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06-21-04, 04:15 PM
All roleplays for this match belong in here. Have fun and good luck.

John Doe
06-21-04, 05:46 PM
(OOC: Back in action!)


John Doe starts walking around. He stands there looking at the Big Apple. John smiles as he tilts his head. Working men walking by in their suits, john just stands there looking at the buildings, in a bit of shock. John smiles.


People, walk around every day doing nothing going to work like a bunch of zombies. I stand here in the midst of nothing., doing nothing, bored with nothing to show for my success. Now I have a match against Promo. Yes Promo I never wrestled against him, well here we go, time to rock and ruin isn’t it.

That means I am on the verge of a man that needs a win and after I beat you - I'll do another five before moving on to a title or something

One thing that's on my mind, of course - Promo. The following statement is true, Promo, whether you believe it or not: at this moment in time, you are officially the luckiest man walking the face of this planet. Why? Because you are facing up against me, even though you will lose eventually. Now you've really got your hands full. A word of advice - don't take me lightly.

Now it's me against you one-on-one. That's OK by me. You are going to learn the hard way what John Doe is all about. Our meeting in the ring is too long away, and it's time that I finally got a pin. Promo - prepare to be eliminated from the picture. Take that however you damn well please.

But, honestly Promo - I am pulling for a win. For selfish reasons, mostly. Because that means that when I get by you, will FINALLY meet up against a more, how should I say this...worthy opponent. Mostly like Adam Benjamin. See I really don’t care about any else involved in NWL and what they think of me, which is exactly the way it should be. You're going to talk a real good game after this, but you're not going to be able to back it up. That's what you need to realize. You can talk all the smack you want, but the bottom line is this: I do not fear you, and you do not intimidate me. End of story. No matter what you say, no matter what you do, I will not be deterred from my business. So you can talk all you want about how you're ahead of everyone, how you think I'm an idiot, etc. Call me all the names you want, and insult me all you want. What ever makes you happy in the morning other than f*cking f*ggot sleeping next to you, I don't care. I'm all business. I think deep down inside you are trying to prove to yourself what you think you are, but I don't think that you can live up to those expectations you have for yourself. They're unrealistic. You simply cannot do it.

See the ball is in my court I plan to run with it, everything is heading my way, the way I want it to go, nothing can stop me I am like a machine. For you, that means disastrous results, why? Because you my friend are in the way of a man with a goal, that goal the world title, I have nothing against you, but you are just in my way. Save yourself the embarrassment just don’t show up. See I am the man that will end you in a swift stroke, that will show you what TRUE wrestling is like, all I say is be prepared for the ultimate outcome of this match up, a win for me

Ignorant? No. Arrogant? No. Big ego? No. I am the man that will bring you the truth that will open your eyes to the true meaning of pain. Come Epic you bones will crush your body will break and I will walk supreme. I warn you that I am a machine that is unstoppable that I will make the long haul, you Promo will fall short, I am the best. That is the end of the line. But hey, I will stop talking about my greatness and let you talk for once…idiot

What is in store for you ar Combat? A loss, me a win, after this match I plan to pick you up from the canvass and shake you hand Promo. I wish you luck, you will need it. I hope that you have a good time feeling the Amnesia Attack around your throat and hear the ringing in your ears after. See eventually the bleeding will stop but the ringing in your ears will be permanent. I will break you, I will destroy, I will win. Promo, it is time for me to rise to victory once again, like I did when I first started.

I am going to finish the night off with a victory to my record. It is my life, it is my time, it is my goal to walk out with a win, and to walk out with another mark next to my name. Promo it is my time to win this match it is your time to get pinned. Why do I say all this, because I can, why do I repeat myself, because it takes you more than twice to understand me.

So say, do, feel whatever you want. When the time comes for our singles match up - and I hope it is real soon - the truth will be learned, and unfortunately for you, it is a truth that you may not like, but will have to learn to live with it.


06-21-04, 10:56 PM
:: FADEIN to an overhead camera shot of a masked man sitting at a table. A Singapore Cane sits on top of the table and a single naked lightbulb swing back and forth, casting ominous shadows. ::

PROMO: John Doe. A simple name for an ever simple man. That's right, John, I called you a simple man. Does that disturb you? Does it make you want to do violent things to me?

