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04-28-04, 05:17 AM
Synopsis: Storylines aplenty, the new East conference continues, Aidan Campbell vs. Shane Southern in the Main Event.

LINK: http://nfw.fwrestling.com/CrashTV/2003Results/Week11/I.htm


Best Segment:

Storyline Thoughts:

Hottest Feud:

Wrestler of the Night:

04-28-04, 08:18 AM
I haven't had a chance to read it word for word in full yet, but here are some early thoughts...

Best Segment: Troy dream/Rabesque gift

Storyline Thoughts: Shane Southern's stuff all ties in with Aidan is looking really really solid right now. It's really taking off to me, and catching my interest. Same with the Troy/Love/Melton situation. Great stuff there. And of course Mike's stuff with the East is gold. How could it not be?

Hottest Feud: Hard to say. I think a lot of storylines are very intertwined and flow together which is a good thing to me. Strong all across the board.

Wrestler of the Night: Aidan Campbell

04-28-04, 10:49 AM
FEEDBACK: Great card as usual. Everybody stepped up and made it a nicely written card full of good story lines. Only wish is for more wrestling :)

Best Segment: I though Al did a great job on the Southern/Campbell match. I threw my stuff in, but Al made it work. The Troy/Melton/Love thing was great too.

Storyline Thoughts: It's all good. Hard to pick one out, but the ongoing saga of Melton/Troy has my interest peaked.

Hottest Feud: Hmm...not sure on this one.

Wrestler of the Night: Aidan Campbell.


04-28-04, 11:51 AM
Before I give any feedback at all, please note. I skim the card, if something grabs my eye I read more of it. This is not always a good thing.

Secondly I avoid commenting on my own writing when doing these kinds of things. If I didn't think my stuff was the best in the first place, I wouldn't submit it. I think we all feel the same way about things we spend so much time on.


Best Segment: There are two that caught my attention.
The segment with Castor Strife and Snow White. The second was the segment with Malik and Avery Prosser. My reasons for choosing these are as follows.

White and Strife: The characters are so over the top stereotypical that you want to underestimate them or write them off as you're reading them.

Prosser and Malik: It was short, sweet and got the point across. You're watching the development of desperation which is almost always a good base for something to launch off of.

Storyline Thoughts:

I want to qualify these thoughts as those of someone who only just started reading full cards here. These are the three things I think I think..

I think that I just don't get the NFW East and what their purpose is in the grand scheme of the NFW storyline. It's hard for me to completely latch on to the porn owner storyline for that reason and for the reason that the characters are so over the top.

The funny thing about that is that it's because the characters are so over the top that they caught my eye in the first place.. so if that's planned as a way to hook people until we all get what's going on, it's brilliant.

If everyone actually knows what's going on and I'm being a tool, please fill me in because I want to be on the enlightened bus. :)

In the meantime I'll be on the wrestling purist utterly confused bus.

I think that Jason (Southern) has been a joy to work with and I have no idea what the hell is going on with Chad and Hornet, but I like swatting bugs with big sticks. That will be the extent of my commentary on my stuff.

I think I will be holding comment on the Troy storyline because I want to see where it goes. More on that later.

Hottest Feud: Not sure, too much stuff is still building.

I'm tossing a wrestler of the night nod to Shane Southern as he was my dance partner. Edit (Note: Without good partners all good stories go to pot.)

04-28-04, 01:38 PM
NOTES: A very intensive NFW East/South show, which is primarily because they practically wrote the show. ;)

I agree with Jason we definitely could use more wrestling on the shows, but the card was 53 pages long from the NFW East and storyline segments sent in. Besides Aidan, only Tom Siegel and Dupree offered to write matches so in the sake of good timeliness, I shortformed alot of things again.

Right now, we're in some weird style of cardwriting that I'm not even used to...but then again, the quality is very high, so I can't say its a bad thing at all.

Unfortunately, I'll agree with Josh Levinson's stance in IM that this card put the North by the wayside somewhat. Its a double edged sword, but the card was still a very enjoyable read for myself. I thought those that busted their ass really put on a great show...and they earned that focus.

In the RP battles, Ryan/Sands was really hot to me and I regret not getting someone to write it or writing it myself.

I probably could've fleshed out more of the matches, but the card's length as well as me leaving this weekend...I just thought this was the best way to go.

Best Segment: The Man on the Blue Ridge Mountain. Actually, this is one of the best segments I've read in this style in a very, very long time. Its got a narrative style ingrained, but I think the way it was done almost added to it. Very, very funny - yet it really drew me inside two characters that I didn't think it was possible to get so inside...and man was it a riot from there.

Special nods - Troy, Campbell, Southern, Douglas

Storyline Thoughts:

I feel like the North is in this calm before the storm state. With the focus on them primarily in the first half of the season, its weird to see things like this. But I really think there's a path the conference is following...I'm really intrigued what can happen with the league returning to Tsongas. With the 6 man match, I think the exploration of the North loyalists vs. the SDS will finally happen. So yeah, things were quiet...but they won't be for long.

Matthews/Douglas/Shane gets a break...not a bad thing, actually. You never want overkill.

Shane/Campbell/Vivian - WOW. I was privy to watch all the discussions leading up to the match...but when the writing came in, I was pleasantly surprised. Really good stuff, and a really good foundation laid. Full Circle and Party's Over went perfectly with the match. Kudos.

