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07-20-04, 02:24 PM
The Scene

The scene shows the new comer of N.E.W pacing back and forth in his
locker room. He then looks at his watch and relizes it's time for his
interview. He walks out of the locker room where a female interviewer
waiting on him and she begins to speak.

Female Interviewer: "We are here with Maize, the newest addition to our
already superb N.E.W roster.So Maize what do you plan to do in your
career with N.E.W?"

She then puts the mic up to Maize's face, but Maize politely snatches
from her...

Maize: "Well you see, the most importan thing i must do is give a
shoutout TO ALL MY A-MAIZING FANS!!"(you can hear the fans go crazy in
the background)"You see lady I'm here to entertain,Intrigue,and
Inspire!! To be the best,beat the best, and bury the rest of my
competitors!!(you still can here the fans cheering in the back
ground)I'm sick and tired of seeing all the wrestler coming out here
being serious and not giving these A-Maizing fans what the came here to
see.(fans continue to cheer)You see, I've don't know any of the guys
here... and quite frankly i really can give a hell, but all you guys in
the back get this through you skulls....I'm one nice guy when you get
know me....I'm one talented guy when you wrestle me...BUT!(the crowd
express a feeling of shock) Once you try to double cross me, I'm one
b**** you don't wanna be around"(the crowd goes crazy)

Female Interviewer:"Well pretty powerful words from Maize....but I have
one more question.....What do you think about the world champ Jean
Rabesque!!(they crowd is silent waiting on what kind of response will
come from Maize.)"

Maize: "Who in the blue hell is Jean Rabesque. How are you going to
a bottle of colon as your World Champ.(some of the fans chuckle, others
have mixed emotions) He sounds more like the champion of French double
dutch!!!(yet even more fans begin to chuckle)But seriously never ask me
about a guy name Jean Rabesque in you life agian. Knowing this guy he
probley raised one of his french arm pits and knock his opponent on
concious when he won the title. Any ways i'll face him any where
anyplace...title match,non-title match, Deorderent match in which he
might forfeit!(the fans are dying laughing by this point) And if you
listening Jean Rabejackass....if we do ever face just remeber..... once
you step into the ring with Maize.....THERE IS NO WAY OUT!"

Maize then hands the interviewer the mic and walks off

Interviewer: Well folk how will Jean Rabesque respone to Maize
comments...i gotta say he is one fine young man back to you guys...

N>E>W wrestling then goes to commercial break.