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07-27-04, 01:18 AM
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Red Devastator
07-28-04, 01:31 PM
Previously - Red Devastator a.k.a. Damian Robins was caught in the middle of a big fire at age of 5. His parents died in that same fire. Somehow, he survived. When he arrived to the hospital, he was diagnosed with congenital analgesia (a disease of inability to feel pain). After nine long months of recovering in the hospital, Damian arrived to the orphanage. His face was scared from the fire, and his body did not look a lot better either. Kids hated him. They called him freak, beat up on him, and were making his life a living hell. He was putting up with everything for a while before finally he started fighting back. And when he did start fighting back, it wasn’t pretty. During that same period of time, Damian’s aunt showed up and took him from the orphanage. She had a talk with him about why he had become so aggressive. He blew her off by telling how all the people are ignorant and are treating him as a retard just because he was burned in the fire. He said that he is smarter than any of those people, and that beating them up will make them be afraid of him. He wants people to be afraid of him…

And now…

Ghosts Of The Past – part 4

The camera cuts in an old house. From the outside, it looks very creepy. Grass around it had grown large. At some places, it is over 3 feet tall. There are two trees growing on the sides. Their branches are spreading across the entire yard. And the yard itself is surrounded by the metal fence with spikes on top. On the other hand, inside of the house looks a little bit better. As we enter the hallway, there is red carpet spreading across. Walls are covered with numerous paintings. Some of those painting are rather disturbing. One of the paintings has a man getting his head cut off drawn on it. Other one has a picture of some monster-like creature drawn on it. As we continue walking through the hallway, we see a sign. It says, “enter here”, and is pointing to one of the rooms. The camera enters. Red Devastator is standing in the middle of the room. He is wearing a suit and a tie. Behind him, we can see a working desk and besides it, there is a bed.

Red Devastator: Did you ever wonder why?

Red Devastator: Why does a whole world treat you like an inferior, when in reality they are the ones who are inferior?

Red Devastator: Why is everyone putting you down just because you are a little bit different?

Red Devastator: Why are you the one suffering because nobody wants to accept you for who you are?

Red Devastator: Why you can live wherever you want to, but still have no real home?

Red Devastator: I HAVE!

Silence takes over the room as we fade into another flashback.

October 6, 1993 – Because of his constant aggressive behavior, Damian Robins was submitted to the mental institution. We cut into his first appointment with a psychiatrist.

Shrink: Damian, tell me, is there anything bothering you?

Damian: No!

Shrink: Are you sure?

Damian: Right now, you are bothering me.

Shrink: I am trying to help you. You’ve been arrested 7 times for assaulting other people. Why do you prefer to solve your problems with others by fighting instead of talking?

Damian: You would never understand. Nobody does…

Shrink: How would you know that? You never gave me a chance.

Damian: You’re not bright enough.

Shrink: I did go to college for 8 years.

Damian: It means nothing to me. College is nothing but an expensive daycare center.

Shrink: Give me a chance. Who knows, I might be able to help. And besides, it won’t hurt you to tell.

Damian: Nothing can hurt me. But if you have to know… Ever since I was in an accident, people have treated me like a freak. My skin was burned, I couldn’t feel any pain, and I thought differently. While they were busy playing with their stupid toys, I was reading physics books. While they were thinking about their pranks, I was thinking about how to make the world a better place. And while they were thinking how to embarrass me, I was thinking about how to make peace with them. I grew smarter, stronger, and more reasonable than they could ever imagine. But still, the same fact remained. To them I was a freak. They attacked me verbally and physically. Then I realized… That is just who they are. They are all the same, and there is no way to change them. The only thing they respect is power. An absolute, overwhelming power. That is what I am. So when they attacked me, I fought back. They couldn’t hurt me, but I sure as hell could’ve hurt them. And that is exactly what I did. They came back for more, and I gave them more. But after a while, they started respecting me. They were afraid of me. Then it was just up to me to remind them every once in a while why they were afraid of me. I want them to respect me like a god, because comparing to them, that is what I am. I am everything they should ever want to be. I am strong, smart, resilient, and I can’t be hurt.

These words are followed by a moment of silence. Then, the shrink speaks up.

Shrink: Damian, I know exactly what you’re going through. You’re young. At your age, most people think that they know everything. And with you being as big and strong as you are, you feel even more power-

Damian cuts him off.

Damian: You’re WRONG! I have more power. And if you think that the way I am is because of some teenage hormones, you’re even more wrong. I always felt this way. But you could never understand it. You’re not me. You’re just like them. Maybe, I need to teach you some respect, too.

Damian gets up. He walks towards the shrink.

Shrink: Damian, stop!

Damian doesn’t listen as he grabs the shrink by the throat and starts choking the life out of him. Somehow, shrink presses the alarm button, and a couple of seconds alter, 4 men enter the room. They are carrying stunt guns on them. They start shocking Damian with them, but being unable to feel pain, Damian starts fighting back. But after receiving a couple of electric surges from the gun, he falls to the floor, knocked out. The men carry him out.

Flashback ends…

We’re back in that same room with a shrink desk and a shrink bed. Red Devastator continues.

Red Devastator: They thought that they could hold me down. They were WRONG! At the end, I am standing here, and they… I would not like to be them. The same way they tried to keep me down is the way Dylan McCormick tried to keep me down. He failed. It is the same way Chaos tried to keep me down. He failed as well. And did you see how miserably he failed? It wasn’t easy, but I knocked some sense into him. Maybe now, before he decides to brawl with me again he will think about being choke slammed through the chair, burned with Nitrogen, beaten the crap out of. Maybe he will think about the look in is eyes when after everything he had thrown at me, how I got back up. I know I will.

This week, I am facing somebody called Alister Hayze. He is a small guy comparing to me. And I know that means that he is quicker. But all that quickness will do him no good. In the matter of fact, it will work against him. Think about it. Alison Hayze, bouncing of the ropes, going full speed for a clothesline that might knock me off my feet, and them WHAM! I knock him out cold with a big boot. And then again, I’ve heard that he is a solid technical wrestler. I can respect that. Good technical wrestlers are valued in the whole world. If he was wrestling anyone else but me, it would be an advantage that he could rely on. But going up against me, technical skill won’t do you much good. When you wrestle me, nothing will do you much good. Hayze, look at it this way. If you snap in a submission hold, I won’t tap. I don’t feel any pain. If you suplex me, which I doubt you will because of my size, I still won’t feel any pain. And after everything I won’t a suplex won’t do me either. So, there is nothing that you can really hold on to, including your brain. I am smarter than you, too.

