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06-22-04, 03:54 PM
The 06.20.04 edition of RAUCOUS is in the books.

Tell me what you liked, what you didn't like. What can be improved. What works well.

What you didn't understand... what you thought sucked.

Just tell me something about how you felt about the card.


owner, new era

06-22-04, 06:46 PM
(CUTTO: Backstage to a lockerroom. Inside is ‘King of the Club Kids’ Beau Michaels, who is sitting on top of a young looking male giving him a backrub. There are towels covering their nakedness. On the side of the chair lies the “18+” shirt with very small writing that’s barely readable which says “in three months”.)

MICHAELS: “Ooo.. I have the perfect thing to massage those inner thigh muscles … its hard … its blue … and it vibrates just right. Let me get … it…. DAMNIT.”

MALE: “What is the matter?”

MICHAELS: “I forgot to take it out of Sweetie Petie before his match!!!”

MALE: “You mean …”

MICHAELS: “Yea, the damn thing was up his ass the entire time!”

(All of a sudden ‘the Phenom’ Shawn Hart busts into the room, but stops short when he sees whats going on.)

HART: “Uh …. Um …. Uh…. Sorry. I, I, thought that this was El Arco Iris’ dressing room.”

MICHAELS: “It isn’t… but I’ve got a rainbow you can see…”

(Hart backs out of the room, and shuts the door, not uttering a word.)

MALE: “I thought he retired?”

MICHAELS: “You know wrestlers .. they never REALLY retire.”

(Michaels then ahh’s as he finds his trusty backup …. A pink and white soft jelly … pole. FADETO: Commercial for New ERA merchandise.)

BEST SEGMENT I've EVER been involved with.

06-24-04, 11:07 PM
This is the first time since I came here that I can honestly say that I had a blast reading the card. Matches like these are why I used to love e-wrestling. There is nothing quite like reading a card that contains a match that you've been working for and thinking about all week.

I'm looking forward to next time, Larry.

John Doe
06-25-04, 12:15 PM
I love that card Sean! that was a good one, and i had a blast kicking Nick out of his seat, ha ha! lol, nice job, fun reading it!