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07-10-04, 01:29 AM
Just a quick note that so far 5 matches of the PPV are completed.

That leaves about 5 left for me to write. Three of them should be fairly easy to write considering they are the gimmick matches and those are always easier to write.

I would try to finish more of the card tonight, since I do a majority of my writing at night, but I work tomorrow at 9am, and Sunday at 9am so I gotta do the rest of the writing during the days. Tomorrow afternoon I'm driving up to NH to visit my father .. hopefully I'll be home around 9pm to write another match or so.

So, Sunday or Monday is the timeline that I'm setting for completion of the card. Hope that isn't a problem with anyone.


-- I was called into work on Monday ... and today from 8am - 4pm (I'm on my break) ... so I will continue working on the card as soon as I get out. Here are the updated match things.

ICE / HAYZE: Completed.
McCORMICK / RED: Nearing completion.
IRIS / HART: Completed.
CANE / SURPRISE: Completed.
DOUGLAS / MARX: Completed.
DAYMON / McMAHON: Completed.
DOE / BORDEN: Completed.
MICHAELS / FILE / MWG: Completed.
CAGE MATCH: Started.
LADDER MATCH: Not started.

There ya go.. just an update of where I'm at. I expect to finish Double Debut, Pole on a Pole, Borden / Doe, and The Cage match today ... w/ the possibility (slight at that) of finishign the entire thing tonight. Otherwise, very very soon.

owner, new era

07-10-04, 01:53 AM
w00t! :cool:

::remembers about eventually having to write FWSS card::

Damn you, Sean! :p

Now that I have internet back, I'll look out for the inaugural PPV!

07-10-04, 05:05 AM
Hey, it is no problem from the guy in Iraq...

I can wait as long as it willt take.


07-10-04, 05:09 PM
But for those who happen to be stationed overseas....

That's all we CAN do, lol.


07-11-04, 10:58 PM
I could complain, but that would be childish. I could quit, but again, that would be childish. And I could go around bad mouthing the whole of NEW, but that would again, be childish.


No offense taking, just thought I would let my fed head no where I stand, cause I am so new to the fed.


John Doe
07-11-04, 11:05 PM
I like results.....I ALSO like beating Jeff in Checkers...I dislike Sean beating me and jeff in "advanced" gold fish. LOL

PS: WHERE IN THE BLUE HELL IS THE FILE I SENT YOU SEAN. I swear to God I am gonna take away that cake mix!

07-12-04, 12:17 AM
You touch my cake mix I job Doe so hard in his next 20 matches that he'll remember who he is!

And as for Advanced Go Fish ... I kick all yo' asses. You can't beat me! :)

07-13-04, 01:05 PM
NOTE - the edit in the main thread w/ the status of each match.