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06-13-04, 08:17 PM
All RP for the Falls Count Anywhere match between TREVOR CANE and TROY DOUGLAS should be done in this thread.

All RP and angles should be submitted by Sunday June 20th, at 11:59pm. All angles should be submitted to secandido@comcast.net .

06-18-04, 06:09 PM
(scene opens up to the ocean. standing on top of the wall above is trevor cane. cane looks down at the water, which is hitting the side of the wall, splashing upwards.)

the messenger

and now the quest continues. as i get closer to teaching another who disregards my message of hope for the future of manking, i am forced to go into the ring, or rather, around the building, in a falls count anywhere match with one troy douglas. i've followed your career, douglas. i see you in epw. i see you in new era. you had a rough go last raucous. i wouldnt say that your performance was exactly stellar the past two events. what happened, troy? have you become so blinded by the ways of the world that it has start to affect your actions in the ring? are you so caught up in the narcissistic whirlwind of everyday life that you can't seem to ground yourself? you're in need of help. i will help you. while the world continues to spin faster than anyone can keep up with, while most will walk right by you with their noses in the air, i will dig deep and pull you out of this hole.

nobody sees when you're lying in your bed - except me. nobody sees inside your soul - nobody stares at those rattling bones - except for me. i am your savior. i am your fare. while all those people in those stands are chanting your name, you can look to me to protect you. to help you drown out those calls of anarchy and hone your goals and aspirations.

we both have a road set for us for destrucity. you know your opponent. jonathan marx, the gentleman. he awaits you with arms folded. with a cold glare. this ignorance hinders you. it creates a veil of faux security. you become lax in your training because you think you know what you're going up against. i am free of this ignorance, douglas. i do not know my opponent, only that i shall show him the light. as i will show you.

troy. do not fear the light. embrace it. welcome it with open arms. for it will save you, if you let it.

(a splash comes up and sprinkles water on the lens, the camera turns to the ocean, where the sky is getting darker. it turns back to cane, but the messenger is gone.)

06-20-04, 10:41 PM

Open on TROY DOUGLAS, wearing khaki shorts and a black GXW Genesis t-shirt, sitting in front of an NEW backdrop and bearing a solemn expression. None of the typical Douglas geniality this time, it's time for a rededication to what got him here.


You think you KNOW something, Trevor?

You speak to me with a message of salvation, carrying some notion that not only can you see inside my soul and know EXACTLY what I desire, but that you are the man who can provide it.

Sorry, Trev. You missed the spot there.

For all your talk, Trevor Cane, about ignorance and tolerance, preparation and salvation, your words contain very little wisdom, and even less truth. I'm sorry, Trevor, but as much as you style yourself an all-knowing messenger of "the light", there is no way you can ever know the hell that once lay within my soul.

You weren't there when my mother died four hours after I was born, Trevor. You couldn't see the pain on my father's face when he looked at me, just because I reminded him of her. There was no Trevor Cane when they carted my best friend off to prison for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or when I blew out my back and lost a promising NFL career. Most importantly, you can't EVER begin to comprehend what it was like to lose my father and my fiance on the same night.

I tried to kill myself, Trevor. Twice I almost jumped off of hotel balcony ledges and only fortunate phone calls pulled me back. So I quit. My body, which had ached under than five years of compounding injuries, couldn't take the addition of this psychological trauma. But, with the two people I cared about most gone, all I had left was this squared circle.

I needed saving then, Trevor. I saved myself.

For four and a half months I worked, I scratched and clawed my way back to physical and mental health. I came back, and I've been better than ever. I went throught vicious tests in GXW against some of the most brutal men in this sport. I signed with EPW and am now the number one contender to the world title. I fulfilled my childhood dreaming by signing with CSWA, and I've yet to suffer defeat.

Then, there's NEW Era. I started off well, but various business and personal distractions have undeservedly taken my attention away from this company. I apologize to my fans, my opponents, and NEW management for this.

The good news is, I'm BACK.

Good news for me. Bad news for you, Trevor.

You see, this is a falls count anywhere match that we've got at RAUCOUS, a match that has the potential to be vicious, brutal, and bloody. For my opponent, at least. You see, while I've always prided myself on my technical prowess, my ability to simply outwrestle any opponent, I won't hesitate to get violent if the occasion rises.

Right now, I feel the need to set an example. You, Trevor Cane, are that example. Not because I feel any particular animosity towards you, Cane, just because your in my way right now. You're the last block on my road to Jonathan Marx, who will be my final petty rivalry before I go after the big prize. Larry, Jean, whichever of you walks out of Destrucity with the belt, you should be wary that I'LL be the one waiting for you on the other side.

But for now, I'll satisfy myself by taking care of Cane. You may think you'll be delivering a message, Trevor, but you'll be nothing but another notch in my win column, because I've got no intent of slipping up again. I've faced more intimidating, more vicious men then you, and I've conquered them. You've caught me at a bad time, Trevor, and there just may not be that much of you left for the ULTIMATE Surprise in a couple of weeks.

Sucks for you.

See you at the end of YOUR road, Trevor.