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05-28-04, 03:50 PM
All RP for the NIGHTMARE and SUICIDE match should be done in this thread.

All RP and angles should be submitted by Saturday June 5th, at 11:59pm. All angles should be submitted to secandido@comcast.net .

06-03-04, 03:42 PM
(The camera fades in to Suicide, dressed in red and black with his mask with horns on them. He is sitting in a throne made of gold. Suicide is actually laying across the throne, his feet up, with a cigar in hand.)

Suicide: "Quite a paradox isn't it? The lowest form of humanity.....getting the last laugh. Those five other boys didn't see it coming. They thought that they had me right where they wanted me.....on my death bed. And yet, here I am, the only survivor from that 'brutal' match. Sir Jonathan Marx wanted to tag himself out of the match, and I just ignored him. Then, by letting Troy Douglas do what he wanted to do, he did me a favor: kicked that pompous ass right out of his shorts. Then, when Mr. Douglas was riding high and mighty, like he was the victor.....I brought his ass right back down to reality. Now everyone was gasping in shock and horror as to why I would do what I did and how I was the lone member of my 'team'. Yeah, I'm my own team.....a one-man army. And I proved JUST that, as I singlely eliminated the opposition. Mindkiller was mind****ed in more ways than one. Then John Doe, apparently a fruitcake in the making, riding on Jean Rabesque's coattails, got what I've been wanting to unleash for the longest time. And when things couldn't get any better.....Chaos was destroyed by MY hands. I took that sonova***** down and took his ass out. He can make as many excuses for himself as he wants, he can even claim to call it an ego.....but that bastard won't be swinging a steal chair at me like the chicken**** he is for awhile."

(Suicide takes a puff of his cigar and laughs to himself, having not a single care in the world.)

Suicide: "Now I could go on about how Chaos was brought down from his brother's cloud he's been riding for so long, but order will be brought to him soon enough. No.....instead.....it seems that my time has come to an end. You see, when my friend helped me wake up from the 'nightmare' I was in, he made a big mistake. You see, he made the mistake of waking up not just me, but the others that were with me. So you can say that this is my final match here in the NEW. But speaking of my nightmare, it seems that my opponent is anything but. Mr. Nightmare, I'm sure you watched what happened last week, about how everyone who underestimated me got dismantled by my bare hands. It seems you can say you're walking into your own, personal suicide.....pun intended. Isn't that what the majority of these bastards in NEW go by? Puns? Their whole lives are just one big pun. Our World champion Larry Tact is a tactful individual, Chaos's life is nothing but a big mess of chaos, Sir Johnathan Marx is truly a gentleman, and Jean Rabesque is a Canadian fruitcake. With all that being said, let me make one thing clear Nightmare.....a piece of advice from someone who's more experienced than yourself: don't show up. Please, do yourself a favor and stay home the night you and I must face off. That will be the final night I will exist and then another one of my friends will be taking my place. And if you think I'm going to leave quietly, you're sadly mistake. For The Great Satan is here my little plaything.....and he knows not when to stop. Ask Chaos; I didn't stop long after I defeated him. It was pity from the owners of NEW that gave Chaos his shot at the TV title. But I know no pity. I won't pity you after I leave you in the ring, repeating the same 'nightmare' you'll be experiencing very soon....should you show up. So please Nightmare, do yourself that one favor and watch some scrambled porn with your friends Mary Palm and her five sisters. I just need to do one final thing before my job's done, and then.....things are going to get a bit weird in NEW. You'll see what I mean soon enough....."

(Suicide takes another puff of his cigar and laughs once again, as the camera zooms out and then fades out.)