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05-31-04, 01:01 PM
First off, congratulations to everyone in EPW for RPing and writing a great show with Unleashed. very nicely done all around by all involved.

Lindsay, you're going to get it :)

However, I do want to point out a "trend" that I've seen in EPW's writing lately. Please take this as constructive criticism, and not as an attack on anyone - just trying to help the overall product.

It looks like EPW's starting to fall into the same trap as the WWE has in recent times, with overbooking wrestler's finishing moves.

I've noticed it since Black Dawn - having written for A1E for a few years now, I can tell the writer(s) is(are) looking for a dramatic device by having wrestler A kick out of wrestler B's finisher, then either make a comeback for the win, or have B fend off the comeback and hit the finisher again for the win, with the announcers going ape and selling it nicely helps.

That works - but in small doses - not in at least two or three matches per card every week.

But truthfully, it's getting overdone to the point where finishers are starting to not mean anything, and a guy has to practically be killed in the ring to be pinned.

I can see a strong offense in the middle of the match with a finisher attempt and kickout for effect. That's fine, in very small doses. I can even see guys trading finishers at the end of a huge match for an extra special gutsy effort in a super close match, before one guy finally drops the other for the win. Fine for a big main event TV match or hot PPV match here and there.

A finisher is supposed to be the wrestler's end-all, be-all, defacto show stopper (and opponent stopper), and when it takes 4 finishers (3 in a row) to take down an opponent - while I know it was done for dramatic effect - it devalues that finisher to the point where it's basically just another move in the basic repetoire, like how a DDT or piledriver has become.

We need to get back to the point where the finisher actually *finishes* something.

05-31-04, 01:31 PM
I see your point about the finishers and will work on it. (Though I do love the drama of finisher-finisher-finisher. :))

05-31-04, 02:47 PM
I see and accept your point. Sometimes it does get repetative, but I think that's the problem with having thre or four people writing the cards; we all want to write the most exciting match we can, and close falls, for a lot of people, do that. Using a finisher and having someone kick out is a quick way to get that done. But I accept what you're saying, and will remember it in future.

05-31-04, 03:33 PM
I know where both of you are coming from - I've must have written a couple hundred matches (or it feels like it anyway ;) ) and know exactly what you're saying, and understand the dramatic effect of kicking out of a finisher can provide.

However, there does get to a point where it's overdone, and a close fall doesn't necessarily have to employ a finisher to be effective.

Kicking out of a finisher should almost be (imo) a "holy sh*t" moment in a match, and should really mean something. It loses it's luster fast when it's done three times in one match.

05-31-04, 04:00 PM
Originally posted by Beast
First off, congratulations to everyone in EPW for RPing and writing a great show with Unleashed. very nicely done all around by all involved.

Lindsay, you're going to get it :)

You mean...you didn't like the latest chapter in the book "101 Ways to Ruin Beast's Life"???


06-01-04, 06:51 PM
I, for one, agree 110%. To me at least, a finisher should be just that, a finisher... but maybe I'm old fashioned. Down in Mexico, they still sell a PILEDRIVER like it's instant death... to the point where it's banned. I'm not saying a guy's finisher should be an instant career killer, but having guys kick out of a finisher is most effective in very small doses, in my humble opinion. Keep up the good work everyone.