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07-16-04, 12:19 AM
All RP for the Tables Match between ALISTER HAYZE and TRAVIS SMITH should be done in this thread.

All RP and angles should be submitted by Friday, July 23rd, at 11:59pm. All angles should be submitted to secandido@comcast.net .

07-17-04, 05:22 PM
~Travis Smith is seen in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio for the first time since his last appearance on Raucous against John Doe and Troy Douglas when Jonathan Marx was his partner. Footage is shown of his last match where he pinned Douglas but yet the bigger issue was the injury he sustained earlier in the match when battling with Doe that prompted his time off. Then the feed goes back to Travis from inside the Gold's Gym. He's in the basketball court and is seen doing half court sprints and doubling back. Beads of sweat roll down his face, stained his gray muscle shirt on the front and back. He's also wearing red shorts the sport the Russell Athletics logo, white ankle socks and black gym shoes. Travis's friend Chris, who's wearing a warm up suit with red and black colors is standing in the middle of the court where Travis makes his turn around, shouting at him.~

Chris: Come Too Sweet! Push it!

~Travis explodes from the far end of the court and makes it to the middle. He touches the line with his hand and turns frantically to come back to the baseline.~

Travis: Ahhh!

Chris: What the hell is wrong with you? Ever since John Doe broke your nose you've been nothing more than a little b*tch!

Travis: (bleep) you! I hate you!

~Travis continues to run.~

Chris: You hate me?! Hahaha! You know you like me.

~Travis becomes intense similar to the 80's training session between Sgt.Slaughter and Greg Gange when Sgt helped him recover from a knee injury.~

Travis: I hate you!

Chris: You like me?

Travis: I hate you! I hate your guts!

~Chris laughs to himself because he knows this is the Too Sweet he's trained with in the past and the same Too Sweet who had a great amateur career as a wrestler. He notices the fire is back in the belly of the beast so to speak. Chris clicks the watch and it beeps.~

Chris: Take a break..

~Travis slips his arms up and bend them to place his hands on the back of his head. He begins to take in the air frantically through his mouth since he can't breathe right through his nose yet. He readjusts his face mask the covers his nose and the upper part of his face as he paces around to settle down. The vains in his arm are thrusting out of his forearms from the strain, his temples are throbbing and can be seen moving slightly in and out, his eyes are moving rapidly, and his calves are seen twitching slightly from the motion.~

Chris: You've got a while before you wrestle in you first NEW main event.

Travis: Yeah, I know what's ahead of me this week Chris... I was drawn out of a box like the other fourteen guys this week to compete on this week's lethal lottery card and what a way to come back, huh?

Chris: This it was a matter of time you got into the big time.

Travis: Yeah but I know I'll still have to work my way back up once this opportunity comes to pass. I'm not going to get big headed just yet and demand title shots. Those will come in due time because I know I have the ability to do so.

Chris: Sucks that John Doe broke your nose man, I hope that punk gets his.

~Travis's eyes look ice cold as his blue eye stair dead at his best friend.~

Travis: Don't you worry about John Doe.. I'll make him pay and pay dearly..

~Just then an intern reporter for NEW named Jack Bradley walks into the court area dressed in a NEW blue polo shirt and kaki tan pants with brown dress shoes. He walks up to Travis with a camera man in tow.~

]Jack: Travis Smith?

Travis: Who are you?

Jack: I'm Jack Bradley, I'm new to New Era's staff. Could I speak to you?

Travis: *shrugs in approval* I guess so.

Jack: I want to know about your thoughts on the situation around tonight massive card. With the lethal lottery drawn and the matches selected, you've landed a promenade spot on the card as the main event where you have Alister Hayze in a Tables Match.

Travis: Jack, you're right this is a landmark night in the six month history of this promotion that has taken me in with open arms.. This is a landmark night because the lethal lottery is the most unpredictable thing ever in this business because you don't know if you'll be drawn out of the hat, who you're facing, or what type of match it will be. You see years ago the lethal lottery was used by WCW to form a combustible battle royal called Battle Bowl but here it's used in a new form.. Here it's was used to mark my return to action since the night John Doe *points to face* did this to me.. You see the last guy who did this to me Doe, he's pushing up daisies because *shakes* I don't like people who get in my way! But enough of that crap, you see I've got a main event spot to take advantage of.. I have a new challenge to answer to and another chance to move forward and continue to climb up the NEW ladder.

~Travis grabs a towel and wipes his face.~

Travis: For you see my latest challenge comes from Alister Hayze and the dreaded Tables match...

~Travis glances down for a moment.~

Travis: Those who know my past, know that hardcore wrestling was second nature to me for a short time in my career and those who know me also know that it was a hardcore match just three years ago that almost put me out of this sport all together.. It was a glass table that wrestling legend Jerry Lawler threw me into from twenty five feet in the air which shatter and cut me all to hell and back at a Indy show that haunts me in my sleep sometimes. But this week there won't be any glass, there's going to be wood and a whole lot of wood because I see it like this, Jack.. I'm walking myself down the isle to conquer my fear.. I'm going to overcome the tables match in order to show to the whole world and to show to my opponent this week why I am here and why I say I am one of the brightest new stars in the New Era scene.