I know what you’re thinking, though. Not feeling pain doesn’t mean that you can’t break my arm, or my leg. It doesn’t mean that you can’t knock me out. And you’re right, it doesn’t. McCormick said the same thing. Chaos repeated it. But neither one of them had knocked me out, nor had either one of them had broken any of my bones. I went through hell and back in my life. I’ve had my bones broken. But that made them only stronger when they healed. I’ve learnt to wrestle with broken bones. And unless you connect me to a high voltage fuse, you will not knock me out. Alister, you know what I want. If you show me some respect, and make me feel like I am your god, I might not hurt you too much. And then again, I might end your career anyway.

But besides wrestling, Alister, you seem like an independent type of a guy. You’re like to be a free spirit. I like that. I posses those qualities myself. But the one thing I despise about you is your willingness to play to the crowd. You are a type of the guy who lives for the cheers. What we in the wrestling business like to call, a fan favorite. To me, that means that you are not confident in your own skills. You need somebody else’s approval to do whatever you do in the ring. It means that the people are in charge of you. Those same people who called me a freak, kicked me while I was down, … Those same people who called me crazy while I was sane are the ones telling you what to do. I can’t stand those people, and that is why I must hurt you. I must show them that I am still superior to you, and to them. Alister, all that is left to say is, it sucks to be you. I am coming to get you, and there is nothing you can do to stop me. I am unstoppable!

Red Devastator stares at the camera with his long, red hair covering his face.

Fade out.

Red Devastator
07-31-04, 05:22 PM
Ghosts Of The Past – part 5

We find ourselves in a big room. It is very dark inside. We can’t see, smell, or hear anything but the footsteps. As the footsteps get closer and closer we feel shivers climbing up our spine, an unknown source of fear that is slowly taking over us. We don’t even know what we are afraid of. It is probably nothing, but our imaginary type of thinking makes us believe at the worst possible scenario. And then…

The whole quickly lights up as we hear a heavy breathing. It is Red Devastator. He is standing in the middle of a circle of candles. The light of the candles is filling the room with light. Slowly, Red Devastator gets down on 1 knee. He picks up one of the candles and holds it in front of his head.

Red Devastator – Candles … Some people say that life is like a candle. In the beginning, it lights up. Then it burns creating an unbelievable light around us. But, then, just like the candle runs out of wax, the life runs out of energy, and the light is dimmed. And each one of these candles represents one life, one story one, human being.

It is time for another flashback …

April 28, 2001 – Red Devastator a.k.a. Damian Robins spent years in a mental institution. For a while, it seemed as if he was improving. Some people thought that he was safe to return to the normal functioning society. In 1994, Damian was released from the mental institution. At the beginning, he did well. He joined a circus and started using his disease as a gift. But that wouldn't last long. Soon, people started aggravating him again, and he started beating them down hard. And again, he ended up in the nut house. This time, he would stay there for 6 more years. Nothing that doctors have done was helping. Damian’s condition was getting increasingly serious as weeks and months passed. He started feeling less and less remorse for his actions. Electric sticks and a straight jacket were the only things stopping Damian from hurting even more people than he did. But sometimes, that is not enough …

Today, Damian had a meeting with a shrink. It went surprisingly well. The matter of fact is, it went so well that shrink ha ordered for Damian to be out of the straight jacket until they meet again. Right now, Damian is talking with one of the female employees. They are both located in Damian’s private room. For some reason, it looks like she has some interest in him.

Female: Hey Damian, how did it go, today?

Damian: Great. I am not in a straight jacket as you can see.

Female: That is good news. Those big, strong arms don’t deserve to be hidden under that jacket.

Damian looks at his arms. They are big and strong. Then, he looks back at the woman. She is in her late 20s-early 30s. She has a long, brunette hair and dark eyes. She is not bad looking either. Trying to play it cool, Damian flexes his biceps for a moment.

Damian: Aha, they are big. I can see that you’re looking at something else that is big.

Damian looks down and the woman laughs nervously. Quickly, she tries to change the subject.

Woman: So, how did a man like you end up in this place.

Damian doesn’t like to talk about this subject a lot. This time, he plays along though.

Damian: To make the long story short, people picked on me, so I hurt them.

Woman: You poor thing.

She unbuttons the top of her uniform. For all of you who find this hot, she is wearing a black bra. Still playing cool, Damian doesn’t say anything. She slowly climbs into his lap. He doesn’t resist. Why would he? Because the rest of the night is graphical, we fade out right now.

We’re back in the room with the candles. After a couple of moments of silence, Red Devastator continues.

Red Devastator: Just like the fire on the top of this candle, our life can spark, too. Sometimes, a small spark can change our lives forever. And for some, it can end theirs.

Flashback starts


April 29, 2001: – It is 11 PM. Last night had changed Damian’s life forever. Survival and pure power are not enough any more. He wants to live a life. He wants to experience the joy even though he can’t feel it. He wants to get hurt, even though he can’t feel pain. He wants to be more than he is. He paced around his room the whole day. He was thinking about ways to get out of the hospital. At this moment, he is standing by back first towards the wall only a couple of inches away from the door. As one of the employees opens the door, Damian quickly knocks him out with a chop to the back of the neck. He drags the man in the room and slides him under the bed. Then quickly, Damian exits the room. He quickly walks down the hall in a pajama. There is nobody there. Most people are sleeping. Trying to walk as fast as humanly possible Damian finds his way to the back of the building. From there, he gets into the basement where all the gas lines are. Working quickly, Damian makes a couple of gas leaks by hitting the gas pipes with a crowbar. He waits a couple of minutes as the gas fills out the room. While waiting, some thought pass through Damian’s head. He thinks about the fire that killed his parents and everything that happened to him afterwards. Now, he has a chance to get back at the same people who despised him because of what had happened to him. As the gas fills out the basement, Damian makes his way. Out of nowhere, he pulls out an electric stun gun that was used on him so many times. He sends an electric charge back into the basement. The charge sparks up, and soon an explosion is heard. The explosion knocks Damian off his feet. He quickly gets back up and starts running towards the exit as other employees are distracted handling the fire. On his way out, Damian tears out a long TV cord. And as he exits the building, he ties the cord around the door handles blocking other people from exiting. We can hear screams and cries as we fade out.