If so, that's good, because before the session is over, you're going to think that I'm the most evil son-of-a-***** that ever walked the planet. If not, then you're just a pathetic piece of trash.

You see John, you just gave a twenty minute dissertation like you thought you were main eventing at the biggest show of the year. But you're not, kid, you're not. You see, you're curtain jerking with me, the maniac known as Promo.

The worst part of it is, that even after you wasted so much of my time, you're not even convinced that you can win this match. Pathetic.

:: Promo rises from his seated position, picks up his Singapore Cane from the table and proceeds to smack the table with it several times. With each whack of the cane, the table buckles a little more until it finally breaks. ::

Before you place yourself at the top of the card, kid, you need to learn some things. When you talk, you talk with confidence. Forget all of that "I'm going to win, you're going to lose, you're a fag, I'm going to shake your hand" bull****, because it's just total crap.

How many times do you have to say it before you believe it, John? Twelve, thirteen times? And that's not even counting you saying it to yourself before the camera's rolled, is it kid?

It's alright though, because you're a fresh face in this business, just as I was a few years ago. You're gonna have those jitters when you climb into the ring with someone that carries my reputation. You're going to sweat the match right up until the bell rings, and you know why? I'll tell you why. It's because you know that you're not sure that you can beat me.

Yeah, sure Ronnie Valentine sucked it up and got a lucky pinfall on me. I'm new to the NWL, but I'm also a pro. I do what I have to do. But at the same time, after that first match, John, I'm not new anymore.

Now, I'm free to wreak havoc on this place like nothing that anyone has ever seen. If I have to spill your blood on that ring and then sit back and watch as each and every wrestler that night has to wrestle on top of it, knowing that it was Promo that caused that to happen, then that's what I'll do. I'm not above anything, John. I know no rules. I have no qualms about putting my body in jeopardy. I know my limits and I'll push them to new heights each and every time out there. All for the opportunity to watch you spit up an ounce of blood, John.

Quite..........discomforting, isn't it? How can I so calmly, with a losing record myself here in NWL, brush you off so easily, John? How can I say that you're not in my league? How can I disrespect you in this way?

Because you make it so easy. You're going to pick me up and shake my hand, John? Here's a newsflash for you. (pauses) If by some chance in hell, you were to beat me, and you then walk over and pick me up off the mat, the only thing that's going to shake is your skull as I bounce it off the mat one more time.

You're in for the surprise of your life if you think that you're going to introduce me to pain, John. Pain is my life. I live it everyday. With every waking moment, I indulge my mind to find a new way to make my opponents suffer. You're not going to be any different, John. As a matter of fact, you just might be easier than anyone I've ever stepped into the ring with.

I'll use your overconfidence, albeit mixed with some uncertainty, and I'll twist it and I'll torture you with it, John. While you're getting ahead of yourself about a match with Adam Benjamin, I'll be stretching you past your physical endurance levels, John. I'll be the man who makes you scream in agony. I might be the man who sends you out of the arena in an ambulance. Maybe even the man who ends your short career.

Who knows what is before us in this match John? The only certain thing is that the pain and suffering will be coming for you John. And it's name is Promo.

:: FADEOUT as Promo reaches up and snags the chain to the light, and the scene goes dark. ::

John Doe
06-22-04, 07:13 PM
VOICEOVER: "The following presention is rated TV MA"

Adult Content

Adult Language


NWL Backdrop…Isn’t life so simple…

Doe turns off Promos promotion and mocks him.

Doe: :

“John Doe. A simple name for an ever simple man. That's right, John, I called you a simple man”

“F*ck you Promo!”

“I am the simple man? God wake up call buddy I think you were the one to lose to a bum like Valentine. You were the one to lose to him, at least I lost to someone that you could NEVER beat...“Yours Truly”. You know, you really need to get looked at - you have a problem with stating the obvious, sh*t-head. See I know I am a simple man, yes an ordnairy man.. THAT’S GOING TO KICK YOUR ASS!”

“See, I'll give credit where credit is due: we’ll have a hell of a match. It's going to be the match of the night canidate, perhaps? Who knows, and who cares. Time to move on, and it looks like YOU are next in line for me to face. Fine. Am I concerned? No - should I be. Once again, your a guy that loves flapping his lips about this, that, and the other thing. I‘ll let you flap. I could care less. You’re the next opponent put in front of me by NWL, so my focus is on you completely - plain and simple.”

