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06-26-04, 02:23 AM
All RP for the JONATHAN MARX v TROY DOUGLAS match at New ERA Destrucity should be posted in this thread.

RP and angles are due Tuesday, July 6th at 11:59pm. All angles should be sent to secandido@comcast.net ... enjoy!

06-29-04, 10:38 AM
::A depressed and anxious Marx is pacing back and forth in his study::

JONATHAN MARX: God damn, why does NEW insist on wasting my time? Troy Douglas didn’t show up to cut any promos on me in the tag match after he attacked me. Peter File didn’t show for his interviews for the last match we were in. Now, I’m sitting here waiting for Troy Douglas to speak again and I have a feeling I’m going to be in for another long wait.

BRANDON JACOBS: We could talk about bestiality again.

JONATHAN MARX: We’ve been there, you’ve done that. No thank you.

BRANDON JACOBS: There has to be a way of torturing NEW management into giving us better matches.

JONATHAN MARX: I don’t really want to force the issue though. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, I just want an OPPONENT DAMN IT! Is that so wrong? You don’t see me attacking Tact to force the issue. You don’t see me attacking Chaos. ::sighs::

BRANDON JACOBS: ::puts his arm around the shoulder of Marx:: It will be okay Jonathan, I HAVE AN IDEA WHICH WILL BRING NEW MANAGEMENT DOWN TO ITS KNEES!

JONATHAN MARX: ::perks up:: What is it?

BRANDON JACOBS: ::walks over to a sheet in the corner which appears to be covering something:: Are you sure you want me to unleash this evil into the world?

JONATHAN MARX: If it has to be done, it has to be done.

BRANDON JACOBS: ::pulls off the cover off as the camera pans back to the expression on Marx’s face::


BRANDON JACOBS: We will bring NEW management down to their knees… WITH EVIL KARAOKE!


BRANDON JACOBS: ::pulls out a tape out of his pocket and puts it in the machine::

JONATHAN MARX: Please Brandon, I’m begging you, don’t.

(CUEUP: “Like A Virgin” by Madonna)



::Satillite feed goes out::

07-01-04, 09:34 PM

TROY DOUGLAS, wearing khaki shorts and a Led Zeppelin "Stairway to Heaven" t-shirt, stands in front of the metallic grey NEW backdrop. His expression is the same as usual, one of understated confidence.


You're an intelligent guy, Jonathan, so I'm sure you know about this old adage.

"Ask, and ye shall receive."

You wanted a legitimate opponent, Marx? Well, take a good look at the monitor because one of the best in the world is looking right at you, Jonathan. Now, I'll admit to forsaking the public eye in the buildup to our recent tag team match, but as I told Trevor Cane last week, I was distracted from my NEW committments by various personal and business matters.

Is the air cleared on that, Marx? Good. Let's move on.

You, Jonathan, are a young man I've become pretty well acquainted with over the past six months. One match as opponents at EPW's Black Dawn, two matches here in NEW Era, and the recent War Games match where you and I were teamed together again. However, despite all of that, neither of us has ever pinned the other nor made him submit.

At Destrucity, that will most certainly change.

Now, as we all know, you're a fine athlete Marx, a fine wrestler with all the pedigree but none of the uber-trendy bells and whistles. Of course, I'm much the same way. We both respect the traditions and rules of this sport, the examples laid down by the people who came before us. But, after all the time we've been around each other over the past six months, I've figure one thing out.

While we both want the same thing, we've got completely different ways of getting there.

Jonathan, from what I've observed, you've still refused to change your mindset. Even with all your mat expertise, you still don't UNDERSTAND the struggle. I know you worked damn hard, just as all of us do, but you didn't have to endure the real rites of passage of this industry. You just pass off the trials and tribulations of others with an offhand remark to Brandon Jacobs and a couple moments of faux-witty banter.

You have that luxury, Jonathan. I don't.

Jonathan Marx didn't have to come back from a back injury that nearly left you unable to walk before you could even start your training.

Jonathan Marx wasn't shipped into every podunk town on the North American continent to make a couple of bucks in the ring by working against guys like "The Slayer" and "Major Deluxe", then climbing in an old car and driving back to Philly to make it to work on Monday.

