "Look, Michaels runs this tribe, he's got Borden and Poe around his finger, they are to lazy to really do anything on their own. Holly knows the score and is staying close with him, but I think I can convince her to side with us. If we make our move, we get Michaels out of power and we talk over running this tribe."

RABESQUE: "Sounds good by me, just make sure you get Holly."

SANDS: "I'm up for whatever...It's fine with me."

(CUTTO: SHANE and HOLLY on the beach.)

SHANE: "Look, it's simple, we got 4 votes with you, that gets rid of Michaels, it puts Poe and Borden on the outside looking in, it makes us the power going into the merger..."

HOLLY: "I don't know if this is the right time, Beau wants to get rid of Jean now...He's busy talking Alliance with him, but Jean's untrustable...If we wait till the merger we can get Michaels then..."

SHANE: "I don't see why, if you're with us, we have the votes now. You can't honestly tell me you trust Michaels more then you trust me."

HOLLY: "Michaels will turn on me in a second, I know that, but Poe and Borden are safe, they aren't really in this politicing hardcore, they are just followers. Sands and Rabesque with you is a three way power struggle, anyone could come out in charge at the end. It's easy to back the right horse with my alliance right now, because it's Michaels. Your group is a democracy, and those honestly suck in this game. A Dictatorship of one person calling the shots and the rest following orders is far safer."

SHANE: "I don't agree...Michaels has to be dealt with now."

HOLLY: "Look, Jacobs won last year by letting Manson do all the work, then letting Troy do all the work, then letting Emily do all the work, for all our plotting and planning, Jared Poe could be sitting on a million dollar game plan right now."

SHANE: "You can't trust Michaels...I'll leave it at that."

HOLLY: "Well there's an old saying...Fool me once...(Long, scary pause) shame on you...Fool me can't get fooled again."

SHANE: "OK...You think about it."

(CUTTO: Shane in an aside.)

SHANE: "I started politicing a little late in this tribe. Maybe a little to late...But I'm trying to make up for it. I think I could get to Holly with a little more time. I hope we win this upcoming challenge."

(CUTTO: POE in the woods.)

POE: "He was standing right about here when I hit him...(Camera pans down to show a small pool of blood) Yeah, that was a good hit...I've been watching that bastard for about 4 days now. I was waiting till the first merger to get him. Now it's here and I can show everyone how I carry my weight around camp...Hope it was fatal...Well there's a good blood trail..."

(CUTTO: POE standing over the body of a dead wild bore.)

POE: "I hope we have some salt handy, all this meat will take a while to eat."

(CUTTO: The tribe eating the bore. The tribe praising POE for his finding of dinner for them.)

(CUTTO: Poe in an aside.)

POE: "For me, this game is more about the survival then the voting...I'm just here to test myself against Africa, and so far I'm winning...If I happen to hang around lonjg enough maybe I'll worry about the money...But if not, I'm doing what I came here to do."

(CUTTO: Tribe Power Bomb, day 18.)

(CUTTO: SHANE getting tree mail.)

SHANE: "No challenge today, other side had somebody flip out, enjoy day off...Woah...Guys...(SHANE walks with a little more speed.) DDT had somebody freak out...Somebody got kicked off the show...We're up a player!"

RABESQUE: "What? (Reads mail) Wow...That's hardcore...Go us! (High fives SHANE.) I wonder who it was."

MICHAELS: "I put odds on it being either one of the guys Nixon screwed over or Alpha, just because he's huge."

RABESQUE: "Could be, could be."

(CUTTO: Tribe DDT Day 18.)

(CUTTO: GREENIE and CINDY on the beach.)

GREENIE: "This bodes poorly for us...Losing someone to such a foolish act can only damage the tribe, only speed our fall to the hands of Jared Poe, now teamed with the Great Deciever...Who now can stand against the forces of both Isenguard...And Mordor...To stand against both Sauron and Saruman...And the union of the Two Towers."

CINDY: "Look wackjob, I didn't memorize the movies. I don't care for your speeches...We need you to help us win this challenges and get in the lead or at least tied before the merger. We can't let them call the shots..."

GREENIE: "Theoden will not stay at Edorias...It's vulnerable...He knows this...He will expect an attack. He will go to Helm's Deep..."

CINDY: "Just shut up...Gawd...Stick to your word and I'll do the same for you...Hopefully it won't be over before it begins at final merger."

GREENIE: "Do not trust to hope...It has forsaken these lands..."

(CINDY shakes her head in disgust at GREENIE...Who appears forlorn...)

(CUTTO: Credits.)