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05-17-04, 05:53 PM
All RP for the Six Man Tag Team 'Survivor' match between SUICIDE, JONATHAN MARX, TROY DOUGLAS and CHAOS, MINDKILLER, JOHN DOE should be done in this thread.

This runs as a normal six man tag team match, unless and / or until one team is completely eliminated. If this so happens, then the remaining members of the 'winning' team go into a freefall match until there is only one person remaining, the SURVIVOR and thus, the #1 contender to the New ERA Television title.

All RP and angles should be submitted by Monday May 24th, at 11:59pm. All angles should be submitted to secandido@comcast.net .

05-22-04, 01:13 AM
(Camera fades in to a dark and desolate room. The sound of water can be heard as it seems to be raining hard outside. Thin streams of water trickle down the wall, as it was shedding tears. Thunder crashes as lightning illuminates the room here and there. An unknown man stands in the corner, his head hidden in view. Leaning against it with his head and arm, the man mutters to himself silently.)

???????: "I am weak. I am defeated. For the past couple of years.....I've become nothing. A shell of my former self. I have become merciful.....feeling pity for those I face. I....I....I've never felt like this before. Nothing I can say nor do will change the embarrassment that has befallen upon me. I might as well.....just as well.....give....."

(Just then, the sound of a door creeks open, as light from the threshold illuminates the room. The man standing in the corner is shown adorn with tattoos and scars. A shadowy figure engulfs the man in the corner, his identity unknown.)

????: "There you are.....I've been trying to look for you all over the city. I figured you would end up here...."

???????: "Leave me be. Can't you see I wallow in my own misery? Can't you see that I am a pathetic human being, capable of only to conform to the times we are in now?"

????: "Listen, you have to realize that wasn't you out there the other night. The man that was cheaply kneed in the groin and taken advantage of.....that wasn't the man I've known for most of my entire life. These people in NEW Era.....they can give two ****s about you. And here you are.....feeling sorry for yourself. I can't allow that to happen, not knowing that I need you.....by myself.....to bring back the time where we ruled yet people didn't know it at first. You remember those times, don't you Ulysis? Don't you remember the time where people made fun of you, put you down, and yet......you humiliated each and every one of them. Every man, untouched, unphased, undefeated.....came to you man.....and they were destroyed like the bastards they were."

(The camera zooms in on the figure in the corner, as the other figure steps in the room, closing the door behind him. Lighting flashes in the room, barely making out both individuals.)

????: "Listen man, you have this match coming up. You've got five other men in that ring that you need to take care of. This is nothing to you. Hell, when you first came into NEW, you took on two men in one night and defeated them like they were nothing! Although you showed pity in not breaking their necks, that fire burning inside your soul was still there! Remember IWF? Remember the times where you wrestled two, three times in one night? The one night tournaments you won constantly, winning title after title? Remember CWWF? Remember when you held that Hardcore Title and no one could touch you? THAT'S the Suicide I remember! THAT'S the guy who I defended when everyone else put you down, only to come help me when I was attacked for doing so. These people, fans, wrestlers, owners.....they could care less about you. Look at your opponents for a moment....

You got some rookie named John Doe, who's more ****ed up in the head than you are right now! The guy doesn't even have a clue as to what his real name is, and yet he thinks he's a wrestler? He couldn't even handle Jean Rabesque, which is not saying much considering you squashed that fruitcake like a bug. The only thing John Doe knows how to take is a beating and sharp, pointy objects in his ass.

And what about this Mindkiller guy? He's got some goth loser controlling him, which isn't saying much since he doesn't even have half a brain. A1E....what a joke! You and I were part of a fed that everyone laughed at....until we broke free. They weren't laughing then. And I know this Mindkiller's master, Necromancer, sounds like a D&D nerd if you ask me, is going to think he can make you his ***** because you seem to be out of it. Well that's not going to happen. Because I know you Ulysis, I know what you're capable of. Not this crap where you get taken down easily by a knee to the crown jewels.