Jonathan Marx didn't nearly jump off of a hotel ledge in an attempt to rid himself of the physical and emotional pain he was engulfed with, then walk out to the ring three nights later and beat ten other men to win the GXW X-treme Title.

Jonathan Marx didn't leave for four and a half months, then return better than ever.

Jonathan Marx didn't do any of those things. I did.

This isn't about a laundry list of my accomplishments, Marx. In the end, it's about two men, a canvas mat, and three tighlty wound cables enclosing the field of battle. You'll get your worthy opponent, Jonathan, but you might not be wagering on what else you'll receive at Destrucity.

Hit me with your best shot, Jonathan. I'm waiting.

See ya at the end of the road.


07-04-04, 12:36 PM
::Marx and Jacobs are in Starbucks in their corner booth sipping coffee on a rainy Fourth of July day::

JONATHAN MARX: Apparently according to Douglas, I have never suffered any pain.

BRANDON JACOBS: Doesn’t he know that you had to listen to countless Rabesque promos over and over again in GLCW?

JONATHAN MARX: He had the nerve to say that my pain wasn’t as bad as the back injury that nearly ended his career and his suicide attempt in GWE.

BRANDON JACOBS: The good news GWE took so long between shows that he fell asleep on the ledge.

JONATHAN MARX: Some people have a lot of nerve to say to just because I grew up well off, went to the finest schools, and had unparalleled success in both academics and athletics throughout that I have never suffered any pain. That is the furthest thing from the truth.

BRANDON JACOBS: Some people are ignorant.

JONATHAN MARX: Troy Douglas has no idea what it is like to be lonely, having no one to talk to as your equal because your intelligence is so far above those around you, having to settle for those who amuse you instead of someone who can intellectually stimulate you.

BRANDON JACOBS: Thank god you found me or you’d be conversing in long soliloquies to yourself.

JONATHAN MARX: People have no idea what it is like to be me. They see the success, they see the talent and assume everything is right in the world… but it is not. You put on a good face for people and smile, but that doesn’t mean you are happy. I am all set to break 100 points in NFW and I’m the current Empire IC Champion but something is missing…

BRANDON JACOBS: You’ve been winning in NEW too…

JONATHAN MARX: I’m bouncing around from opponent to opponent endlessly… whenever it looks like I am in a good feud, something happens. But even more than my problems in NEW, my drive isn’t what it use to be. At 50%, I’m still better than 90% but I feel like I have let myself down by not being what I use to be. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to last to see this old school revolution through.

BRANDON JACOBS: Everyone goes through patches where they are better or worse than they were, but you can’t give up. You have to fight through it.

JONATHAN MARX: Half assing it through your job may be the American way, but it isn’t the Marx way. How did I ever let Rabesque get that World Title shot against Tact after I took him to the NEW World Heavyweight Title finals? Rabesque snuck right past me when I was busy feuding with File, El Arco Iris, and others… I thought I was fighting the future of the NEW, but I was only making myself part of its past. Rabesque… how did I let Rabesque surpass me… it never happened in GLCW or NFW… I have to be slipping. I can’t be the same Jonathan Marx that I once was or I wouldn’t have made a mistake like that.

BRANDON JACOBS: You have to put Rabesque out of your mind….

JONATHAN MARX: I know that Troy Douglas is a threat. He beat me out of a IC Title shot in Empire in a match where we both lost to Cameron Cruise.

BRANDON JACOB: That was your worst loss ever.

JONATHAN MARX: By a large margin… then Douglas had the nerve to add insult to injury by attacking me in NEW to set up a tag match and not even showing up for an interview before the match.

BRANDON JACOBS: You got your revenge against him by winning the tag match.

JONATHAN MARX: I did, but now I have to put him away one on one to make sure Douglas and everyone else who thinks they can mess with Jonathan Marx in their place. I have had enough of people trying to use me as a launching board to further their career when I work hard night in and night out. Claiming that I haven’t suffered enough, well I’m sick and tired of those damn insipid mouthbreathers trying to break my spirit. This sport needs my help and time is running out, I have to beat Douglas if I am ever going to set this Old School Revolution in place and led NEW into the golden age.

BRANDON JACOBS: That sounds more like the Jonathan Marx that I know.

JONATHAN MARX: It is not always easy being the Gentlemen, but I will try.


