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05-17-04, 05:54 PM
All RP for the EL ARCO IRIS and LARRY TACT World Title match should be done in this thread.

All RP and angles should be submitted by Monday May 24th, at 11:59pm. All angles should be submitted to secandido@comcast.net .

05-19-04, 05:04 PM
Fade in: a rainy day in the city. There's a few buildings mirroring each other's sopped relfection in the large glass panes surrounding each building's side. Each drop that falls from the sky splashes down onto the glass, then runs down it smoothly, and the pattern follows with countless more drops. Cut to: a shot from the ground, focusing on one man. Dressed in blue jeans, white shirt, and black leather coat, Larry Tact stands in front of a building. His form is reflected in a glass door, unaffected by the rain thanks to a canopy above. Tact's blonde colored hair is matted down, in straight strands extending down the length of his ears. He gives a smile.

Tact: To those in attendance, and all who watched at home, maybe it seemed clear. Peter File and Jonathan Marx had something to wrestle for. They had a goal to aim for. They walked down the ramp at the same time, with Lily leading them to battle. El Arco Iris was wrestling on my behalf, to prevent us from losing the match, and specifically, from me giving a title shot to File or Marx. I was wrestling for that reason as well. But A.I. came in first, and then I followed separately. It probably seemed clear to all watching, at that moment. We were on two different planes, two separate wavelengths. And by the time the bell rang...anyone and everyone who believed that they saw the obvious, all the people who felt File and Marx had the advantage....they were shown otherwise. They saw the real truth, what was actually clear all along. Who makes their entrance together or separate, and who has what goal set in front of them means NOTHING...at least, against myself.

Tact puts his hands in his coat pockets.

Tact: A.I. and I went in as synchronized as ever. We had a plan, and we executed it the way it needed to be. There was but one minor surprise...that of Jean Rabesque showing his face. Actually, that's not entirely true. After all, I know Rabesque better than to show such control that he wouldn't have shown up at all. But I wasn't sure if he would strike back. Honestly, Jean Rabesque surprised me just a bit. I guess, though...(smiles wider)...I'm just that good. Yes, I just garner such animosity and attention from even Jean Rabesque, who has preached himself many a time not to be a man to use weapons. He's refused to use weapons before, but now, well...I guess it's another of those technicalities he began drawing upon at the last Raucous. Not that I ever said anything about "dominating" Rabesque in the IWF. I don't see how that would be possible, since we never once faced off there. I said Suicide kicked his (BLEEP), and that's true. He took a title from Rabesque, and broke his undefeated streak in one night, for example. But I'm not going to even harp on that. It's clear Jean Rabesque will decide what he wants to count and discount as "credible" and "meaningful." So be it. He can think what he wants. Everyone else knows the truth. And the truth is, last Raucous, Jean Rabesque came down and attacked me with a chair. In turn, he made my win over Marx and File that much easier. And all I had to do was prod him a little. Because I could have done much worse two weeks ago. I'm not so cut and dry about what I will and won't do. I don't make promises of non-aggression or showing respect. Respect? I just went through this bit last week. Respect is not something I give in wrestling. To ANYONE. Jean Rabesque saw that and he struck back in anger, frustration, and immaturity. What it boils down to is...two weeks ago, I went fishing, trying to bait Jean Rabesque. And last week, he bit; hook, line, and sinker. And yeah, I got a bump on my head now, but it was worth it. Good job Rabesque. Thanks for your help.

Tact chuckles.

Tact: After all was said and done, I was victorious. There wasn't anyone who would face me. And then, Juliet Marceau had to ruin it. Well, she put a little damper on things. Because I find now, standing across the ring from me, none other than my own partner. El Arco Iris. I didn't exactly see this coming, but it also doesn't change things. We aren't in a tag match anymore. This time, it's singles competition, just like the Battle Royal. You know how I treat things in the singles environment, Iris. I don't have any friends here. I'm the New ERA Heavyweight Champion. Nobody else stands with me at the top. Someone can only knock me off the pedestal, or I knock them back down. And really, that's how things should be. Me, Larry Tact, at the top...everyone else down below. I earned the title, and instead of admitting as much, Marceau is throwing opponents at me again. Granted, Iris was in the Battle Royal, but so were Marx and File. They didn't deserve the shot. As for Iris? Well...he's been around in those tag matches, so there is more merit for him than File and Marx.

Tact's expression has faded through his speaking, and now he looks dimmer, with a small frown.

