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05-28-04, 03:52 PM
All RP for the Television Title match between CHAOS and JEAN RABESQUE (c) should be done in this thread.

All RP and angles should be submitted by Saturday June 5th, at 11:59pm. All angles should be submitted to secandido@comcast.net .

06-01-04, 11:11 PM
(The dice roll the length of the green felt table and roll an eleven. As the dealer scoops them up he places them in the pam. of a large hand. As the camera moves up the smiling face of Chaos stares back into the lens. He smiles slightly then hands the dice back.

Chaos: Gotta go Chief. It's hype central.

(He makes his way from the small crowd at the table and the camera man follows along. )

Chaos: Well here we go. Me and Jean Rabesque for the TV title. You know I'd like to say this is what I came here for. That I'm focused on this match more then anything else. However I'm an honest guy and the truth is...I'm not. Suicide and I have unresolved issues. As I'm sure you've noticed. The man choked me out in our last meeting and I tell you u this Jean.

(He pauses, gives a slight chuckle then sneers)

Chaos: I'm not the kind of guy to let something like that slide. in fact I have something planned. Hell it might even put our match together in jeopardy, but I don't care...I really don't. Suicide is going to realize he made a mistake. He made the biggest mistake of his career. He had me down and out. He let his own anger cost him the match and his ego release the hold. he should have NEVER let me go. He's going to wish he hadn't we things are all said and done.

(Chaos reaches the front doors of the casino and retrieves his duster from coat check. He slides his arms through the sleeves and heads outside. Seconds later he's standing outside of Caesar's Palace)

Chaos: As for you Jean. well I really have nothing against you. Sure Hellion might have started that whole thing of calling you "Frenchy", but I'm not him. No...I'm much different

(He slides on a pair of sunglasses. Despite the cool sixth degree air the sun is still quite bright)

Chaos: See I’m bigger...I'm stronger...and I'm a whole lot meaner. It's a side you haven't seen yet, but you will. I assure you of it. Just be ready Jean. because when that bell rings. Well I'm going to do my best to walk all over you. Because to be honest...I have other plans in mind. I'm going to end this quick. I'll be seeing you Jean

(a black Chrysler 300 pulls up and chaos tips the valet. He slides behind the drives seat, waves through the window and pulls away)


06-05-04, 05:42 PM
(The screen comes in on Rabesque, standing in front of the NEW backdrop, wearing the norm, TV title draped over his shoulder...... you know the drill)

(However.... before he begins Rabesque pauses and holds up the TV title, closely examining it, as he holds it out and speaks)

“Now, Chaos, I would also love to be able to come out and say that this TV title is why I came here, and this really means everything to me, but if I did that, I too would be lying. Yeah, I basically had it handed to me, I really didn’t have to beat anyone of consequence to get it, and I really haven’t had to beat anyone of consequence to retain it. But here I am, the TV champ, and my priorities are elsewhere. Should make for one hell of an interesting confrontation come Raucous, shouldn’t it?

“You seem to be abundantly preoccupied with Suicide, and that’s fine. But I really to this day have difficulty understanding why. Hell, just beat him one more time and he’ll probably pout to the point he’ll quit the fed. But, hey, that’s your thing, and you’re entitled to it. But even if this TV title isn’t necessarily what you’re going after, allow me to caution you now. Those folks who take me lightly, or don’t have their focus on me, very often end up not being able to wrestle for a very long time. I can’t really explain it, but let’s just say I have this uncanny ability to make people bend on ways they’re not supposed to.

“But, as I made mention to earlier, you’re catching a reprieve this time around, because you’re not really on my radar screen right now. Sure, it’s nice having a belt, and I’ll do everything that I have to to retain, but Larry Tact remains #1 on the list for me. He, and the title he carries, were the reason I came to be a part of the NEW Era in the first place. It wasn’t so I can headline small shows, defending some secondary title against men who really don’t want anything to do with it in the first place. No, it’s so I can be headlining PAY PER VIEWS, defending MY NEW Heavyweight Championship against anybody and everybody.

“So maybe this is the time for you Chaos. Maybe you’re getting the golden opportunity. You can step in and capitalize against a distracted Jean Rabesque. Maybe you can do the thing that everybody has wanted to do and everyone has failed at here in NEW, and pin me 1-2-3 right in the middle of the ring. Maybe just maybe Chaos......

“But then again..... maybe not.

“With all of that working in your favor, you still don’t have what it takes to stand toe to toe with me in the middle of the ring. You can, and you will, TAP OUT to me. I don’t care how big you are, or how tough you think you are. You made mention to Hellion, and of course followed it up by making it abundantly clear that you’re not him. How you’re bigger, how you’re stronger. Well, Chaos, I most certainly hope that is the case..... at least for your sake. Next time you see him, just ask him how he remembers the last two times we faced each other. I’m pretty sure he enjoyed being WWL World Champion. It’s too bad that I had to take that right away from him. I don’t think he ever really recovered from that, come to think of it. It was all a downward spiral from there, and look at him now, a shell of his former self........ such a pity.

“You think you’re going to end this quick Chaos? Two words: Keep dreaming. Your only chance is a gift from the heaven’s above, or someone cheating on your behalf. If either of those happen, then maybe you’ll have a chance, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. Take it for what it’s worth.

“No false gimmicks, no false hype, I am the TV Champ.... and hell, next World Champ, I am Jean Rabesque.”

(Fade out)

06-05-04, 10:57 PM
(The camera opens backstage at Raucous. Chaos steps before a NEW backlrop dressed for his match tonight. He takes a few moments to walk in a circle collecting his thoughts, then faces the camera and smiles)

Chaos: Well...well Jean. it's nice to see you've shown alittle pride in yourself. Not that I care. In fact if you had just keep your mouth shut I could have taken the TV title from you tonight and not had to sit though one of your ego induced diatribes. Ah, but your one to never leave enough alone.

