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05-28-04, 03:49 PM
All RP for the DANNY DANGER and TREVOR CANE match should be done in this thread.

All RP and angles should be submitted by Saturday June 5th, at 11:59pm. All angles should be submitted to secandido@comcast.net .

06-02-04, 06:39 PM
(the camera shows the empty crisler arena. new era crews are setting up the ring in the background, and the stage crew is busy trying to hook up the big screens. standing in a doorway, on the upper level is a man. the camera slowly zooms in on him and we are shown a man we havent heard from in months. the messenger. cane looks down at the crewmembers as they are going about their business.)

the messenger

we all have our daily professions. some men, as the ones in front of me now, work to make sure that new era's shows run without problems. others, like myself, work to make sure that the world is exposed as the uncaring, carnivor that it is. and while i might have had very little to say the past few months, i, myself, have been reawakened. i have been shown the truths and the lies that i spoke of before. i saw the light. as i cradled suicide in my arms it came to me, like a bullet cutting through the dead air. and i was enlightened. i have been away, you might say, away from the voices speaking of my downfalls. i boarded myself up. made sure that i did not succumb to any of their callings. but now i am ready. and now the people that will fill this arena, and the people that will fill arenas around the country when there are new era shows; they'll tremble before me as i continue to work to open them. but first, it starts with danny danger. 'dancin' danny danger. a man, i can only assume, who is blinded by the bright lights, by the tempting voices, into believing that all is well in the world. he, much like others in this league, are not aware of the pain and the hurt that are out there. i was once a victim of this optimism. i was once held in chains by money and by fortune. but then i was freed, however minutely, and i experienced the visceral world.

i heard a voice, last raucous. a voice that called my messages serpent's venom. a voice that hid behind the shadows and behind the people who are yanking the veil's over the ignorant's eyes. i saw his darkness. i felt the chill of his voice as it echoed throughout the conseco fieldhouse. i heard the buzz of the people as they fell for his smoke and mirrors. but he did not shatter my foundation. he did not move my inner being. he failed. just as he will fail in trying to deceive the populace.

danny danger. the light is coming to free you, too, as it has freed me. and i will open your eyes to the villainy of new era of wrestling. this; this i promise you.

(cane turns and walks out the doors, out of sight. the cameras zoom up to the rafters where we see a shrouded figure who was watching him the entire time.)