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07-16-04, 12:15 AM
All RP for the match between RED DEVASTATOR and CHAOS should be done in this thread.

All RP and angles should be submitted by Friday, July 23rd, at 11:59pm. All angles should be submitted to secandido@comcast.net .

Red Devastator
07-20-04, 03:12 PM
Previously - Red Devastator a.k.a Damian Robins was caught in the middle of a big fire at age of 5. His parents died in that same fire. Somehow, he survived. When he arrived to the hospital, he was diagnosed with congenital analgesia (a disease of inability to feel pain). After 9 long months of recovering in the hospital, Damian arrived to the orphanage. His face was scared from the fire, and his body did not look a lot better either. Kids hated him. They called him freak, beat up on him, and were making his life a living hell.

The Ghosts Of The Past - part 3

The scene opens up on the street. It is getting dark outside. Night will soon take over. As we look around, we can see absolutely nobody. Not a soul. There us a building besides us. A tall, wide building. Its walls have been written over by graffiti. Besides it, we can see a trash container. There is a garbage thrown all over the place. Hell, there's probably more garbage around the container than in it. As we continue walking around, another one of Damian's flashbacks kicks in.

March 11, 1989 - It's been a year since the impossible had happened. Damian actually does have a relative. His aunt came to the orphanage and was kind enough to give him a home, and a sense of a family. But what she doesn't know is how badly screwed up Damian is. Years of getting beat on, and insulted on a daily basis made Damian a very angry young man. He started going to a gym. And he worked out hard. And a lot of physical working out combined with steroids and god knows what else made Damian very big, strong, and unpredictable. He stopped carrying about everyone and everything. When people slapped him, he started slapping back. A year and half ago, he was in his first fight. This is how it went.

Flashback in a flashback.

Damian is walking down the street. He is still living in an orphanage. Every day as he walks back from the school, a couple of kids pick on him. Damian never fought back before. Today is different. As he is walking down that same street, 3 of the kids walk up to him.

Kid 1: Hey freak, I told you not to walk down this street. What are you, stupid?

Damian doesn't respond. He continues on walking. There is something different about his eyes though. Usually they are calm, beat, emotionless. This time they seem cold and focused. The kids continue on provoking him.

Kid 2: You heard what he said, freak. You're not welcome here.

Kid 3: Maybe we should beat you up again.

No response again. Damian continues on walking. He is carrying a binder under his left arm. There seems to be a lot of papers in the binder. But being the moron that he is, one of the kids kicks the binder and it falls to the ground. All of the papers fly out. Wind starts blowing them all over the place. usually, Damian would slowly back away in these kind of situations. This time, he doesn't move an inch. He is 4-5 inches taller than the kids. That same kid grabs Damian's left arm, but before he gets a chance to do anything else, Damian grabs him by his throat. Other kids try to get Damian of their friends, but they are just not strong enough. They punch Damian multiple mount of times, but he doesn't feel pain. He continues on choking the hell out of the kid.

Kid 2: Let go of him you freak.

Kid 1: Don't make me kick your a§§.

Damian does not respond, and does not let go. Finally after almost driving the poor kid unconscious, he throws the kid to the ground. Then, he comes after the other 2 kids. He kicks the first kid in the head, and the kid hits the pavement immediately. The second kid starts punching him, but Damian doesn't move a muscle. Instead, he grabs the kid by his hair and runs him head first into the trash container. A very similar trash container...

As the fight is over, we can see 3 severely injured kids laying on the street. Damian is bleeding as well. He is not showing any signs of pain, emotion, nor remorse as he is handcuffed and put in the back of a police car.



And that's how we get back to Damian's problem of rage. He is big, strong, and remorseless. Three things that a 14 year old should not be. And his aunt is about to have a talk with him about it. The flashback moves into the living room. Damian's aunt is sitting on a couch. Damian is sitting across her on a chair. At that time she was 41. She had a red hair and was mid height (about 5'7"). Let's tune in.

Aunt: Damian, why are you so angry all the time?

Damian: I am not angry all the time. Actually, I don't recall what angry feels like.

Aunt: If you're not angry, than why do you hurt people. You hurt 5 kids last week. Is there something you wanna talk to me about?

Damian: No.

Aunt: What do you mean no? There must be something that is bothering you.

