View Full Version : RP Period Ended.

05-09-04, 10:37 AM
The RP and angle submission period for the 05.08.04 edition of RAUCOUS ended last night at 11:59pm (while I was uh ... out. ;) ) and any RP posted after the deadline does not count (althought that doesnt look to be a problem.)

I'm hoping to get the card out by Tuesday ... and I planned on writing some of the card last week (just basic stuff no matches) but with the problems I had I didn't get a chance (nor did I get a chance to write my poli-sci final paper like I wanted to.)

So.. right now the Tuesday deadline is still there, but it may be a day or two late because I also have finals (although, perhaps not because I dont work Monday or Tuesday night woot.)

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John Doe
05-10-04, 09:53 AM
I haven't posted all week, ..::Tear::.. he he ha ha, ok so i posted, maybe i will doing something stupid now, like i don't know, but at least i posted (it's that thought that counts right?)