“See I had this image of you Promo, of this great man who can define all odds, n o that I look at you you’re a piece of flying sh*t. Frankly all I thought about your promotion and had to say after it was…”

“Your full of sh*t!”

“Why do I say that, let’s make the obvious visible for the f*cking retard. Here let me quote you “ “Yeah, sure Ronnie Valentine sucked it up and got a lucky pinfall on me.”

“No lucky pinfall, Ronnie WHOOP YOUR ASS! Just like I am going to do, but ia m not going to focus upon me, lets talk about you. See you are the kind of wretler that thinsk all full of himself and FAILS. Drastically, frankly I think that is a great thing for me, see you made one valid point, and ONLY ONE, you said: After this session you are going to think I am the most evil son of a b*tch. No I thought that about you even before you stated that maybe when I stepped foot in NWL, but its not I thought you were an EVIL son of a b*tch, no it was more like “Hey there’s Promo porno he’s such a B*TCH”

“Well Promo Porno, let me tell you something, I can careless on ANYTHING you are saying frankly I can jibber jabbar on on all do and even talk crap, but I am going to save to fighting for the ring. But I am truly sick of you blabbing Promo I truly am but I am going to have to deal with it until we head into the damn ring. It is ok, I think I can handle it for a bit longer, until then, keep your blabbing to a minimum for my sake, and yours. I say yours because if you keep it up I will have to beat you senseless, although I don’t think there are many brain cells I can kick out of that dull head of yours, we will have to wait and see won’t we.”

“Yes, I do have my head in your clouds; unlike you that has his head in his ass. But that is ok Promo that is fine and dandy, because I will kick your ass and with your head in there my foot will be in as well. I mean you are use to having things in your, you know…ass, Correct?”


“I watched your boring match, and I saw you lose to Ronnie. I don’t fear you; in fact I find it quite funny that you of all people lost. In the quest that you are on now to beat me you will fail. In a few days you will see me face to face, and I will walkout with yet another arm raised, that arm being mine. You will walk out with a sense of guilt, a sense that will leave you in your wake of doom, that doom in the hands of me. I am the man that will show you the true meaning of wrestling, That’s, after I kick you teeth down your throat and you recover from the coma I am going to give you at Combat.”

“You are an ass, I said it loud and clear and I said it before too. I think you are a true ass, and I don’t like you one damn bit.. After our match Promo the only bright thing you are going to see is a bright white light. I am warning you Promo that come Combat I will show you why I am John Doe, and why you are nothing compared to me. “

“Telling me you are better than me…”



06-22-04, 08:17 PM
:: FADEIN to Promo standing in a dark stairwell. As is the norm with his vignette's, the footage is very grainy, but we see that he is standing at the bottom of the stairs, with his back turned to the camera. ::

PROMO: The panic has set in hasn't in John Doe? I could see it as the veins were protruding from your forehead as you spoke to me with such anger, as if I were someone that you truly hated.

But apparently I am, aren't I John Doe? Are you jealous from reading about how I rolled into this business and achieved quite a bit more success than you have in a comparable amount of time? Are you pissed off that at this point in your career, I was already a world champion?

Those are questions that only you know the answers to John Doe. Only you can clear the air as to why when the name Promo comes up, your sweat glands kick into overdrive. Only you know why you despise me so much.

But I don't give a damn about those answers John Doe. I don't give a damn about you. You're nothing but an insignificant blip on my radar. An inconsequential gnat that will be swatted away only to be forgotten in moments.

You're a loser, John Doe. Just as I am, here in NWL. Two losers squaring off in a match where one of us could possibly take the first step towards greatness here. At what cost does greatness come John Doe? Will you give your later years in life of being able to walk without pain, just to win this match? Will you take the chance of being a cripple, just to inflict some small amount of pain into my body? I don't think so John Doe.

You tell yourself that you're totally concentrated on me and this match John Doe, but you're a liar. You're more concerned about moving on to Adam Benjamin than you are with getting past me. Perhaps that's the true sorce of your anger John Doe. Maybe you see me as, I don't know, a messenger of sorts to Adam Benjamin. If you can take me out in this match, and inflict so much pain on me that you make me quit, then surely Adam Benjamin will cower in fear at your feet.