Tact: However, I think the Battle Bowl showed two things. It showed who deserves to be the Heavyweight Champion, of course. Also, though, it showed who made the strides to the Battle Royal, and who just followed along. Now, Iris, don't get me wrong. You've got your merit and your talented, a leader on other teams in the Battle Bowl. Just not ours. You know it as well as I do, Iris. I led us to the Finals. I made our team the undisputed BEST. Even now, against Marx and File, who was it that allowed you to get the pinfall on File? It was ME. I goated Rabesque out there. I caused him to take a swing with the chair, and hit File. There wasn't much else to be done. And yes, even if Rabesque hadn't shown up, the outcome wouldn't have changed. But I think you know who is the one that deserves the Heavyweight Championship. You made contributions, Iris, but now you have to face improbable odds. And honestly, I don't want to see you playing the underdog. I don't want to see you squirming or straining. So let's make this as simple and painless as possible, Iris. Come down to the ring, hug the people, and get in the ring. Then I'll come down and enter the ring. The bell will ring, and then we'll do a very simple thing. You lay down on the canvas. I pin you for the three. You go home happy, cuz you don't have to come to blows with me, who has earned the title and pleased the people with great wrestling. And I go home happy, cuz I'll remain New ERA Heavyweight Champion. The best part, though, is that the fans will go home happy. They won't be torn between who to cheer for, or need to see us come to blows.

Tact again smiles.

Tact: It all works out seamlessly. Marceau wants us to kill each other, Iris, but it doesn't have to be that way. I'm perfectly willing to keep what's rightfully mine, and we can still be the undisputed BEST team in New ERA, and arguably, on this circuit. Now, I'm a bit busy this week, appearances and all....but when you're ready, Iris, you just come on-air and give the nod for this. I won't expect a long wait. I mean, when have our plans as a team ever failed? This should be no different. Cuz while this is setup as a singles match, Iris, we can still work as a TEAM. As long as you just give the O.K., we don't have to split on this. It doesn't have to become El Arco Iris versus Larry Tact. There's no point. We already know....who would win.

Tact gives a big grin, a thumbs up, and winks. He takes out an umbrella and opens it while walking into the rainfall. Fade out.

05-19-04, 09:04 PM
(CUE UP: “Bobeeppeep” by the Blue Man Group as a rapid-fire flash of all the colors in the spectrum passes by the screen. FADE TO: El Arco Iris standing in front of a rainbow backdrop, in his mask and ring gear with a long rainbow colored robe over it all. His arms are crossed over his chest and through his mask we can see he wears a big self-satisfied grin.)

El Arco Iris: Greetings all, and El Arco Iris is positively ecstatic. Not only was El Arco Iris victorious in the main event match this past week, but El Arco Iris is contending for the New Era World Heavyweight championship, surely a most prestigious prize. But not only that, El Arco Iris is going up against a man El Arco Iris respects and admires in his abilities, Señor Larry Tact. This has the potential to be an awesome match, as El Arco Iris has been tremendously cohesive with Señor Tact as a team, and has interacted well as an opponent in the past…

(El Arco Iris drops his hands to his sides and tilts his head as if in shame or despondency.)

El Arco Iris: …But Larry Tact has seemed to change, and not just in the addition of 10 pounds of gold, oh no. El Arco Iris saw his most recent promo, and El Arco Iris is almost shocked to see a man El Arco Iris once thought to be humble and sportsmanlike has seemingly been caught up in his own glory and now he is sadly slipping and capitulating to the tight grasp of pride. El Arco Iris will not try to say anything negative when Señor Tact’s talent as a ring general is in question, but it saddens El Arco Iris to now see that he would even THINK to ask El Arco Iris to simply lay down and let him pin El Arco Iris.

(El Arco Iris extends one hand out, as if weighing thoughts in his mind.)

El Arco Iris: El Arco Iris thought you lived for the spirit of competition, to strive to be the best. El Arco Iris understands that you still want to team with El Arco Iris, and the feeling is quite mutual, but we do not have to “kill each other”. Nobody ever has to “kill” anybody else in a wrestling match, but that does not mean you should not put in all your effort. El Arco Iris does not wrestle with rancor or intent to maim or cause pain, you should know this. But if you ask El Arco Iris simply to put up no fight, then how will we both be sure that you are most deserving of the highest pedestal, that you ARE the best in NEW. If you are the same Larry Tact that teamed with El Arco Iris, who had such respect and dedication for the sport of professional wrestling, that same respect will demand of you to truly defend your title, to show your TOUKON, your fighting spirit. Spiritual balance, cultivation of the toukon and knowledge that you are as good as you can be is the key equilibrium for happiness and enlightenment. No, Señor Tact, El Arco Iris will not surrender to you as easily as you have to your own glistening self-image. For your sake the most, because El Arco Iris feels the need to rescue you from that clenched fist of hate and avarice, El Arco Iris will show you the best of El Arco Iris’ abilities. And if El Arco Iris bests you, and you lose your title, than this means you have more striving to do, and you can continue on your journey to fully achieve your maximum potential.

