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06-18-04, 10:01 AM
It was finally pitch black when Dylan stepped out of the apartment building that housed his cramped little studio apartment. As he stood on the steps that led to the sidewalk he took in the bleak scenery. He moon was close to full casting the extended shadows of all that surrounded him. Dylan’s eyes that darted around until he found exactly what he was looking for… his keys.

The keys to the 1997 Toyota Celica GT Convertible were suspended in mid-air by a hand. The hand itself belonged to a woman with blond hair and emerald green eyes. The woman’s hair hung in thin braids that dropped to her shoulders, the tips dyed green to match her eyes.

Dylan took in the sight of the woman and grinned. She was a shapely woman, dressed in a plaid mini-skirt with black leather, knee high boots, a Three Days Grace tank top, and a solid red man’s necktie. But his smile faded a little when he realized that for once he looked no where as good as she did.

Before leaving, the only care Dylan had taken was to make sure his hair was brushed and not tangled. His long golden locks fell to his shoulders as straight as a board, but looked almost pliable as string, the blue streaks standing out in the moonlight. He wore only a Smile Empty Soul T-shirt over a blue, long sleeve, mesh shirt, a pair of black baggy nylon pants, and blue and black DC skating shoes.

“Steal my keys again? Does this mean that you want to drive, Stacy?”

The woman, now known as Stacy, ginned right back Dylan, “Of course I do, Mr. McCormick. I always want to drive. I always want to be in control.”

Dylan, finding the chance to use some sort of sexual innuendo retorted, “You like to be in control elsewhere too, don’t you?”

Stacy’s grin turned for an emulation of Dylan’s own arrogance to one of slyness and full of mischief. “Oh, you know I do.”

Dylan stepped off down the steps and approached the woman. Kissing her on the cheek he plucked the keys from her hand, and then leaned over to whisper in her ear, “Not tonight, I am feeling the need to have control of this beast.” The beast Dylan referred to was the Celica, with it’s Skyline conversion body kit and performance upgrades Dylan could toast almost any other import on the road, and he loved to street race, just one the many things that gave him the rush of adrenaline he needed daily.

As Dylan rounded the car to the driver’s side Stacy reluctantly opened the passenger side door and got in. She waited until Dylan was in the car before closing the door, making them close in unison. Dylan then started the car and pulled away from the curb. There was an unsettling silence for a few moments before Stacy spoke up.

“Dylan, why did you sign that New Era of Wrestling contract? I thought you were going to wait until other offers came in. You know wait until you got the best one.”

This was the confrontation that Dylan wanted to avoid. They had talked about this when The New Era of Wrestling first contacted Dylan McCormick with an offer. Dylan told them he was going to wait, cockily saying that he would play his cards until he got the best offer. It was now two days later and he had already signed the original contract with them. He didn’t even wait to see if they would up their offer. He knew they wouldn’t, and he knew no other contracts would come in.

“Look Stace,” Dylan said as he pushed the car a little harder, testing out the new intake and gear ratios he had tinkered with earlier in the day,” I didn’t just blindly sign the contract. I realized that I wasn’t going to get a better offer. You see big name federations want people who produce. Rookies are good, but they have to get better with time. Right now, I am a rookie and I am not in high demand, meaning I would have been lucky to get any other offers.”

Stacy shook her head. “But why with a federation so small? I mean, it’s kind of degrading, isn’t it?”

It was now Dylan’s turn to shake his head. “No, it isn’t degrading. I mean, every promotion has to start some where.” He could tell that Stacy wasn’t buying it. “Look at it this way, The New Era of Wrestling is a baby, right? This baby was just born. It hasn’t really become self-aware yet. But with a little tender love and care, a little bit of nurturing, this promotion could become just what it says it is, The New Era of Wrestling.”

Stacy smiled. Dylan always had such and elegant way of putting things. Even when she was furious at him, just by listening to his reasoning she could realize exactly why she just might be wrong. Though she would argue her point most times, she knew that she could never remain mad at Dylan for more than five minutes at a time.

“Ok,” Stacy said. “But you are awesome at what you do. Why would you pick a place so small and new in the first place?”

Dylan knew she was already seeing things his way but continued on with the conversation just to humor her. She was probably the only person in his adult life that he told everything to. “Ok, just as every promotion has to start somewhere, so does every professional wrestler. As for me, as good as I may or may not be, this is the perfect place to start off. A car can’t start by going at top speed. It has to start from a stop and accelerate, right? In this case I am accelerating toward top speed, and at this rate I am like that car that broke the sound barrier. I will soon be faster than anyone else.”

Stacy leaned over and kissed Dylan on the cheek. “That’s why I love you Dylan, you are so confident in yourself that you inspire me to be confident in not only myself, but every one else in my life. There is only one problem. Don’t expect me to walk around on TV like those trashy sluts. I won’t degrade myself to be part of this promotion with you.”

Dylan smacked himself in the forehead. “Stacy, all I want is for you to be yourself. You don’t need to change for anyone. All I expect of you is for you to be yourself. That’s all you should expect of me. You don’t need to change just because we are in the “big time” now.

Stacy rubbed Dylan’s thigh. “I love you.”

Dylan smiled, “I know, and I love you too.”

He sped off into the night and smiled. The rest of Dylan’s life was falling into place… his cocky grin returned to his face.