Oh and then there's that stupid son of a ***** Chaos. Remember him? He beat you in your very first encounter and now he thinks he's Jesus Christ. Running around the damn arena with a steel chair, attacking you from behind.....and you LET him do that! Is that how you want to be remembered? Some guy you've owned time and time again owning YOU? Ulysis, when you take this guy, and it's not an IF but WHEN, when you take this guy down, is his big brother Hellion, who YOU put out of commission and retired by the way, going to come and rescue his ass? Or is his little ***** of a sister Psycho gonna come flying like the 'American Dangerman' he is and try to scratch your eyes out? This guy is walking all over you and here you are crying like a little baby. Pathetic...."

(Suicide, who is now revealed to be the guy in the corner, turns his head towards the unknown figure standing behind him, who which the camera can't make out.)

????: 'And is that all? Now you're teamed up with two of the most boring individuals who think they can walk and talk and wrestle like me. What about this Troy Douglas guy? He beat Rob Sampson? Pal....you broke his neck! And that Christian Sands? He's everyone's *****! All he does is take it from behind and whines like the ***** he is. And he wants a piece of me? I think you need to teach this guy what we represent. He's never gone up against someone like you and believes you and me, that'll be the biggest mistake of his life. Just a wannabe carbon copy of the greatness that stands before you.

Oh and let's not forget the 'Gentleman' Jonathan Marx. He gloats about being the best rookie of last year. Ulysis if there was ever a man who was THE greatest rookie of all time.....you're that guy! And you've been in this sport for over 14 years! Old school, old school.....that's all this stuck-up, silver-spoon fed, spoiled brat talks about. The only thing he's great at is choking, since he couldn't even win the title!

Ulysis, let's be honest here: Out of you and the other five pathetic excuses of professional wrestlers, you're the clear cut winner here. But in order to cement that and drive that baby home, you need to do one thing: you need to unleash the real you. In fact, we need to go one step farther and unleash Suicide Uncensored. It's time to let loose those demons you've been keeping hidden within you all these years. None of these people care if you show mercy. They only want to see blood, pain, destruction. YOU'RE the only one that can give it to them! Forget what the naysayers say! Forget what these Internet dweebs who live in their parents' basement type about you! This is your chance.....your one chance to break free from the depression you are in and not only return to the original you, but also......to face Jean Rabesque. Did you forget that the winner of this whole thing gets to face him on the next Raucous? And what a coo would it be if you once again took a title he claims he doesn't care about, only to ***** to management that he lost to you, someone who considers a fluke....a joke.....someone who's beneath him. You need to have a reality check Ulysis and figure out who you need to be. Because if you continue to be this.....this....monstrosity of a human being......you're going to prove everyone right in what they've been saying about you. Time to stand up for yourself. A war approaches and I need my brother-in-arms there by my side, defending our good name. EA Ulysis.....it's what we've lived for all our lives and died defending. We are the last two warriors left. Don't let it end like this.....come back home brother....."

(The figure leaves the room, as the camera catches a glimpse of a wrestling championship title as it gleams in the light through the doorway. As the door closes, Suicide turns around, his face covered in long strands of thick, wet black hair. He stares at the doorway, breathing heavily.)

Suicide: "It's time.....I didn't want to do this.....but he's right. It's time to be who I really am. A man with no limits, no control, no care in the world.....it's time to be The Man.....The Myth.....The Legend......it's time to be Suicide.......Unleashed......Uncensored.....Uncont rollable.........Marx......Douglas.....Mindkiller. ....Doe......CHAOS.....a shadow looms over you.....as the great Satan takes shape and makes his way to Raucous. Prepare all you want......resistance is futile.....for I am the key to the only way out.....and all hell has broken loose......'nuff........said........"

(The camera fades out on Suicide's hidden face....)

05-23-04, 02:02 PM
(The lights of The Strip shine brightly. Neon signs create an almost walled feeling as the camera pans from one side of the street to the other. On the right the Eiffel Tower reaches over four hundred and sixty feet in the air. As the camera pans to the left we see the fountains in front of the Bellagio dance in numerous patters. Slowly a tall figure rises from the steps of the crosswalk. Underneath cars pass by at high speed and steel fencing aligns each side keeping jumpers away. The figure grows closer with reach step his large frame taking up more room with every step. As he comes in closer the smiling face of Chaos now looks down into the lens. He takes a deep breath of the cool dry air and let's loose a laugh)

Chaos: Well...well...well. Here I am. I'm back in the ring and what do I stand across and see? Well it's you Suicide. Then again your pretty much the reason I'm here. There you were in the ring beaten on my good friend and I just couldn't let that slide. I couldn't stand back and watch you destroy a man's knee. So yeah...I grabbed my chair. I grabbed my chair, jumped in the ring and planted you good. Yet there's an even bigger reason why I'm still here. Because I could have easily just taken that night, keep the smile on my face and walked away. But something occurred that ir really didn't expect.

