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07-27-04, 01:20 AM
All RP for the Single Fall Fatal Fourway Television title match between EM DUBBYA GEE, JOHN DOE, ALEX BORDEN and SUICIDE (c) at RAUCOUS should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

The RP deadline is 11:59pm on Friday, August 6th. Angles should be sent to secandido@comcast.net

John Doe
07-31-04, 03:44 PM
PART I: By John Doe


John Doe walking down the black towards a NEW autograph session. John is walking as two little kids are fighting…somewhat wrestling. One wearing a John Doe T-Shirt the other a disgusting Alex Borden T-Shirt.


KID 2: Well, I am Alex Borden and I am going to knock you senseless.

(John halts and watches the two kids go at it. Amused he sits on the curb as the tow kids are pulling each others hair and screaming. Their moms finally come separate the two.

Doe: Reminds me of Destrucity. (continues walking to an autograph session) f*cking Borden chickened out and decided to hold me out of the ring for he wouldn’t lose. He knew I was going to win that f*cker. It’s ok John…it’s ok, just have to show all of them who is boss at Raucous .

(Doe walks down the street as he is about 4 blocks from the tent.)


You know what, I think this match is all me, cause frankly I can beat Suicide, I can beat that faggot MWG, and I can most certainly pound Borden. But hell, they want me to fight ina match, iw ill fight, there is no problem, with me going at it with three other people, hell I am more looking at a three on one handicap. But hell, I can have them all take me at once.

And I will still remain on the top of my game.

Why, because I am John Doe, and no matter what I can take on the best with out the help of others.

But let’s think here for a second, ok, MWG, gets put in the match, I get somehow STUCK in the match with Borden…again….and then I have to face the champ.

Ok let me put this straight out…I WAS THE FIRST TO FIGHT FOR THE TV TITLE. I have no clue why in gods name I lost my contendership, but hell I guess I have to go over this whole damn process all over again.

Hell, if they want me to compete I will compete. I will pull of these fools to the best god forsaken match of their lives. PLUS, I am everything that the superstars of NEW want to be… HELL! I am NEW!

(John takes a break and lights a Marlboro Red. He looks around making sure no kids are watching.)


I have a feeling sometimes that I am the example of NEW, heh, I mean X-Net ranked Rabesque? I mean what about John Doe, I put in endless hours in NEW, and what do I get? HA! Nothing, but that is ok, I will just prove to the world that I am the f*cking best thing to EVER hit the FW Circuit.

BUT HELL NO! What does Johnny Doe get? A match for the TV Title, do it f*ckign looks like I want a god d*mn TV TILE LAROQUE!

A little kid is walking by John with his mom, they kid looks at his mom.

Kid: Mommy…he said he doesn’t wan a f*ckign match!

The mother hits the child in the butt hard as John looks at the mom playing off his swearing.


Ok maybe I do have a bit of an anger problem! But that has nothing to do with anything, sure I don’t like to lose, who does. But hell I should be NUMBER ONE on X-net rankings, why, the theory is simple, I can beat men, I can do it, it is just I am not focused. And trust me at Raucous OH MAN, every single second that I am in that ring there will be bones breaking.

WHY! (takes a drag from the Red)

Because the occurrence is simple! I mean hell! How many f*cking times is John Doe fighting for a god forsaken title?! NONE! In that last how many cards I have gotten TWO titles shots, what about f8ckign Rabesque, he gets one every other week!

WHY! (takes another drag)

Because it is Rabesque! I mean who likes that f*cking old man, in a couple years the man is going to be on his death bed! Because the fed heads feel remorse, just because the man made a name for himself in CSWA? MAN F*CK CWSA!

And why did Suicide et a title shot over the man that faced off originally for the title? BECAUSE SUICIDE WAS SPECTRE!?! No sh*t well if I wanted to I could have went the dollar store bought a stocking put it over my head and said I was JD and I would have gotten a title shot for the World Title! And THEN MWG the dildo shoving fag gets in on this match up!?

WHY! (Puts out the Red on his arm)

BECAUSE! I have not utter f*cking clue, he or she, whatever the f*ck IT is, just did!

BUT NOOOO! John f*cking Doe get squat! Not even a retirement fund! What is this?! I think we need a union! NO! I know what we need, I think we nee ME as the owner ME as the TV Champ, ME to beat the living hell out of every person that gets in my way.

BUT HELL! No one ever dares to step up to John Doe.

~~~Cameras phase to Alex Borden~~

BORDEN: Can’t wait for Raucous.

~~~Cameras phase to Doe~~~

Doe halts as two kids come running to him

Doe: (whispering) f*cking kids…

Kid: Can I have your autograph?

(Then Alex Borden turns and sees John Doe talking to some kid a few yards away. At once their eyes meet and immediately there is an intensity in the air between them.)


(Doe looks as surprised as Borden but his puzzled expression is quickly replaced by a wicked grin. Borden turns to his road manager, Greg Birel, who is standing beside him.)

BORDEN: Greg, why is he here?! Why didn’t you TELL ME?!

BIREL: I-I didn’t know! This was just supposed to push the Fatal Fourway TV Title match, I wasn’t told that any of the other participants would be here!

BORDEN: I thought you were on the inside track, Birel!! You said you and LaRoque were like THIS!

(Borden crosses his fingers.)

BIREL: They didn’t tell me, I swear!

(Doe starts walking towards Borden with a strange gleam in his eyes.)

Doe: Well-well-well look at this. Alex no good f*cking Borden. What you doing at MY autograph session.

BORDEN: Your autograph session! This is my event! What the hell do you think you're doing here, you little freak?! LEAVE!!!

BORDEN: You have a problem Doe?!

Doe: YES! YOU!

BORDEN: I'm warning you, dickhead. I'm gunna knock yer damn teeth down your throat right here and now if you don't get the hell out of my face!!

(Borden shoves Doe. Doe returns the shove.)


(BAM! Alex puts John down with a right hook. John hooks Alex’s legs and makes him trip. John holds his head as it bounced of the pavement. Alex grabs a chair as fans scream. Doe stands up and turns around Borden swings the chair john ducks and turns around dropkicking the chair into Borden’s face. Borden stumbles back as John stands up holding his head still. Borden collects himself, can cracks a clothesline and John sending into a back flip. Doe hits the ground as Boren stands over, him, then Doe launches a cheap low blow as Borden hits the pavement.)

DOE: (jumping up and down) WHAT NOW..OH WHAT NOW!?!

(Borden gets to his feet as police swarm the area arresting the two of them and throwing them in separate cars.)


07-31-04, 04:03 PM
Part II by: Alex Borden

(Albuquerque, New Mexico. Inside the Trent County Police Department headquarters. Alex Borden and John Doe are corralled into a police profiling line for their mugshots. They are directed by two officers in uniform to stand in front of a white height chart with horizontal lines running across it. The two grapplers stand there in orange prison jumpsuits, their hands in shackles in front of them. Alex’s hair is wild and uncombed. A grim darkness lay in his expression. John Doe’s normally stiff, spikey hair is flat now, the fire red mixing in with the black. He smiles at the camera in front of him insolently.)

(A middle-aged, portly policewoman in uniform sits behind the camera on a stool. Her hair is up in a bun, her face has deep lines under her eyes and down below her mouth. She has a no-bullsh*t air about her.)




(Borden and Doe comply.)



(Borden does but Doe turns around completely and stops facing right.)

FAT POLICEWOMAN: Sir, your other left!!


FAT POLICE WOMEN: You’re not on trial Sir.

DOE: Oh.

(Doe turns left.)


FAT POLICEWOMAN: Turn facing the chart with your backs to me.


FAT POLICEWOMAN: Exit to your left.

(The two are led down a long hallway lined with shut, locked doors. They come to a room where they are instructed to sit in a chair for finger printing. John Doe sits and an officer takes Doe’s hand and presses it into an ink pad. Then he presses his fingers on the official paper. Next, Borden sits in the chair and does the same. After his prints are taken, the two start walking toward the holding area.)

DOE: Hey, Borden, look at me. I’m Violent J!

(Borden looks and sees that Doe has smeared his inky fingertips over his face to look like a crude imitation of the rapper.)

BORDEN: Don’t talk to me.

DOE: Hey Alex wanna hear a joke?

BORDEN: Will it shut your damn mouth?


BORDEN: Ok, say the stupid joke.

DOE: Knock, Knock…

BORDEN Who’s there?

(Doe takes a couple fast steps in front of Borden giving him the middle finger)

DOE Go f*ck yourself

(They enter the holding area of the Police Station and the place instantly looks like a jailhouse. Steel bars were everywhere. Two officers, one in front of them, the other behind them, led Borden and Doe down a long corridor of jail cells until they reach the one at the very end.)

GUARD: Open twenty-seven!!

(A buzzer sounds and the door slides open. The two are ushered inside. They see that this particular cell is already occupied by several immates. It’s a large area for a jail cell, about the size of a living room.)

DOE: Heh heh, look at these guys. Don’t they look like skinheads?

