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06-28-04, 05:26 PM
Well, we are in June...New York and the Japanese are stuffing their ballot...I thought we can do a little more inclusive of voting for anyone that's been reading up on cards.

I saw Sean trying to get some discussion about things, I thought maybe a simple approach would get people talking about leagues they're in.

So in the past 6 months, we've seen GXW close, EPW, NWL and NEW open their doors, NFW...be NFW, WFW rock the hizouse and CSWA reboot. So I was thinking for each fed we could list the following awards:

CHARACTER MVP: This character is why you read the shows/RP. I don't want someone because they won the World Title. I want someone that you wouldn't leave the TV set during.

HANDLER MVP: The glue that's held the roster together. They've written matches, written segments, gotten everybody involved and RP'd.

FAVORITE CARD: self-explanatory - maybe state why you read the card, instead of skimming. Fedheads or VPs or Designers, don't vote for your own. ;)

FEUD MVPs: This is the two characters that are building up to the match you'll actually want to read on the card and not skim over. :)

So there you go. Let's see what everyone comes up with. Hopefully, people will go outside the box and do more than their 'home' fed.

06-29-04, 10:09 AM
You didn't really say if I could/should vote for more than one guy, so I guess I'll pick one and then a couple honorable mentions.

CHARACTER MVP: Felix Red -- love his stuff, think the RP's are completely different and utterly insane... meta RPing isn't for everyone, but always amusing. :)
Honorable Mentions: El Arco Iris (most original character ever), Maelstrom (self explanatory), Shawn Hart (always great RP's)

HANDLER MVP: McNichols -- created NFW East and continues to produce shows ahead of schedule. Make NFW shows completely insane and totally different than they were. Also WFW Champ... keeps guys together.
Honorable Mentions: Anyone that writes for NFW... you are the best... all the help is necessary...

Honorable Mention: GXW Battleground Britain

FEUD MVPs: Copycat/Edmunds or Manson/Southern... both are great feuds that will hopefully have huge payoffs that I can't wait to see.
Honorable Mention: SDS vs. North in NFW

06-29-04, 11:09 AM
CHARACTER MVP: Copycat. The best thing that ever happened to WFW is when Edmunds, Wells, and Copycat all came in together, ever since then the cards have been much easier to write because I've been having a lot more fun. Hopefully Shawn Hart will comeback in the second half in full force to give this spot a run for its money.

HANDLER MVP: Levinson, organized LOVE which has helped to bring the best out of Felix Red, Psycho, and Wells

FAVORITE CARD: Superbowl of Wrestling, not for my own work, but how everyone busted their hump RPing and made it something special.

FEUD MVPs: From feuds which are over with at the moment: Anarky/Copycat. Gideon/Psycho, Hart/Michaels are all close in my mind

06-29-04, 12:26 PM
Wow this is a tough one. I have so many people to mention.

First off Paul is awsome. He's a complete pro at what he does, especially with the WFW. He's a cool dude which makes me work harder for the WFW. Same with everyone who RPs for the WFW.

Onto the voting.....

CHARACTER MVP: I would say first Manson. There is a reason why he's the WFW World Champion.

Runners Up would be

Felix Red: I agree with Josh. His RP's are insane and unpredictable. I have so much fun watching Red.

Copycat: Copycat is a complete pro. I see nothing but good things ahead for the character.

Edmunds: Jesus christ, I've worked with Edmunds for too damn long. You guys wonder why I drink every night! But really Sean is very fun to work with. I love Edmunds as the President.

Anarky: What can I say about this guy? Enjoy working with Anarky all the time. Same with the Nark, I see nothing but good things ahead. There's a reason why he's the deadbeat dad to Wells (bastard son) hehehehe

El Arco Iris: Original, creative, and I've never ever ever ever seen somebody so happy all the time.

HANDLER MVP: Paul doing everything for the WFW.

Runner Up:
-Josh Levinson for keeping LOVE somewhat sane.
-WFW Champion Manson

FAVORITE CARD: Superbowl Of Wrestling.

Every single person who RPed for this card was just awsome. I got to see alot of guys really come out and give it their best. The Creative level from all RPers was just crazy.

This card was just incredible. Watching Manson become the world champion. Anarky defeating Maelstrom. Copycat defeating Dan Ryan And so much more. Plus it was my first title capture since 1998 which made it even more special.

FEUDS: Copycat/Anarky - Hart/Michaels - Copycat/Edmunds


06-29-04, 12:46 PM
Woo! let's answer my own question...I'm for the most part try and get everyone across the board. Keep in mind that I don't pay as close attention to some feds...


CSWA: *tie* Dan Ryan/Tom Adler - I kinda feel these two characters are the ones that have taken the initiative to not let any of the craziness of that league take control of their lives. Kudos for that...it ain't easy. Plus, they've both orchestrated some sound angles/storylines to their top tier positions.

Honorable Mention: Shane Southern, who has to deal with this duo plus the Pros antics all too much. ;)

EPW: Beast - I haven't seen to much of the league to really comment in-depth on my decision. But the crossover from A1E to EPW went soundly from what I can tell and EPW got a good foundation even with the quick fedhead change that nobody was expecting. I know Bolich wouldn't want to be champ of his own fed, so you gotta give props to the guy that helps make it interesting to discuss.

WFW: Alex Wylde - he shined as President. :)


CSWA: Gregg Gethard.

Honorable Mention: Tard...cause he's special.