Flashback Ends…

Again, we are back in that same, weird room with candles spread across. Damian looks at that same candle he was holding before. He flips the candle around causing some of the hot wax to fall on his hand. A normal man would probably scream from the pain, but Devastator doesn’t pay any attention to it. Then, he continues.

Red Devastator: Humans are fragile. Some are even more fragile than this candle. When I look at this candle, I think about Alister Hayze. So small, unimportant and controllable … The last time you people saw me, I was telling you how I was gonna tear him apart. I was talking about all of his weaknesses and all of my strengths. Doing the same thing now would be pointless. He did not even bother to reply. He knows that there is no way out for him. The smartest thing that he can do is not show up for our match. And don’t get me wrong. I want him to show up. I can’t wait for another opportunity to show everybody just how powerful I really am. Alister, I hope that you realize what you are getting yourself into. And even more importantly, I hope that you are ready. And speaking of being ready, how ready are you, Hayze? Did you ask yourself that question? Are you ready to stop the unstoppable? Are you ready to break the unbreakable? Are you ready to take the worst beating that you can think of and then some more? And are you ready to go hell and not come back?

You can say that you are ready. You can be cocky, ignorant, irresponsible, but when it comes to fighting me, if you’re not ready, you’re as good as beaten. And if you are ready, you’re still good as beaten, because there is no way in hell you can stop me. Think about that … Think about your future. Go out, enjoy your life. Because when I am through with you, you might be able to. I will turn your lights out.

Red Devastator looks at the candle and then uses his finger to dim it. A couple of seconds after that, all of the candles in the room start burning out. And the room is back to its original darkness.

Fade out.

08-02-04, 02:39 PM
<I>Twilight has fallen on the long, Southern highway. The sky is fiercely dark, almost black. We are so far from the city lights that just about every star is blazing within our view. Few cars are rumbling down the road tonight, piercing the blackness with dull white headlights. Off to one side, next to a long field of already-picked cotton, is a massive VW van with a red paintjob and a spattered of dirt, bugs, and bird waste. Lying on top of it, staring up at those aforementioned stars, is the one and only <B>Alister Hayze</B>. Hayze has his arms crossed behind his head, totally relaxed, not feeling any of the weight of the world upon him. It is now that he notices the camera and sits up.</I>

ALISTER HAYZE: For those of you who missed it, last Raucous was a time of rejoicing, as your old buddy, the Right Reverend of the Church of 901, has once again returned, in all his glory, to television. You missed a truly historic tables match. It was not historic because it decided a title, for it didn’t, and it was not historic because it set up a title match, for it didn’t. It wasn’t even historic because it was a storied rivalry, or because the outcome was uncertain. It was none of these things. It was completely random, two guys just thrown together in a matchup, out of the blue, and everyone knew for certain that my hand would be the one raised at the end of the match. I knew it. The fans knew it. Hell, even Travis Smith knew it. There wasn’t any other way it could have fallen, because I’m that damn good.

No, the real reason that it was historic was because it was the first match I’d wrestled on television in forever. It was the first time in a long time that the fans got to bask in my greatness. I know that the pun is getting a little old, but it was the first night in a new era of fame and fortune for yours truly. Now there’s a lot of talk in just where this new era is going to lead me. There is, of course, The Chase, the quest for the title, the affirmation of greatness, the constant reminder of just how good I really am. That’s all well and good, and I want that title. It’s not what you think, in all honesty. The man that trained me died after a promise from me -- a promise that I could continue his legacy, his work, and show everyone just how great he was. I’ve come so damn close so many times…perhaps it would be best to resume that Chase…

Or maybe I should go the route of The Feud, the rivalry. Find someone that I just don’t like and take it out on them. Develop a blood-for-blood mentality, strike today, be struck tomorrow, only to strike again the week after that. The back-and-forth builds a lot of anticipation, a lot of tension, and if the feelings there are real -- if you truly want nothing more than to beat the other man -- then the payoff is amazing. It’s huge. It makes you feel like heroin, like God. You have struck down thine enemies, and now stand triumphant above their ruins…

Both of these are good, believe you me. I started out doing them both at the same time, although both cost me something in the end. I felt it, so badly that it made me hurt. I wanted to beat this guy, so badly, just to prove the point, just to prove that I was right. And the title…I wanted it more than anything. More than even beating him. That is how I started, with a lot of hope and a lot of disappointment…because neither of those objectives were met. Not then. Later was a different story…But again, all of that is the past. This is the present. The new era of 901. Right now, there is only route I can take, only one destination that I am trying to reach. I’m not exactly sure where that is, in all honesty…but I know that it lies straight through “El Devastator Rojo.”

Now…I’ve read the reports. I’ve watched the matches. I bought the T-shirt, I’ve collected the trading cards, I’ve chewed the bubblegum, I’ve heard the hype. The Red Devastator, he feels no pain and thus fears no man. Let me tell you, I’ve paid attention to your little bio-pick, and I’m not exactly threatened. You feel no pain, no anger…You don’t FEEL, man. How the hell are you going to want it more than me when you can’t even want it? You can’t feel the gratification of the win, you can’t feel the satisfaction of pounding your opponent’s face into hamburger…what the hell are you doing here? I know, I know, that’s not right. I mean…I can definitely see why you think you’d do well here in the world of pro wrestling. I mean, at 14, you were 6 foot 4, 220 lbs, smarter than “anyone I’ve ever met.” You see like a frickin’ monster, man. At least, you certainly think you are. But to be honest, you’re just a gorilla without nerve endings. I know, I know, you’re turning your handicap into a plus. You’ve had a hard life, and it’s made you tough, and yadda, yadda, yadda…

Let’s be clear about something, Ro-ho. You had a hard childhood. BIG DEAL. So did I, man. I didn’t lose my parents, I got stuck with sh<beep>y ones. I didn’t outlive my dad because of a fire, I outlived him because he drank his life away, pausing only to hit me every now and then. Yeah, it was rough, and I for one am glad to be rid of that life. But that’s it, man. It’s the past. It’s done. So why should I start weeping for you when I know your whole goal is to rip me limb?