BORDEN: I said don’t talk to me. And wipe that sh*t off your face, moron. You’re bound to get shanked looking like that.

DOE: You’re concern is touching.

BORDEN: Oh I don’t give a rat’s ass about your well-being. I just don’t want too much attention called to be because of your dumb ass. I’ve got a heavy record on file, and now because of you, I’ve been arrested again and these New Mexico cops are going to see that there’s a warrant out on me.

DOE: You should have thought of that before you decided to be a gang-banger.

BORDEN: Shut up, Doe.

DOE: Whatever, Mr. Big-Time Gangster. You ain’t sh*t.

(The prison door slams shut behind them and the guards leave the two alone with the immates inside. Benches line the walls of the cell. Seated here and there are tattooed, burly, angry looking guys with bald heads and long shaggy beards.

Alex Borden seats himself on an empty bench while John Doe decides to lean up against one of the walls with his arms crossed. He idly stares at the immates.)



(Borden still sits on the bench quietly staring at the floor while Doe paces restlessly back and forth in the cell. Borden looks up and scowls at him.)

BORDEN: You gunna stop that anytime soon, Doe?

DOE: No. This is horsesh*t. I shouldn’t be here. This is your fault, Borden.

BORDEN: How.. the.. hell is it my fault?! You’re the one who jumped me!

DOE: You shouldn’t have even been at the signing in the first place!

BORDEN: Bullsh*t! It was MY stop!

DOE: Yours? Borden it is so f*cking obvious that you’re jealous of my skill. If you had half of the in-ring ability I have, you wouldn’t be that Greg Birel’s little b*tch. Look at me, you don’t see ANYONE bossing John Doe around! Because everyone knows that I’m THE SH*T and Alex Borden is just plain sh*tty.

BORDEN: Don’t you ever stop running your mouth?!

DOE: What’s wrong? Afraid that I’m right? You KNOW I’m right!

BORDEN: All I know is that you’re full of sh*t.

DOE: I’m full of sh*t, huh?! Well maybe I’ll stop running my mouth when NEW learns to drop losers like you and start hiring REAL talent!

(Borden stands.)

BORDEN: Like you?!

DOE: Yeah!

BORDEN: They should start hiring more loud-mouth amnesiac jumping beans like you?! Listen, jack-off, the last thing the world needs is more punk ass b*tches running around saying their God’s gift to humanity. It’s bad enough NEW had to hire Jane Doe! If I see any more wrestlers like you, I swear to god, I’m going to make them wish they were never born! I’ve fought my whole life against people like you, and you... you don’t even remember where you learned to wrestle! Or anything else for that matter!

(Doe grins.)

DOE: Oh, that hurts, Borden. I’m dying inside. Really, must you be so cruel? See, you keep forgetting a very important thing, a vital thing. And I’ll say it slowly so you can understand it.


(Doe laughs out loud.)

DOE: Alex, you are just a man they THOUGHT was great at Raucous but I will show once again, that John Doe IS RAUCOUS, John Doe IS NEW Era and John Doe IS God!!

PRISONER: What did you say?! You ain’t God, you freak!

(One of the immates suddenly stands and shouts at Doe.)

DOE: John Doe IS God!! And YOU are a tubby Hell’s Angels wanna-be BIZ-NATCH!!! So sit your fat ass down before you hurt yourself!

PRISONER: What?! Little man, I’m going to make you my little GIRL!

(Borden sits down and crosses his arms, a smile plays on his face.)

BORDEN: This should be interesting.

(The prisoner suddenly swings at John, but John easily ducks. The prisoner hesitates, then throws another right at Doe. Doe blocks and grabs his arm, twisting it. He kicks the prisoner in the gut and Judo flips him hard to the concrete.)

PRISONER: Agh!! You son of a b*tch!

(The prisoner tries to get up, but Doe kicks him in the teeth.)


(The prisoner is sprawled back. Doe grabs his legs and stomps on his balls.)


(Doe laughs and stomps on his manhood again. Then he steps his right leg over and wraps the prisoner’s legs together, and turns him over on his stomach, cinching in a brutal SHARPSHOOTER.)


(By this time, the guards are watching this happen but aren’t moving to intervene. The other prisoners in the cell are cheering and laughing. Borden can’t help but be amused by this as well.)

DOE: Does it hurt?


GUARD: Not looking so tough now, are you Snake?

DOE: I asked you a question!!! DOES IT HURT?!

(Doe bends the prisoner’s spine farther back.)


DOE: Tell me, WHO IS YOUR GOD??!!?!!


DOE: What is that? John Doe is God?


(Doe laughs and lets him go. He goes back to the spot where he stood before and crosses his arms nonchalantly.)

DOE: ...and don’t you forget it, b*tch.

(Alex decided that now would be a good time to get a hold of his manager, Greg Birel. He stands and walks to the bars.)

BORDEN: Guard! Guard! I want my phone call!

(The guards look at each other in annoyance.)

GUARD: Open twenty-seven!

(A buzzer sounds and the door slides open. The guards escort Alex to the phone. He dials his manager’s cellular phone number.)

BORDEN: Hey. Greg? This is Alex. I’m calling from jail. When are you getting
here with that money?

......yeah? No, I can’t. I swear to god if I have to be trapped with that f*cking idiot John Doe any longer I’m gunna.....



....Okay good. And hurry.

(Borden hangs the phone up and is escorted back to his cell. The prisoner is still laying on the floor groaning. Nobody has moved to help him. Borden walks back to his booth and sits, quietly waiting for Greg Birel to spring him out of that iron hell-hole.)



GUARD: ALEX BORDEN!! You’ve made bail. Your out.

(The sound of the guard snaps Borden out of his daydreaming. He stands.)

BORDEN: Great. It's about godd*mned time.

(Greg Birel appears outside of the bars of the cell.)

BIREL: Hello, Alex. Enjoy your stay? I hope the other immates made you feel welcome.

BORDEN: Very funny. Let’s go.

(John Doe sees this and protests.)

DOE: What the hell?! What about me!?

BORDEN: What about you, punk?! You can rot in here for all I care. Try and get out in time for Raucous okay? I’d hate to miss a chance to kick your ass... again.

(Doe flips Borden off as he walks away.)

An Alex Borden/John Doe adventure.



08-01-04, 06:24 PM
After the incident with Doe, Alex called off all his other engagements. Coming out of the slammer had a cold water effect on him. It was far from his first time behind bars and that cold, powerless feeling he always got reminded Alex to appreciate where he was and what he was doing. Finally, finally he has a chance to put his foot in the door. This match coming up is easily and obviously the most important exhibition in his career thus far, and he can’t allow himself to blow it because of some amnesiac idiot with a Jeff Hardy complex. Clearly, It was time for Alex Borden to wake up.

That’s why the next day, after Greg Birel sprung him, Alex headed for the local boxing gym. It was a deteriorating place with aging equipment and it was in a bad neighborhood, but it was the only gym with a ring in the area and Alex’s sense of urgency didn’t allow him to waste anymore time on the road. Besides, he felt quite at home in the slummy atmosphere. It felt familiar to him, natural even. As if all that time spent centered in the spectacle and under the bright lights was a sham. This was the true home of physical competition.

Alex arrived at Shaffer & McBride’s Gym with Greg Birel around twelve noon.

“Are you sure you want to train HERE?” Birel asked, stepping out of the SUV that
brought them there. He looked up at the crumbling brick structure in distaste.

“Yeah, I’m sure. This is the only place around with a ring, isn’t it?” Alex said, walking towards the entrance with a black gym bag slung over his shoulder.

“But it looks... dirty.” Birel said.

“What? Don’t be a wuss. C’mon, let’s go.” Alex said and went inside.

Beyond the front door was a flight of stairs leading up to the main gym. Birel caught up to Alex as he ascended them.

“When is this trainer of yours getting here?” Alex asked, referring to the professional coach his manager hired for Alex. A guy by the name of Dwayne Polanski.

“He should be here any minute. I gave him the driving directions myself.” Birel replied.

“You did? I hope you know what you’re doing.”

Alex walked upstairs and got changed in the locker room. The main gym was one large room lined with long racks of free weights. There was a narrow jogging track wrapping around the gym and scattered around were punching bags hanging from hooks high in the walls. In the center of the training facility was a five-rope ring. It was clear, much to Alex’s delight, that this was a boxer’s gymnasium. Save of a few weightlifters, the gym was empty

As Alex walked out in his wrestling gear, he was confronted by the familiar smell of sweat and talcum powder. He smiled and climbed into the ring to do some warm-up exercises while he was waiting for the trainer to arrive. Alex tested the ropes and the canvas.

Greg Birel approached Alex as he started running, bouncing off the ropes. Birel just stood there and watched him for a minute as Alex kept running. Then he quickly rolled forward and executed an elevated standing drop-kick. He grunted as he landed on his stomach. He immediately got to his feet again and launched his legs high in the air, landing again on his stomach. Alex kicked himself back to his feet and thrust his body forward, leading with his right fist. He grunted again and started swinging in a frenzy, throwing rights and left in rapid succession. As Birel watched, Alex’s fists became streaks. Alex cried out, hitting his invisible enemy faster and harder. Though his blows appeared to be furious and wild, Alex
attacked with a precision that was forged from a lifetime of wars. He stuck a few more times and ended his combination with an overhead right hook. He exhaled heavily and bounced up and down, shaking his wrists a little.