Melton/Love - See above. Absolute gold.

Melton/Troy - I actually didn't see this coming so soon. The Jean thing at the end as usual is creepy...back to Melton and Troy, very good stuff. I thought it was really funny and some of the things I probably wouldn't have wanted to know but the Michael Manson sex tape desensitized me at that point. I wonder if this will change the Troy character any...and lets hope Joey doesn't go...'soft'...

perfect segue to:

NFW East - NFW how it should be, right? I loved the ending. Manson being God every week isn't feasible and I'm glad Mike found a quirk in Bloodhunt and that title belt. I think McNichols needs to be commended the past 2 weeks for writing these shows of his. I've given little to no input to him...and that's probably best.

...Oh yeah: PrON & MONKEYS~! YAY!


Hornet buying the tape...WTF~! I definitely didn't see that one coming...like most of Chad's work in NFW thus far. Its so weird yet so intriguing...and with Hornet 10 points ahead of Shane suddenly...it becomes a little dangerous.

Shawn Douglas segment totally rocked. Michal is the man, I hope people start paying attention to his character a little more.

Things to look out for: How Shizaki and Southern rebound in their match, I feel like they've become the two 'sentimental' characters at this point in the season. Both are on losing streaks and really need a momentum change.

Eddy Love - someone is going to want his head on a platter, but who's gonna get it? Ed has done a wonderful job weaving himself into the NFW fabric. He gets two new enemies a week, lol.

Hottest Feud: Eddy Love/Deacon - what the Highwayman did was just plain eerie...and wrong. This one has to happen soon or else. I love the match for next week.

Wrestler of the Night:

*tie* Not Jonathan Marx and Jonathan Marx - the cream rises to the top tonight. Next week's match has me very intrigued. Paul deserves the silent nod at this point in the season for being the glue that's held the North together since Week 1. Fun fact - Marx, Stratton, Aho are the only remaining ORIGINAL North roster members still in the North. And considering the RP status of both, he's really the lone soldier left.

So please don't hold it against him that he still has faith in me. ;)

04-28-04, 01:56 PM
I haven't read ALL of the card yet because work is really, really insane today.

I just want to say-- the opening stuff was off-the-charts.

A-- you've goit this great ability to find stories for your character each and every card and it's absolutely amazing to see. Jason-- you were right about adding onto Southern's character. It's really given him new dimensions and your writing has leaped along with it.

The NFW East: It's not for everyone. But I ****ing love it. It's a car wreck and is blending the line between FW and absurdist theater but beneath it all is still a storyline involving Mike Manson and the man who broke his back. THAT'S ****ing choice stuff and it's really, really different than anything I've ever seen in FW. Kudos, McNichols-- you managed to be revolutionary without reinventing the wheel.

The Joey/Eddy stuff: I think the Eddy Love Locker Room Tour bit might be the best stuff in the NFW's history of cranking out really great ****. It was just surreal and hilarious and added depth but did it in a way that fits in to what FW has become over the years.

I skimmed a few other things but didn't read it yet-- that's going to come after I get this article finished and before I write the Randalls/Tsunami rematch.

But so far, it's just... woah! Katz, you're right-- NFW cards, it's a completely new format from what we were doing. And it works. But Jason's right, maybe some more wrestling also. I'll get off my ass for Week 12 and 13 and put some **** together.

But awesome, awesome stuff so far.

04-28-04, 05:31 PM
FEEDBACK: I finally read the whole card. Jesus, there's a lot in there... great ****, top-to-bottom. Really intriguing stuff all around.

Best Segment: Like I said earlier, I marked for NFW East AND Eddy Love. But that got stolen by the gruesome Passion of the Highwayman angle. Classic brutality.

Storyline Thoughts: Shane Southern has become automatic. Everything he's involved in turns to gold. If everyone wants to kill Eddy Love, Shane Southern is next on the hit list. Aaron Douglass, Aiden Cambpell and now Hornet.

The Shawn Douglas stuff, agreed, mega-hot.

Hottest Feud: WildChild/Shane/Vivian/Hornet/Douglass/Matthews. That's REALLY tight ****.

Wrestler of the Night: Campbell, it was his breakout night.

04-28-04, 08:04 PM
Keep in mind bud that you and I have some unfinished business should we decide to settle it.

I got lucky and Katz gave me a chance to work with Jason last week. To be honest I have no knowledge of Southern's other angles, but now I have to go back and read them..

Damn it all. :)


04-28-04, 10:33 PM
Great Card again, and I'll go against the grain and say while more wrestling would be great seeing all yall's segments tied in together is an even bigger kick for me.

I'm glad I'm not the only one a bit confused by NFW East, even though i acknowledge it's very well written.

Best Segment: Steve's Love/Melton meeting. I did submit some contributions to this segment, but I;m fairly sure Steve edited them all back out, but how can I complain when my man was sold in what was my favorite bit.

Storyline: WildChild/Shane/Vivian/Douglass/Matthews.
Now add Hornet into an intriguing storyline that hasn't lost the wrestling feel that so many do. great job by all involved there.

I agree with Katz the Sands Ryan match was a red hot RP thread that sorta got downplayed simply because of the length of so many other segments.

Hottest fued: I guess it's Campbell/Southern tonight.

Wrestler of the Night: Campbell on the strength of winning the hottest fued