(He pauses for a second and the wide smile returns)

Chaos: There...you saw it didn't you. The look in my eye. the smile on my face. It's there because I never took into count just how good it would feel. that's right how good it would feel to hit you just one more time. To hear the impact on your body and the great overall feeling it gave me. Yet even more reason stuck with me when I made the decision to sign on. The same reason I never really liked you in the first place Suicide.

(He slowly walks to the side and sits down on a nearby bench.)

Chaos: You still just as driven by your ego as you ever where.

(he shakes his head)

Chaos: Man?...well I'll give you that. Myth...yeah...there's ton of that in your words. Legend?

(Again he shakes his head and then stares daggers into the camera)

Chaos: Not in my eyes. Not the slightest bit. ah, but your sure believe your own hype Suicide. that's what it's always been with you. I never saw the legend...never believed the myth. Yet I know the man...and I sure know the ego. In the end...it overshadows any Legend you might claim to be. I mean just listen to your mystery man.

(He slowly stands and stares at the dancing fountains for a moment. He then turns back to the camera)

Chaos: You had doubts you wondered if you were the same man. Yet it's training or hard work that snaps you back. It's not the drive to prove yourself. No...that twinkle in your eyes gets dug from a huge pile of flattering BULLS**T!!!

(He nods his head knowingly)

Chaos: Retired Hellion? Please...a man whose name your not fit to even mention. You want to live up to the "The Extreme Icon" Suicide? Well you need to start given back. Start given back to this sport. For all you accomplished name me one world champion you've given it. Name one T.V. Champion you've given it. Give me the list of men you given back to this sport? Even mor then that I seem to remember your last meeting with hellion only resulted in your getting nearly power bombed through the ring. Ah, but it's just like you to forget the facts Suicide. After all none of them feed your ego. Psycho? So you knocked him out. One match in a great career. I'd love to see you got looking for him today. I guarantee you don't want any part of him or the rest of L.O.V.E. Yet you keep your one night of glory...he could careless. As for me? As fro the history between us?

(Again he pauses, rubs the stubble on his chin and then shrugs his shoulders)

Chaos: I've beaten you...you've beaten me...what's your point? What somehow you want us all to be scared of you because some guy kissed your ass for thirty minutes? Suddenly you run of a line of cliches and the world needs to fear you?

(He shakes his head and a stone look come over his face)

Chaos: I was NEVER afraid of you. NEVER was and I NEVER will be. I know the man I know him better then anyone else in this ring. The Myth doesn't live up to it's hype. And the Legend?

(He laughs loudly)

Chaos: You never were one to me Suicide. Yet we do have unfinished business. It's six men fighting till only one team is left. Then when all is said and doe the victors fight it out. Well I don't have a whole lot of hope in my partners Suicide. Mindkiller is a mute and Doe is a fool. You’re your side even you look left then right and can barely keep a straight face. that's why I really don't to even mention any of them. After all there's really only one man I want in the ring tonight

(He points his middle finger straight at the camera)

Chaos: and that's you Suicide. You’re the reason I'm here and I'm the only reason your probably even interested in this match. we've both one battle before Suicide. . I say tonight...well let's let tonight be the first battle.

(He takes a step froward and stares into the camera)

Chaos: IN THE NEW WAR!!!!!!

(Again he let's loose a loud laugh, turns his back and walks away)


John Doe
05-24-04, 09:54 AM
[Fade in with John Doe standing in front of a NEW backdrop with the words “TV Title #1 Contender ship over his head. John is bouncing a tennis ball, amusing him for the time being. Camera’s stay on John as he whistles “Cross My Heart” by Soil. John suddenly halts the tennis ball as he stares in the camera, a cold stare he gives it as he smirks.]