“Looking good, Alex.” Birel complemented.

“Thanks.” Alex replied, still bouncing. “I’m feeling it today, Greg. I feel like dishing out some punishment!”

“That’s good to hear, Alex! Keep that fire. Feel it burn inside you and motivate you!” Encouraged Birel.

“You got it!” Alex winced inside. He hated it when Birel tried to get motivational. Gusto didn’t become him. He was a suit, not a cheerleader.

A few minutes had passed and this coach still had not arrived. Alex was getting impatient.

“When is this shmuck getting here, Birel!!” Alex was pacing the ring.

“He’ll be here soon.” Birel replied.

“Time is money, Greg.” Alex said.

“Now you’re starting to sound like a businessman!” Birel laughed.

Alex kept doing his usual warm-ups. He was positively stoked.

My first title shot. He thought. This is it. This is everything. This match makes it all worth it. All the work, all the pain, all the tears, all of it. Tom... Tom, this night is for you, my brother. The anticipation sent jolts of excitement throughout his body and the more he made his muscles burn, the higher he felt.

Just then, a man in a purple tracksuit approached the ring. He had short, dark hair. His hairline was receding.

Alex stopped and looked at him. “Dwayne Polanski?” He asked.

“Yes, that’s me. And you’re Alex Borden.” he said.

“You’re Dwayne Polanski?” Alex asked incredulously. “Uh- no offense, pop. But you look like you’re pushing fifty.”

Polanski’s eyes narrowed. “Forty-five actually.”

“Quiet, Alex!” Birel snapped. “Mr. Polanski is a highly respected professional trainer and formerly a very accomplished professional wrestler!”

“Of course. I meant no disrespect, I’m sure you were great in your day. But I was told that I was meeting someone who I could spar with.”

“Yeah that’s me, Mr. Borden.” Polanski said and climbed into the ring. “I’m here to train you.”

“You think you can handle me?” Alex approached the middle-aged coach and looked him in the eye.

“We’ll see.” he said. “I’ve been watching you these last few minutes. You look like you have some pretty educated fists there, but what kind of grappler are you? I’ve seen you on TV. You’ve got some nice moves, but if you were any smaller, you wouldn’t have made it this far.”

“What?!” Alex scoffed. “Listen, Grandpa, I’m not going to stand here and be criticized by someone who looks like my high school phys. ed. teacher! You want to see what kind of grappler I am? I’ll show you!”

“Great. Why don’t we begin with some basic collar and elbow tie-ups?” He asked.

“Sure, why not?”

Coach Polanski stripped off his tracksuit, revealing a crimson singlet.

The two moved to the center of the ring. They stared at each other for a few seconds, trying to get a feel for one another. Then they tied up. Alex tried to power him to the ground in an attempt to show him up, but Polanski maintained his center of gravity. Alex broke the grapple and took a step back. He hesitated then tied up again. This time, Alex got hold of Polanski’s arm, but Polanski countered it and floated over behind Alex. He grabbed his waist and took him to the mat. Then he turned around and applied a side headlock. Alex quickly countered the headlock with a hammerlock. Polanski rolled through it and swept Alex’s feet from under him before he could get his balance. He hooked his knee and before Alex could do anything about it, the veteran had locked in a Texas Cloverleaf.

“Ahhhh! Ahh f*ck!” Alex swore.

“You see what I mean, Mr. Borden?” the trainer asked.

“Yeah, yeah! Get off me!”

Polanski got off him and offered his hand to Alex. He didn’t take it. Grumbling, Alex got to his feet. Birel was watching this at ringside. He laughed and clapped his hands. Alex shot an angry look at him over his shoulder.

They tied up again. This time Polanski easily arm dragged Alex. Alex got up and charged Polanski again. Again he was whipped to the mat with an armdrag. He got to one knee and stopped his offense.

“You’re good.” Alex said. “I... apologize.”

“No need to apologize. It’s what I’m here for. I’ve been hired to help you build on your offensive arsenal as well as expand on your defensive strategies. Hopefully, I can make your skill a little more well-rounded.” he said.

Alex got back up and they continued training together for a few hours under Greg Birel’s watchful eye. Fueled by the desire to make good on the vow he made long ago, to rise above what he comes from and achieve championship gold, he trained tirelessly.

He could already taste it. It felt so, so close. The Television title was more important to him then human life itself. As long as he was alive, Alex Borden felt invincible.

John Doe
08-02-04, 12:52 PM
FADEIN….. John Doe walking down the halls of the prison as he collects his stuff and walks out the prison doors. He Shakes his head as he sees nothing but dirt and sand and an empty road.


You know something, I've been here since NEW opened it‘s doors, and I've seen a lot of people come, and some even go, but the ones that stay are the ones that will be rewarded greatly. When the going got tough, I just ignored it and did what I do best. And that is go into that ring, and earn my living, and give the fans what they paid for. But, I've never really had to face an opponent that is as arrogant, and ignorant as Alex Borden.

Alex has touched upon some issues that I think I can touch upon myself, and give the real insight as to what he has said, and to just flush the lies that he spews out of his mouth like a garden hose spews out water. And the scary thing of it all is that Alex, you lie so much, that I am starting to think that you might actually believe yourself.

Alex, you have never defeated me, and at Raucous, you never will. The reason I jumped you backstage was because that I was sick of everything you say. You are so far away from Earth, because you never really experienced what it is like to be outmatched by a more established and experienced superstar. And you know what? TV Title or not, it doesn't matter if there was barbed wire or fire surrounding the ring. A ring is a ring, and the result is always the same in it, no matter where it goes. People win, and people lose. No matter what town it's in, the same thing happens every time two or more wrestlers engage in a wrestling match. It's all the same, wherever, whenever.

Alex, there's a reason why I am not the number one contender for the title, and you are not. And you see, that's because when the time for the opportunity to become the contender came knocking on the door, I was the one there to answer it but no…I was stopped in my own glory by Alex f*cking Borden. I have to go through people in one night in that ring, to become the TV title Champion. You, Alex, are the man I plan on pinning in this whole thing. Which has to be less embarrassing than losing to MWG, seeing that if I become the TV title champion I am fulfilling my goal.

But, enough about what was. Alex, you seem to be the self proclaimed, "best". I bet it must pain you to know that I, myself, being the "inferior" compared to you should get a singles match for the TV Title that you are so persistent on earning. I mean, why should I of all people be the one to work my ass off for the TV title, go through the whole TV title tournament and not get a damn thing, while people like you Alex come in here, and expect everything to fall to your feet. I'm sure that's how it's done in other places that you've been in, but here is another story kid. Now, you might not want to here this, but in order to achieve things, you have to actually WORK for them. Oh, I said a curse, but it wasn't bleeped out. That's right. Alex, you have to work for things. Just because you have like what, 4 wins, you think that you automatically earned yourself to a title? You think that just because you've almost met the skill level of a great such as me you get a shot at a title? I don't think so pal. I have my name up in lights here on Raucous, because I have earned every single light bulb that is responsible for those "lights" that you say my name is up in.

I'll agree with you Alex, you aren't like the rest of us at New Era. You are different. You are just an insecure little boy, lost on the street, with no where to go. You think that you can just say words, and it happens. It's enough to have a lucky guess, but to go out there, and slowly change those lucky guesses into solidified answers is another thing. Sure, I could walk out there and tell people that I can kick anyone’s ass, but would I be telling the truth? It's the little things like winning low card matches, and moving up to bigger things that make the words that anyone says the reality that they will become. You talk like we're old enemies. You talk like you and I have engaged in age old battles that we fight on and on, to get the upper hand at every turn, and to stay one step ahead. We haven't. You talk like my every match is predictable, and you can just predict my next move. I'm my own style. I don't go out there one night and do these moves, but then go out there next week and do the same thing. No. The only thing that I do the same is win. And I will keep winning. Because changing the ingredients towards to success would be a stupid thing.

Ah, I've heard people call me a lot of things. Rookie, punk, stupid, but never have I been called a coward. Coward is such an ugly word. Alex, being a coward would be assaulting you backstage? Hell, at least I have the b***s to go back there and actually pick a f***ing fight. A coward is someone who would just run away. I stayed and followed through on the fight. I just didn't go up to you, slam you into a wall and run away. No. I actually brought the fight and kept going until we both knocked each other out. Call me a fool for some risks I may take. Calling me stupid would be lying. Call me gutsy for taking the fight to people. Calling me a coward for doing so would be lying. Call it as it is, not as how you might see it.