(El Arco Iris stands himself erect and outstretches both hands.)

El Arco Iris: This is a contest of champions, and a true champion is one with a pure spirit, one who will not simply be complacent with the fact that he won the title and not be ready to defend it. One should greet a challenge with the same open arms one should greet a friend. But friends or not, I will offer my hand to shake, and a sincere embrace, and I shall wrestle with respect for you and the title, and a heart bounding with joy knowing that I have been given the honor to compete against a man who is willing and able, who can give a belt meaning beyond it’s karats. The true deserving champion will definitely leave Raucous with a great, big, SMIIIIIIIIILE…(traces the smile on his mask with his thumb.)…On his face!

(Fade to Rainbow)

05-21-04, 03:44 PM
Fade in: on a NEW Raucous backdrop. Standing in front of it is Larry Tact, wearing a green sleeveless shirt, black jean shorts and boots. A pair of black sunglasses covers Tact's eyes as he looks, grimly, at the camera.

Tact: When I said I didn't expect a long wait for your answer, Iris, there was an implication made. An assumption that, maybe, you didn't catch. YOU AREN'T WINNING THIS MATCH! It's going to be a MOOT POINT to come down to the ring for a match, Iris. I'm not saying this to be cruel. It's just something you have to ACCEPT! I know you have that great big heart about you, but sometimes you need to think with your brain, and forget about what you want. In life, there are things that you want to do, and the things you need to do. I know you might WANT to have this match, Iris. But I don't WANT to beat you to a pulp. And you don't NEED to be beaten like that, Iris. It's not good for your health. But I will NEED to beat you that way, if you don't accept my offer.

Tact pauses, nostrils flaring, but takes some deep breaths to try calming himself.

Tact: Look....this is the first Heavyweight Title shot of your career, Iris. You're probably pretty psyched about it. I'm sure you're very HAPPY to be getting the match. But take a minute to look at what you're doing. THINK of what you'll be putting the fans through if you decide to actively participate in this match. You're going to be causing them to tear themselves apart when deciding who to root for! They won't know whether to give their support to the multi-colored acrobat, El Arco Iris, or their hero, the one who continously shows, night after night, why he's the best in this promotion...me. Are you willing to make them choose, just so you can fill your own WANT of having this match, Iris? Are you really willing to let the fans be put through that? It's probably going to be murder for them! Who knows how they'll react...what they might do at the thought of having to choose between us. Do you know what you're doing, Iris?

Tact crosses his arms over his chest and shakes his head in displeasure.

Tact: You're letting GREED drive you! You say that I'm being unrealistic, asking you to lay down? Well at least I'm trying to do what's BEST for everyone! I'm just trying to give you the least painful, most dignified way out of the match. I'm just trying to give the people a stress-free choice. There's nothing wrong with it...yet YOU are causing the problem. Iris...I didn't think you had it in you. I thought you would be the one who understood my reasoning, but no....you're choosing to be greedy and wanting. You....

Tact traces his fingers over his frown, giving a pitiful look.


Tact turns around and puts his hand on the backdrop, apparently covering a solid surface behind it, supporting himself as he shakes his head and covers his face with the other hand. Eventually Tact turns back around, frowning but not looking quite sad; more intent.

Tact: Iris....make the right choice. Don't make things any harder for yourself, or the fans than it needs to be. If you want to make people smile and cheer, then forget your greedy desire for this match to take place. If you don't want to lay down, then you can take a chair to my head. You can take the Jean Rabesque route. Or you can just leave, and get counted out. It doesn't matter to me. But this is your last chance. I won't be making this offer again. Refuse me, Iris...and know that I WILL have to engage you in battle. And I WILL beat you. Cuz the Heavyweight Championship stays with ME.

Fade out.