You’re a big boy now, bigger than before, and now you’re tough and mean and probably looking to demolish me. You’re bigger and tougher and meaner than me, I sure. Here’s the thing, kid. I haven’t just made a living out of coming from behind. That’s been my life. That’s the way it is, and no matter how far back you start me, I’ll just work that much harder to get up front. I don’t care if you’re the number one horse. I’m the one crossing the finish line first. You need proof? Go ask Travis Smith. Or better yet, go watch the tables match. Watch the clips of the dark match from Destrucity. I’ve been checking out your tapes, and they’re nothing too impressive. You haven‘t won a match yet, man…I’m not exactly shaking at the thought of you. You’ll get your chance to prove me wrong once Raucous rolls around. But let me put any thoughts of victory out of your head. Alister Hayze is the man to beat nowadays, and a simple gorilla, even one that can’t feel pain, isn’t gonna be enough to stop him.

Let’s take your power vs. quickness scenario to heart, okay? Yes, there are potential counters to every style, no matter who you are. Let’s say I bounce off the ropes, and you raise the big boot. What’s to stop me from hitting some flashy, sexy move like a rolling dragon screw leg whip? Or maybe I stop short and elevate the ankle until you fall flat on your ass? Yeah, that’s a good one, because it gives everyone in the audience, everyone watching on television, the opportunity to laugh and to point. Because I’ve figured it out, Ro-ho. That’s your secret weakness.

You think <I>I’m</I> a slave to others? Moi? You’re the one who’s entire life was transformed due to public opinion of himself. You’re the one who has shaped himself in reaction to how others have perceived him. Let’s be honest with ourselves -- only one of us panders to the crowd, and it ain’t me. Alister Hayze does not get cheered because he does what the crowd likes. Alister Hayze gets cheered because the crowd likes what he does. There’s a difference. I’m sure a smart boy like you can figure it out. Damian Robins, on the other hand, is the Red Devastator because he cared enough about what his peers thought to make himself into a bitter, deluded, better-than-thou…well, freak. You’re not a special case anymore, Ro-ho. You’re not misunderstood. You want me to worship you as some dark, terrible, scarred god, and I for one know a little better. See, I’m not as stupid as you seem to think. You’re not singularly cool. You’re not an amazing talent. You’re not an unconquerable wit. I know this. I’ve seen it in others, and I’ve seen it in the mirror. You’re just another up-and-comer that thinks he’s already made it. You’re just a man, no matter how godlike you think you are. You’re a goon, man, an oaf that can’t feel raindrops.

I just want to let you know that we’re more different than you think. Despite the fact that we’re both “free spirits,” and despite the fact that we both talk a good game…despite all that, we’re still worlds apart. For all my boasting, I’ve got the goods to back up what I’m saying. And you? You’ve just got a lot of muscles and a bad haircut. You’re not worth breaking, so don’t worry about wrestling with a broken arm. It’s time for you to get schooled, because I think that’s about the only way you’re going to learn that everything that you’ve ever said…doesn’t really mean a damn thing.

<I>Hayze returns to watching the skies as we fade to black.</I>

Red Devastator
08-04-04, 05:24 PM
Ghosts Of The Past – part 6

Fade in …

November 4, 2001 – It didn’t take long for Damian to be caught after he escaped the mental institution. He was arrested and charged with premeditated murder, destruction of property, and a bunch of other meaningless garbage. Today is the first day of his trial.

We are taken in the courtroom. It is full of people including reporters, journalists, and families of the people who died that night when Damian escaped. 22 people died that night. Damian is sitting at the accused desk. His arms and legs are cuffed. There is an attorney sitting besides him. On the other side, prosecutor is seated. There are a couple of other people sitting besides him. As judge enters the courtroom, everybody stands up including Damian. The judge makes his way to his desk.

Judge: Everybody, please be seated.

People start sitting down slowly. After a couple of moments, the last person sits down, and the judge continues.

Judge: Case number 35623, Washington D.C. versus Damian Robins. Defendant is being represented by an attorney in law, Jason Smith. City of Washington is being represented by head prosecutor, Richard Davidson, and assistant prosecutor, Steven Ferguson. Now, Mr. Robins, please stand up.

Damian stands up.

Judge: You have been accused of premeditated murder, destruction of property, avoiding arrest, resisting arrest, and an assault. For the charge of premeditated murder, how do you plead?

Damian thinks for a moment before answering calmly.

Damian: I plead NOT guilty.

Judge: For the charge of destruction of property, how do you plead?

Damian: I plead NOT guilty.

Judge: For the charge of avoiding arrest, how do you plead?

Damian: I plead NOT guilty.

Judge: For the charge of resisting arrest, how do you plead?

Damian: Your honor, I plead guilty.

Judge: And for the charge of assaulting an officer, how do you plead?

Damian: I plead guilty, your honor.

The courtroom gets a little bit loud from all of these statements. This makes the judge strike his desk with his little hammer.

Judge: Order please! Now, Mr. Robins, I am setting a court date of December 1, 2001. You will report to the court at this date and will be sentenced for assaulting a police officer and resisting the arrest. Do you understand?

Damian: Yes, your honor.

Judge: Very well. Now, it is time for the prosecutor to make an opening statement. Mr. Davidson, please step up front.

Prosecutor comes out and stands in front of the judge.

Prosecutor: Your honor, I, Richard Davidson, prosecutor and representative of the city of Washington D.C. am going to prove that the accused was responsible for the starting of fire which burned down the St. Joseph mental institution. I am going to prove that Mr. Robins planned this act of violence and that he made sure that everybody was sleeping when the fire started which made the escape almost impossible. I will prove that Mr. Robins has committed a monstrous crime, and that he does deserve the maximum punishment.