I'm not going to play your game Alex, and sink to your level. I'm not going to sit here and say you are a punk who will never amount to anything in this federation. I'm going to say this: one day you will amount to something big when my era comes to an end one day. But today is not that day. Right now you haven't my name on your people you have beating and you are still in retrospect, a rookie with some potential. A misguided rookie. Your attitude is what angers me. You haven't a drop of respect for anyone in your body, and it would be going out of your way to start now. Listen man, trash talking isn't the name of the game. I've been watching, and not once since you've been here, have you showed anyone any kind of respect. You are a self centered individual, and that's a good way to get on my bad side. You have potential, but have chosen the wrong path. I, when I was more of a rookie myself, I did my best to get everyone here to respect me. I didn't go around disrespecting everyone else to make me look big. I won matches to get my name big. I won titles to make myself big. I was an eager to learn and to win kid who went into matches with mutual respect for people, good or bad. You have to understand that you treat people like you want to be treated yourself. If you want to disrespect everyone and put trash onto their names, then you will get disrespected and get a taste of your own medicine.

You know, instead of wrestling, I could've been out there trying to be the next Brett Favre, or next Gary Sheffield, or next Larry Bird. But instead I'm here in this ring, trying to be the next John Doe, the greatness of New Era, the living God! I'm trying to set a name for myself as an example for future generations to follow. And no punk like yourself, Alex is going to get in my way and set me back. I'm out to prove that I am better than good. I'm out to prove that I am great. I am out to prove that one day I could be the greatest. The "best". But not today. Someday though.

Ever hear that in space, no one can hear you scream? Well Alex, do you know, in ones self, no one can hear your screams? In a steel cage, no one can hear your screams. The cold, hard steel is unforgiving. Rings seen a lot of blood. A lot of red blood, and a lot of bad blood being dripped from the bad veins that run deep into the souls where the demons play. The canvas gets under the skin and rips it open, pouring out things inside, that scream and shout. Then, and only then can anyone hear you scream in pain. Scream in agony. Scream knowing that you walked into that cage with a 50/50 chance of winning, but in the end all you get is a heavy dose of built up frustration being unleashed in one of the hellish ways possible. A fight. A blood shed of a fight. All hell breaking loose. All the demons of built up anger dancing around causing pain, and through that pain the continual gaining of pleasure. And oh how I am going to gain pleasure through your misery. Alex, it's about time that someone puts you in your place.

Aside from the fact that you are an arrogant little ****, you remind me of someone. You remind me of me about a year ago, starting out with the tag team title shot as one of your first title shots. But kid, just because you remind me of myself doesn't mean I'll go easy on you whatsoever. I'll take down whatever is in my way. But you know what? This time, there is no more room for all the bull****. There is no room for tears. There is no going to be no mercy. It's put up or shut up. The end is finally closing in. This is the clutch right here. New Era Raucous is the place where we will finally decide who is the better person. Raucous is going to be the place where I prove to everyone that I am the better of you Alex Borden. I will prove I am better than Alex Borden, MWG, and Suicide in ONE night.

And unfortunately for you this time, it's personal. This kind of match isn't the one where the end could be decided by a handful of tights, or using the ropes to gain leverage as you pick up the cheap win. This is where you beat your opponent senseless and climb out of the pure winner and leave them in the hell that you created. The hell that I will create, and the one that I will escape from once I leave you lying in a pool of your own miserable blood. Then, and then only can you finally realize that people out there are better than you, and that this entire federation doesn't revolve around Alex Borden. See this face? This is the face that you hide from. Do you hear my voice? This is the voice of silence, no more.

“I Am Greatness…I Am God…I Am John Doe

John Doe walks away from the prison kicking a stone down the road. FADE TO BLACK.

08-03-04, 12:33 AM
(CUEUP: "Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!)" by Garbage...)
(Hot tub scene at night. MWG and Krist Blue lounge naked soaking wet, their hair bunched together by clorofill, a martini glass in one of MWG's hands, a cigarette in the other. MWG grinning with his arms rested behind him on the rim of the tub, Krist looking uncomfortable under his left arm, out subjects can only be seen from the wasit up. There's a big fuzzy blurr edited in over Krist's ample chest region.)

"The It Boy"
"The Hardcore Legend"
MWG: Hi people. Sorry I haven't been more talkative recently. I've just been a little busy having heterosexual sex. With a girl!

"America's sweetheart"
KRIST BLUE: Ugh. Can we please end this worthless charade? You're blatantly using me in some misguided attempt to make Beau Michaels jealous, and I'm just using you to further my career. Except if Beau Michaels cared about what you were doing he wouldn't have just used you for a one night stand, and NEW somehow "lost" my contract, so instread of finally getting to be a real pro wrestler I'm struck as your obligatory mindless sex object valet.

MWG: Well, sure. But we HAVE been having heterosexual sex. In fact we just did it in this pool.

BLUE: Ooooh yeah. Aren't we special. You can do this interview without me. I'm gonna go somewhere I can smoke crack. (walks off)

MWG: Aw. Isn't she sweet? I'm sure Ulysis agrees, cuz he's a vampire creature of the night. Blood is sweet, poon is sweet, so what's tastier than blood fresh from the most cavernous vagina in all of nowhere? It's even sweeter than victory, especially if that victory is a cop out DQ win when what I wanted Suicide, lying in a fetal position, offering to orally pleasure me if I stopped hitting him. But John Doe's right. Sometimes if you want something, you have to keep working at it, and when you have a dream, and you know in your heart it's right and true, you have to follow through on it no matter how crazy or against the law it might be. Make no mistake my darlings. Suicide will beg to suck my sausage. And I will grant him his wish. Then I'll keep right on hitting him anyway.

However what I'm most frusterated with these days is the issue between John Doe and Alex Borden. It's tired and predictable television, taking up air time that would be better spent on me, and my glorious ass. I guarentee NEW ratings will spike the second this segment airs. I know what the people want to see. I know what the people, all my fans, my friends with privileges, I know what they want to see, and it's not petty mutually destructive feuds. (slides his hand down his torso 'till it's, and licks his lips) It's real human drauma...We fight pumkins, but it's really only to prove the worth of our genetric stock. Believe me, everyone wants to get a mouthful of a successful person's DNA.

Which is why half the matches I've had in NEW have been title shots, and John Doe is all grouchy he's barely gotten any after the months and months he's been here. John Doe is kinda cute, but not really in a conventional way, in a weird Steve Buscemi kinda way. Alex Borden's a little more f*ckable, with his big buldgey muscles, but those are just to make up for his butterface and probably
a small penis. Suicide's kind of like an ugly duckling that grew up to be a platypus. That's why he wears a mask half the time, and puts on that eyepatch so he can at least be a pirate, and say "Arrrrrrr, me matees, arrrrr"....

But I don't have to pretend to be a pirate, babies. I've only got to shoot the camera a come hither glance, and the world's knees wobble...

I guess this leaves people like John Doe a little bitter, cuz he seems bitter. I guess I'd be bitter too if somebody set my head on fire. Except I did that to myself intentionally one time, and somehow it didn't seem to upset me so much. So maybe John Doe's just put his expectations for himself a wiiiittle higher than his poor angry self can manage. Really Johnny dear, if you're really so
wonderful then why do you suck? I kid of course. John Doe and Alex Borden are, y'know, two ah...good examples of the newness of NEW er something. It's not sooo much like "they suck," as much as "they suck, but they do it in their own special unique way, and that doesn't suck." I mean, if you're going to suck, you might as well do it well, otherwise I'm just wasting my time on you, aren't I?

Alex Borden doesn't like John Doe or going to prison and likes training, but at least you from his relationship with that manager guy who's always following him around that he's not the type to discriminate against people cuz of lifestyle choices. Or at least not me. He might be one of those bitter fags who call everybody else "breeders" and "homophobes," which brings me right back around to the reason John Doe can't get title shots. Bitterness isn't sexy. John Doe wants an identity, but whoever he really is, it isn't sexy. Alex Borden wants um...I guess redemption, or something, but that's not even a little sexy. And Suicide wants to masturbate in a kiddie pool full of his own poo. Which is actually kind of sexy, but I'm getting off track here....

Money is sexy. Fame is sexy. Drugs are sexy. Pain can be sexy if marketed properly. Sex is definitely sexy. And TeeVee is veeerrry sexy...Ask yourselves...honestly....if it isn't decedent, do you care? Would you watch?

That's why I'm as good as TeeVee champion. If, for any reason it looks like someone besides me is gonna win, they'll get the referee to fake like he heard someone submit when I put them in a headlock or something. Yeah, it seems disingenuous, but people will watch me, and if nobody's watching, then what's the point?

(Krist walks back into the shot, still topless)

BLUE: I just threw up all over your kitchen sink.

MWG: Awsome. Wicked awsome.

(MWG and Krist make out like two girls at a frat party)

08-03-04, 02:03 AM
(The scene opens in front of a New ERA backdrop. A few seconds pass before Alex Borden walks on screen. His brown hair is wet and swept back. He is wearing a tight black T-shirt that says in bold, white letters ‘JOHN DOE SUCKS!!!’. Three exclamation points. He also dons a pair of blue jeans and a black leather belt with a steel buckle. It looks like he has not shaved in a week. He looks angry. Before he begins to speak, Borden paces a little, gathering his thoughts.)