Once agin, I don't think so John Doe.

I've enjoyed the amusing anecdotes of your commentary John Doe. "Promo Porno" was quite original. I've never really considered anything that I do to be pornographic, but apparently it's something that has burned into your loins. Multiple pornographic and homosexual comments will not get under my skin, John Doe. I'm above that. You're much better off describing to me the pain that you'll inflict when you step foot inside of my ring.

That's right, it's my ring, John Doe. You've been given the opportunity to step into it and live in my nightmare for one night. Whether or not you make it out, able to continue your career, depends on how you prepare. Block out the pain, John Doe. Don't let it consume you, because when you do, it only multiplies.

As the skin tears and the blood begins to flow from your body, it will give me strength to continue the carnage. You're not the hunted, John Doe, because the hunted has a chance for escape. And you do not posess that option. No John Doe, your pride and ego will forbid you from running. I've seen the look in your eyes and I know that when push comes to shove, you will not back down. Do I respect that?

I respect nothing, John Doe. Does that scare you just a little bit more? As you're sitting there watching this tape John, are your knees trembling? Are you squeezing your fists as each word comes out of my mouth? Getting the anger built up inside of you, so that you can come out and tell me one more time how you're going to kick my ass, John Doe?

Enjoy your time left because the pain is coming for you John Doe. The pain and hurt are searching their ways around NWL, looking for that one person to inflict themselves on. They are the message John Doe, and Promo is the messenger.

:: Promo lifts his Cane to the air and then moves it to the step in front of him. After a few moments, the camera moves around to get a glimpse of the step, and we see "John Doe" scraped into what appears to be blood on the step. ::

Yes, indeed, the message will be delivered to you John Doe. Yes, indeed.


John Doe
06-23-04, 01:34 PM

John Doe not sweating but angered. Sitting on a stool.


“God, I am going to have to start every promotion with some kind of offensive word…SCREW YOU PROMO!”

“HA HA! I think you’re a piece of crap That I’m going to kick around in a rink at Combat. I really don’t care if I lose or not at Combat now, no just as I long as I get to beat the idiotic brain matter out of your stupid skull. What do you think is going to happen at Combat? That you are going to walk out with a clear victory, just an easy five-minute match up? I may be a rookie Promo, but I still can kick ass. I still can make you work for a win, I’m not going to just lay down and let you pin me, I’m not just going to say “here f*cker hit me in the face”. Get it straight Prono, get it in your mind that I am like no one else. I am different I am a new breed of wrestling. I am ready to destroy you Jean, I can’t wait ether, I feel it running in my veins, the anger is rising and I can’t stop it, you will have to endure it Jean. You will see what I am saying, you will feel my anger as you wrestle me, as you ATTEMPT to win, as you try to take me out. You can sit there and have your little fin of mocking me and enjoying your little games and what not, have fun”

“You ticked me off fr the last time and come Combat your stupid face is going to spell pain. You will feel utter pain when you wrestle me. I will make sure of it, trust me I will. Just for the sake of it I want to beat you senseless. Just want to take you and beat you around like the b*tch you are. You talking crap Promo? Well ain’t that something? Come on PROMO you want you step up to step up to me? Want to try to defeat me, trying to contemplate how you’re going to wrestle me, what moves to work? WELL FORGET IT!. I’ve seen you wrestle before. Nothing special, just a rust, old, no good, wrestler. Sure you had a couple good matches, nothing that great, if you were so good as you boost I would have heard of you, which I haven’t. must mean you’re a nobody a LOSER. A wrestler with NO skill one that wishes to meet his maker, one that just ticked me off.”

“What do I have to sat to you, that you need to GET A CLUE Promo. Here and I will put it straight out for you.”


“Aww, did I hurt your little pathetic heart? Good if that hurt you I’d hate to see what would happen after Combat when I beat you. Oh I’m so glad you found out that it’s you ring Promo! What a coincidence it’s your ring, that YOU are going to lose in. God doesn’t that just come in handy…idiot.”

“Let me brake it down for you slow ass mind. I don’t fear you, I am not scared off you, you can say well your in denial and what not, fine say it Promo. Cause it’s gonna come back you double in the ring, see everything you are saying is being put on tab buddy, and when it payment is brought to you, you will see that everything has a BIG price to be paid, you will just have to endure the suffering I am going to supply for you.”

