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07-27-04, 01:19 AM
All RP for the JARED WELLS and LARRY TACT match at RAUCOUS should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

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07-28-04, 03:26 PM
Fade in: on a blue backdrop sporting the NEW logo in bold, black lettering. Under the logo are the words, "Under Siege." Standing next to the backdrop is Larry Tact, wearing a blue/green bandanna, black leather pants, and a blue shirt with "Simply Tactilizing" written in gold cursive lettering. A pair of blue lensed, silver framed sunglasses cover Tact's eyes, but it's clear he doesn't look too pleased at the moment.

Tact: It's widely known that I'm not much for politics, and I'm no "bad guy." I'm the one who brought New Era off the ground, sent it into flight, and kept it stable through its infancy. So anyone with an OUNCE of brain matter can easily understand why, after all that I'VE DONE for this promotion, being OVERLOOKED by NEW is NOT what I expected.

He shakes his head, putting a hand to his forehead.

Tact: I was all set to go out at Raucous and state just why Jean Rabesque wasn't worthy of saying he is the "better man" when comparing himself to ME. I was going to give everyone what they wanted, and that's an explanation for my performance at Destrucity-- a losing effort. I mean, SURELY there was something wrong with me, that caused me to lose to Jean Rabesque. But instead of giving me my DUE TIME, what happened? What does NEW decide is more favorable? LETTING JEAN RABESQUE SPEAK!

He elaborately throws his arms up in the air, as if all hope is lost.

Tact: They let him go out there and give some diatribe on what being World Champion means to him. In effect, NEW offices must be getting droves of calls now, wondering why the BEST Champion-- the ORIGINAL Champion-- that New Era of Wrestling has had wasn't out there instead. And they deserve each and every complaint, let me tell you. Cuz there is NO EXCUSE for letting Jean Rabesque go out there and speak HIS mind, when you have LARRY TACT OFFERING to give the answers that the people REALLY want to hear about. What, does Jean Rabesque being World Champion somehow change EVERYTHING? Does it somehow VOID ALL that I worked to build for New Era of Wrestling? Am I just to be thrown aside, just like that? Forgotten and left to be going against the likes of Dylan McCormick?

He begins pacing back and forth, shaking his head and muttering some inaudible words. He stops in front of the NEW logo and looks up.

Tact: No. No, no, no. As much as Jean Rabesque might want it to be...as much as ANYONE might want that to be....that's NOT going to happen. As you all witnessed last Raucous, I'm not about to LAY DOWN and DIE. Larry Tact IS the pioneer of New Era of Wrestling. I continue to set new precedences with EVERY match. First, I did it as the original World Champion and now, as the first one to rise back up to reclaim that title. So there's NO WAY I'm about to allow myself to be discarded. But Jean Rabesque would like people to believe all is well, and NEW is going to flourish under his reign. But in truth, New Era of Wrestling is....

He steps aside, allowing the logo to be seen again.

Tact: ....UNDER SEIGE. And let's all be honest with ourselves, Rabesque will bring nothing that I haven't already. He won't be doing anything but PLAGUING this promotion, and its top prize. Which is exactly why I MUST rise up and reclaim the World Heavyweight Championship. It's for the salvation of NEW as a whole. I am the embodiment of the New Era, and I will DISPOSE of this past era Rabesque, trying to destroy what this promotion represents.

He pauses and paces again, rubbing his chin with a hand. He eventually stops and looks forward again.

Tact: But the problem isn't just with Jean Rabesque. NEW is not only under siege due to his possessing the World Championship. When Rabesque snatched the title from me, it started a chain reaction. It sent out a signal to others, saying, "Hey, look here! NEW is open to any and all forms of wrestler! You can be a retread, or someone trying to relive their glory days, and still come here!"

Shakes his head.

Tact: Lo and behold, look who's come back. Jared Wells. A man who, not long ago, was drinking himself into a stupor on a DAILY basis, and doing who knows what drug of the week. Oh, but he's reformed now, hasn't he. He's reclaimed his past form, and made good on his promise to get himself back on track. In other words, he's taken the CHANCE he got to come back, and MILKED IT for all it's worth. He's found a way to stick around, and now he's come to NEW, as if he's WANTED here. The truth is, it's just another person putting New Era under siege. Wells wants nothing more than to continue leeching, and sucking every last drop out of that latest last chance. He's back in NEW now that the place has been established, by ME....and he wants to reap the fruits of MY work.

Tact laughs, taking off his sunglasses. He abruptly stops laughing and glares, looking livid.

Tact: That just PISSES ME OFF. Wells, you want to come back here and try to make it NOW? What's changed, Jared? What makes you think you have what it takes to survive in the New Era? Are you going to "tough talk" me all the way up to match time? Throw out a few obscenities and act all "cool" for us? Do you think that's all it takes to MAKE THE CUT, Wells? Do you think you can PERVERT this promotion, too?

Tact stops and laughs again, seemingly calming down.

