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06-13-04, 08:15 PM
All RP for the DANNY DANGER and MADONNA WAYNE GROSSARD match should be done in this thread.

All RP and angles should be submitted by Sunday June 20th, at 11:59pm. All angles should be submitted to secandido@comcast.net .

06-14-04, 11:46 PM
(CUEUP: "Blue" by A perfect circle...)
(MWG's leaning against a brick wall, next to a cardboard cut out of Lindsey Lohan. Arms folded across his chest, black lipstick, purple eyeliner, a scowl that could be sinister or playful, fishnet shirt, baby blue latex mini-skirt, 'n combat boots...)

"The American Idol"
"the hardcore legend"
M.W. Grossard: mmmkay...Like, I get how the protocol for these things works? But please. I am SO totally above this...

Does anyone who works at this company know who Andy Warhol was, or read People magazine? Has anyone here heard of this fabulous new invention called "Television?" MTV? E? TLC? the WB? Hello? Ever Been inside one of those funny looking rooms in the mall, where they've got the pictures that move around and talk? Y'know? Lindsey Lohan? Vin Diesel? Vinnie Paz? Kelly Osbourne? Mel Gibson? Whiney Houston? Alexis Blendel? Charles
Manson? Scott Weiland? Jim Morrison? Joan Rivers? Sean Connery? Helena Bonhomme Carter? Sam Jackson? Suchin Pak? Matt Lillard? Angelina Jolie? Rachael Leigh Cook? P. Diddy? Frank Sinatra? Kim Cartral? Trent Reznor? Kenneth Bianchi? Sammy Davis Jr? Jimmy Urine? Peter Fonda? James Dean? Christina Ricci? Elvis Presley? John F. Kennedy? Marilyn Monroe? The last 50 years of popular culture?

Does any of this ring any bells with anyone?

I understand that when a wrestler comes on your show, for their first match, you generally put him or her against somebody who can make them look good. But I'm not a wrestler. I'm not even a sports entertainer. I, *****es, am a star. And anyone with (makes quote marks with fingers) "Dancin'" for a nickname is
so NOT a star in the slightest bit? Anyone called "dancin'" anything is one of those people who make wrestlers look
good. One of those people who aren't really good at anything, or just good at getting beat up and being wretched...

Wrestlers need help to look good. Stars don't. That's why they're stars, and why I'm a star. As you've doubtlessly noticed, I'm drop f(bleep)king dead gorgeous. As a point of fact, I'm SO boomin, Ugly, sad unfamous people? Well, If they stand next to me, by comparison, they're dead. They...just...die.

With this peculiar booking choice, NEW has managed to waste my precious time, and kill poor, innocent, little Danny Danger.....

(sighs, lights a cigarette, and slides down the wall so as to sit on the floor, and kindly crosses his legs at the thighs...)

I hope this doesn't sound like whining. While I don't mind telling you I'm unhappy about my first NEW match, I intend to show up, wrestle, and win. You see, I've been around this business long enough to know that when someone does you a favor, you shouldn't screw them over.

And I consider putting me in a ring with Beau Michaels and Peter File a big favor...(licks his lips) umhuh...see boys, I know you're out there. Watching me. Thinking of me. Anticipating our little tryst. I have to tell you a secret...just between the three of us. (crawls next to the camera lense,'n lowers his voice...we've
got an ultra close up shot of MWG's clogged pours...) This match....wont be like anything that's happened in NEW or anywhere else before. It's not gonna be a wrestling match. It's not even gonna be a competition. I'm just gonna f(bleep)k you both. And I don't mean euphemistically, I mean, for real, we're gonna have sex with each other. Butt sex. On live TV.

Not necessarily cuz I'm THAT hot for either one of you, or for some performance artsy fartsy politcal statement. I just need the publicity. Tragically, I've fallen well behind the Zeitgeist. (sits back...)'n so, on that lovely little note, I bid farewell, and say Danny Danger? sweetie? prepare to die. Not in the permanent way, just in the...well, you know, (quote marks w/fingers) "might as well be" way. Cuz once I'm finished with you, there wont be anything left to pimp...