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05-17-04, 05:50 PM
All RP for the TRAVIS SMITH and ALEX BORDEN match should be done in this thread.

All RP and angles should be submitted by Monday May 24th, at 11:59pm. All angles should be submitted to secandido@comcast.net .

05-18-04, 07:25 PM
Raceway Inn
5111 Lexington St.
Indianapolis, Indiana
10:00 PM

Alex Borden had been watching New Era promos for four hours with his ribs taped up tight. Beside the bed he laid upon were three stacks of tapes adorned with NEW logos. He sat through each and every promo that New Era of Wrestling had produced since its inception. His reaction to all this varied as he watched the gathering of wrestling superstars each sell their individual personalities to the nation. It was amusing, confusing, impressive, boring, and monotonous. Above all this though, it was enlightening. Though it was far from unexpected in this kind of large promotion, Alex felt somehow at a loss now that he really saw what NEW had to offer, and what was in store for him. What he had to do to. And the realization that followed sickened him.

I’m going to have to sell myself.


Only moments had passed when Alex walked backstage after his victory at Raucous when a man in an olive green suit approached him. His NEW backstage pass said his name was Greg Birel.

“Mister Borden! Mister Borden!” The man jogged over to Alex and flashed a cheesy, pearly white smile. “Congradulations! That was quite a match! I’m Greg Birel, but my friends call me Doc.” he offered his hand.

Alex was still dazed and very much in pain and he didn’t feel very friendly just then. He looked at him and said nothing. Instead he grabbed a bottle of Avian from a portable fridge. “What do you want, Mr. Birel?” he asked.

Unfazed, Birel explained “I want to help you, Mr. Borden. I saw you in the ring tonight and to be honest, I was extremely impressed!”

“Yeah thanks. So?” Alex twisted the cap off and took a sloppy gulp from his water.

“Mr. Borden, New Era of Wrestling is unbelievably hot right now. The raw, new talent surging through here is dripping with potential! Every day NEW receives applicants, all of them thirsty for a chance, just a chance, to show the world they have what it takes to be their new star. I know, I sort through them myself. So I know talent when I see it. And what I see is the next Hulk Hogan right here in this locker room.”

His curiousity piqued, Alex stopped chugging the water and looked at Birel. “Oh yeah? Thats real interesting. Whats it got to do with me?”

“With my help, everything. Mr. Borden, I’ll be frank. You have some real skill, and the fans took to you okay but you’re missing somthing, somthing key.”

“And what’s that?”

“Attitude! Flavor! Charisma! What you need the most to skyrocket in this business is what you lack the most! You need personality!”

“Personality?! You think I don’t got personality? Or attitude!” Alex demanded.

“Uh- y-yes! Of course I do. But they don’t know that! The consumers! This isn’t the minor leagues, Alex. Here, people demand the whole package. Uh... may I call you Alex?”


“Fair enough. Mr. Borden, I’m here to make sure that we as a company don’t see a good thing go to waist. Think of me...” Birel paused. “as an unofficial coach. You don’t even have ring music, for gods sakes! You need me, trust me! With my gentle guidence, you can be a World Champ!”

Alex sipped his water some more and replied “Alright. Fine.”

“Excellent! You won’t regret this!” Birel exclaimed joyfully and slapped Alex on the shoulder.

He whinced. “This isn’t a real good time... Greg.” said Alex.

“Oh! Oh, of course! I’d like to set a date when we can talk more about your future in NEW.”



Finally, Alex got to the last of the tapes that his new ‘coach’ told him to watch. He said to begin watching NEW TV as frequently as possible to stay up to date on the competition.

Alex was unimpressed with Greg Birel’s little pitch after his match, but the facts were undeniable. And the fact was that he was caught completely off guard by Suicide’s entrance at Raucous. He did the research, he knew he was facing some luchador who called himself Suicide and that he had a 3-0 record but he wasn’t at all expecting the fanfare, the pyro, the spectacle. The whole circus act really pissed him off.

The last video had the most recent New Era promos. On it was one done by Suicide, criticizing Alex about his lack of press-time and interviews.

Personally, I don't care about your past and I am beginning to wonder why you would focus on your life story....but not on the match at hand. You are coming into New ERA of Wrestling. You must establish yourself as to where you stand among the rest here. When I came to NEW, I made damn sure that people paid attention.