05-24-04, 05:52 PM
Fade in: a NEW backdrop once again, this time with a collage of Larry Tact photos. The New ERA World Champion himself stands in front of the backdrop, wearing stonewashed blue jeans, a black "Simply Tactilizing" t-shirt and sunglasses. The Heavyweight Championship is secured around his waist.

Tact: As we draw closer and closer to Raucous, I felt inclined to speak up one more time. It seems El Arco Iris has spent the past days in silence, maybe thinking over what I said? I hope so. Unfortunately, Iris, your silence doesn't give me the utmost confidence in that. See, the longer you go without speaking, the more I feel my training is going to be put to use this week. Even after I pointed out clear, sound reasoning for you...I feel your stubborn heart won't give way to such clear thinking on your part. And that doesn't spell good things for you.

Tact removes his sunglasses, hooking them onto his shirt.

Tact: You want to talk about "toukon," do you? Iris, I'm the top of this promotion. Title defenses or not, I've shown how good I am already, and nobody has been able to prove otherwise. I have plenty of fighting spirit, you should know that. In offering you a way out of going against me, I was merely looking out for you and the people. Because I don't think you fully realize what you're getting yourself into, with each minute that you resist. You're setting yourself up to find out just how strong my toukon is, Iris. I don't quit. I don't have a ceiling. My maximum potential is something even I don't fully understand, yet. Striving to reach it is a continuous process, though so far here I have yet to be taken to my current limit. If you think you can do it, Iris, and you're willing to live with that choice....then I welcome you to try. Give me your best. But you're going to pay for what you give in the ring. I'll make sure you pay, cuz I won't hold back.

Tact flashes a smirk.

Tact: In a sense, I'm a lot like a true Mexican fighter. You'll have to "kill" me to beat me. If I have breath in me, you won't be taking this belt...(pats title belt)...from my grasp. Iris, you may not know the strength of a Champion's toukon yet, but I'll show you-- even if I have to break your own toukon...in the process. Rest assured, though, I won't do it mercilessly. Your defeat will be...

Tact puts the sunglasses back on.

Tact: ...a tactful surrender.

Fade out.

05-24-04, 08:18 PM
(Cue up: “Boston” by the Blue Man Group as the customary spectral flash fades to El Arco Iris is standing in the middle of a grassy field in a park, it’s pretty sunny out, we can still see daylight, but dark clouds loom overhead, and it is beginning to rain. El Arco Iris is wearing his mask, a tie-dye rainbow t-shirt, neon green corduroy shorts, thong sandals, and a long satin robe over it all, which shows darkened spots from the rainfall.)

El Arco Iris: El Arco Iris will surely have to give Señor Tact a heartfelt apology for not having spoken in so long, but El Arco Iris was indeed doing some contemplation. El Arco Iris was thinking over why a man such as Señor Tact would think El Arco Iris is not of sound mind simply because El Arco Iris wants to face him hand to hand and test both his and El Arco Iris’ own ability. El Arco Iris debated with himself that perhaps El Arco Iris was not acting out in wisdom…but then Mother Nature, as she always does in her infinite resourcefulness, reminded El Arco Iris that these thoughts were clear.

(El Arco Iris holds out one hand to feel the rain drops in his hands.)

El Arco Iris: Observe these rain drops, Señor Tact. Watch every one of them. Every drop of rain must fall, and does fall when its time comes, covering the earth in its life-giving benediction. But has the rain said to as blade of grass “wait, you do not have to let me fall on you, move out of the way, I don’t want you to get wet?” Does the rain ever refuse to fall? No, the rain will touch whatever it touches, because that is the nature of the rain. If the rain did not fall, the grass would die, and the equilibrium is disrupted. Señor Tact, surely you don’t think of El Arco Iris to compare you to an insignificant droplet of water, but as you hold that world title belt, just as the raindrop is inexorably bound to fall from the cloud and quench the soil, you are bound to show to everyone that you are deserving of a championship. Boasting, trying to convince El Arco Iris that you are invincible, you never quit, have no limits is no more a champion than the whistle in the wind is a raindrop. Being reluctant to fight that which you think is inferior is no better than being afraid to fight that which you think is superior, so even talented as you may be, your spirit is clouded with apprehension, and your humility has rotted away. El Arco Iris has faced plenty rainstorms, and when El Arco Iris steps in that ring to face you as a champion, El Arco Iris is not afraid to get plenty wet.

(El Arco Iris sits down in the wet earth Indian style, his robe is now soaking wet.)