BORDEN: Like the new T-shirt? It’s the latest design in this years’ line of NEW merchandising. The message it sends is a very profound and simple one: that JOHN DOE SUCKS!!! And if John Doe sucks, God must suck, and how profound is that?! I thought of it myself. Some might criticize me for being too obvious, but everyone already knows it, so I thought, why not make a T-shirt that says it loud and proud? That JOHN DOE SUCKS!!!

(Borden smiles.)

BORDEN: Poor John Doe. Walking that long, lonely journey home on the beaten path. How dramatic. What a difference. What, no Doe-flex? No crappy parody? No slapstick? That last promo of yours was a real change of pace from what you usually put out. Instead of the wild, fast paced garbage that has become a John Doe trademark, you present us with tamed, slow paced garbage. Rather then treat us to a pitiful, failed attempt at humor, you give us your pitiful, failed attempt at drama. Why the change, Doe? I think I know why- I have you running scared. You know your opponent is nervous when he tries to come at you with something new. It’s a real shame it didn’t work.

(Borden frowns now. He lowers his head and rubs his eyes. He sighs heavily before going on, as if there is a massive weight on his shoulders.)

BORDEN: Godda*mn, you are so very f*cking wearisome. Listening to any given John Doe promo is like reading a children’s book. See John walk home from jail. See John rant inanely. See John call himself God. See John embarrass himself. See John suck my fat, hairy balls. See John tap-out and cry. See Alex win the Television Title.

How many times do I have to hurt you to make you understand that you’re just not good enough to beat me? The first time we wrestled, I had you whipped, I had you choked out, beaten! You only escaped by employing your one real talent... by worming your way out to cause a double count-out! In other words, you cheated! If I had the presence of mind to throw your dumb ass back into the ring, we wouldn’t be having this title match. It is a mistake that I’m paying dearly for, it is a mistake that I will not make again. The second time we were in the ring together it was as tag-partners and even then, I carried the match just like I said I was going to! I won us that match by tossing your sorry carcass at our opponents! Just as I had suspected, you suck at wrestling but you make a damn good blunt object. And... of course, just like the moron that you are, you had to air out our dirty laundry. You just had to start talking about that cheap attack of yours at a recent promotional event that landed both of us in jail! You sounded so proud of that, the way you held your ground, the way you didn’t just hit and run. You said you were so brave to be able to pick a fight with me. Well let me translate that statement for the benefit of our viewing public, because they may as well know what really went down. What that statement really meant, is that you couldn’t hit me and run because I knocked your punk ass down before you even got the chance! Even sneaking up on me, you couldn’t beat me up! Yeah, you may of been able to hold your ground, but you couldn’t kick my ass. Stick to prison brawls, Doe. You don’t belong in any ring. You know what? I won’t even spend thirty minutes telling you about your real future. I won’t go into what I’m going to do to you in sordid detail. But know this- you have every reason in the world to be scared. Be afraid, Doe. Be very afraid. Because I am going to f*ck you up.

(Borden’s tone grows harsher as he continues. His address switches from his opponent at Raucous to the public.)

BORDEN: John Doe says that I am arrogant and ignorant. John Doe calls me a liar. He says I have deluded myself and that I am a cheat. This is John Doe calling me, Alex Borden, these things! This is probably the only genuinely funny thing he has ever said in his career! I would point out why this is a gas, but I don’t like to state the obvious. Let’s just say that John Doe calling me an ignorant, lying cheat is like a hippopotamus calling a cheeta a tubby lardass. Name call and banter on all you want, because only one word describes you- and that’s hypocrite. Well... no I guess thats not quite true. There’s also ‘insipid’. And ‘imbecile’. And ‘disdainful’. Oh yeah and ‘raging queer’ works as well. And the rediculousness goes on. How can he say that I proclaim myself to be the best? Never, never have I ever claimed to be the best. I know that I am not the best and my goal isn’t to be the best. It never was. I am just a man. Alex Borden is a man who wrestles for a living. I work for my paychecks just like John Doe, but I don’t point fingers like he does. And he can’t even throw around accusations the proper way! Isn’t it strange to hear a man condemn someone as an egomaniac when he calls himself GOD?!

(Borden growls and starts talking to Doe again.)

BORDEN: Jesus, you’re stupid! I’m beginning to think you say the things you do just to burn up valuable air-time, just to take up space! You ever hear of the old phrase ‘quality over quantity’? Do you know what that means, you walking waist of time? It means the people don’t want to hear your pointless ranting! The New ERA fans don’t tune in to hear you banter for an hour without ever actually saying a thing! Stop talking, Doe... it would be so much better for your career if you just kept your mouth shut. Hell, you love Jeff Hardy so much! At least his image. Why don’t you follow his example and just keep your damned sewer closed?!

Oh, and I almost forgot to ask this. What was all that talk of steel cages? Between talking about my lying in a pool of my own blood and causing me untold misery, I distinctly heard you say that our match will be in a steel cage. Doe what the hell are you smokin’?! We aren’t even in a steel cage match! Unless you’ve got a wicked surprise coming up, you just made yourself sound like an even bigger ass then before.

(Borden points to the message on his T-shirt.)

BORDEN: You’re pissed off because you have not seen me show an ounce of respect for you or anyone else here in NEW. You said that not once, not once have I shown anyone any kind of respect. Doe, I give proper respect where proper respect is due. I don’t respect you because you’re a douchbag. I don’t respect Suicide because he’s an overrated hack. Well now he’s a crippled overrated hack. I don’t respect Travis Smith because he’s just another douchbag. I don’t respect Jonathan Marx because he’s grown fat and lazy. In my time here in NEW, I have only respected one man and now, after the circumstances of our match, that too has gone. That man was none other then Larry Tact. But now, nothing. Do you know what it’s like to be a professional among professionals that you don’t even respect?! Do you?! Who do you respect, John Doe? Who is worthy of the respect of GOD HIMSELF?!!! Can you tell me that? Are you capable of answering a question honestly? No, that is probably asking too much.

You even say that I remind you of yourself only one year ago. That’s not very far away. Do you mean to tell me that all those things you called me, you mean about yourself? Or was it simply a misguided attempt to pay me a compliment? If it was, you can keep your courteous gestures to yourself ‘cause I don’t want them. But, in any case, don’t... you... dare compare yourself to me! Get this through your thick skull! You are not even in my league! It’s like the T-shirt says, JOHN DOE SUCKS!!!

You’re time is over. It was over before it ever even began. In two years time, no one will remember John Doe. No one will care about you. It’s because you’re no different then any of the other hackneyed “superstars” that fill up the card at house shows. You... are nothing more then a glorified jabroni. When the glory and legacy of Alex Borden is fresh in every wrestling fan’s mind, the name John Doe will carry no more weight then a fart in the wind. No one personifies the New Era better then Alex Borden. Not, Larry Tact, not nobody. If a single face must be chosen to represent NEW, let that face be mine. I am the future, I am the New ERA of Wrestling. And I’m done with this promo.

(Alex Borden points to his T-shirt one more time and walks off screen. The scene fades out.)

John Doe
08-03-04, 01:37 PM

NEW backdrop, John Doe, in his regular gear.


God doesn’t life suck Alex, everything about it just gets you in the piss hole, just ticks the living hell out of you. If you really want to think about it, you can conclude that I am going to give you a total complete lecture on what in god’s name is going on around NEW.

Now, the event is quite simple, NEW Raucous, correct…great I am happy we got that out the way. This match now has received a sharp turn, Suicide is no longer in this match, it remains me, Alex Borden and MWG. Let me tell you all something right now to set the record straight…I don’t care of Suicides car accident.

Sure Suicide would have made a great opposition in the ring. But now that I really think about it, Suicide would have not stopped me in my quest. Suicide would have not been that great of a road block, he would have just been another man I would be capable of defeating.

Now MWG, see I have never been in the ring with you, and I was hoping it would stay that way. Now this is not a match that you come along and try to grab a dildo or whatever, to put it straight, it is not Pole on a Pole. Put yourself in check and understand that you are going against the great himself John Doe. That you are at least able to have a match with a great such as myself. You will see my wrath and my glory in all it’s magnificent power.

MWG, at Raucous you will see the pure fury that is John Doe. Now you have no utter clue what is about to be unleashed upon you. Sincerely from the bottom of my heart, I hope Borden kicks your teeth in, and then I will kick Borden’s teeth in. Making me the new TV champion.

Let me tell you all something about my coming to New Era. Now, I arrived to New Era, at the second card. Now the original match up for the TV Title Tournament was Doc Silver vs. Trevor Cane. I will let you in on a little secrete I took Silver’s spot in the tournament and I destroyed Trevor Cane.

Round two, was a simple match up, Nick Savage who is long been retired since I beat the living hell out of him in the triple threat for the TV title a couple cards ago, but originally I defeated him to move to round three.