Judge: Thank you, Mr. Davidson. Now, it is time for defendant attorney to make an opening statement. Mr. Smith, please step up front.

Damian’s attorney steps in front of the judge.

Defendant Attorney: Your honor, I will tend to prove that my client, Mr. Damian Robins was not responsible for starting the fire in the institution. I am going to show you that Mr. Robins escaped the hospital because he was afraid of dying in the fire itself, and I will prove that my client was not avoiding arrest. He was the victim in this case, and because a complete lack of evidence of Mr. Robins committing these crimes, defense believes that all the charges should be dismissed.

Judge: Thank you, Mr. Smith. I believe that prosecution has a witness who you would like to call out.

Prosecutor: That is correct. I would like to call out my first witness, Mrs. Stephanie Jones.

A woman in her 30s steps out of her seat in the courtroom and walks down towards the prosecutor. Then, she makes her way up into the witness chair. There is a book laying on the desk.

Judge: Mrs. Jones, please put your right hand up.

The woman does so.

Judge: Do you swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth?

Woman: I do.

Judge: Mr. Davidson, you may proceed.

Prosecutor walks up. He stands up in front of the woman.

Prosecutor: Mrs. Jones, I will ask you a couple of questions. I would appreciate if you could give me short and brief answers. Can you do that?

Woman: Yes.

Prosecutor: Ok, Mrs. Jones, where were you on April 29, 2001 around 11:30 PM?

Woman: I was sitting in my house.

Prosecutor: Did you see when the fire started in St. Joseph’s mental institution.

Woman: Yes. I live 2 blocks away from it.

Prosecutor: What did you do when you saw the fire?

Woman: I ran out of the house.

Prosecutor: And then what did you see?

Woman: I saw a tall man running away from the hospital.

Prosecutor: Can you identify the man.

Woman: Yes, it was him.

Woman points at Damian. Prosecutor turns towards the judge.

Prosecutor: Your honor, so you see, as soon as the fire started Damian ran out of the hospital. There was no way that he could’ve gotten out that quickly without being involved and knowing about the fire.

Defendant attorney stands up.

Defendant: Objection! Prosecutor is drawing conclusions on insufficient amount of proof.

Judge: Sustained.

Prosecutor: I have no further questions.

Prosecutor walks off and sits down.

Judge: Mr. Smith …

Defendant attorney stands up. He walks in front of the woman.

Defendant: Mrs. Jones, you said that you lived 2 blocks away from the hospital. Is that correct?

Woman: Yes.

Defendant: I would believe it was dark outside at 11 PM. Couldn’t you have mistaken Mr. Robins for somebody else? I mean, you did live 2 blocks away.

Woman: No, it was him. No offense, but his face is hard to forget.

Defendant: No further questions.

Defendant attorney gets back towards Damian and sits down.

Judge: Witness may step down.

The woman steps down from the witness chair and walks away.

Flashback fading out…

Our cameras cut in a church. Red Devastator is standing next to the altar. The rest of the church is people free. Devastator is wearing his fighting clothes. They are made out of green pants that are torn on the left knee, right thigh, and towards the bottom. On the top, he is wearing green tank top that is torn up by his right shoulder blade and left ribs. His red, long hair is covering his face. As the camera zooms onto him, the big man starts talking.

Red Devastator: I am here today to pray for all of the souls that have been lost because of me. I am here to tell the god that it wasn’t my fault. I did what I had to do. He might not accept my reasoning, but deep down in himself, he knows why I did it. He understands me. The truth is, two of us have a lot in common. We are both more powerful than anybody on this planet. We both do what is in the best interest of the god. The only difference between us is, god is selfish. However, the truth is, talking to god is not the only reason of me being here. I also came here to pray for the soul of a man known as Alister Hayze. I want to make sure that after I put his body to rest, that his soul will be in peace as well. So, in the name of father, son, and a holly spirit, lord, save Alister’s soul. Forgive for all the sins that his sinner’s body has done and let his soul rest in peace.

This chant is followed by the moment of silence.

Red Devastator: Now, Alister, you never thought that somebody like me would go to a church. You don’t know anything about me, and still, you pretend as if you put me onto this world. You say that you’re not afraid of me. You say that I can’t feel the satisfaction of beating down my foes. And you say that I am like a gorilla with no nerve endings.

Devastator menacingly laughs for a moment before continuing.

Red Devastator: You know that is not true. None of it is true. You ARE afraid of me, and you know it. You can say that you’re not afraid, but deep down, you are freaked out by the way I look, by the way I fight, and by the way I handle other people. You know that I can hurt you like no one else. You know that I am a 300-pound wrecking machine that never stops. And you know that whatever you do to me, I will stand back up and hurt you even more. Also, I never said that I can’t feel emotions. I can cry, laugh, feel satisfaction, despair and everything else you can. The only thing I don’t feel is physical pain. I don’t feel sore back. I don’t feel sprained neck. I don’t feel broken arm. I don’t feel twisted ankle. And as you saw last week, I don’t feel being hit in a groin. And still, I am more of a man than you will ever be.

As long as me not winning any matches in NEW goes, it doesn't matter. I stepped in that ring only twice since I signed the contract. And unlike you, I wasn't stuck doing dark matches. Do you actually know what a dark match is? If not, let me tell you. It is a non-televised. That means that as millions of people watched me beat the crap out of Chaos from their homes, only a couple of thousands saw your match. And hell, most of them were getting hot dogs and drinks during your match. They were getting ready for the real show. You're just plainly ignorant. Who the hell is Travis Smith? Why should I ask him anything. Just because you tossed some nobody through a table, does that make you so damn god. If you want to ask somebody about getting his butt handed to him, you go and ask Chaos. He was the TV champion. To me, that doesn't mean anything, but to somebody like you, it should. People like you crave for the titles, glory, fast cars and women. You crave to be a champion. Most people say that there is nothing wrong with that. They say that desiring something is the first step towards getting it. THEY ARE WRONG!!! Desiring the world title in a business like this means that you will have to brawl and grapple your way through a lot of people. It means that you have to beat the best. And it also means that you have to survive ME! Alister, when somebody like you wants success more than anything, success blinds you. You see only one way. You underestimate the danger. And this time, I am the danger. Underestimating me is the worst thing you can do. And even though you are afraid of me, you must fear more. I will make you fear more. Believe that! In all this talk of yours, there is one thing that amazed me. It amazed me how stupid and ignorant you are. You call yourself a professional, experienced. You keep on talking about how much you know about wrestling. And then you make a stupid statements like this:


ALISTER HAYZE: Let's say I bounce off the ropes, and you raise the big boot. What's to stop me from hitting some flashy, sexy move like a rolling dragon screw leg whip? Or maybe I stop short and elevate the ankle until you fall flat on your ass? Yeah, that's a good one, because it gives everyone in the audience, everyone watching on television, the opportunity to laugh and to point. Because I've figured it out, Ro-ho. That's your secret weakness.