El Arco Iris: El Arco Iris just loves to soak in…pardon the pun…the beauty of nature, reclining here as the sky unloads itself onto every inch of life, smelling the soil, listening to the rustling of the leaves…It is a shame so many see no beauty in the rain. But El Arco Iris can see every little bit of its wonder, and El Arco Iris knows when the rain falls it is the most awesome thing, because after every rainstorm lies a rainbow.

(The sun peaks through the rain clouds, and in the lens of the camera the light is refracted by the droplets into a rainbow.)

El Arco Iris: An unwavering symbol of happiness, the rainbow. The universal signal that Mother Nature has taken care of its child, and it thrives. El Arco Iris knows that in NEW the rainbow can shine through no matter how hard the rain falls, and El Arco Iris can touch the hearts of all who can see and feel it. Do you see the rainbow, Señor Tact? Because it’s exquisite. At Raucous El Arco Iris will show you the vividness of its colors, and your once blind eyes will be opened. El Arco Iris will not kill you, nor will El Arco Iris ever have to, but rather El Arco Iris seeks to inject you with new life, and this is the quest of a true champion. El Arco Iris promises that you shall leave that ring with the widest and brightest of all SMIIIIIIILES…(traces the smile on his mask with his thumb)…on your face!

(Fade to rainbow)

05-24-04, 10:41 PM
Fade in: a torrent rainfall is seen coming from the overcast, gray sky. Bay windows protect the shot from getting wet, and panning around Larry Tact is seen in this room, which contains a couple black cushioned sofas, a home entertainment system, mini-bar, and kitchenette on ocean blue carpeted floor. Tact stares out the bay windows with his hands clasped behind his back. When he eventually speaks, he doesn't move from his position.

Tact: A raindrop is capable of liquifying a small space. The more raindrops there are, the larger an area that can be covered. With a storm, whole cities can be drenched in water. But rain and storms are rarely capable of causing the level of alarm that I will bring to you, El Arco Iris. Don't think of my words of warning as raindrops, which are so easily absorbed and shrugged off. Don't think I am hesitant to defend the New ERA World Heavyweight Championship-- against you OR anybody else. That's not the case.

Tact turns around, his arms remaining behind his back. Thunder rumbles outdoors.

Tact: But let me tell you what IS the case.

A flash of lightning is momentarily seen in the distance.

Tact: I gave you your opportunity to take the easy way out. There was nothing more to my offer than that. You declined, and so now I have no choice but to wrestle you, Iris. I have no choice but to wrestle you, and make sure I walk out of the ring, and Raucous, STILL...the New ERA Heavyweight Champion. But Iris, you don't seem to understand what that means, exactly. Let me clarify.

Tact walks across the carpet floor, pouring himself a drink behind the mini bar while he continues.

Tact: The Heavyweight Title holder is the one who represents New ERA of Wrestling. I am the one who, above all others, symbolizes the product of this promotion. I set the standard here, give this promotion its image. And right now, I make everyone else LOOK GOOD, whether you all deserve it, or not. Now, you can go ahead and claim I'm stroking my ego, but then answer me this. Why is it that I've survived every match in NEW, victorious? Why am I the only one who's been here from the start that has a spotless record? I back up what I say, Iris, that's why. I do what I have to in the ring: execute, adapt. No, I'm not anybody's tutor here, showing them what path to lead. I just make sure to keep on my path. No, I don't seek to bring happiness and warm, fuzzy feelings to all. I just make sure I'm satisfied with myself, and that's enough. No, I don't think anyone's eyes are "blind" because they feel differently about how to live life. When someone arrives at a wrestling promotion, they're here to wrestle, not be preached to. That's what I believe, Iris. So I don't force my lifestyle on others. Instead, I SET EXAMPLES. I show how to succeed in the ring. That's my contribution. That's what I believe a Champion's Mission should be. If people want to tune in, follow in my footsteps, that's their choice. But I make sure that I'm doing what I have to. That's what's most important to me.

Tact takes a glass in hand and drinks some of the liquid within while returning to the large bay windows.

Tact: You can show me the colors of the rainbow, Iris. I'll show you my own dazzling display: a spectrum of wrestling maneuvers, which will pierce the rainbow and be your downfall at Raucous. One more example will be set. The first goal of this Champion's Mission...accomplished. And when it's all said and done, you're right Iris...I WILL have a big smile....on my face.

Tact turns back to the bay windows, thunder rumbling outside again, the rain continuing it's down pour. Fade out.