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John Doe
06-21-04, 12:53 AM
ITs that time AGAIN. God who would stay up this late to post soemthing like this? Oh Wait..

See I can't do good R/ps so they decided to level with me and give me this kind of job, I get to post this EVERYTIME! Isn't it B E A U tiful? HA HA, God I'm losing it, Tact is over there writing a book, as I'm here waiting for him to post for I can close this damn thing!

God I get one job in NWL to post this thing and Sean is asking me to do it, oh..yeah that was after i asked for 30 min to post this :rolleyes:



John (Juan) Rivera

The RP Period Police

"Time is up...PERIOD!"

06-21-04, 12:57 AM
LOL... if me asking you really means you begging me to do this, then that's correct. :P

But as the thread says, RP is over .. and angles should have been submitted. :)

owner, new era