“You respect nothing? Nope that doesn’t scare me. You do what you need to do to get yourself worked up in the ring, you get mad you try to scare me with your little damn cane, you talk about me being scared. But at the end you will find out it is not me the one who is quivering at the sight of all mighty Promo. No you will walk into the ring, you will beg for forgiveness and you will hear the last words of 1…2….3. Combat will be the wake up call Promo.”

“See at Combat I am not pulling for a win, I am pulling for an upset. Yes, the high accomplished Promo will be destroyed by the “SIMPLE MAN” John Doe. You will see that I am not a little game, that I am not just anyone that I am John Doe. Promo, now are you scared. Are you scared to know that you are not just going against someone that will lay down and let you pin them? No, well then fear WILL be put in you at Combat. Fear will run in YOUR veins and I will break your body until you say you are scared.”

“Promo the time is clear, the day is clear and the moment is clear. I WILL BEAT YOU. It is simple it is a clear. You have to just grasp it. Promo at Combat you will see that I don’t play games, I just show full business. Promo, I tell you to Be Prepared, Say your Prayers, THE TIME IS UPON YOU!”


“Remember that…..”

“This will be the night you won’t forget, the night John Doe PINNED Promo, the night I beat you, the night I will reign SUPREME! Time is ticking, I am going to win, it is the future but in the words of Troy Douglas…”

“See you at the end off the road…”

“Message delivered ass…”


06-24-04, 07:59 PM
:: FADEIN to a black screen, there is nothing that can be seen. After a few seconds, a strobe light begins to flicker on and off and we can make out the image of Promo walking forwards into what apears to be the center of an NWL ring. ::

PROMO: As the anger grows inside of you John Doe, so does your vulnerability. You see John Doe, ninety percent of this match has already taken place. That being the intellectual war of words. You're defeated in that aspect and all that is left is for the physical defeat to come at my hands.

You're rattled, frustrated, and growing more so every day. You're the one walking into the unknown John Doe, not I. No, for I, I come from the unknown. Straight out of the depths of the shadows of darkness is where I walk. And whether or not you choose to admit it, it scares the hell out of you.

It shows with every word that comes out of your mouth John Doe. It shows as the beads of sweat roll down your face. It shows when you constantly refer to me as Jean. Are you focusing on the past, John Doe, (pauses for a moment) or the future.

Would you be looking past me, to something that you're trying to accomplish, John Doe? Looking past the warrior at hand, to fight a battle in the future would not be the smart thing to do. No, because I'm not here to lose again.

You would be wise to take a few moments and let this all sink in, John Doe. Think about what you want from your career. Think about whether or not you have the balls to stand toe to toe with me. Think about how you're going to survive our encounter. Because right now, you don't have the slightest clue.

You ramble on about not caring about winning or losing, yet you constantly tell me that I will lose. You tell me that you will not just lay down for me. You tell me that I am nothing for you to worry about, but I can give you many names that would tell you otherwise, John Doe. For if I were truly nothing special, nothing for anyone to ever take notice of, I guess that would make me more of a John Doe, now wouldn't it?

That's right, I'm more than something special. I'm a force to be reckoned with here in NWL. Everyone, not just John Doe, should be taking notice of me when I'm in that ring, because I'm not just here to take on the preliminaries. I'm here for the main eventers. The people who walk around carrying championship belts and have the nerve to think that they're the greatest thing to ever walk the earth. Kind of like you, John Doe, only with a title.

I'm glad that I've unnerved you this week John. Perhaps it will make your suffering less painful. I own you John Doe. You're defeated already, you just haven't realized it yet.

So, while you're lacing those boots up tight, and you start that walk to the ring, and your knees are knocking with anticipation, keep a blind eye open because you never know when Promo will strike John Doe.

You know, I've never been one to play by the rules. As you say the time is upon me, then I say that time has run out for you, John Doe.






:: With that final "tick", a figure steps into the camera's view, but is swiftly met with a cane shot from Promo. ::

Let the anger consume you John Doe, and I promise you that it will bring about your defeat that much more quickly. I'll be seeing you.......................somewhere, John Doe.


John Doe
06-24-04, 10:19 PM
OOC: On the span of two days we have rped seven times...useless information


John Doe sitting behind a news desk in a black suit. Lights turn on as John Doe looks up at the camera.