Jack: What's your take on the rookie Alister Hayze? He's been around a few federations now and he's picking up quite a reputation as of late. He's on the road to find his first championship here in NEW much like yourself even though your track record speaks for itself..

Travis: I know very little about Alister Hayze, so that's why I've been putting myself through every type of training method I've done over the years to stay ready, I'm working all the styles of wrestling on the pro level and I'm going back to my amateur roots as well so I can be prepared for this contest. See being in the main event Alister is quite a task in itself because a company is letting the whole show ride on your one match to prove that you belong in this position. I know what it's like to feel that pressure during my time in this sport, I know what it's like to feel the butterflies dancing around in your stomach because you know that this is the time to lay it all out there and make it worth while.. See Hayze, I'm going to do just that. I'm going to make myself known to the world who has forgotten me! Forgotten what I have done and where I've been! Forgotten why I am here and why I am in the NEW! And that my friend, is to seek out something that has eluded me since day one.. That brass ring that everyone talks about that only oh so few can get.. See with all the scrutiny that's surrounded my career I was held back because I stuck my neck out there like a dead chicken for people who I though were my friends when they were nothing more than users who p*ssed on what I believed in! And that was me! Hayze, this match is not about me getting a bigger push to impress the office.. This match isn't about some big debut or second match for you to impress the fans.. This match is about me proving to you *points into the camera* and those nay sayers that talk about me not being able to perform to my potential in the main event!

Jack: You really seem to be focused on a lot of things here Travis..

~Pushes Jack and then grabs him by his shirt and gets in his face.~

Travis: You're damn right I am Jackoff! You're damn right! Because I am back, and I am ready! I am going to tear Alister Hayze a new a** this week and I'm going to send a message to that pr*ck John Doe once again because this isn't over... It will never be over...

~Travis begins to shake Jack furiously in rage as Chris tried to pull him off.~

Chris: Travis! Travis! Save it for the ring! Come on!

~Travis pie faces Chris and slams Jack to the floor. He looks to be enraged as he grabs Jack by the legs and turns him over. He crosses his legs and then grapevines his own into them. He looks down at Jack with a trance as Chris comes back over to talk to him.~

Chris: Don't do this here! Don't hurt this innocent dude!

~Travis looks over to his friend and points at him.~

Travis: This is the only way! THE ONLY WAY! I'm going to get my point across!

~Travis drops forward on the prone announcer and shoots a half nelson to expand the rib cage and contort the back of the announcer. Then he locks the other hand with the half and begins to grind in the Too Sweet Stretch! The announcer screams in horror because of the pain of the hold while Chris tries to pull Travis off of him... After a few minutes Chris pulls Travis off and drags him away from the court leaving the camera to focus on the balled up announcer on the floor.~

07-19-04, 01:48 PM
<I>We open on a small roadside bar, somewhere between Chicago and Louisville. It’s late, sometime after midnight, but it’s still a pretty hopping joint. A good deal of them are pretty excited because it’s a sort of homecoming. <B>Alister Hayze</B> has returned to the road, and the road has brought him to them. Currently, Hayze is surrounded by truck drivers, some grizzly, some fat, but all what Alister has always called “Good People.” They’ve bought him a few drinks, and he, in return, has kept the juke box going. Currently, it’s on a rather popular suggestion, an old Mack Davis song. There is a lot of stumbling over verses and such, but when it comes to the chorus, everyone joins in, including the old truck driver Vince, whose shoulders now support Hayze’s left arm, and the middle-aged owner of the establishment Doris, whose shoulders now support Hayze’s right arm.
“Oh Lord, it's hard to be humble
When you're perfect in every way
I can't wait to look in the mirror
Cause I get better lookin' each day
To know me is to love me
I must be a hell of a man
Oh Lord, it's hard to be humble
But I'm doin' the best that I can!”
And through it all, no one sings louder than Alister Hayze.</I>

<I>Later, after the party is dying down and Hayze finally begs off to go get some sleep, we find the young wrestler staggering back to his van in the parking lot. He grins at the camera as he slumps against his ancient vehicle, fumbling with the keys.</I>

ALISTER HAYZE: You know, that felt so damn good. And I’m not just talking about the beer, or the adoration, or even the politely-turned-down request for sex from Doris. I’m talking about the match, man. It’s all about the match. It’s all about that great little dance that you do with the opponent, trying to see where he’ll go so you can get there first. So you can get the win. So you can hear them pop, hear them chant your name as you walk back to the dressing room. It makes me wonder why I ever left in the first place.

<I>He finally finds the keys in his jean pockets. The door creaks open after a hard tug, and he clambers into the back, the camera following him in. Hayze throws himself down on a wooden milk crate, still grinning at the camera.</I>.