Doe: Jonathan Marx, Chaos, and a bunch of other losers I never heard of. I mean I heard of Marx. Great guy Marx is, even though he talks crap about me. It’s straight though, I understand how much you hate me, honestly. But hate is acceptable isn’t it? I mean with out hate where would the world be today? I mean look at Hitler, I am not comparing myself to that madman, but he had a lot of hate for the Jews. Now if Hitler didn’t have that much hate in him the world would have a couple more million people on it, let us give good old Hitler a clap.

[John claps]

Doe: Hitler is a bit of a warrior, a genius of manipulation if you think about it. He goes to jail, then comes back and becomes the “president’ of Germany. Now this is quite interesting if you ask me, cause this started a war. I am in a war as we talk. I am at a war with others and myself. Now what is there to say, what is there to say about these other five that I will encounter at Raucous? Nothing there is nothing to say, because of one fact they have nothing good to say about them. No, I take that back I must give it up for Jonathan Marx, my friends he is a warrior! Now Chaos is a warrior to, he likes to jump on people and beat their faces in; I like to do that also! Look I have something in common with someone; I have something in common with a man named Chaos.

[John bounces the tennis ball again.]

Doe: Why do I love this ball so much, oh yes I threw it in the in the air and tolled you dog of mom to fetch it Marx. Marx your momma is so dumb she got fired from the M & M factory for throwing out the W’s, I should be a comedian, shouldn’t I. I will crack jokes all day, want to see a real joke look at some of the bums in the ring at Raucous. Some of these guys shouldn’t even be in the ring with Marx, Chaos or myself. Mindkiller? Ok I get you, you are ok, Not.

Doe: Anyways. Why am I fighting with them? Because of the fact I want to face off with Rabesque again...God I hate that man. You men have no clue how bad I hate Rabesque, it’s his persona that ticks me off the most on him, if I had the chance I would take that man on in a ladder match, not this one on one pin falls junk. I would take him on in that sort just to beat his head in with a chair. Now on to other business. So my team of Mindkiller, Chaos and myself, needs to win, correct? Well, my friends I think my team has just one, I mean come on, it is over done, we are the champions my friends…. but that is not all, if we win I have to take on Chaos and Mindkiller.

Doe: My team is a great team! They are superior athletes and I believe they can beat your team Marx and when we do beat your team we will be left to fight it out to become the Number One contender for the title. I think that is a great thing to become a contender and then a champion, it is fun to win and it is sad to lose, it is ok Team of Marx you will become sad and we will be happy, and I will be really happy because I will defeat all three of my team members. It is ok to be confident and that’s what I am, confident. I am confident in what I can do in the ring and what I will do to all five of you. I have nothing to fear, because nothing scares me, except the face of Chaos.

[John shakes his head lightly as he yawns]

Doe: Sorry about that I am extremely tired, not of sleep depravation because of watching some of you men wrestle and it bored the living h*ll out of me, let us take Mindkiller for instance you bore the h*ll out of me when you wrestle not fun in it, you look as if you are serious when you wrestle, make some fun out of it, do some stupid move that everyone will be like “oh…ah…” that is how you stop boredom from setting in, if you bore me then you are no fun, and I need fun people on my team, then after we win I kill you in the ring, that’s when you can be serious, because in order to beat someone like me you need to be serious. Seriousness is something I do not have, it is like my missing gene in my body, speaking of genes, Jean if I didn’t express this before, I hate you. Anyways, I am not a serious guy, I am quite laid back if you ask me.

Doe: Oh man, first to Marx. Listen Marx, I have nothing against you my friend, nothing at all. You are a good wrestler watched you on Raucous for the World Title match. It was a very well match, but you lost non-the less, nothing personal we all less, don’t feel bad about it after my team wins you can go back to trying for your world title which I have total faith you can win…after Tact retires that is. HA! What am I laughing about again? I have no clue, but I will find out! It is fine and dandy that you are in the run for the TV title that is good, I give you credit as if they would say in gangstaology “I give you props.” See I am up to date with that slang mumbo jumbo crap, just for our African American brothers and sisters can understand for-sho!