Doe: Welcome to the Five o’clock news I am John Doe and next to me is my co-anchor Lane Stone.

Stone: Thank you John, Today we are going to hit the subject of a man that is not as smart as the rest of us, Promo.

Doe: Yes, June 30th Promo and myself will face off in a match up that will highlight Combat. I tell you that everything that comes out of that man’s mouth is a pure utter lie.

Stone: (Stone points at the camera) He may say he will beat John, he may say he is the best, but don’t believe this pile of crap. Promo is filling your minds with lies.

Doe: Promo believes that I am scared of him, ladies and gentlemen this is so far from the truth. I FEAR NO ONE! See Promo, has this thought of his over supremacy Promo is filled with this thought of him being able to defeat me, ladies and gentlemen Promo is just over exaggerating that truth, beyond any extent.

Stone: Promo, can beat his Singapore Cane until he can’t feel his arm, and it still WILL NOT drive fear into John.

Doe: Ladies and gentlemen let me break this down a bit. Prom the “King of Idiotic Morons” belives that my anger will bring my down fall at Combat, Promo, this is not the case, OBVIOUSLY you don’t watch your opponents BEFORE you face them, this will bring YOUR downfall. Now I am done with the bad mouthing, I am done with the yelling, the screaming, and the swearing I am going to tell you this as simple as I can. I don’t like you, see I don’t HATE you, and I surely DON’T fear you, any man to think I fear them is walking right into their defeat. So to think my anger is going to make me lose is just obscene, my anger will WIN the match.

Stone: Promo is filling these airwaves with false beliefs of his win, this is not EVEN the tip of the iceberg people. See if you watch John Doe in the ring you will see the wrestling that will bring home a win. Promo has nothing to prove. All that he HAS proven is that he is much dumber than we all expected, no offense to Mr. Medina and El Jefe, but with these kind of clowns such as Promo I fear the worse for NWL.

Doe: See and that’s why I am here ladies and gentlemen that is what John Doe is about to rid The National Wrestling League from idiots such as Promo. Now, I do not wish to talk on and on about this gentlemen but it’s unaviodable, there are too many obscenities I can say to describe Promo, but to say them would lower me to his level, a level that which I will never dwindle to.

Stone: See, Promo is just a man, JUST A MAN. He can say John is a simple man, but how many times has the simple man came out on top of the rest, is it not the simple man that wins in to movies, though this is real life I have seen it. Look at Rocky a simple man that became the champion, look at Independence Day a simple man defeating all those aliens.. A SIMPLE MAN! To say the simple man can not win is just ignorant and that is a perfect description of Promo.

Doe: Promo, you will see at Combat why I say the things I do, you will see that I am going to be the best, and that I can beat you. You were a world champion? That’s great, just one more reason to prove that I can beat the best.

Stone: Promo, at Combat you will witness not only a loss, but a grand style of perfected wrestling you will see that John Doe can pull up on top, your eyes will be opened to the truth,. What is the truth you ask. Well the truth is Promo, that John Doe is the man to show you the true meaning or pain.

Doe: Nice call Lane.

Stone: Thank you.

Doe: What Lane just said is a very valid point Promo. See some are in this industry for the money, others for the glory. I am in it for the fun. See I don’t see how you can do this for the rest of your life and not have fun with it. See at Combat you will be my new little toy that I am going to throw around and break until Mr. Medina decides to buy me a new one. See when he signs a big fat check to the new guy to NWL in line, I will most likely face off with them, and I will break them. Just like I am going ot break you Promo in more than one why. I am going to break you mentally, emotionally and physically. See Promo I have heard your mouth run for so long it just goes in one ear and out the other, it sort of sounds like “blah…blah… blah…your scared…blah…blah…blah…you will lose…blah…blah”

Stone; Promo you have nothing to offer John Doe. YOu are a has been beat up adn old, you coul not survive in the ring against a great such as John.

Doe; With taht turh being said, i will add to it. Promo I have become a great in my eyes, you will endure a match that will break you to the point to give up. I will attack you, i will break you, iI will make sure you bleed until blood has run out of oyu body. I WILL cripple you, I will defeat you, and I will prove once more, that I am not just anyone...I am John Doe.