Red Devastator: Tell me, you bounce of the ropes with high velocity, I raise my boot, and you'll just going to stop in place and do dragon screw or push my ankle? I would not count on that if I were you. When I whip you off the ropes, you won't even have time to cover your face. In the best scenario for you, the only thing you can do is launch your body into me and hope that I don't side step or do something even worse to you. When you fight me, everything is working against you. And unless you are lucky enough to catch me off guard with a roll-up like McCormick did, there is no way out for you. Even you have to admit it, that comment you made about me falling on my ass was stupid. But your stupidity did not stop there. Just like Chaos, you keep on saying how I have transformed my live into a public opinion of myself. I said this many times, and will say it again. I don't care what people think about me. I don't care if they like me or hate them. I don't even care if they are afraid of me. The only thing I want for them is to realize that I am a better man that any of them including you will ever be. I want them to realize that I am superior comparing to them and you. I want all of you to give me the respect that I DESERVE! If you don't I will beat it out of you, and I will beat it out of them.

Hayze, you are right, we are very different. You say that you don't slave to the people, but you do. Everything you do is because you love being cheered. You love having a feeling that you are better than anybody else. You say that you have goods to back up your words, prove it. Step into that ring with me, pin me for 1..2..3. Or even better, break my arm, break my leg. End my career. Show me that you are worthy of everything that you say, because I know that you're not. You will not break my arm, nor my leg. It won't be because it's not worth it. You wont do it because you can't. You can't end my career,a nd you can't beat me. It is simple as that. On the other hand, I will make sure that you remember our match for a long, long time. God is my witness ...

Red Devastator gets down on his knees and looks up high as the segments starts slowly fading out.

Fade out.

08-05-04, 06:25 PM
<I>We open on a rather filthy looking rest-stop, somewhere on a dusty highway between Missouri and New Mexico. Parked in the lot, amongst a plethora of station wagons and SUVs, is a familiar-looking red van. It’s back doors are open, and inside we see <B>Alister Hayze</B> sitting with his legs hanging out the back. He seems thoughtful here in the midday sun; his gaze refuses to wander away from the expanse of flat nothing that lays past the road. Suddenly, he pulls his knees up to his chest, hugs his legs tightly, closes his eyes, and starts to whisper.</I>

ALISTER HAYZE: Dear God…I know it’s been awhile since we talked…Since, you know…after the coma and everything…That was cool of you, too, you know, letting me live and making sure I had a job and everything afterwards…I’ve tried to be good since then. No more drugs. Well, there was a lot of grass in Amsterdam, but it was Amsterdam, so I kinda thought it was a free zone or something…And I’ve tried to be humble. It’s because of you that I am what I am…and I know it’s weird hearing me talk like that, but I’m just here taking stock of my life and making sure we’re square on everything…’cause…I’m…well, I’m scared…

<I>Hayze stops for a minute and swallows hard, as if there’s a big lump in his throat.</I>

HAYZE: See, there’s this guy. Red Devastator. We’re scheduled to have a match soon, and…well…I think I may have ticked him off or something. He says he’s going to rip my apart. I don’t know what to do, I mean…he’s killed before, and…and he’s saying that he’s just like you, God, that he’s powerful like you and that there’s no one that can stop him. He can’t feel pain, Lord, he can’t! How can I stop a man that feels no pain? How can I…?

<I>He stumbles here, halts, trying hard to work what appears to be another lump in his throat out of his system. Then suddenly, it all fails, and he bursts out laughing. Hysterically. Tears stream down his face. A family of five passes by, staring at him and mouthing the word “pothead” to each other as he wipes frantically at his face, trying to dry away all of the tears.</I>

HAYZE: Oh, man, I thought I could do that and keep a straight face. I guess not, though.

<I>Sighing, he wipes the last of the tears away and leans back against a milk crate in the back of his van.</I>

HAYZE: I tried, Ro-ho, I tried real hard. I mean…you’re like God, right? And if you’re like God, then everything that you say must be true, right? Like when you said that I was really afraid of you, even though I said I wasn’t. Well, I tried extra hard for you, man. I’d hate to shatter your confidence and all that, but here’s the thing --

<I>Hayze leans close to the camera and whispers:</I>

HAYZE: You’re just a man.

<I>He leans back now, smiling sympathetically.</I>

HAYZE: That’s right. Just a man. Not a god. Not even close to a god. You’re a man who has suffered, and to deal with that suffering, you have convinced yourself that you’re higher than everyone else. That’s okay, man, that’s cool. That kinda stuff works as long as you never ask anyone to prove it to you. But the problem is, Ro-ho, you are just…a…man. You aren’t superior, and you sure as hell aren’t inspiring terror in me. Despite what you with your whole deluded God-complex-addled mind thinks, I am not afraid of you, and no amount of assuring me is going to convince me that the real Alister Hayze, hiding down deep below all the bravado and big talk, is shaking in his boots. The world doesn’t revolve around you, Ro-ho. That’s just the way that it is. One world, however, might as well revolve around me, and that is the world of pro wrestling according to New ERA’s Raucous. You see, I AM what the hype says I am. No, I cannot create life or destroy cities with a blast of fire from the heavens. I can, however, take any man, any opponent, no matter how great, no matter what his reputation is, no matter how big he has built himself up in his own mind…I can take that man, and I can make him a loser.

