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06-19-04, 07:36 PM
Well folks, I'm sure that 99% of you saw this note coming sooner or later.

GXW/GWE has officially closed it's doors as of today.

We've had breaks before, even long hiatuses but we've come to the point where it seems unlikely that the fed can continue at the level that we as a staff expect of ourselves and that we take pride in providing for all of you.

Currently Erik is just so busy that a time when he would be able to run the fed like he has done so well in the past just isn't forseeable.

Chad has had a dramatic (for the better) change in his life recently, but it's a change that brings about a lot of sacrifice when it comes to this game.

For myself, I did my best to make GXW a top flight fed for the five or so months I held the reigns and I'm exceedingly proud of being able to come up with and put together Battleground Britain above just about anything else I've done in FW. I'm satisfied that it leaves a lasting legacy on what GXW was all about. However, running the fed by myself isn't something I can do long term. My schedule just doesn't allow it. I wish it did.

I can't even begin to say how much this fed means to me. As far as fantasy wrestling goes this place has always been my home and always will be. Whether it was as NthWA or after the merger with EWI when it became GXW, to the GWE change that never took place. It is a fed that I've sacrificed greatly for. It's a fed that Erik and Chad have given their all to build into a fed that not only provided a top flight place to roleplay, but also managed to develop some great talent along the way.

Some personal comments:

Chad and Erik - Chad knows how I feel about stuff without saying it here, but I will say that it's been these guys all the way back to the beginning. Chad Dupree got me into online fantasy wrestling. Before that I wasted a lot of flow on that game from Willowick. I didn't see much in it at the time, but he managed to convince me - and I'm glad he did. Before I ever tried to keep the fed afloat, you guys built it into what it was - and it was great.

Jeff Bolichowski - You've come a hell of a long way from the first time I met you. When you came aboard, your characters seems like just about the dorkiest things alive to me. The Big Kahuna and a guy who carries a skull to the ring. But what a difference since then. You were a guy who asked for tips on getting better, and then listened when advice was given. Now I'm happy to see that you've become one of the hottest talents on the FW.com circuit. You've also picked up the ball with EPW in running it, and to dispell any rumors to the contrary, were booked to win that World Title before John made his decision to leave the control of the fed to us. I'm proud to have played a part in that, and I'm proud it all started here.

Mad Dog - What can I say bro? I've been a Boogie mark since day one. Privately you've always been hesitant to recognize your own talent despite the ton of experience you bring to the table. You're also one of the coolest people in the game I know, always willing to work with anyone or anything. I'm proud to have been the one who gave you the chance to reach out and take the oppurtunity when it was presented, and I'm happy to know that after a ten year wait in FW your first World Title was in my fed.

Patrick Shutt - Boy, have we had our differences. ;) But I'll say one thing to everyone right now. No one has been more loyal to the fed than Patrick. Through failed angles, through failed characters, through highs, lows, mergers and huge changes - Patrick's been here since the EWI days. I'd happily take a guy like you who truly cares about the fed than a whole league full of hard to work with supertalented primadonnas. Thanks for sticking it out.

I could say more. I probably should say more, but I'm not even sure how many people are even still reading this.

Quick thanks to Bob Morris, John Miller, Zach Malmgren, Jonathan Penley, Adam Shinder, Ryan Strawsma, Paul Brisbin, Kent Robinson, Scott Lumley, Les McCarver, Mike Dove, my Team Phenom boys - Justin Bishop, Aravi Jega and the aforementioned Big Zieba.

If I missed anyone, it's purely due to there being so many handlers and people otherwise who meant so much to the success to the league. Put together with the NthWA days, five years worth is a lot of people to thank.

Sorry to those who were planning on coming in, particularly Gregg Gethard whose stellar work with Troy Windham is always welcome in any fed I'm associated with.

I'm gonna miss this place more than you all know.

Take care.

- Dave

06-19-04, 07:43 PM
Before April of 2002 I had no idea what fantasy wrestling even was - that is, until my old friend JP introduced me to a little thing called Global X-Treme Wrestling. You know the rest. GXW has always been like home for me, and it's a shame to see it closing down. If it weren't for GXW I would never have gotten into this hobby.