HAYZE: And would you know it? For my first match on Raucous, I get the lucky shot of being put into the main event. For once, it is luck that I’m getting a shot, and not a hard-earned reward. It didn’t matter how much fire I showed at Destrucity, and it didn’t matter how good my tapes look. What mattered is that my name was pulled out of a hat at just the right time. What mattered was chance. So…I’m a headliner for one night because of chance. That’s fine. I can accept that. The thing is…chance won’t keep him up top for very long. It’s up to me, up to my God-given talent and ability to make sure that the marquee always has the name “Hayze” somewhere up top. Which means that Raucous is going to have to be one hell of a great show.

Now…my opponent for the night is “Too Sweet” Travis Smith. I heard that, and I wondered just what kind of a guy he is. I wondered if he was another cocky little bastard, like myself, who thought he was just “Too Sweet” for words. Maybe the ladies love him. Maybe he’s as good as candy. Maybe he’s just “Too Sweet” for anyone to cheer him. I wondered a lot about you, Smith.

But then you opened your mouth and took away a lot of the guesswork. I saw your promo and everything, where you were working out, working hard and such. You are facing an unknown threat, and so you were taking every precaution to make sure that you’d be ready for ol’ Al when Raucous comes around. Line sprints and the practicing of holds and all other sorts of stuff. Looked really good, looked really smart. I’ll give you that. But here’s the thing…

<I>Hayze leans in close, and camera complies by zooming in a little.</I>

HAYZE: I smell fear on you, Travis. I can even see it, it‘s so thick. It looks like desperation, man. You want so badly to be noticed, to be accepted, to be liked and adored by the fans, or the brass, or the locker room. You’re trying so damn hard to prove how sweet you are. And I think that’s your problem, kid. To show fear to me, Travis, is an admission of failure. Because I’m not scared of anyone. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not killing myself with training. I’m not worried that you might be my undoing, that you might ruin whatever chance I have for that “brass ring” you talked about. You see, that newcomer that interviewed you, Jack Bradley? He doesn’t do his homework like you apparently do. Alister Hayze is no rookie. I’ve been pro for years now. Just because I’m new here doesn’t mean I’m green. And what’s more, I’ve managed to get quite a reputation under my belt. But that’s all in the past now, right? I mean, this is the New ERA, and so it’s a new time, and a new set of accomplishments. But I just thought that Jack might want to know, so he won’t be surprised when he watches greatness in the ring. I’m not going overboard trying to make myself better, because I’m not able to get much better. I’m the best, man. That’s all there is to it.

And before you start getting into your little spiel on overconfidence and stuff like that, let me assure you that this comes, not from ego, but from knowledge. I am not overconfident. I just know. There is no doubt in my mind. It’s just the truth. You said something, Travis, about how hardcore wrestling used to be second nature to you. Like that maybe gives you an edge. But it’s not an edge if it’s true of everyone. Let’s see…I’ve been smashed over the head with a bottle of whiskey…I have had my face smashed onto concrete, and then onto a truck bed…I have fallen from the top of a steel cage and still gotten up and finished the match…I’ve taken a piledriver onto a steel chair…I’ve had my face scorched with fire…and I’ve taken a Backdrop Driver onto thumbtacks and still kept going. I can take it, and I can dish it out just as well. I’ve got no problem with that hardcore style you were talking about.

What really bothers me, man, is that you aren’t even focusing on me, not that hard. You’re using me to send a message to John Doe, or to the people backstage, and that’s a definite problem for you. You need to realize that your biggest threat isn’t management, or even the guy you faced last week. The biggest threat you’ve ever faced is the man that you face next time. Do you get me, kid? Even if it wasn’t me; if it was Grossard or Rabesque or whoever else you like, that would still be true. You’re already proving to me that you don’t a damn thing about how to win a match. Putting some interviewer in a hold doesn’t make you better, and it doesn’t make you scary. It makes you scared, Travis. It lets me know you fear me. And that’s just fine with me.

When I go to the ring, I’m not going to be thinking about how Jack Bradley was screaming in pain. I’m thinking about how much you’re screaming in your head, as you imagine me slapping every hold I know on you. I’m not thinking about your hardcore background. I’m thinking about how you’re flinching as you imagine me pounding your head against the table.

I’ve heard everything you have to say, kid. The thing that I remember most, though, is where you said, “I'm going to make myself known to the world who has forgotten me! Forgotten what I have done and where I've been!” I took that to heart, Travis. Maybe this wasn’t as random as we seem to think it is. The only difference between us is, I know I’m ready for the big time, the main event slot. I’ve been there. The only thing keeping me from it is one match -- with you. You, however, aren’t there yet. There’s no shame in it, Travis. It’s like I told Ice: only one of us can be the best. And any question that may have ever come up about that topic has already been answered in my mind. Travis Smith ain’t “too sweet” to be beaten by Alister Hayze. That’s just the way it is. And I look forward to proving it in the tables match. I’ll see you there…

<I>Fade to black.</I>