Hearing someone talk about revealing who they were and where they stood sounded more then a little absurd coming from a man who goes around wearing a mask. However, what he said now sounded like truth.

The Man

The Myth

The Legend

The Gimmick

Fine. Whatever. I’ll do what I need to do. If these fans want a show, I’ll give it to them. And if they want blood, I’ll give ‘em that too.


Marie Neiden’s home
2237 Chestnut Boulevard
Parma, Ohio
10:06 PM

Marie Neiden’s heart was cold as she watched Raucous over and over again. Specifically, Alex Borden’s match. She silently rewound the taped program again and again, watching Alex clutch his midsection as the referee raised his arm in victory. She watched Alex choke the life out of some guy with a big S on his face.

Its not fair. she thought. Its not fair. He’s only there because of my husband. Without Tom, Alex would still be slumming in that sh*tty little apartment of his, living like the vile coward he is. We didn’t deserve this! We were happy, Tom and I. Until Alex Borden slithered into our lives. And now my babys in the hospital... a vegetable! Maybe for the rest of his life! Oh god...

Tom Neiden’s fate weighed down on Marie’s heart mercilessly. Her misery knew no relief.

That should be Tom up there with his arm raised. It should be Tom!!! her eyes narrowed and she clenched her fist. As God is my witness, I will make Alex Borden PAY!!!!

05-19-04, 09:15 PM
~Travis Smith is seen looking off into the distance of a Tennessee skyline as he's been here since after the last NEW show. He's standing on the balcony of a two story motel and watching the traffic go by from in his blue bath robe. A sudden ring is heard as he steps into his room and gets his cell phone, he turns it on and begins to talk.~


Oh, hey ma!


You saw me on TV this week? The damn tape delays out there are horrible.


That's great, I'm glad the whole family could get together to see me go again.


What? When am I going to get another woman partner? I don't know yet. New Era of Wrestling doesn't have an chicks to pick from I don't think. But I've got thinks to take care of here, I've got to get back up into the main scene first.




All right, I'll talk to you all later. Bye.

~Travis hangs up his phone and tosses back through the door where it lands on the bed. He casualy walks back into his room where he turns the TV back on and watches ESPN Sportcenter. He catches up on the latest scores and highlights then changes over to the Weather Channel. He looks over to finally notice the NEW cameras in his room so Travis closes his door and turns back to the cameras.~

It seems to me that the first step to getting my foot in the door of New Era of Wrestling came last week when I put on a wrestling clinic with one Angel Latora, the Spanish Porno Prisioner.. But that doesn't matter now, what matters is the challenge before me this week as I face Alex Borden one on one. Grant it I have not been in the New Era promotion long enough to say I am the best here, and I know I am a long way from any championship shots but no one right now can deny that I am a gifted athlete.

~His facial expression changes to one of question and sarcasim.~

I watched the replay of last week's event and I remember a certian commentator who refered to me as a joke because he like most people were blinded by the special effects I displayed before my match. Well I hope he's happy that I gave him an opening match worth watching because that's what I do. I give matches worthy of crowd enjoyment as an athlete and not an entertainer like some of the guys here. Let me tell you this, if I hear him insult me again.. I'll do something that will turn that three man commentary team upside down. Would he like it if I slapped the taste right out of his mouth Tank Abbott style? Hahaha!

~Travis's look returns to a serious one.~

Alex Borden, you seem to be a bright man. You must be one of NEW's bright stars I have been hearing so much about.. Well Alex Borden, you might be a suicidal mobster or policeman by day and a wrestler at night but you're going to be just another opponet in my eyes. We will walk into that ring this week and we will go at it until one man is left standing. I don't know about you Borden, but I think I have a pretty good chance of walking out of our match as a winner. After all that is what I am.. Haha! I win, I hurt people, and I love to make people look bad especially on television when I know the country and even the world is watching. For I bring a level of international expereince that most people can't match up to. I give NEW something new to look at instead of the usual suspects!