Stone: At combat the stage as already been set, the time is going to come when Promo will face off with John Doe and when that time does come a horrible ending will happen to Promo.

Doe: That is right the ending will end with me hitting you with the Amnesia Attack, then a simple 1…2….3. Promo that is your fate, take it or leave it, I have foreseen it I have take in all that I know and learned and it is going to shoot at you in ways that you never new can happen. See Promo I am going to beat you for one reason and one reason only….


Face it is unavoidable, just like the loss you will encounter. See Promo I don’t really think I am going to lay down and let you pin me, I am not going ot let you win, I am not going to let you walk out of this arena. No you will need help to walk out, you will need men to carry you out once I am threw with you. Once I am done with you I will prove that I CAN beat the best

Stone: Prono expect the match of your life, expect a match that you my friend will not forget EVER.

Doe: The truth hurts Promo, the truth can make a man break in tears, now I know you fear our match, don’t EVEN deny it, I just thought I would use your sense of knowledge. See every time you have promoted it has been the same thing, “You fear me, you fear our match and you are sweating.” Promo I fear no one, and I especially don’t fear you, I don’t fear this match because I know the outcome and you know the out come deep inside you…I will win, I am sweating I will tell you that, see I am sweating because it is in the middle of summer you moron and it is 80 degrees outside and there is no air conditioning in this d*mn building. I am not sweating because of you.

Stone: Promo it has been fun and it will be a great match.

Doe: Yes a great match for me Promo, and a great learning experience for you. Ta-ta Promo…


John Doe
06-29-04, 12:00 PM
Voiceover: The following are paid presentations of the “Go Doe…Down Promo “campaign of NWL.


With John Doe standing in front of what seems to be a backdrop of Promo. John nods his head as Lane Stone is next to him. John is wearing black combat boots, black baggy jeans, and a black shirt that says “F*ck The Rules”

Stone: Ladies and gentleman we are back for one reason. To discuss the important issue at hand. Promo.

Doe: (pointing his finger at the camera) You have heard lies from this man, now I am here to save you from this fool. At Combat a full display of my greatness will be shown. I will defeat this nemesis known only as Promo and I will walk out with a smile across my face.

Stone: Promo thinks he is the best.

Doe: This is not the truth.

Stone: John Doe is still number one in NWL

Doe: If you love NWL, Hate Promo.

Stone: Combat will prove three things.

Doe: One: I can beat decent people. Two: That Promo is all talk and no Walk. Three: What I say here is what happens in the ring.

Stone: After this match, Promo will be a walking billboard of what happens when you mess with John Doe.

Doe: I will defeat this man, I will bust you up Promo, and I will defeat you in ways you never knew.

Stone: Don’t let this man fill you with lies!

Doe: Say no to Promo….

The backdrop of Promo all off sudden has a big red X over Promo’s face.

Doe: And say yes to John Doe…

The backdrop changes to one of John Doe giving two thumbs up.

Voiceover: Listen to John Doe, he is the new Savior of NWL.



A man is talking towards a camera on a walkover bridge. The ocean is in the distance. The man seems to look just like Promo. ‘Promo’ beats a Singapore Cane against the bridge.

‘Promo’: John your anger will bring your defeat at Combat.

John appears in the shot and shoves ‘Promo’ over the bridge, sending him into the water below the bridge. Lane Stone appears in the view next to John Doe.

Stone: You need to stop listening to this zero, (points at John) and listen to the hero.

Doe: Promo I am looking forward to our match. I am ready, I am set, I am ready to go! Promo, at Combat our worlds will collide, I will defeat you in a match that will be your undoing.

Stone: But you know Promo has been wrestling for so long.

Doe: Just show’s what kind of man you are Promo, a dedicated man to this sport. Me, I am a man that just wants your face to spell pain at Combat. See Promo, I am not one to take others lightly, but your words that you spew out of your mouth just frankly annoy the life out of me. That speech you gave me on being scared, well you are surly not thinking clearly. Promo, I just want to you to know that I am going to beat you one way or another, and there is NOTHING you can do to stop me.

Stone: Promo your end is near!

Doe: And I will bring it.

Voiceover: If you love NWL then Love John Doe



Promo sitting in front of Barbara Walters Promo has a smile across his face.[I]

Walters: Promo what do you think NWL needs?

