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06-13-04, 08:16 PM
All RP for the EL ARCO IRIS and TRAVIS SMITH match should be done in this thread.

All RP and angles should be submitted by Sunday June 20th, at 11:59pm. All angles should be submitted to secandido@comcast.net .

06-17-04, 12:47 PM
(Posted in the right Thread.)

~Travis Smith is in Steve's Pizza Shack in New York City while on a promotional tour for NEW wrestling and future cards in the New York area. He's wearing a blue track suit and black shoes. He walks in and orders up a slice of peperroni pizza and sits down in a corner booth with a window view of the city. Cars are passing by, lights flashing, the night sky is seen with the stars in place. Travis first looks out the window and then closes his eyes for a moment.. A grin comes across his face as he looks back over to the camera next to him.~

Travis: I'm going to get to the point here and make this very short and simple.

~Travis turns sideways in the seat as he speaks. The camera zooms in a bit on him.~

Travis: I look at this match comming up as a chance to show John Dow what it's like to be facing a mad man. You see I got a small victory last week when I pinned his partner Troy Douglas because I knew then I could one up John.. But I'm not going to sell this match, this week short. El Arco Iris looks to be an impressive guy. I'm not going to count him out or knock him down at all, what I'm going to do is go out there like I've done every night since day one in the NEW and that's wrestle my opponets.

~His pizza arrives as a young man brings it to him and places the plate on the table then walks away.~

Travis: El Arco Iris, I hope you're going to enjoy this match as much as I am this week because I know I'm going to go out there to that ring and I'm going to give you a run for your money as promissed. I just hope you're expecting to give me that same kind of work in return because Iris, one wrong move and you'll be counting the lights while I count the pay checks. I'll see you at Raucous..

~Camera fades as he begins to eat and stair back off at the city scenery.~

06-18-04, 05:37 PM
(Cue up: “Chihuahua” by DJ Bobo. We fade to a large gymnasium-type training facility, where on the wall is painted a giant red, white, and green logo reading “FMLL”. In the center of the place as we can guess are several wrestlers, the majority masked, going through drills and sequences. On the outside of the ring overseeing this is El Arco Iris, in his mask and a rainbow tie-dye sweatshirt with matching sweat pants. Iris turns facing the camera as it gets closer to him.)

El Arco Iris: El Arco Iris must give a thousand thanks to the New Era administration for allowing El Arco Iris a vacation on the last card after El Arco Iris’ fantastic contest with the world champion Larry Tact. El Arco Iris has taken this time to devote to other projects that are in the works, specifically in helping many young athletes fulfill their dreams in the newest upstart promotion, La Federación Mexicana de Lucha Libre. El Arco Iris is down here in Guadalajara, Jalisco, to oversee the training of it’s future stars, to make sure they are brought up with a strong work ethic based on confidence, integrity, friendship, and most importantly, happiness. These young wrestlers need not feel ashamed or angry with themselves for anything in the process of trying to realize and achieve their goals, and El Arco Iris is making sure they don’t in this FMLL gym. As glad as El Arco Iris was to have some time off, El Arco Iris is JUST as excited to get back into the New Era ring and face off against a promising star with potential in Señor “Too Sweet” Travis Smith.

(El Arco Iris turns back towards the ring, pulls out a stopwatch and whistle, and announces to the trainees…)

El Arco Iris: Bueno, novatos, vayamos a la secuencia técnica tres. Formen parejas, ¡adelante!

(El Arco Iris blows the whistle, then turns back)

Iris: As I was saying, Travis Smith, yes, you have talent, and El Arco Iris is absolutely proud to see you succeeding in your first matches. But, El Arco Iris thinks there is a downside to not knowing what it is like to face defeat before you face victory. In your recent statements it looks like you are confident, yes, self-confidence is important, but you are almost crossing the border into an air of arrogance and cockiness, which El Arco Iris knows never helps anyone get anywhere, be it in life or professional wrestling. What caught El Arco Iris’ attention the most is how you want to show people “what it’s like to face a madman.” Why would you consider being “mad” a strength, Travis? Anger and arrogance combined create an ultimate cloud over your mind and senses. Your focus can only look to be severely hindered. A pure and focused mind is one that does not let rancor control him. A smiling face is the greatest weapon any man can have in any arsenal.

(The camera switches to in the ring, where one masked wrestler is knocked down hard onto his back. He rolls out of the ring and sits down on the floor, looking very distraught. El Arco Iris goes over to him.)

Iris: Serpiente Leviatán…what’s wrong?

Serpiente: Professor…I don’t think I have the right stuff for wrestling. I just can’t hang with all of these other guys! They obviously have more talent than me! I just keep getting dropped on my ass every time I go in there!

Iris: Hey, hey, hey! That is no way to talk about yourself. Why should you doubt yourself when you make a few mistakes in training? Is not practice so you can perfect your mistakes and get better?

(Serpiente is hesitant to answer.)

Iris: …Isn’t it?

Serpiente: Yes…yes it is, prof.

Iris: So? You aren’t going to get any better if you just mope about what you did wrong and don’t fix it. Be ready to face disappointment sometimes, Serpiente, because once you overcome it, it can only mean there is a greater reward ahead.

Serpiente: You…you think?

Iris: El Arco Iris knows this. El Arco Iris has experienced it, and El Arco Iris has seen others experience it, and soon El Arco Iris may have to make another experience it, but these hardships only serve to forge our spirits and make us better wrestlers and better people. Now get in there and get back to drilling!

(Iris gives Serpiente a hug and a quick pat on the back as he slides back into the ring and pursues the training with new ardor.)

Iris: Well, Señor Smith, I hope you heard and comprehended that little message. You may enter the ring come Raucous as a mad man, but El Arco Iris will go to all lengths possible to give you an experience that you’ll have no choice but to leave with a SMIIIILE…(Iris traces the smile on his mask with his thumb)…on your face!

(Fade to Rainbow)