Now round three was a match that men thought I would lose entirely. The Wolf Chris McMillan vs. me. Now McMillan is an outstanding wrestler, I believe truly that he WAS one of the greatest to step in the ring, but I defeated him and now The Wolf has long been retired never showing himself to any Fwrestling league circuit show since that match up.

Round four, was the “great” Rage O’ Fire Jared Wells! Not really all that great. I took Rage O’ Fire and I beat him senseless I took him to the peak of his career making him see the true style of wrestling, to make him understand that I am the best thing New Era could hire. Wells was defeated bringing me to the finals of the TV Title tournament. Jean Rabesque.

Now, I hate Jean with a f*cking passion, ok you have no clue how much I hate that man, and I am sure that 90% of New Era will agree with me that LARRY TACT should STILL be our Heavyweight Champion. That Larry Tact should have defeated Jean, and that sooner or later Rabesque will be defeated and that great title he wears will mean something.

The question now remains, why did I tell you about the tournament when you two were never here to compete in it. Well that was my point exactly, see I told you all about the TV title Tournament to show you exactly what in God’s name I went through to try and even compete for the title, to show you what I had to do to win. I Am going to show every single one of you why I am the biggest thing to hit New Era and why I am the best, why I AM going to be the next TV champion.

I move on to Alex Borden. Let me tell you something Alex, I would have faced off with Suicide one on one if it wasn’t for you stupidity. Let me tell you something farley simple Alex, I am the best, I am going to destroy you in one clean fair sweep. I learned my mistakes from the last time you and me went at it. Trust me those mistakes are not going to happen again.

It should be me as the TV Champion….

ME as the best

ME as the number one seed in New Era

ME as the number one seed on Fwrestling

ME as the best on X-Net!

Why isn’t it me, because of little f*cks like Alex Borden that want to stop people from becoming the best. Well, this time nobody is going to stop me from becoming the TV Champion, not Alex Borden not anyone, because when that bell rings al hell is going to break lose. MWG will be destroyed to a measure that is incomprehensible to man. Let me tell you something MWG when that bell rings I am going to hit you so hard your neck is going to snap and I won’t have to worry about you one damn bit.

Alex I warn you I am not the same man I was at Destrucity, I am not the same man I was the last card, I am going to show you why I am the best, why I am the greatest, why I AM GOD. Prepare yourself Alex, train to your bodies will, because at Raucous you will be at my whim begging for your endless torture that I am going to supply for you to end. I am going to show you why I am the greatest thing to EVER hit the airwaves. Alex, you will eel the full potential of my power, you are going to feel the worse paint that can ever hit your body, and I will be the lucky man to provide you with your suffering.

I warn you Alex Borden that your ending is coming close, and my beginning is just starting. I am going to prove to every soul watching that screen that I am that f*cking good, I am going to show everyone that I am going to be the next TV Champ, way that title needs to come to me, why it belongs in my hands, in my eyes, on my self, that TV Title is no longer going to have Suicide as the name plate, it is going to say John Doe.

MWG, Don’t think that I have forgotten about you, you are going to feel the same exact pain that Alex is going to have to suffer through. You think that I am going to let you come out on top, that you are going to be able to stop me. You will never amount to me MWG, you will never be as great as I am. You are going to feel the utter pain that I am going to show you, your time is coming to a close, when I step into that ring you are going to see the best d*mn thing in the world, Greatness and God are going to show you the final solution to the problem, the answer is quite unpretentious…I WILL DEFEAT YOU. Don’t think for any second that you are going to be able to defeat me, your conclusion is in correct…it is obtuse.

Let me go back to Alex for a second…

Alex, when we face off once again you are not going to know what is going on, my speed is going to have you in a daze, pondering my next move, my next step, when that bell rings, the only other time you will hear a ringing is when I pin you 1.….2.…3! So you go ahead you make a promotion countering mine, I will just do the same, I can do this back and forth Alex until Raucous hits the air. You think I am going to stop and end my rants?

Think again I am going to continue my quest for the TV title, and if you do defeat me Alex, I will be a nightmare to you and show up once again to compete for the title. I will show you why I am going to be the best, why I should have been the TV Champ cards ago. You will not be able to stop me, MWG won’t stop me, no one is going to save you from the pain I am going to show you in the ring.

MWG and Alex, prepare for the most destructive match you will ever be in. Say your prayers because as personal Jesus Christ I am going o deny any forgiveness you beg for. I am going to show you the suffering and pain that I call eternal hell, and I am going to provide you with it. See you in the ring and you will see me walk out the champion.

“I Am Greatness…I Am God…I Am John Doe”

John Doe
08-05-04, 01:24 PM
The following maybe inappropriate for children under the age of 19. Parental supervision is advised.

Fade in… John Doe is sitting on a stool. CUEUP: “The beautiful People” by Marilyn Manson. John looks at the camera as he pulls out a tennis ball and bounces it over…and over. John looks intrigued by the bouncing ball as he notices the red light is on signaling he is on the air. John is wearing black jeans and a black shirt with orange lettering that reads “John Doe” on the front in black lettering, on the back “I FORGOT My number….Can I have yours?“ With a stick figures facing each other, looking like a guy and another stick figure that looks like a girl.


Oh hell yeah! You knew it was coming!

That’s right when can’t you get enough of John Doe? So what going on gentlemen? Listen let me tell you a little secrete…..You guys are nothing compared to me. It is the truth gentlemen. I do not lie, I mean I am God, so why do I need to lie, but let me tell you all a little something, see I plan for a tremendous victory at Raucous. I plan t show the world what John Doe is all about. The question is who the hell is going to stand in my way?

This is a triple threat correct? We all face each other until someone wins? Great good to know, now I have to deal with MWG and Alex Borden? I am expecting a double team from them rather than just we all go after each other. See I don’t trust neither of you in the ring, just because I despise both of you, if we were face to face I would most defiantly spit in your faces.

Alex Borden decides to make a T-shirt that says John Doe sucks on the front of it and what not. You go ahead Alex, you go and market your goods, to bad your shirt will not sell, people want to see greatness, they want to see John Doe whip your ass! They don’t care for Alex Borden, they never did.

Let’s take a long leap back to Destrucity, I remember it like the back of my hand, I was there getting my butt kicked them I picked up momentum, and the crowd loved it, they didn’t care for Alex Borden, they want to see the great one win, they never cheered your name Alex, they were cheering mine the whole damn time….

Cameras go static as they fade to a news room John Doe and Jonathan Marx sitting behind a news desk

Doe: Ladies and gentlemen we interrupt your regularly scheduled program to give you this news update.

Marx: This afternoon we received this footage.

CUTTO: A man that looks EXACTLY like MWG and another man that looks at though he is Alex Borden. The two are holding hands then ‘Alex’ leans down smacking a large kiss on ‘MWG‘.

CUTTO: The studio where John Doe sits in disgust.

Doe: Ewww. Anyways folks Nick Jive is standing by right at the scene where what seems to be ‘Alex Borden’ and ‘MWG’ in a car. Nick can you hear us?

CUTTO: Nick Jive on a street.

Jive: Yes John I hear you loud and clear.

Doe: What is the situation Nick?

Jive: Well John it seems as though someone that looked like ‘Alex Borden’ and ‘MWG’ have hopped in a car and heading towards Massachusetts.

Doe: Was there any reason why Nick?

Jive: Something about gay weddings John.

Marx: That is truly disturbing Nick. I just received word at a Chopper 8 helicopter has caught up to the car. We go to WFW Superstar Sean Edmunds in the Chopper. Sean can you hear us?

Sean: Yes Jonathan I can. Now the two are going on the highway right now. We have a high framed zoom camera if we can only get a good shot of inside the vehicle.

Camera zooms in with ‘MWG’ pulling out a dildo. Cameras cut out before ‘Alex’ puts it in his mouth.

Doe: Oh sweet God almighty what is this? God my eyes.

Marx is over by a trashcan throwing up.

Doe: We apologize fully for that ladies and gentlemen. Stay tuned because after your program is the 5 o’clock news with us! We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

Fade back to John Doe in the studio.


Wow….I never knew Alex was that I guess you really do learn something new everyday…Anyways. Alex do you understand that I am the best damn thing to hit New Era? I mean you go ahead and hate me all you want, you are just another statistic that does. You think you are the only man on Raucous to dislike me? Look at Travis Smith he has a dislike for me beyond yours.

The fact is Alex, I want you to hate me. I can care less about it, you can hate me until you turn blue in the face. I will do what I was paid to do…win. You think I am going to go out there and lose, you know why the fans paid decent money to see Raucous? It is the damn truth Alex, they are coming to see me win, that is all they want to see me become the champion. Either way Alex I will defeat you, even if you become the TV Champ, I will defeat you down the road. I just plan to get it over with at Raucous, and prvoe my glory to the world.

