View Full Version : RAUCOUS, 05.08.04: Posted!

05-16-04, 08:00 PM
The complete results for New ERA RAUCOUS (05.08.04) are posted!

They can be viewed by going to our website ( http://fwrestling.com/host/neweraofwrestling/ ) and click on the RESULTS button on the sideframe.

Remember however, that you need to be using Microsoft Internet Explorer to view the website since it uses flash.

Once again, I suck and the card is late. But Juan Rivera helped a lot with this card, and I also have had some help offered from others who I will definitely take up in the future to ensure that we get more and more cards out on time.

Expect the next lineup to be up tomorrow, probably more towards the late night.

And head over to OORP and let me know what you thought of the card.

-sean edmunds, owner
new ERA of wrestling