View Full Version : NWL Combat: Sgt. Madman vs. Ryan Cruz

06-21-04, 04:16 PM
All roleplays for this match belong in here. Have fun and good luck.

06-21-04, 05:43 PM
(Scene enters with Emanuel Gonzago sitting next to Roger Kincaid both of them smiling in the commentators table, and finally Roger laughs)

Roger: “Ladies and gentlemen that was some night huh!?”

Emanuel: “ Well, my favorite match was the newcomer Madman USA winning against ‘Cable Guy’ Mike Johnson.”

Roger: Madman USA? Why HIM? He isn’t that much of a USA man to me! Besides Lieutenant Bazooka’s that is!”

Emanuel: “Well, besides your perverted instincts, I think he did a great job winning against Cable Guy and I hope he has another match! That’s why I had a chance to talk with him, watch this video!”

( The screen goes blank for a couple of second and then it shows Emanuel again sitting down in a chair but not with a table)

Emanuel: “Hello and welcome to an interview with Madman USA. Madman, what do you think of the match with the Cable Guy?”

( the screen moves to Madman smiling and he says)

Madman: “well, I guess it was how almost all my moves were reversed or blocked, but I won in the end, AGAIN.”

( he says this and gives a bigger smile and Emanuel goes to the next question)

Emanuel: “Madman, do you think the woman makes the man? As in you and Lieutenant Bazookas?”

Madman: “ Oh definitely, my Lieutenant and me always were a team anyway you put it, if she wasn’t by my side I probably wouldn't be anything”

Emanuel: “Were is Lieutenant right now?”

Madman: “ She’s holding the fort right now, she has to make sure that the terrorist are not sending in the ‘nucler’ weapons, that’s George Bush talk Emanuel, and also it’s for Amrica!”

( Emanuel starts to laugh some and goes to the next question)

Emanuel: “Does the NWL have any idea on you being in another match?”

Madman: “Actually yes, they have me up against Ryan Cruz, I don’t know much about him, but I know I will have a good fight against him, hopefully”

Emanuel: “alright thats all the questions Madman. and thank you”

Madman: “No, thank ‘Amrica’”

(it ends with the two laughing and Roger looking at Emanuel confused)

Roger: “what time did you have to do this?”

Emanuel: “We will talk about that later Roger, but until next time goodbye and godbless!”

( The screen fades)