~Travis sits down in a chair next to the window where the shade is pulled closed. He removes his bath robe and places on a white tank top to go with his blue boxers.~

See as I relax right now, and even hit the local gym this week.. You can bet that once the next program comes around, I'll be ready to make the NEW crowd once again enjoy wrestling the way it should be. And Alex Borden, you're going to hate not only that but me too because I'm going to make you an embarrassment to this company and I am going to prove to my critics once again in the wrestling world that this little man can still "kick it" with the best of them.

~Camera fades out on Travis as he gets up and walks into his restroom.~

05-21-04, 09:45 PM
(The scene fades in under a dark dismal sky. The camera takes wing thousands of feet above a gray city, the monolithic buildings and streets all gleamed wetly in the uncompromising light and reflected the spidery purple-white lightning that bolted across the horizon. We soar down, down, down below the high tops of the buildings into the streets and slow to a stop as we see one man standing on a corner leaning against a streetlight beyond its glow. He dons a long gray trenchcoat and a tilted classy black hat that masks his eyes. He sheilds his cigarette from the wind with his right hand and holds the lighter with the left. The cigarette ignites in a puff and blazes down to a steady, smooth flow of smoke. This figure lifts his head and steps into the light, he is....


(We close in on his eyes, which stare right at you. Determined eyes, tough and weathered eyes. Borden P.I. removes his hat and looks into the camra once more, his eyes searching, searching for somthing. He speaks....)

Borden P.I.:You. I see you there. You can’t hide. No one can hide from the crushing arms of the law! I have come to New ERA to do justice and protect the innocent from the nefarious grasp of crime! For far too long corruption has gripped sports entertainment in an iron headlock! Well, NO MORE! I bring to the NEW roster law and order! Hear this, all you gansters, crackheads and hippies, I KNOW what you are doing and I WILL find you all, and when I do... I’LL CHOKE YOU OUT!!!

(Lightning suddenly streaks across the sky followed by deafening thunder as God Himself punctuates the Private Investigator’s words in approval.)

(CUT TO: Fast clips of Borden P.I. wrestling Suicide, all of them showing Borden raining fists down on the luchador, and throwing him around.)


“Borden nails Suicide with a kick to the head …. And follows it with an elbowsmash to the face! Alex Borden now dancing around on the mat … he connects with a left jab … another left jab … AND TAKES SUICIDE TO THE MAT WITH AN UPPERCUT!”







(CUT TO: Borden P.I.’s stone cold frown and intense eyes.)

Borden P.I.:Suicide suffered the consequences of getting in the ring with me! As will you, Travis Smith! At Raucous, the verdict will be guilty and the penalty will be severe! You will be brought down as well! I’m going to punish you and make you wish you were never born!! Because.... You can’t hide.... from Borden P.I.!

(Behind him white, huge, explosive pyro went off with a tremendous BOOM. Sparkling, streeming projectile fireworks shot out from the white inferno in all directions, zig-zagging in the sky and narrowly hitting the Investigator in the arm.)

Borden P.I.:Woh! Ehh.. Th-the N-new Era of Wrestling will represent the true sublime glory of wrestling and all the purity and beauty that this sport once had will be ours again! With my help, we will show the world how bright and glorious wrestling can be!

(Red streamers shoot straight up and explode at tree-top level, showering the street with seering balls of fire.)

Borden P.I.: Next week will be a historic milestone in-- OH GOD!!!

Alex stopped reading his lines as a sparkling red ball of fire fell from the sky and landed on his head. He staggared back into the explosive white pyro and screamed.

“CUT!!!” Yelled the fat director with his megaphone. He was sitting in his chair beyond the cameras.

Somewhere a bell buzzed and the mounted camera man signaled to the man in the craine to lower him to the ground. The explosions kept going off as Alex leaped out of the inferno, his long trenchcoat ablaze. Moments later, five men with med kits and fire extinguishers caught up with the running, flaming man and collectively blasted him Ghostbusters style with the chemical compound.

“AGGGHH!!! PUT ME OUT!!! PUT ME OUT!!!” Alex screamed.

After he was thoroughly hosed, medics drug him out of the white mess and attended to him.

Greg Birel ran to him and almost slipped in the white foamy stuff and said “Whoah! Sorry there, chief! Looks like there was some sort of accident. A pyro malfunction probably.”

“You think?!” Two medics helped Alex to his feet.