That’s not that big of a stretch now, is it, Ro-ho? I mean, you, like myself, have stepped into the ring but twice since you signed a New Era of Wrestling contract. Yet, while I have managed to notch up two wins, you…well, you haven’t won yet. It’s what you make of the situation you’re in, man. I have a two match winning streak, and you look pretty bad when it comes to the stats board. And yes, one of those matches was a dark match. Some of us had to earn a spot on the roster, as opposed to some new guy that got handed a Pay-Per-View match. Some of us had to prove ourselves, and it appears that I have done it pretty well.

And as for my supposed ignorance…well, allow me to refresh your memory. You were fighting DYLAN McCORMICK the night I worked a dark match. Not Chaos, as you claim. No, the night that millions upon millions of television viewers watched you have such a great slugfest with Chaos, I was busy MAIN EVENTING the show. Furthermore, I won that main event in front of the millions upon millions of fans, and you had a terrific non-finish. Wait to go, man. You showed me with that one.

You know, speaking of you showing me up, why don’t we just take a minute here to discuss your ring strategy. Think of it as a…oh I dunno…a public service announcement. As we’ve previously established, you’re not God. You’re not even <I>a</I> god. That said, you should realize that you don’t write the future, and not everything works according to your plan. Your big boot scenario seems incredibly foolproof, I’m sure, but that’s only because you don’t have a working body running through it with you yet. The dynamics of the whole thing might change a little once you see that the person you’re wrestling isn’t exactly as unathletic as you originally thought. And then, when you add in the factors of incredible reflexes, great intelligence, quickness that far outstrips you, and let’s not forget amazing good looks…well, when all those things come into play, you’ve just got to realize that you’re better off not relying on a spot like that. I’m not Randy Savage, Damian. I find that surprises make a match that much more interesting, and so this is all on the fly, which means that I can and will do whatever it takes to beat you and that oh-so-impressive big boot of yours.

Oh, and to further this public service announcement -- you really need to learn to vary your speeches, dude. I mean, no, no one has broken you. I don’t think anyone has actually cared to, aside from Chaos maybe. Let’s be clear, man. You don’t have to break someone to beat them. I think that’s where your major flaw actually is. The point of this game, this life, it’s not to maim another. It’s to beat the other person. Your stupid mentality of “You never broke me so you never beat me” is the whole reason that you can be as pathetic as you are and still think you’re God. I’m not concerned with breaking limbs or taking you out of the business. I mean, you lost -- you got that? LOST -- to a roll-up. There’s no big shame in it, but you write it off like it’s some fluke or something that doesn’t really count. I’m not out to kill you, man. You are nothing personal. You are simply the guy that stands between me and that title that I want so much. I just have to beat you, and I’ve won. You have to break me, destroy me, make me leave this league in order to beat me. You’ve obviously never seen anything that I did before this. I don’t throw in the towel, Ro-ho. It just doesn’t happen.

You claim that wanting that title is my undoing. You couldn’t be farther than the truth. I’ve got something to work for, while you are just…I dunno. Here. You say my chase is going to make my life harder, because I’ll have to beat the best to get there. Your life, Ro-ho, is just as hard, then, because you’re already looking to beat the best -- me. I hope you’re prepared, I certainly do, because I cannot wait to show you what a wrestler really is, and a win really is.

<I>Hayze reaches out and grabs ahold of the door to his van. He grins briefly, then slams the door shut. The shot holds on the closed door of his vehicle for a minute, and then we fade to black.</I>

Red Devastator
08-06-04, 05:33 PM
Ghosts Of The Past – part 7

Fade in…

December 1, 2001 – As all of you know, Red Devastator, a.k.a. Damian Robins was charged with a premeditated murder, destruction of property and evading an arrest after he escaped the mental institution which burned out while he was escaping. A month ago was his first trial date. The whole day went back and forth with neither side gaining any advantage. Damian did plead guilty to the resisting arrest and assault charges. Today, he will be sentenced for those crimes and the main trial will continue.

We cut into the courtroom. The judge is sitting down in his chair, and the jury is seated on the bench. Damian and his attorney are sitting down as well. Judge brings his hammer down and starts talking.

Judge: Mr. Robins, please stand up.

Damian and his attorney stand up.

Judge: You have pleaded guilty for the charges of assaulting an officer and resisting arrest. Are you still pleading guilty?

Damian: Yes, your honor.

Judge: Very well. For a charge of assaulting an officer, I sentence you to 90 days in jail. Also, I sentence you to a fine of $3000 that will have to be paid by October 31, 2002. For a charge of resisting arrest, I sentence you to 6 month of probation that will start when you are released from jail.

The judge puts down the hammer making his decision final.

Judge: Now, Mr. Robins, please be seated.

Damian sits down. He starts talking to his attorney.

Damian: Three months in jail. This is not what we agreed upon.

Attorney: This was the best that could be done. You were in risk of getting up to 2 years if we fought the case. And by eliminating those charges, now we can fully prepare our defenses on the premeditated murder charge.

Damian: Fine, but we must win this one. My whole life is at risk.

Attorney: I understand, and I assure you that I will do everything I can to get you out of this mess.

We focus back on the judge. Damian and his attorney stop talking as the judge continues.

Judge: Now, the cause #35623, city of Washington D.C. versus Damian Robins will continue. I have been informed that prosecution has evidence that they would like to present to the jury. Mr. Davidson, please do so now.

Prosecutor gets up. He shows a medium size plastic evidence bag to the jury. It has a long, partially burned extension cord contained in it. Damian gets a nervous look in his eyes as the prosecutor puts the bag down on the jury desk.

Prosecutor: This extension cord was found wrapped around the front exit door handles at St. Joseph mental institution where the accused was rehabilitating. Somebody wrapped this chain around the door handles that night, and the first man out of the hospital was none other than the accused himself. So, there is no way that anybody else, but Mr. Robins could have done it.

Defendant: Objection!

Defendant stands up. He faces the judge.

Defendant: Your honor, prosecutor had based his conclusion on an assumption which lacks substantial evidence to prove it.

Judge: Overridden.

Defendant: But, your honor, this extension cord doesn’t prove a damn thing. Anyone could have put it there. People used to come and exit St. Joseph hospital all the time. There is no telling of whom could have gotten the cord wrapped around the door. And also, there is no substantial proof of Mr. Robins exiting the hospital through the front door himself.