The ride was fun while it lasted. In a hobby where the average shelf life for a fed is about six months, GXW lasted a long time and provided a lot of great moments. Mad props to Erik, Chad, and Dave for keeping it afloat as long as they did.

I'll echo Dave's sentiment in that I'll miss this place more than you know.


06-21-04, 02:30 AM

Where do I begin? A few years ago a friend of mine told me about this online wrestling thing he did. I dismissed him, but quickly followed Evan Aho into EWI.

EWI and GXW/GWE have been my FWrestling starting ground and my internet wrestling home. For Kin Hiroshi it was a place to grow.

I'm still a little in shock, but I did sense something was coming.

As I have very few angles going in other leagues (CSWA and NFW currently) I think this might be the time for Kin Hiroshi to hang up the tights and slowly fade into Muffin Mogul legend.

Thanks to Erik for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the GXW/GWE history and EWI.

Thanks also to Chad and Dave for helping with angles and writing Kin into something bigger than he really was.

Also, a big thanks to Tom Siegel...looks like CC and KH will have to continue to pester people elsewhere (although I hear big things about CC elsewhere).

Finally, thanks to everyone who enjoyed the sarcastic tone of Hiroshi (he was never intended to become as serious of a character as he did).

I will truely miss this place, but maybe someday we'll be back. :)

-Mike Dove
Kin Hiroshi

P.S. If you'd like to drop me a line sometime my current email is sunsetflip@hotmail.com (which also works in MSN Messenger) and my AIM is DizzaHizza

06-21-04, 11:46 PM
well, damn.

i'll make this quick, b/c i hate "goodbyes", even if that's not even really what this is entirely.

to Dave -- Brunk, you're the man. i don't really need to say anything else other than that, but i will. you're a true stand-up guy, and a true friend to those who matter to you and i have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for that and, for You.

E to the Z -- erik, erik, erik. hehehe. i'll look for ya on AIM or MSN. b/c it's been far too long since we last spoke. hope all is well with the ex(?)-LushPac and that, if yer not drinking, you're at least ... smoking heavily and in unhealthy amounts ;)

Chad F'n Dupree -- MY dog. i'll talk to you soon. if not on IM, then via phone.

to everyone else; MadDog, Jeff, Dan, Tom, ALL of y'all sum-biznitches.

i'm sure we'll cross paths again someday. the internet is a much smaller place than people give it credit for.

thanks for the many, many memories, and for the friends met, made, and lost along the way.

y'all can keep up w/ whatever i am (and am Not) up to, at http://www.paulbrisbin.com.

later people.

-paul brisbin
(wonders if this will be his last ever FW-related post)

Mad Dog
06-22-04, 12:13 PM
(This site sucks, I posted a reply and it didn't go thru. Then again, it may be User Error. :-) So this note is going to be shorter than the original and I am going to copy it to make sure the same problem doesn't occur again.)

THis is very sad to hear. I say it coming and heard that it was going to happen, but I still didn't want to believe it.

EZ, Chad, Dave...Thank you for all of your hard work in making this fed what it is today.

I think we have a talented group of RPers and that things were going to get better, but real life always takes priority. I would've offered some assistance in keeping it going, but for some of you that don't know, I started school a few months ago, so my time has been very limited as well.

Seeing this post upset me more than I thought it would. I have a lot of fond memories of this company. I have been with it, off and on, for the past few years and have grown attached.

I feel extremely honored to have been the World champion. Witht he exception of a few small feds almost 10 years ago, this was the first World title I won. I was glad it was here.

To all the guys that helped by contributing great angles and RP, thanks for all of your efforts. This place wouldn't have been as good if people weren't submitting ideas and feeding off of one another.

I don't really know what else to say...except...


Any fed wanting a Unification match better bring it on!

G-X-Dub 4 Life

- Joe aka Mad Dog

06-22-04, 06:22 PM
(you ever on AOLIM these days, mad dog? never seem to catch ya ;) )

06-22-04, 07:39 PM
Where to start?