[John chuckles]

Doe: Ok, sorry about that, it was quite raciest wasn’t it. Ok I take that back not all African Americans speak like that, I take that all back, not about the slang though, so for all you NAACP folks watching this promo, “I’m down with it jo! We all tight man.” Bet you can’t do that can you Chaos, or can you Mindkiller, yes you are my partners for one portion of this match, then after that you become my enemies. It is sad if you ask me, we work together to win one part then fight to win another. I mean it is quite interesting how the set this up, we fight then we fight again. Maybe we should keep one partner out there the whole match then we come in and win, then beat the living hell out of each other! I’M LOVING IT! This my friends is going to be very fun! Anyways, so men why must we fight, why must we try and attempt to kill each other?

[Doe shrugs looking around whistling]

Doe: Times up, please put down your pencils and turn your answer folders over. The reason we fight is to win, it is our nature, I mean I hate everyone not just certain people! Don’t feel special if I say I hate you unless I say it more than once…I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, now you can feel special. I will break it down for you simple and slow, I cannot be defeated…sometimes. It’s funny, sorry I’m being an idiot today, but aren’t I always like this, a hyper energetic f*ck? You would agree to that statement, why cause you hate my f*cking guts. It is fine and dandy, but you will all get yours come Raucous. I am going to break you, bust you up, no one is going to save you from me. I am in the hype I am set I am ready to destroy.

Doe: I give warning to all who are about to step in the ring with me, be prepared, say your prayers the time is upon you. I give warning to Rabesque, if I want his match you are mine, you are going to be broken you are going to see the white light in the sky, I tell you that you will taste the most feared move in the wrestling industry The Amnesia Attack you are all going to suffer and fell the Wrath of John. I warn everybody that I am the most unstable man on earth, and my instability is going to be your downfall. I say one final thing to make you remember what you should know, my friends remember “I Am Not Just Anyone…I Am John Doe!”

[Fade To: Black as foam drips from John’s mouth]

05-24-04, 11:29 PM
(A loud sound of laughter can be heard as a tall figure steps before a NEW backdrop. Fingers on a alrge hand motion the camera upwards till the wide smile upon Chaos can be seen. the picture goes from hazy to crystal clear just as the happy expression starts to fade. He raises his taped fist and smashed it into the plam of his opposite hand)

Chaos: Gentlemen and I use that term in it's loosest form. Tonight it all starts. Mindkiller is not the man I wanted. He was not the foothole I wanted to make upon my return. Sure I came here with my sights set on you Suicide. yet as I've said i know you better then that. I know that you need incentive. That simply stepping on yuor toes might not get your attention. That calling you out might not be enough. after all your not the man you once was. That's why winnig this match tonight is important. See it brings me a step closder to the gold. It paves the way for me to get a title around my waist.

(He smiles wide)

Chaos: Now that Suicide...that will get your attention. After all another belt to yuor resume can only helop feed that ever so growing ego of yours. The target upon my back might be small, but I can make it grow. I can make it wider then ever before. I'll win this match. I'll win the title. then the two of us. Well then the two of us can finish whatever issue we might ahve between us. However there's a new player in the game. there's you Doe.

(He pauses for a moment rubbing his chin with his large hand)

Chaos: I know you intentions Doe. Jarod has told me ALL about you. Poe has given me the run down on the man you are. You want the gold. You want a shot at the title. Yet in order to do that we need to win as a team. Hey I got no problem with that. You do your part and when it's alls aid and done then the two of us can decide who goes for the gold. Just don't get ahead of yourself. For if you think this is goig to be a walk in the park.

(The smile fades from his face)

Chaos: Then yuor sadly mistaken. Because when we win...and we will. Well I won't be a push over. Not in the slighest. As I said...I know ALL about yuo Doe. I know how you are in and out of the ring. You don't scare me in the slighest bit. You just mae sure then when the time comes you have my back. For if you cost me a chance for US to decide who gets the title shot.

(His eyes narrow)

Chaos: Then you and I will have a big problem. Not as big as the issue Suicide and I have, but a problem nonetheless. As fro the rest of our so-called partners. Well what little respect I might have had is all gone. I want this gentlemen. I want this title shot. I want it and I'm going to do WHATEVER it takes to get it...

(he takes a step froward and peers into the camera)

Chaos: and I'll hurt any man who stands in my way.