Judge: Very well, Mr. Smith. The extension cord will not be counted in as evidence against Mr. Robins, for now. If prosecutor can prove that Mr. Robins was the one who wrapped the cord around the door handles, this decision will be reversed.

Prosecutor: If I may speak freely, your honor, accused was seen exiting the hospital from the front side where the cord was found. If the cord was already tied around the door handles when he tried to exit, he would not succeed.

Damian interrupts him.

Damian: I jumped through the window of the first floor.

Judge: Mr. Robins, please refrain yourself from speaking unless you’re spoken to.

Damian: But that is exactly what happened. I had no …

Judge: Mr. Robins, I made myself clear. Unless you are called out as a witness, please refrain yourself from making any comments.

Damian was gonna say something more, but defendant attorney stops him from doing so. Slowly, we start fading out of this segment…

Flashback ends.

The cameras cut inside of a wrestling arena. There are a couple of hundred seats placed around the ring. In the middle of the ring, we see none other than Red Devastator. He seems to be ready to rumble. Around him, there are 3 smaller man standing. As the camera zooms in, Devastator starts talking.

Red Devastator: Alister Hayze, it seems that you are doubting my wrestling skill. You think that I am just another 300-pound bag of meat with no brain, agility, nor ability to beat somebody like you. I am here today to prove to you just how wrong you are. You see these 3 men standing besides me. They are working in small Indy promotions. They whole lives are dependent upon how good they are in the ring. Wrestling puts food on their tables, just like it puts food on your table, and my table. Now, they might not be as good as you think you are, but they had their share of beatings, dishing out suplexes and hurting other people. Now, lets see how well are they going to do against somebody like me.

Devastator tells the first guy to attack him. The guy comes around Devastator and locks in a waist lock. RD doesn’t do anything to stop him. Then, as the man tries to lift and German suplex him, Devastator elbows him in the face, turns around, knees him in the midsection and throws him out of the ring through the second rope. From the velocity of flying through the ropes, the man hits the floor hard and holds his sternum while staying on the floor. Devastator turns towards the camera and continues.

Red Devastator: You see Hayze, somebody like me doesn’t need to do fancy moves. I don’t have to climb the top rope and hit high-risk moves. I don’t have to do arm drags, headlock takedown, nor armbar holds. All I need to do to beat any man is be myself, brawl, and hit high-impact moves. Still, somehow, Hayze, you seem not to give it up. You say that you are not afraid of me, you try to look smart while in reality you are really, really stupid. But that’s fine. Don’t be afraid of me. I don’t really give a damn if you are afraid of me now, because when I am done with you, things will change. As long as the big boot theory goes, you don’t seem to be able to let it go, so I’ve decided to test it. Let’s take a look.

Devastator tells the second man to attack him. The man runs towards Devastator. He dropkicks the big man, and then locks in a headlock. Devastator quickly shows him off and then knocks him down with a right hand. Quickly, Devastator walks towards the man, and gets him back on his feet. Then, he viscously whips the man against the ropes and before the man had time to even look back, Devastator knocks him out with a big boot. And while doing so, he adds some extra velocity to the impact. The man hits the floor and lies motionless. He is obviously knocked out. Red Devastator picks him up and throws him out of the ring through the second rope. Then, he looks back at the camera and continues.

Red Devastator: Well, there goes your theory of dodging the bullet. And yeah, I know what you are going to say. You are a lot quicker than that guy is. You have better reflexes, you are smarter, you are more experienced, and so on. For somebody who never did anything important in his life, you surely do give yourself a lot of credit. But you know what, even if by some miracle you can dodge my big boot, it doesn’t matter. Smashing my 16-size boot across your face is only one of my high impact moves. If I don’t stick my boot in your face, I might just change my strategy and shove it up your ass instead. Or, I might do something like this…

As there is only one man standing besides Devastator, RD grabs him by his throat and choke slams him. The man hits the mat and just like the one before him, lays motionless on it without showing any signs of life. Devastator turns towards the camera and starts laughing. Then, he continues.

Red Devastator: Just like I squeezed this man’s neck and slammed him through the mat, I can’t wait to do the same thing to you Alister. And somebody who is cocky like you are must be thinking, it’s only a choke slam, but my stupid friend, you are wrong. It is not just a choke slam. When somebody else does it, then it is just a choke slam. When I do it, it is Devastation. There is no way you can escape it, and there is no way you can get up after it. It is simple as that. But, if you think that Devastation is the worst thing that can happen to you, you are WRONG, again. You are terribly wrong. because Hayze, just for you, I have something special set up.

As long as your little, dumb comments go, I don’t even know why am I bothering to reply. I know that I am a human. I eat and sleep. I live and one day will leave this world. But the bottom line is, I am unlike any human that you will ever neither see nor fight. I am far superior to any other human being, and when I tear you apart in a couple of days, you will see that I am not all talk. I am the real deal.

And there is another thing that you are wrong about. To beat me, you do need to break me. I fell victim to a roll-up once, and it will not happen again. Alister, I’ve looked at you fight, and I know that you can’t knock me out. So unless you immobilize me for the 3 count, there is no way in hell of you beating me. But let’s face it. Hayze, you are not somebody who breaks bones. Beyond competing in the ring, you’d never hurt anyone. You don’t posses the killer instinct. I do. I can dissect your body peace by peace. And if I do, I will enjoy it. You say that you are the best, but you’re not. It is all in your ego. You win too matches and think that you know it all. I haven’t won a match in NEW yet, and I don’t really care about it that much. Roll-up victory is not really a victory. And as long as double Q with Chaos goes, we are seeing now who had the worst of the beating. Ten days after we fought, I am standing here, talking trash and not feeling any effects of the match, while Chaos is laying in a hospital. Why else nobody saw him since he fought me? And Hayze, if you’re not careful enough, you might end up in that same hospital yourself. When we face each other, I will beat you, and I will hurt you. But if you keep it clean and show me some respect, I might show some mercy. Otherwise, I WILL TAKE YOU OUT! And there is not a damn thing you can do about it, Ro-ho.

Devastator mockingly laughs as the segment starts fading out. The camera shuts off.

Fade out.