Honestly, although I don't entirely agree with Dave, only in part because I always had a tad bit of hope that things would pick up like they always have before and purr like a kitten in no time flat.

MEGA-thanks to Dave, EZ, and the Chadster, if you people only knew the amount of times I heard about those people asking about the card....you'd think that the three of them woulda had a Quasi-Migraine by now.

Superhuman-MEGA thanks to Warren, who was the one who started everything to begin with in MWC. The man STILL has the time toput me on my ass with the RPs he puts out, along with the ideas I hear.


Joe--Damn, ya know I never really thought that Boogie would get as far as he did, but you beat down that door to the World Title, blunt in hand, with a veageance, lol. If there's a Champion here that I would have to have leave before me, I'm glad to know that its with someone with as much GENIUS as you have had. Awesome job bro.

El Brisbino--I sincerely hope you bring Ice 'Tre and everyone else you have with, to CSWA. I'm sure that you could DEFINATELY shock the world as you've done so well here.

Mike Dove--It's a damn shame we have to stop things here, of all places. We still have Casablanca...er---CSWA.

Patrick and the Night Hawks---Big thanks to you Patrick for the matches with HF. I still remember the three-way match with Maverick, perhaps we can have another. Nighthawks.....you and Patrick and Bob Morris are killer with the girls, I very much hope you can bring them else where.

You people can catch me online at AIM (Cameron Cruise) or Yahoo (bugsy_the_outlaw), if you want to chat.

Apologies to those who I missed.

Hope to continue to see you all elsewhere.

Tom Siegel aka Cameron Cruise, Mercedes Devon & Karla Starr.

06-22-04, 08:48 PM

Dave - Good to be working with you. I'm looking forward to doing it again some time if/when Merrit gets back to me on CSWA. Til then, I'll see you around.

Chad - A damn fine handler if there ever was one. The Innovator... the Mastermind... the man who brought GXW to what it is. Youse the man, and never forget that.

Jeff - Our hatchet was buried, but I think it's time the world knew.

Paul - ...didn't you quit a while back? Anywho, I'm eagerly awaiting the resurrection of Cyrus Blackshire. Until then, keep it cool... oh, and KERRY 2004, WHOOOOOO!!!!

And to everybody else...

...good luck and good night.

Mad Dog
06-23-04, 05:56 PM
Originally posted by blackshire
(you ever on AOLIM these days, mad dog? never seem to catch ya ;) )

Hardly. I've been swamped with school and work. I will be on late Thursday night, so mark your calendar. :-)

- Mad Dog

06-23-04, 06:07 PM
he's in a committed relationship with Mary Jane too, in case you forgot. ;)

I had fun in that Battleground Britain tournament. MadDog, Imma gonna getcha though. ;)

06-23-04, 10:23 PM
I will say that, while I'm not surprised that GXW/GWE has had to close its doors, it is still sad to see it go.

I certainly want to tip my hat to Erik, Chad and Dave for all their hard work and dedication to make this fed so enjoyable. I know after I ended up having to take sort of a leave of absence, and then decided it was time to get my characters active again, they welcomed my return.

I think they also did a great job in putting up with me as I went through the motions with various characters in NthWA and also here in GXW. :)

I certainly want to say it's been a blast to work with a number of talented handlers. It's unfortunate Gregg and I didn't get to continue with a potential Troy Windham/Marcus Johnson storyline, but maybe we'll catch up somewhere else. :)

As for me, I'm still active in the e-fed circuit, but not sure yet what I'll do here at FW Central specifically. I make take a little time away and concentrate on my e-fed ventures for a while.

If anyone wants to look me up, I'm usually available on AIM on RatSportRM.

Again...Chad, Dave and Erik...thanks for everything!

Bob Morris

06-23-04, 11:10 PM
Another one of the good leagues close down... You guys all did a terrific job with this league making it what it was. While I was only involved with one show, Brunk was a class act and knowing Dupree all the way back from his ShootAngle days, he was always one of the good ones.


06-23-04, 11:44 PM
Originally posted by RStrawsma
Paul - ...didn't you quit a while back?




later, though