“Hey, someone’s getting fired for this one, kid, believe me!”

“M-my eyes....” Alex moaned.

“Somebody get us some damn eyedrops over here!” Birel shouted to no one in particular.

“This-this is stupid.” he muttered.

“Yeah your right” Birel said, patting Alex on the back consolingly. “The lightning effects were barely noticable. I’m gunna talk to the CG guys and see if we can work in some extra ones in editing.”

“No, not the godd*mn lightning! This whole thing! This promo! It’s stupid! I knew this was a bad idea!” Alex snapped.

“Alex, y-you gotta put a little more time in! You just gotta-”

“Mr. Borden!” he snarled and pushed Birel off him.

“Mr. Borden, I told you you wouldn’t regret this, and you won’t! You’ll be a star but you have to compromise! You don’t understand this business, son. You have to promote!”

“Listen to me, Birel. I hate this whole thing. The gimmick, the effects, the script! All of it. It stinks! I can’t believe the garbage you have me sayin’! ‘New Era of Wrestling will represent the true sublime glory of wrestling and all the purity and beauty of the sport.’?! What the f*ck does that mean?! What Private Investigator talks like that?!”

“Ill-Ill talk with the writers. We can tweak this character! Their is plenty of room for tweakage.”

“No! No tweaking. I’m not doing it.”

“Ah, please, Mr. Borden, you gotta work with me! “

“I said no!” Alex threw the charred coat to the ground and dusted himself off. “I’m not doing Borden P.I.” he said with finality in his tone.

“Fine.” Birel sighed. “Maybe we can work something else out.”


05-23-04, 09:40 PM
~Travis Smith is seen looking out from over top the city of St.Louis from a top an office building. Travis is dressed in a red, white, and black windbreaker suit and black gym shoes. He glances around at the roof tops with a cold hard look.~

One man's journey...

~Clips of Travis's career from his own personal video collection is show. The montage is a variety of matches and title victories with him showing great emotion.~

A celebrated athlete and tested champion...

~Clips of Travis in training are shown.~

Blood, sweat, and tears that make him a legend of our time...

~Highlights of the match with Angel are shown.~

Too Sweet Travis Smith is in the NEW on a mission of excellents!

~Video ends and shows Travis back on the top of the building as he glances over to the camera with a sly look upon his face. Then he begins to speak.~

Travis: Alex Borden.. Private (Bleep).. Hahaha! You are so much like the WWE's Big Bossman with your little manurisms of "protect, serve, and justice".. You make me sick to my stomach! If I had it my way, I'd find a more suitable opponet to pass my time with. You my friend, can talk a talk to lure little kids into the buildings and fill the seats but once you step foot into that ring with a wrestling machine such as myself those children will cry to their parents, those who beleive in you will realize how much of a joke you really are once I out class you in that ring this week.

~Travis closes his eyes and takes in the air as a cool breeze blows by. The sound of wind clashing against his suit is heard and then the breeze calms down and Travis breathes out and looks into the camera.~

You see Borden, after a while man.. A man has to break, a man has to wake up and find out that the gimmacks surpased on to them are lame and ill fated. I can see it in your eyes everytime you cut a promo pal, you are fading in the 1980's philosophy of "good guys of wrestling" while on the other hand I refuse to see it. I look past the circus of your charecter.. I look at you as a man who's on a way out from everything. Alex Borden, are you ready to accept a challenge unlike anything you've ever faced before? Are you truly looking deep down inside as you look in the mirror every day? See I hope you've done such this week because if you think you're going to walk out there and leave me laying..

~Shakes his head no and finger too.~

No way buddy! You aren't going to be able to get off the hook so easily. You want to treat me like all the crimminals you've locked up in the past, but you and I know that's not going to take place now is it, Private (Bleep)? You see there's a diffrence between us.. You are too pre occupied with your day job that it makes you too weak to compete; while I on the other hand continue to focus on the road ahead.. I look at the scene here in NEW and I see people who couldn't lace my boots or hardly even carry my jock strap because they don't realize the vision just like you don't realize the vision.. That vision is to be the best, that vision is to be the one standing in front of the sports entertainment ladder that is complied by our current NEW World Champion and say to yourself "guys that's going to be me", "I'm going to be the one who takes him off the top and do something worth while".