(He shrugs and the smile fades from his face)

Chaos: It's true I do have issues with suicide. However we still have a match together tonight. It might not be for a title either of us wants, but for one second you made a point that actually caught my attention. You want Larry Tact. I guess he's a changed man and now actually wrestlers fro belts, but you have your eyes set on that too. You want to be the next World Heavyweight Champion. There in lies a problem for you, A problem named Chaos. After all a loss to me tonight certainly will not set you up in title contention.It looks like after all is said and done...I have something to take from you after all.

(He pauses again and the smiles slowly comes back)

Chaos: See you've got an ego Jean. An ego just like Suicide. Only you don't bother to try and hide it. You wear it smug right on your face. You walk right back into the past to try and validate too. What you got what? one victory over Hellion. That was nearly five years ago? You think that makes you special. Jean his short list of losses are more impressive then any victory you've ever attained. His run of conquests...you quite frankly just don't measure up too. Your name is included on that list too. So please, save us the speech. he works harder in the ring in a day then you do in a month as he trains future World Champions. Look at you...your still hanging around. chasing after gold and glory. You haven't validated yourself yet have you Jean? and we should pity him? St.Loius isn't too far away Jean. Hellion Dojo...it's not hard too find. You want directions...just ask. I'll have the man himself tell you too your face what I already know.

(He takes a step forward and a smirk forms upon his face)

Chaos: Your just another bland Canadian Import. Something none of us Americans give a damn about. You say it over and over and it's never more true. Your Jean Rabesque. No false hype...no hype at all. No false gimmick...no gimmick at all.

(He yawns widly)

Chaos: You bore me to tears Jean...it's even worse when you make hollow threats.

(He face grows cold)

Chaos: Suicide tried...I didn't tap. You THINK for a second your MAN enough to try.

(He laughs outloud)

Chaos: Sorry Jean. At the end of the night you'll just be another victim. Another man to feel a Chaos Bomb. Unless Jean...unless you get really lucky. You see I have plans for Suicide. I have plans tonight...I won't make any grand proclamations like he did...I'll just say this.

(His eyes narrow and he stares froward)

Chaos: After what I have planned tonight...your going to HOPE and PRAY...YOU DON'T HAVE TO FACE ME TONIGHT!!! Just wait and see. I'm sure I'll even put a smile on your face

(He let's loose a loud laugh, turns his back and walks away)


06-05-04, 11:59 PM
(The screen comes in on Rabesque, standing in front of the NEW backdrop, wearing the norm, TV title draped over his shoulder...... you know the drill)

“You know it is incredibly cute to see you defend Hellion the way you do Chaos. Talking about how hard he works, training the next batch of ‘world champions’ as you put it. Well, either he needs to work a hell of a lot harder, or he needs to find a new batch of recruits, because as I see it, he ain’t done jack yet. I have yet to see ‘world championship’ material come out of the Hellion Dojo if you know what I mean. But still, there you are, defending him to the death. He’s a man who’s one claim to fame is a victory no one seems to acknowledge anymore. Hell, Mike Randalls defended the Unified Title just a few weeks ago over in CSWA. I find it humorous that they just pretend it never happened. So if that’s the case, what else did he ever really accomplish in his career? And for the record... I beat him twice in WWL, back to back, and one before that. Hell, I don’t even remember where that one was.

“But moving on.... if you think for one second you’re going to leap frog me and becoming anything resembling a contender Chaos then you’re even more delusional than I had previously thought. Let’s hypothesize for one moment that you did beat me and became the TV champ. So? You think that can change what’s happened so far? Do you think that will change that people actually come to arenas to see me, buy my t-shirts, and chant my name? Regardless of anything that happens in the next few weeks, I’m going to be in the main event when NEW takes the PPV airwaves in just over a month. That is not solely a promise, it is a GUARANTEE, and I will do everything in my power to see to it that that happens.

“You can call me every name in the book. You can make fun of whatever you wish, it really doesn’t matter. Am I smug? Yeah. Do I have an ego? Yep. Why? Because I back up every damn word I have to say! I walk out to the middle of the ring and I tell everyone that wants to listen that I am the best damn technical wrestler going today. Why can I make that claim? Because there is no one that has been able to prove me otherwise. You think you can be the one? Step up and take a crack. I GUARANTEE you will be just like the rest Chaos. Everyone thinks they’re better than me and everyone says the same damn things about my character going into a match. You’re not original Chaos, so you can just get in line with the rest of the chumps that thought they had a shot.... and then just fell by the wayside.

“I might be from Canada. Hell, I might even be bland, but that still doesn’t change the fact that I am a MACHINE inside of a wrestling ring. I don't even care if you think I'm boring! And Chaos, I am going to make you tap inside of the ring. Hell, that’s just another list you can include yourself when it’s all said and done, because you’re definitely not the first person who has claimed I couldn’t make them tap. And what happened to them Chaos? Why don’t you ask someone like Sean Edmunds that question?

“It’s too bad Chaos, because you really have some talent. But the unfortunate thing is.... like teacher, like student. Your old man was my *****, and I’m afraid the same is going to happen to you. I hope you put up a better fight than he did, but I’m honestly not counting on it. Say what you want about anything that goes on outside of the ring, inside of it you are not one tenth the competitor I am. Don’t believe me? Than just pay attention and take very detailed notes tonight when we meet inside the ring. If you do, then you just might learn something. And if you do pay attention Chaos, you’ll learn a hell of a lot more tonight than that chump Hellion could have EVER taught you.

"No false gimmicks, no false hype, I am the TV champ.... I am Jean Rabesque.”

(Fade out)