10 years and counting.

NFW: McNichols, duh.

Honorable Mention: The 24 that are still putting up with my antics and willing to come back for more. That means alot. :)

NWL: Joe Lebron's posers are really, really tight.

NEW: Stanton for starting the 'reality' revolution.

WFW: I can't comment. Things have gotten pretty big there that I'd have no clue what I'm talking about. I'm just learning there's a Felix Red.



Honorable Mention: Battleground and Super Bowl of Wrestling (although, I should kill Paul for the title :P)




That needs to happen.

06-29-04, 03:41 PM
Egads....it's almost like the concept of Christmas in June....strange, almost insane...but yet sweet enough to accept.


CSWA: I agree with Katz on this one, Dan Ryan/Tom Adler do bring the pain.

Honorable Mention: Eddie Mayfield.

EPW: Gonna have to go with Katz on this again and say Beast, however, bring it to a tandem vote and add Christian Sands to it. Nicely done, sir.

Honerable Mention: Gotta go with Jonathan Marx. The dood is on it like somethin' fierce.

WFW: Hmm....gonna have to go with Manson on this one, he, much like Marx, is got quite the feel burnin' right now.


CSWA: Gregg Gethard, Steve Aylward.

Honorable Mention: Jeff Bolichowski, cuz he's....~~LEADER OF THE PACK!!~~la la la....

Right. Onward, ho.

NFW: McNichols, obviously, but he's got two others runnin' right with him---Steve Thomas and Lindsay who put up just INCREDIBLE storylines, week after week.

There are Geniuses at work folks, believe it.

NWL: Second Katz's sentiments about Joe Lebron, the man's a rembrandt (sp?).

NEW: Gots to run with Steve Aylward and Jeff (Tact) on this. Super duper stuff boys.

Honerable Mention: Stanton. The Reality series is just fantastic, and you folks need to recognize good stuff when you see it.

WFW: I'm not really at a point myself to where I can make a comment, because I'm still trying to figure everything out to make sense flow.


Tie: CSWA15 and EPW Unleashed.

Honorable Mention: Battleground Britain rocked.


Egads, I can't pass this up: Troy/Rabesque/Melton.

06-30-04, 11:33 AM

CSWA--Eddie Mayfield. I haven't read a Jamar RP that hasn't made me bust out laughing.

Honorable Mentions: Randalls, Troy Windham

EPW--Sands. What a prick!

Honorable Mentions: Beast, Marx, Melton, Cruise

NFW--Eddy Love. GRRRR ;)

Honorable Mentions: Manson, Southern, Campbell, Melton, Ryan


Honorable Mentions: Tact, Edmunds, Copycat


Overall--Dave Brunk. Kept GXW going until he couldn't keep it going any longer.

CSWA--Pete Russo. Keeping Tard in check is a full-time job

Honorable Mentions: Katz, JN, GG, Bolich

NFW--Tie: Katz, McNic. No question.

Honorable Mention: Jason Martin, Al, MadDog, Siegel, Ed Young, Levinson

EPW--Jarret Aubry. Doing quite well for himself in a fed that's run by people with clues.

Honorable Mention: Adam Schinder, Paul Miller, Bolich

WFW--Paul Miller

Honorable Mention: Garth, McNic, Jeff Pena, Levinson, Edmunds

Special Recognition: Joe Lebron & Brock for Poser work. Katz for NFW Website work. Edmunds for putting catchy music on the New Era website. Stanton for ... being Stanton.

FAVORITE CARD: Tie--Battleground Britain, NFW War Games

Honorable Mentions: CSWA15, NFW Lottery, WFW Supercard. And I know Jeff Pena is going to make the FWSS awesome as well.


NFW--SDS/NFW. Katz has instilled "the fear" in me.

Honorable Mentions: Southern/Campbell, Matthews/Douglas, Eddy Love, Viper/Cruise


Honorable Mentions: Intruders vs. CSWA (or was it Mayfield vs. Merritt?)


Honorable Mentions: Marx/Benjamin

07-01-04, 12:18 AM
Well.. Even though Katz "saw" my thread, he didn't even participate! :P HMPH! But I'll be the bigger man (in more ways than one, if ya know what I mean) and participate in his .. ;) In order to be fair, I'm going to exclude New ERA from all of my listings because I don't want to offend any of my guys if I happen to leave them out. I'm also not going to do any honorable mentions ... people out there know that they've been doing a great job, I just dont have the time (or will) to make an additional category for each.


-NFW: Not Marx.
-EPW: Christian Sands.
-NWL: Maelstrom.
-WFW: Manson.


-NFW: McNichols for doing NFW East stuff.
-EPW: The handler of Beast. (Sorry, I don't know your name .. although if you joined New ERA, I might. ;) ) ...
-NWL: Joe
-WFW: Garth. I love his stuff.


-NFW: All of the cards have been great. I guess the last Crash I did like most.
-EPW: Unleashed was great ... the Beast / Troy / Sands angle was nicely done :)
-NWL: The last Combat. The Finals of the WLS had me on the edge of my seat to see who won.
-WFW: Superbowl of Wrestling, by far. C'mon now, Edmunds beat Rabesque! :)


-NFW: Honestly no clue.
-EPW: Sands / Beast.
-NWL: Benjamin / Maelstrom looks to be starting well.
-WFW: LOVE / WFW lol.


oh yea .. and by the way, by being the bigger man in other places, I really meant unscramble. :)