Damian: I don't wanna talk about it.

Aunt: You must tell someone how you feel. And I am your aunt.

Damian: I don't ... I am not .... They .... I don't wanna talk about it.

Aunt: Take your time.

Damian: Okay... okay ... In the beginning, I just wanted them to leave me alone. Now that is not enough. I like hurting them.

Aunt: Why?

Damian: Because they are so ignorant. So stupid, so careless ...

Aunt: They might be ignorant, but that doesn't give you the right to hurt them.

Damian cuts her off.

Damian: The hell it doesn't. I can do whatever I want to. And there is nothing anyone can do to stop me. They might try to stop me, but at the end, I will end up on the top, and there is not a damn thing anyone can do about it!

Aunt: Damian!

Damian: What?! Be for real. Look at me. I am 14. I am 6 foot 4, 220 pounds. I can beat up any grown man. And I am smarter than anyone you ever saw. Still, they are all treating me like I am a retard. Well, it is going to stop. I will hurt every last one of them. I will hurt them a lot. And I will keep on hurting them until they realize that I am the one in charge, and them, they are nothing but a bunch of pitiful fools!

With those words and a shocked look on aunt's face we start slowly fading out.

Flashback ends.


We're back on the street. Out of nowhere, Red Devastators approaches us. He is carrying a gallon filled with gasoline This is a sign for us. A sign that says that we need to get the hell out. And again, we drop the camera. Clumsy us. Devastator picks it up. He has something on his mind and it can't be good. Let us listen ...

Red Devastator: Dylan McCormick ... You must feel like a big man now. You beat me in the middle of the ring. Congratulations. But let me bring you back to reality. Even though you pinned me for 1,2,3, you haven't really beaten me. Think about it, you didn't hurt me because I can't feel pain. You didn't injure me, because after everything I went through, that is nearly impossible. And before you throw that cocky smile of yours, let me remind you that you are nothing. If I actually wanted to, I could wipe that smirk of your face. I could end your career. But honestly, you're not worth it. I have bigger things on my mind. But before I reveal my masterful plan, I will have to be concerned with beating Chaos next week. And speaking of Chaos, I don't know much about him. One thing that I know is that he is about my size. He is 7 feet tall and weights over 300 pounds. Also, I know that he went through an exploding cage match at the PPV. His body must be hurting like hell. But who am I to talk about pain. I've never experienced any pain myself.

Still, I want to say a couple of things to you, Chaos. When people look at us, they see two powerful, dominant men. Some people would even say that two of us are really alike. But I know better than that. I am nothing like you, and you are nothing like me. You can go through a million hardcore matches, fall through a million tables and bleed million times, but when you stand up against me, and I punch you in the face you will feel the pain. When I throw you through a table, you will feel the bones in your body shattering, and when I make you bleed, you will feel a sharp pain of a blood wound. Me, I don't feel pain. You can put me through a million tables, and I will get back up in your face. You can break my arm, leg, neck, back collar bone, and as long as I am able to pull myself back up, I will get back in your face without feeling any of it. And whether you like it or not, you can't stop me.

I can wrestle through injuries without any concern. Can you do the same? Can you actually say that your body can take beating week after week without falling apart. And if you say that, are you being honest? Think about it... Two of us, we are so close, but so far away. When we face off, whatever happens, I can guarantee one thing to you. When I am done with you, Chaos, you will be left in the world of pain.

Red Devastator takes the can with gasoline and pours the gasoline all over the trash container and around it. Then, he lights up a lighter and drops it in the container. A split second afterwards, the whole area turns into a blazing inferno. Devastator is in the middle of it. He starts laughing madly before the camera shuts off.

Fade out.

07-22-04, 11:05 PM
(It's 6 AM as the sun rises over Las Vegas. From the top of the stratosphere the sky look to almost open up over the city. A tall lone figure stands against the railing as he looks downward upon all the resides below. The camera moves in closer and all we see is the man's back. He slowly turns around and a faint smile creases his lips as the shot moves in closer)

Chaos: I'm beginning to wonder what is going on here in the NEW. I came here for competition. I came here to face the biggest and best. Yet what do I get in return. I get a mockery. I get a cowardly Suicide. A fool in Spectre. and a match that it took four different people in order to defeat me. Yet I'm supposed to come out here and wrestle week after week and try to make it to the top. Chase a title league that has this circus going on. Is this the goal I'm fighting for? to be champion of a circus. A blind man could've told me that suicide would come out and rip off that Spectre mask. It's just the same silly game he's run before. this is what makes you a Myth...a Legend.