Now, MWG you have no clue how bad you ticked me off your last promotional job. Now let me set the record straight faggot ass. I am the biggest homophobic on the face of this great planet. Now you if you think me and Alex are cute or whatever the hell you said, you go ahead and think that, but you think to yourself, we don’t need to hear it, frankly I am going to kick your god forsaken teeth inside your mouth. That may shut off the verbal vomit you are spewing.

MWG, you have not f*cking clue who the hell I am do you? I am the living God MWG, I am Greatness, I am John Doe. These are the reasons why I am going to be able to defeat you a Raucous. See I am not going to sit and let you or Alex pin me. I am going to put up the biggest fight in the world. You listen to me MWG, before Raucous goes off the air you and Alex will pronounce me as the living God. So you get yourself ready for the biggest ass whooping.

Alex, you also be prepared, I am not going to let you get the upper hand on me again. You left me in that jail to rot, you think I would get out? You think they are going to let me stay in there? Get you sh*t in line Alex. That is just adding to the beating I am going to give you at Raucous.

The victory is almost here gentlemen, I can almost TASTE the triumph in the air as I speak. Glory I shinning down on one person me, and my glory is going to show all around Raucous when they hand ME that TV Title. They are not going to show you the light to greatness, just the light out the exit door of failure.

This is my third shot at the TV Title and like they say the third time is the charm. This is my ambition, this is my title, MY TIME TO RISE! Put yourself in perspective gentlemen. Put your self in my shoes for a second or two. I am a living God right, ok glad we put that in order, now, you have another shot at a title, against three people that are “passable” wrestlers. I have never been in the ring with on of them and the other is a living moron that make injudicious shirts and makes unintelligent sentences. I would consider myself able to defeat them both.

As you can tell I do have the game in my hands. I have everything within three hand slaps. Get yourself in the best shape possible, though I do not believe that it will help you any. You all say that I create incoherent sentences and what not, that is fine, I love it, it is what I do, I apologize fully if that is the case, the point I still being but into focus.

CUEUP: “Wake Up” by Rage Against the Machine.

The title is in my hands, or it will be in my hands in a short while. Suicide is no longer in this match up, he was the true obstacle in this whole match up. You two where NEVER in my mind, I saw it as though you two would never amount to me. I saw it as though Suicide and myself were the true superstars in the match up. Now that he has left. Well, it seems that it is just me that is the true wrestler.

You two are nothing, you two are just the dust the wind. Do me and the rest of the New Era fans, just sit back and watch me provide the beatings. Lay a hand on me watch your time in the match up dimmer. Step up to the living God and watch me smite you.

MWG and Alex. I have the ball in my court, I just plan to run with it. You really want to stop me in my goal, in my path of ultimate glory?


I know you two will suffer at my whim. I hope you two are prepared for the suffering that is going to occur at Raucous. I will walk out just as I acme…a winner. At the end of this match I plan to get my arm raised. To get my glory shown among the many of fans that sit and watch, the fans that are cheering ME on. You two will bow to me, you two will pray to ME. I am the Apex predator in New Era. Just time for me to show my full outmost power.

To think that you two will come out on top is pure insanity. It is not possible, you two morons are not as great as me. I give you two credit, sure Alex you beat Suicide, but you never could take me down. MWG you beat those men in Pole on a Pole, but I am no Peter File…I am better. I am not El Arco Iris…sh*t I am ten times better. Which brings me to my next point how in the holy name of John did those two get a shot at the World Title? Look at me, I am great I am better than those two combined. I SHOULD have been in that match up, I should have been the man that won the World Championship. No offense to Larry Tact and all, he WAS a great champion, but I would have made a better one. But that is all in the past, lets take a great look at the future.

I am the future MWG and Alex. I am the man that will hold the TV Title, fans will look at me as the greatest TV Champion to reign. And when the time does come when I win that title, you two will just have to accept the fact that I am great. Set your eyes upon the best thing to hit the fwrestling circuit…me.

I am going to prove I am the best. I am going to prove that I deserve that title. At Raucous your heads will be cracked against the canvass. You are staring at the New Era Television Champion. Good luck at Raucous.

CUEUP: “The Safety Dance” by Men Without Hats.

I Am Greatness…I Am God…I Am John Doe

John skips around the stool to the beat of the Safety Dance. John picks up a plastic version on the TV Title, Doe holds it in the air and continues to skip around the stool until the song ends then skips off screen. FADE TO BLACK

08-06-04, 01:42 AM
(The scene opens showing Alex Borden standing one again, in front of a NEW backdrop. And again, he is wearing a tight black T-shirt that says, in bold white letters, JOHN DOE SUCKS!!! Three exclamation points. His brown hair is swept back like usual, falling slightly over his eyes.)

BORDEN: You know something, I wasn’t planning on making another promo for this TV title match-up. I thought it had been promoted enough. I figured, why not just let John Doe do the banter for me? People certainly are used to getting fed that garbage. Not just that, but when you train as hard as I have been, you have neither the energy nor the patience to sit in front of the camera and tell it like it is. I heard that Doe came out with another one, but to be honest, I haven’t even seen it yet. Like I said, I’m tired. I want to get some rest and focus my valuable attention on more important, more worthy endeavors. But no, instead I’ve chosen to do this, because thanks to Mr. Birel, I know now how important this TV time sh*t is.

Doe do you really think that rehashing the couple matches you had in the first Television Championship Tourney really means anything to me? That was then, idiot. This is now. And more importantly, I was not in it. Why must you ***** about not being the champion? You obviously didn’t work for it, you lazy f*ck. You lost! You didn’t deserve the title because you didn’t have what it takes! You lost then, just like you’ll lose at Raucous! And I hear you insist that even if you lose, you’ll come back to haunt me again and again, trying to steal away the belt. Well I have some disappointing news, my stumpy friend, you are messing with the wrong godd*mn champion! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not surprised to hear that you insist on being a pest. I pretty much was expecting that. But I gotta warn you, because your career may depend on listening to this part- if you want to be a flea, I will swat you like one.

And I don’t even want to get started on MWG. Madonna Wayne Grossard, a name that sounds like it belongs to a serial murderer. Didn’t Marilyn Manson once have a bassist that went by that name? I don’t know, it doesn’t matter. All I know is that MWG the wrestler is a revolting piece of sh*t. I don’t think that any kind of insult I could possibly say would phase him. From what I’ve seen of him in the ring and from that promo of his, it is obvious that he is a very sick man. I look forward to kicking his ass. He isn’t even worth my time to discuss him. But as sick as he is, John Doe showed us all with his last promo that he’s fully capable of diving just as low and churning out the same filth.

(Alex runs his hand through his hair and sighs. He looks at the camera with an expression of muted helplessness.)

BORDEN: This match coming up is slowly growing into quite a freakshow. Suicide was a factor, but now is road pizza in some hospital bed. When he gets out, he’ll probably look even more hideous that he already did. John Doe and MWG are a couple of jokes that I’m loath to wrestle. I’m starting to think that NEW management takes untold pleasure in f*cking with me. Every time I step into a New ERA ring, I’m forced to wrestle A GODD*MN FREAK!!! Suicide, Travis Smith, Doe, MWG. And what happened when I wrestled the then World Champion Larry Tact? Two masked freakos had to ruin my victory!! I’m starting to understand how Brett Hart felt in the Federation. I am a talent that is not being properly utilized. Instead, I must give the boot to these d*cks. I knew I had to work my way up from the bottom rung, but I had no idea that that meant wrestling gimmicky losers like Doe and Grossard. You all sicken me.

Well I’m up to the challenge. Everyone should know that. If nothing else, what Alex Borden has proved in his time in the New ERA of Wrestling is that no screw job, no handicap exists that he can not overcome. If I have to prove it again, I will.

You see I have this vision. Its a vision of me standing in the middle of the ring. My left fist is raised in the air and in my right fist, the Television Belt is grasped, dangling from my victorious form. The lights are on me, my music is blasting, and every soul in that stadium is chanting my name. This sight that I carry with me is enough to fuel me through any pit or hurdle that I find laying in my path. And it is all I need. Come Raucous, I will be the new Television Champion, and everyone... knows it.

(Borden cracks a grin, an uncommon sight.)

BORDEN: The time is drawing near. There is no time for any more talking. My night, Alex Borden’s night, is coming and I can feel the electricity already coursing through me. Raucous will be the first day of the rest of my life. I dedicate this match to my friend, Tom Neiden. This is for you.

(Alex respectfully nods his head.)

BORDEN: I’m just about finished here. I’m sick of talking all the time. Doe, MWG, I’ll see you in the ring. And please don’t forget, John, that you suck.

(Borden laughs and points to his shirt. He flips the camera off and walks off screen as the scene fades out.)

John Doe
08-06-04, 12:39 PM
The Following is Rate TV MA

Adult Languge

FADEIN…. John Doe On a NEW Backdrop. John looks at the camera. John takes in a deep breath as he looks at the camera. John is wearing baggy pants and a Celtics jersey. Hey stands in front of the camera his arms crossed. Hat tilted sideways and all.


I am a pure gangsta yo! I got spinners even on my lawnmower bro!