07-06-04, 09:25 PM

Open on a Chicago hotel room on the North Side. Looking out the window onto the Windy City, we can make out landmarks like Wrigley Field and the Sears Tower from this perch high above the Second City. Sitting on an armchair in the corner of the room is TROY DOUGLAS, wearing black sweatpants and a sleeveless grey t-shirt, his standard workout garb. Panning left, the camera sees a stack of items on the night table, all currently face down. The camera returns to DOUGLAS, a grim look on his face.


Loneliness, Jonathan?

You think YOU know something about being alone? Honestly, Marx, you must take me for a greater fool than your lil' buddy Jacobs.

C'mon, Jonathan, I know your an intelligent man. You don't need all this backtalk and rhetoric, because as well-schooled as you are, you should know I've been around too long and withstood way too much to be intimidated by any pseudo-intellectual bullsh*t.

I understand that you've been through pain, Marx. Hell, we all have. Pain's pretty much a prerequisite of the life that's chosen us, and when we sign those cotnracts with a new employer, we recognize the fact that pain will most certainly factor into our lives in the long run.

You've had pain, yes. Injuries, maybe even a questioning of your desire, we all go through that.

But REAL pain, REAL loneliness, Marx?

You're barking up the wrong f*cking tree, rich boy. You want to know what being alone is, I'll show you.

DOUGLAS pulls a series of items from the stack on the night table, and they are revealed to be a number of photographs, some older than others. The first is of a high school aged DOUGLAS, wearing his green number 44 basketball jersey of the East Lake Prep Pirates. In the picture, he stands with his arm around a man, approximately 50 years of age, wearing a suit, a whistle hanging around his neck. The camera pans back to DOUGLAS, the same pained look on his face.

That's my father, Marx. Or, rather I should say that he WAS my father, before he got gunned down on his own f*cking sofa in February Oh-Three. He raised me by himself, along with balancing his basketball coaching career and a full slate of history and literature classes to teach. He's the man who taught me how to live the way I do, how to carry my self with both pride and respect. He died, and I lost my guide, my conscience.

The camera pans to the second photo DOUGLAS took to from the pile. This one shows DOUGLAS, about two years prior to this date, wearing a stylish black suit. In his arms, a pretty black haired girl of around the same age as Troy in a blue dress. From the pose, it's obvious that they had just broken from a kiss. On the girl's finger, a sparkling diamond ring, on the faces of both, radiant smiles. The camera once more returns to DOUGLAS, this time a look crossed between nostalgia and remorse.

If dad was my conscience, then SHE was my heart and soul. Lauren Bennett, my fiancee, killed on the same GOD DAMN F*CKING NIGHT as my father, in the very same place. They were home in Greensboro, and I was in f*cking Edinburgh, Scotland on a GXW Euro tour. This picture, Jonathan, was taken not two minutes after I proposed to her. She was everything to me, all I wanted and more than I ever needed or deserved. Then some two-bit criminal decides to waltz into our house and go on a free shopping spree, and when he saw my dad and Lauren, he pulled out a .38 and shot them each three times.

THAT is why I tried to end my life, Jonathan, because without these two, there really wasn't anything left for me. It took some good friends and a lot of time to realize what I still had. That's the reason I came back to this business, because while I didn't have the two people I cared about most, I still had this overwhelming desire to prove myself to the rest of this godforsaken planet.

So you see, Marx, when it comes to me, you have absolutely no right to talk about pain and loneliness. You have no right to call me ignorant. You want to do anything, walk a mile in my shoes. Then, MAYBE, you can talk to me about what it is to deal with real adversity, Jonathan. Until that time, can your f*cking smartass remarks and settle it in the ring.

That's what this all really comes down to, Jonathan. That squared circle where feuds can end and men can become legends. At Destrucity, you and I settle this petty dispute. At that point, we'll know just who can do the talking from then on.

After that, you can go one and make your Old School Revolution, and I can continue my quest to finally vindicate my struggles with a World Championship, here or elsewhere.

But, at Destrucity, it's just you and me, and I'm planning on showing you just one more thing.

That you are not a savior.

Hell, your not even a Gentleman.

You just a mortal man, Marx, just like any of us, with weakness like any of us. When you show that, close the curtain.

So, I'll see ya at the end of the road.

Let's make some magic.