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04-29-04, 12:29 PM
All RP for the TRAVIS SMITH and ANGEL LATORA match should be done in this thread.

All RP and angles should be submitted by Saturday May 8th, at 11:59pm. All angles should be submitted to secandido@comcast.net .

04-30-04, 11:05 AM
~Too Sweet Travis Smith is seen looking out on the Ohio River from the walk way of the bridge between Kentucky and Ohio. Travis is seen by New Era camera and they make their way to him. Smith is wearing a red tank top and white jean shorts with jogging shoes. He's got his right foot up on the railing of the bridge as he leans forward, looking to be in deep thought.~

Travis: It seems to me that I have finally gotten a second chance if you will, in this sport that I have worked so damn hard to achieve the most in.

~He takes in a deep breath and lets it out.~

Travis: I have been away from the ring for almost a year now and to receive the call from New Era was something that would have never crossed my mind. So I thank them for the chance to chase the dream one more time.

~Travis then begins to stretch his legs out.~

Travis: Just a few hours ago at my home, a fax came through to me from Era's offices saying that in Nashville, a town that I love to compete in dearly because of the heritage there, I will be facing off against Mr. Angel Latora. Honestly, I have never seen this man in the ring before but on paper he looks to be quite a man. A tough fellow who doesn't take any crap from anyone, well Mr. Latora, just like you my friend.. I too don't take people lightly either.

~Travis cracks his neck to the left and then to the right. Then shakes it off.~

Travis: I will be looking forward to a good scraping with you because I am looking for a great match to put me back into the light and get my name back out there amongst those who thought I was dead. You know, for years I was told by big name talents that I wasn't good enough to be on the big time stage.. I was denied opportunities that I earned but now I'm in the same game with a new field to play upon. Everything is level and no one knows me or my past.

~Stretches his arms.~

Travis: Angel, I will bring skills to that ring that people will appreciate. I will bear moves that will leave you helpless and feeling like you should hit the gym more than you are now. My resume spans international experience, an amateur background, and some previous gold to back up my work. But I'm not going to bore you with a Ric Flair like speech saying that I've done this and done that and am a glory hound.. No no.. I'm looking forward to the future, I'm looking forward to putting that exclamation point on my career.

~He looks into the camera while pointing a finger at it.~

Travis: At Raucous this week, you will see all of Too Sweet Travis Smith! You will see what the world knows about already, Latora you better bring that hot Latino temper into that ring with you because that's the only, and I do mean only thing that's going to save your sorry ass from me beating you like you would have never imagined! Some have gone far to call me a franchise in some companies but I never beleived in it because when you call yourself a franchise you become a marked target with no way out. I see myself as a damn talent person who's works harder than anyone else to acheive status. Angel, you will be my stepping stone this week and I will get the deserved reconition that only a veteran can gain.

~Travis then pushes the camera man down as it fades out.~

05-04-04, 09:31 PM
~NEW fans last seen Travis Smith before jogging across the Brent Spence bridge in downtown Cincinniati. Now Travis is seen in the suburban town of Norwood. He's walking down the street and walks in side a rusted fenceed in area. It's an open parking lot with grass growing up through the cracks and an abandoned building in the background. Travis is seen looking at the building as the camera begins rolling.~

Travis: This building has a lot of history.. For this used to be the old General Motors plant factory where my old man used to bust his ass night in and night out. Once he left with disability claim, years later the plant closed down.

~He turns around towards the camera with the building overshadowing him.~

Travis: This is a reminder of where I come from.. This is also a reminder of how I'm going to handle myself in this match against Angel Latora. This place is a run down, ugly place.. My match with you Latora is going to be an ugly sight before the crowd in Nashville this week.

~He bends down and notices some rocks. He grabs a few of them and tosses them at the building. Shattering is heard as glass breaks.~

Travis: Professional Wrestling is all I know.. Angel Latora, you want to make a debut that's going to shock the world? Well pal, so do I! I'm going to run you all over that ring this week and I'm also going to see to it that you get a wrestling lesson of a lifetime. You will expect to get sent through everything from the basics to getting stretched and I'll do it with great pleasure.

~He chuckles to himself as he places his hands on his hips and looks at the street. Traffic is low today, so he walks back out through the gate and crosses the street. He walks over to a United Dairy Farmers store and goes over to the ice cream section. He orders up a milk shake and pays for it.~

Travis: I enjoy places like this.. It's nice to be off the road and home.

~He gets the shake and walks out.~

Travis: Lets get one thing straight here..

~Takes a drink.~

Travis: Damn good... But anyways.. Latora, you and I are going to get it on whether or not you really want to. I'm not going to settle for a no show because I hate no shows, I'm going to put you in a position to where I look good and you look like dirt! Trust me when I say this because I love to back up guarentees, hahaha!

~Camera fades.~