~Travis walks over to the side of the roof, to the nearest edge and leans over the top railing.~

That vision Alex, is what drives me on and makes us so much diffrent.. That's why I refuse to comform to political makings, and that's why I refuse to see your blinded persona. I only ask one thing of you since you're going to be my unlucky opponet this week and that's to bring the best you've got to offer because I'm going to see to it that your best isn't good enough to even compare to what I've got to offer..

~Travis turns around and begins to push the camera guy around.~

Turn this damn thing off before I toss you and it off this building!

~Fades to fuzz..~

05-24-04, 12:17 AM
Put up or shut up

(FADE IN: Alex Borden stands in front of a New ERA backdrop. The camera is focused on Borden from the waist up. Hes wearing a sleevless black t-shirt with a v-neck. His thick, medium length brown hair is tied back in a short ponytail. Borden stands still, glaring at the camera with a sour look.)

BORDEN: It’s been made clear to me that I should make some kind of official statement. Managment wants me to tell some kind of story to build up interest for my match. I’ve been commanded to cut promos that tell all about my adventures by the highest authorty here. I’m told that here in New ERA you gotta show everyone how cool you are to get treated with respect. Well I’m no good at telling stories. I’m refusing to try any more to amuse and intrigue you. But here I am, cutting a promo. Don’t let it be said that Alex Borden doesn’t do what hes told.

Travis Smith. Travis. Smith. Travis. Smith. You really know how to run your mouth, don’t you? I saw your last spot. I heard what you said. I like your jokes, Travis. The way you deliver those one liners, wow... very funny. I smiled. I even chuckled a little.

But I didn’t appreciate the other things you said about me. You said some things that were pretty tough. You were very disrespectful, Travis. Thats not professional. Or was that the character showing through? Was that stage-talk? I know you’ll go to great lengths to be a star. You’d probably do anything. Was all that trash you wasted my time with part of the song and dance you do to make your money? It’s hard for me to tell. You said that you think I’m ‘bright’ one TV spot, and the next you say such nasty things. Its not easy to differentiate between truth and hype with you, but I think thats because you are not very bright. Thats right, I said that you’re stupid. And hype or not, what you said made me angry.

(Alex steps closer to the camera and crosses his arms. His nose flares and his scowel deepens.)

BORDEN: So this is the proper forum for the airing of opinions and intentions? I think I’ll finally take advantage of that. You’ve stated what you thought of me so well with your last promo. Now, I’m stating what I think of you. You obviously care a whole lot about what people think of you. Anyone who trys so hard to spew that kind of bullsh*t must be trying to hide something. I don’t care about your confidence, or your insecurities, or your prepubescent sence of humor. I don’t give a damn about any of it. Want to know why, Travis? It’s not because your gimmicks are embarrassing and cheap. It’s not because you sound like every other grabbler thats all talk and no penis. You want to know the reason why I don’t care about you, Travis Smith? It’s because you’re so full of sh*t, the reek of it permeates the air everytime one of your promos gets aired. And believe me, I’m not the only one who smells it.

At Raucous, I intend to make an example of you. I’m already sick of this place and the “superstars” in it. There are so many hotshots here too busy basking in their own glory to notice the biggest threat they’ve seen in a long time creeping right up behind them. Travis.... I WILL MAKE NEW ERA NOTICE ME WITH YOUR BLOOD!!!!

(Borden steps right up to the camera, filling the screen with his face. He hisses a little as he breathes through clenched teeth. There is darkness and fury in his eyes.)

BORDEN: I am going to be a star. I am going to be a champion. And I will be respected. Not by winning over the fans with fancy, meaningless TV-time, but by giving the people what they want most. Travis Smith, at Raucous, the beating I’m going to put on you will be indescribable. I... am going... to make you SUFFER!!!!!

05-24-04, 11:44 AM

~Travis Smith is seen in a black button up, short sleeve shirt with black slacks and matching shoes. He pulls his suitcase out of his car and begins to walk towards the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana. He walks up to the guard at the door who is checking off staff and roster members at the door. Travis gives the guard a long cold look at him as the man checks him off the list.~

In the back

~Travis walks through the doors and is escorted by the floor director to his locker room where he places his bag in a locker and closes it up. He reaches into his left pocket and pulls out some black circle rim sun glasses and places them on. Travis then walks out the door and heads on out of the room and over to the entrance area.~

Amongst the people..