God I hate you Alex, with your little slogan “John Doe sucks” how original. That had the be the most original thing I heard all day. Not. Listen Alex you do understand the mess you are getting yourself into, very second words spew out of your god forsaken mouth you are digging your self a deeper hole. Listen very closely….


Neither you or MWG are any good, you are just bums, losers, nothing compared to the almighty John Doe. Which I will give you a simple math equation Alex….

Greatness + John Doe = GOD

Get it Alex? You can despise me all you want. But I have had a revelation. I mean I decided to rap my promotion. BUT! That comes later on in the whole thing Alex, I figured you would understand that wouldn’t you my gang banger home dawg. I love how you have to sell shirts that have "John Doe Sucks" on them….that is so original…no not really. It’s just stupid, and I really do not like them…they seem tacky.

Anyways Alex, I am glad you can watch TV, I mean with your short attention span and all I am surprise you don’t fall asleep in your own promotional jobs. Besides the point you need to get yourself straight Alex, understand what you are going up against at Raucous. That you are going up against a LIVING GOD. Not just another MWG or some Travis Smith. Hell no, this is John Doe.

The point is Alex Borden, you don’t stand one chance against me. Hell you can train for years on end…I will still be that damn good Alex. You go and train. I am happy you are inspired to beat me, by inspiration is one of the many things I can crush….just like your skull. I guess it all comes down to who wants it more Alex. And trust me…I am hungry for a title, you are in the way of a man that has wanted something for months and now has a shot at it.

You think that you can stop me in the middle of my goals? You think MWG and yourself are going to be able to stop me? Get a f*cking clue Alex. You will NEVER amount to me, sure you over power me, ok I give you that, but never underestimate the underdog, he might come up and bite you square in the ass.

Hell I spend my tiem and money putting my life on the line, training for every match. And you think because you trained for ONE match that you are better than me? Who in the hell dropped you on the head as a child Alex?

But no, no, no, Alex Borden decides to do yet another waste of time promotion. One that no one wants to hear. It is the same exact one as last time! What is this, I think Alex is taking the script and just rewording it or something. Oh well I guess idiots will be idiots right.

Alex Borden. I figured that you were and ex “gansta” so I went over to the “hood” and learned how to rhyme. Alex Borden this one is dedicated to you! It took lots of time and effort so listen closely Borden!

Doe motions towards someone. A beat starts playing in the background and Doe moves his head. He stands up and fixes his jeans. He begins to rap.

Yo Alex if you wanna chance at winning, steal my dream its something I highly don’t recommend
Cause your about to be thrown out caste an condemned
You aint Gangsta you aint a g you following a trend
Face it the hardest beef ya had was on msn
I could knock you out faster then being put in gas chambers
And if there’s anything left I will destroy the remainder
You have no aim so when you shoot how am I supposed to get clapped
Sh*t I seen people come out and talk better sh*t than that
While they were high on crack
I’m better than you its a known fact
You aint Bruce Lee ya aint have the moves or the energy
You think you got a chance, you don’t, and I’m the remedy
You talking about some violence
I’m leaving you like ya funeral cause no one be there straight silence
You lost son you a white boy who needs guidance
Like a rapper who thinks he got an audience when no one at his concert
You the NEW’s Joe Dirt
Go out and get to work
With ya mini skirt
And tight half cut shirt
Before ya beat me take the balls outta ya purse
Or get smacked up wit a lesson
You’re a little dumb twat, just an adolescent
I’m unleashing real aggression
And I can’t believe ya think you testing
When I spit verbally that knock you out in 1 milli-second
That’s the timing of your longest sex
Not with a female, cause the last person you tried to get with was Triple X
I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t ever seen breasts,
So Alex Borden, John Doe is about to knock you down like the rest.

Now Alex I know that I may be way to complex with my sh*t for you ever to understand in that diminutive brain in your head. But try and comprehend a little bit, because I will tell you a little something that you will understand. You are not winning this match and you will never be the TV champion.

The beat switches up a little bit and John Doe looks at the camera and then begins to rap again.

Yo, Yo, ten seconds to the clock
Scheming till I bust a shot
With the golden glock aiming for the sore spot
Infest your chest with more blood clots than US malls got parking lots
Your promos are flops, I’ma make your heartbeat stop
Spit sh*t rock heavy, I keep rock steady, I got whole blocks ‘n keep my glock ready
Call the cops bring an army, ya b*tches don't scare me
The easiness of wrestling in here has my ass turn lazy
I get ya’ll high off words, no need to burn hazy
Ya’ll know I'm dirty dancing like I’m Patrick Swazey
Maybe, I’ma get off drunk off coronas and lime
Or steal sh*t from most of them owners in line
Turn back into time to stop me from crime
Even drop the case if you do care about dyin
Fine, I’ma go easier on your brains
Mine's got more insane than the House Of Pain's
b*tches I'm comin through, move from the fast lane
It's so a shame after this, b*tches gotta change their last name
Stay in anonym a, lose you're identity
Or I find you and put lead in the belly, create the first male pregnancy
Lines gettin fancy, rhymes go good, I'm making fans, see

The beat gets a little faster.

Hey, Yo, Alex, why you comin up in here like you RUN the place?
Its like everything we spit is either trash, garbage, or just a waste
N*gga, its a game, you eitha win or lose, this aint no rat race
You've been gone for a while nobody aint making no anthem for you like you Mace
N*gga just face it, nobody like you
Before you was wrestling you probably cleaned pools
Now that you think you your superior to peeps, you just look b*tch
I got some sh*t that gonna make ya stagger and twitch
I stole ya style for some time but all it did was ruin me
Just remembered I had sh*t to deal with but now it fooling me
Thinking you the king, dictator, b*tch, aint nothing ruling me
Just the other day I was lookin in the bible, what I see?
Some bewildered sh*t in book psalms, to be exact, 23
Then I said, "d*mn, me, J.D. is ****in G..O..D"
N*gga, I don’t need ya sh*t, f*ck, I Be He

I’ll easily rip all of you and you'll be in a coffin
You'll pretend to be my homie and say whats poppin
People go crazy when I spit my verses
Lets jus say if you f*ck wit me there'll be tissues n hearses
I laugh at most of you when u try n spit
but to incline you're mind is what'll be split
Must you suck so much Travis Smith laughs at you
I mean you can’t wrestle like Kurt Angle says “It’s True”
Any of you I’ll plain easily eliminate
all you b*tches would be thinking' I’m scar face
oh sh*t, you all should of thought twice
I kill men as easy as rollin a dice
Now on some of u b*tches, don't even get me started
Borden you neva seen a glock and u sound retarded
MWG you ain't no mother f*ckin g
You wanksta fake gangsta you'll be shot easily
Getting in the ring with me is something you dread
After I finish with you you're foot could kick you're head
Now really you don't want beef with me
You might be popped to second after f*ckin' with a real G

And Hold up b*tch, yeah stop them presses
Looks like another fake f*cker gettin taught some lessons
Why you getting in the ring with me, you’ll lose in seconds
When I wrestle I bring all sorts of deadly weapons
Why you all up in my sh*t, you need to try a little harder
Either that or you can start running a little farther
You diss me, but you got nothing, yeah you up on it
You thinking you actually got a chance, Sh*t
I'm only out here to set you straight with the people
You gotta come up, I've seen sh*t you can't equal
This mother f*cker talking bout gettin in the ring and winning easily
Any shot from my glock, will kill these b*tches peacefully
And you wanna think you have a chance, that’s fine
To act hard, you aint been in the hood encircled by a chalk line
And I would never pretend to be ya homie, leave you shook,
You probably the type to pretend you thug and grow up Folk.
But f*ck it from here on out I just rep my crew
I’m John Doe, you know what the f*ck I do

How about you chew on this, you really need to hear me Alex? I don’t know if I got my point across, it’s all in the raps kid, ya feel it?

Hey Yo, Alex , B*tch Stuck with a Disability
the only thing left for you now is ya dignity
end up in the ground wit f*ckin sterility
while I’m up and ready wit pride and credibility
talking a big game, holdup thats a f*ckin bit chary
n*gga you got nothing you a, b*tch thats sh*t to me
and n*gga I aint playing with you I’ma f*ckin g
did you really think I was someone you would beat?
I don’t know why I’m wasting my time talking when u aint listen
b*tch, this the NEW, can never be soft, so who you dissin
like a pastor I bless the mic I have a mission
I got more balls then you I’ve been in prison
Alex you a b*tch cause damn, it sure look it
I guess you lost to truth, and skill cause what you say is sh*t
not riding on nobody's nuts, but just sayin
talk sh*t and ya body outlined in chalk is where you'll be laying

MWG you ain’t got a chance in your match you just a wanna be thug, you are a disgrace.

And one more thing, Alex, you can be the “King” all you want because no ones more powerful than God, And that’s me…

Its over, don’t’ even bother to show up for Raucous. I am the next TV Champ!

I Am Greatness…I Am God…I Am John Doe!

The beat starts to fade away. John Doe laughs as the camera fades to black and cuts to a commercial. FADE OUT