Tact: Hold up, hold up. I shouldn't be putting this all out to YOU, Jared. After all, you barely have the capacity to please your WHORES, much less comprehend and answer ANYTHING I say. No, I won't expect you to do anything more than what you've made a career out of-- being the SIDE SHOW CIRCUS ACT that you are. Cuz that's what you do best, Jared. You act like a FREAK, and people laugh and smile for you. Maybe throw some change at you, to see what you'll do next. It's all you CAN do. It's all you have the CAPACITY for. And I guess, then, it's not your fault for being another DISEASE trying to infect New Era of Wrestling. You're not the same as Rabesque. He's chosen to take the path of trying to ruin everything I've built. You just don't know any better. And I don't mean to sound mean, but sometimes the truth is best just simply put. But as far as the truth and you go, Jared....you were just BORN STUPID.

Tact shrugs and nods, putting his sunglasses back on.

Tact: I'm not the first who's had to deal with Jared Wells, and I probably won't be the last, as I don't feel permanently disabling you is really worth the time OR effort. I have better things to do with my time, and being put in a match with you is already going to be enough of a waste. But I'll tell you what, Jared...I'll humor you. I'll come to Raucous, ready to give my best, and you can disillusion yourself and think I'm bringing my best ALL CUZ I'm facing Jared Wells. I'll even tell anyone who asks if I'm "ready to face Jared Wells" that I THINK I can come out of Raucous victorious. I'll humor you that way, Jared. But make no mistake.....

Tact tears off his sunglasses, his olive green eyes narrowed.

Tact: The REAL reason I'll even SHOW UP to this match, is so I can PERSONALLY see to it that you begin your second run in NEW the same way you ended your first....DEFEATED and DISGRACED. Cuz you've EARNED that much, Jared. You've EARNED yourself MORE than a humbling at my hands. Just like Jean Rabesque, you've EARNED yourself a BEATING, and come Raucous...(smiles widely)....one way or another, you WILL receive one.

Fade out.

07-31-04, 11:17 PM
The following is paid for by Jared Wells and has no affiliation with the N.E.W

(Camera opens up to Jared Wells sitting on bus in D.C wearing his styled jeans, black sleeveless shirt that says 'Bastard Son', and happens to have a brown bag next to his legs. Bums have surrounded him to listen to what he has to say.)

JARED WELLS: Well look at this (BLEEP) won'tcha? Obviously there is a need for JW here. I mean really I never signed a contract, I never put ink on the paper stating that I'm N.E.W wrasstler.....I will state I'm not contracted with this company, nor have anything to do with anybody around here. So really I stand here with everyones attention giving me the option to say anything, do anything.

Drugs, drinking? What about it, 'ya got some? Come on Tact, get with the (BLEEP) program here. Your just like the rest of the fools that believe what they see on TV. Remember watching Saturday morning cartoons? Remember when on Ghostbusters Peter Venkman walked out of the building with white powder around his lips. What did you think it was Tact? You sit there waving your right hand in the air, but your left hand on your penis. Wait, just like your match with Jean. You blew it dude, and you know it. I'm not knockin you dude, but I'd rather see you as champion. But then again, champion of what? The N.E.W?

What cracks me up with my opponents is that they always bring up my past but won't talk about my winning streak, or who I broke last night. Freak? At night time I am, but other than that I'm just spunky. Go ahead and bash on my style of life Tact, because your the only one looking like a fool. A fool just like everyone else in this business Tact. Everybody wants to be the best, but yet imitate the best.

...just like everyone else Tact, you can't handle my views of reality. Just ask Copycat for god sakes, the guy is still demanding for respect. See where he is? Same story, same words dude. But yet some still think he's great?

New Era seems like a great place and I'm not gonna bust a nut over it. But the only problem is, it's TOO NEW. 'Ya know what I mean? You sit there and claim this is your show? The N.E.W is your company? I'm really impressed by guys like Doe, Borden, Chaos, Devastator. Yeah right, are you serious Tact? Why is Jared Wells here for one night only? Think about it. I'm here to save you out of the ruins of your own ego. Words are spewing out your mouth but the rest of the world is still itching their (BLEEP) wondering, HEY WHAT DID TACT SAY? You should run for president of the United States Tact.

The great thing to this (BLEEP) matter is that when I came back, you claimed I was washed up. What did I do? I took your ego, your words and shoved them right up your (BLEEP). What's the difference now Tact? Your still the same and I only got better. Your still that little boy in the big mans world (BLEEP). Times changed big time for the better. I'll take it however I get it, and take full advantage of it.

I'm not sure what to make out of this entire story here, nor this company. I don't mind coming in for one night only and just USE you in front of your people. But there's more to the story Tact, and I think you know it. Question is, what? What's on your mind Tact?

You'll show you because you have no choice. That's the presence I make and a guy like yourself can't look bad. You have better things to do than to face me in N.E.W.? Looking over the talent around here what's better? Nothing but a bunch of rookies, the World Champion is watered down. My god, you see Jean around every corner in every store, every street corner and in every mans bed. But HEY! That's what I just heard.

You wanna be pissed off Tact? Be pissed off at yourself for losing to a (BLEEP) like Jean. Be pissed off at yourself because you just couldn't run with the ball. Most of all be pissed off at N.E.W, your quote "Your Work" unquote, because they wanted me to come here without a contract. One night only! Does that bother you Tact? The questions are being asked......and I will deliver the answers in your own backyard.

I could give a damn about everything around this place....but one thing is for sure.....

'Ya just gotta L.O.V.E it.