~TV tapings for an NEW weekend show are taking place as the fans are getting into a fairly interesting match. All of a sudden "Forever" by Kid Rock plays out loud, the silver glitter falls from the rafters and the flames run down the ramp and rise up several times as Travis makes his way down to the ring with a great deal of boos from the crowd. Travis makes it to the ring and climbs up the ring steps with the two men still inside the ring. They don't realize what's going on.~

Announcer 1: Well here's the ever so cocky and arrogant, Travis Smith.

Announcer 2: He faces Alex Borden this week in what's to be a sure classic bout.

Announcer 1: Why's he out here?

Announcer 2: I'm not sure.

~Travis stands there in the corner like a tag team partner and pulls out a set of brass knuckles from his right pocket and places them on his right hand. The referee walks over to him and tells him to leave but he hits the ref in the side of the head sending him down quickly.~

Announcer 1: Oh no! He just hit referee Mark Jackson!

Announcer 2: That's going to cost him some money!

Announcer 1: With out a doubt NEW officials will not stand for this behavior!

~He enters the ring as the two men looks surprised and he tosses the knucks outside the ring. The first guy wearing yellow trunks walks over to him and he locks up with him. They struggle breifly and then Travis hits a duck under and gets set for a T-Bone Suplex. He throws him viciously up and over landing him in the back of his neck! He immediatly clutches his neck after contact.~

Announcer 2: Oh my God! Travis Smith just unleashed a hellacious suplex!

~Fans applaude the move and chant "NEW"! Travis gets up and picks up the downed man, then tosses him outside the ring. He turns to face the second man who's wearing a royal blue singlet.~

Announcer 1: Well Mr.Tim Horne isn't going to be around soon after Travis Smith just sent him outside. This has to be stopped now!

Announcer 2: I'm taking it that Travis is sending a message to Alex Borden!

~The second man backs out of the ring and equips himself with a steel chair. He re enters the ring and stands ready in a face off with Smith. Travis dares him to come after him with his arms behind his back. The man looks shocked and looks to the people. Fans cheer him on and he comes after him. Travis nails a drop toe hold sending him face first into the chair.~

Announcer 1: That's was ugly!

Announcer 2: I think he's cut!

~The man lifts his head up slowly with a gash on his head. He's bleeding fast. Travis gets up and takes the chair as the man slowly gets to his feet. He swings at the legs and a loud shot is heard through out the building as the man drops to the mat clutching his knee.~

Announcer 2: Ohhhh!

Announcer 1: That's it!

~Security rushes to the ring and takes the chair from Travis. He forced into a corner as medics rush to the ringside area and escort the two men to the back. Fans begin to throw trash into the ring as Travis gets away from the guards and demands a mic from the ring announcer.~

Travis: Get those two turds out of this ring and out of my sight!

~Travis leans on the ropes looking angered as he watches them leave. The ring soon empties as he's the only one standing there. His sun glasses are broken and laying on the mat, his shirt is partially unbuttoned exposing his chest.~

Travis: Alex Borden.. You tell me I'm full of hot air?! You tell me I'm going to be over looked by you and that you're the next shooting star here in the NEW?!

~Fans cheer at the sound of Borden's name.~

Travis: Well you're sadly mistaken my friend! I tried to complement you at first, that's true but once I thought about it.. I figured why play nice with someone who's going to ingnore the fact that he's not up to my level of competition! Borden, I'm a world class athlete. I have been Europe, Asia, Austrailia, and here at home! I have seen better guys than you come down the pike my friend and if you think you're going to snub me out? Hahaha! Like I said, you're mistaken.

~Travis tears the shirt off and it hangs by the bottoms that's tucked into his pants.~

Travis: I warned you to get prepared.. I told you what to expect.. Alex Borden, tonight before this hilljack town.. I'm going to bring you back to wrestling camp 101 and you are going to find out what it's like to be in a high quality match for once in your pathetic career! It's game time and I'm more than ready pal!

~He drops the mic and begins to play the crowd as the boo him and the scene fades to commercial.~