(He pauses and shakes his head)

Chaos: I say it makes you a joke. I at least had the guts to step in that cage and stand on my own. I came here to challenge you Suicide. I'm still waiting for you to stand-up and be the man you claim to be. Yet that won't happen. Not for awhile. No I'll have to chase after that title for sometime, because if he wouldn't face me on his own without that belt...then I doubt he will once he worms his way into getting it around his waist. Still it's not what's putting the smile upon my face right now. No...I've got a big old grin as I watched what my opponent has put before me.

(Chaos takes a few steps back and leans against the safety railing)

Chaos: Red Devastator. Damian...is that your name? and what am I supposed to feel towards you? This is wrestling...not the movies. am I supposed to sit back and tremble in fear because to paid some actors to reenact your child hood. What the hell is that? this isn't an after school special. this isn't some hallmark movie. This isn't Touched by an Angel. THIS IS WRESTLING!!!!!!! You want me to be in fear? You want me to be impressed? or do you want me to laugh out loud?

(He backs of the railing and takes a few steps forward)

Chaos: Cut the pity party. I don't care about your childhood. I don't want to see some kid playing you and beating up some other kids. What the hell is that? You think I give a DAMN about your Aunt and anything she had to say. tell me one thing...one small thing that's going to do in shaping the outcome of our match. You want to tell someone about your childhood...HIRE A SHRINK!!!!!! You want someone to feel sorry for your bad times?....GO ON OPRAH!!!!!!!!!! Yet if you want someone to pin your shoulders to the mat and pin you one more time

(The smile on his face goes even wider)

Chaos: Then you've come to the right place. Because after all what have to shown me to fear? What that you can set some trash cans on fire? BIG DEAL!!!!! I just was in a match where I WAS SET ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!! yet do you see me here whining. Am I showing home movies and wanting the world to try and understand the person I am. HELL NO!!!!!!!!! I'm here for one reason and one reason only...TO WRESTLE!!!!!! NO GAMES...NO REVISION...NO BULLSH*T!!!!!!! I want to hear the bell ring and to lock-up with my opponent.

(Chaos pauses for a moment, slaps his head and then shakes his finger at the camera)

Chaos: congenital analgesia...is that what you have? You claim you can't feel pain...is that your big advantage? or as we say I Vegas...that's your river card.

(He snuffs hard and spits on the ground)

Chaos: Well answer me this Red. Will that help you from running out of air? will that help you from running low on blood? will that help you when I pop your elbow? Because even if you don't feel it...well the damage is still done. After all you can still be hurt...right? Your body can still be worn done? It's just that your feeble mind can't tell your big body. After all that disease of your does usually come with some retardation.

(Chaos takes a few steps forward and stares into the camera)

Chaos: Well good I'm glad you don't feel pain. That way when I pop an elbow you'll keep coming. When I lock your knee and it goes it...you'll keep coming. When I smash your face over and over...you'll keep coming. I'm going to feel great enjoyment of everything you can't. Why, because I got a lot of frustrations to take out.

(He points a finger at the camera and the smile fades)

Chaos: and I'm going to take them out on YOU!!!!!! That's my mind set...that's my goal. I sure hope you can feel humiliation red, because that's what your going to get when I put your shoulders to the mat...AGAIN!!!!!!!! So screw your childhood...that's got nothing to do with this match. Screw you Aunt...the old lady doesn't matter. Most of all SCREW YOU!!!!, because I don't see anything that makes me fear you. Little boys and trash cans don't fight back and so far that's all I've seen you defeat.

(Chaos lowers his fingers and the smile returns)

Chaos: Talk to me Red. I'm your opponent...I'm what your fighting. I'm going to be standing in the opposite corner when the bell rings. No those kids, not your parents and not those trash cans. I'm seven feet of anger, skill and punishment. When the bell rings your going to get all of it till you fall in defeat...

(He laughs coldly)

Chaos: I don't care if you feel it or not.

(Again Chaos spits on the ground, turns his back and walks away)