‘Promo’: Well…

[I]John Doe and Lane Stone appear out of nowhere. John punches ‘Promo’ in the face and sits in his seat.

Doe: What NWL needs is to get rid of the zeros and look at the hero.

Stone: Why talk to Promo when you can talk the best and not the insignificant rest.

Doe: You think Promo can beat me?

Stone: No, he isn’t that good, he isn’t a great.

Doe: You better be training Promo cause I’m coming for you.

Walters: John tell us about your match while you are here!

Doe: Well I am in a regular singles match up. Right now Promo hasn’t promoted in a while so I decided to take his shine of glory.

Walters: Many say that it is impossible for you to win.

Lane Stone smacks Barbara Walters across the face, sending her half way off the seat.

Doe: Promo it is time for you to promote! I think you need to talk or are you scared?

Stone: He’s scared! He’s Scared!

Doe: Promo at Combat you are going to feel the full wrath of my wrestling ability!

Stone: We are never going to stop.

Voiceover: John Doe never gives up! Promo does. If you like wrestling agree with John Doe



John Doe and Lane Stone looking at cameras, John and Lane are walking down the beach with a microphone at hand.

Doe: Were back again Promo.

Stone: I thought I tolled you that we won’t stop…I thought tolled you that we won’t stop!

Doe: Promo, I think that this match has just shown a clear victor. This match has proven that maybe the underdog can win. See Promo, you like to talk crap, talk all you want, please I love to hear your pathetic talking. See I know deep down inside you that you know that I will come out on top. That I WILL beat you, do you know why?

Stone: The reason you will lose Promo is because you can not keep up with the great speed of John here. See I have seen this man literally run circles around an opponent. He knows everything there is to know about his opponents. He studies and then takes notes, then he practices. See, while you are there beating your cane, Jon was in the gym working out, training intensively for this match up. You sit there and beat your cane, John will beat up some more sparing partners.

Doe looks as a young lady in her bikini the she looks up at John. John smiles then nods as he turns back to the camera.


Doe: Yes, that would be me.

The girl stands up and gets into focus on the camera.

Girl: You’re my favorite wrestler on NWL. I hope you beat Promo.

Doe: Well, actually we are doing a promotion shot right now, if you want to say some stuff.

John hands her the microphone as the girl gets into focus.

Girl: Promo, I have seen you wrestle before and you can never amount to a great such as John Doe. For on ehe is sexy and two he is awesome in the ring. Promo you don’t understand the power that this man posses in the ring against a weak worm as your self. I understand that these little clips are the “Go Doe...Down Promo” campaign of NWL, so watch them carefully maybe you will learn something…


Voiceover: Even the citizens love John Doe! DOWN WITH PROMO!


John Doe in front of a NWL backdrop. He is without Lane Stone he stands by himself. He is wearing a black NEW Destucity T-shirt. John yabs then looks at the camera.


“Hi, I welcome you to the last segment of our “Go Doe…Down Promo” campaign for NWL. I’d like to thank my good friend Lane Stone for being there for me in these small promotion clips. Promo, I have said quite a lot today. Let me just say a couple things before we sign off here at the studio.”

“Promo over the last couple days I have noticed a small error in your promotion jobs. See you honestly can not get over the fact that I am scared, know in each of my promotions I instate the fact that I am not scared and yet you insist to stay on that thought that I fear you. Promo, you are stretching the truth, I am not afraid of you Promo. I really am not afraid of anything. Listen Promo, at Combat we will go toe to toe in the ring the questions really is are you ready for this?”

“This is not a little match that you can just say oh yeah I am going to win, I can tell you are a decent wrestler Promo, I saw you wrestle Ronnie Valentine, and I saw you lose to that man also. Promo I don’t care that I have not made it as far as you, if you are so great and such a ex champion then you could have beat Ronnie, and you could take on Maelstrom or even Karl Brown. Are you that good to take them on? I say no.”

“Promo, the bottom line is that you are unable to step up to a match that is great, you are unable to prove full potential. See Promo you have this thing where you think you are the best, let’s say you thin k you are God’s little gift to the world. Sorry buddy you are far form the truth, So at combat I am going to open your eyes Promo, I am going to shwo you the truth of this sport. Promo, Be Prepared, Say Your Prayers, The Time Is Upon You. And above all else never forget “I Am Not Just Anyone….I Am John Doe!”