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04-28-04, 02:45 AM
~A man with short brown hair, blue eyes, and dress clothes is seen driving down a busy street in a red Corvette. He comes to a red light and stops as his cell phone rings. He picks up.~

Yeah.. Well what do you expect me to do about it?

~He listens to the man's muffled voice as the light turns green. He continues on his trip.~

Well, I tell you what Jim.. Give two days and I'll get back in touch with you.. Actually I quit, you know why? Because I've got the urge to go back to what I do best and that's wrestling.

~He hangs up the phone and then turns the raido up a bit. Some country western song is playing faintly as he pulls up to a run down gym. The building is all brick, and looks like it hasn't been cleaned in twenty years. There's a guy laying on the front steps, he appears to be homeless. The man parks the car in front of the building and steps out of it. He approaches the building and enters in through the front door. There are ten young athletes there doing everything you could think of. There's sparing in the ring, lifting weights, jump rope and more pyhsical work taking place. An old man appears in front of him. He looks to be 65, and wearing sweat clothes.~

Man: Hey kid! Good to see you again! Come here.

~He walks over to the old man and the two share a hug.~

Man: So Travis, tell me.. What brings you back to my gym?

Travis: Dave, I've got the bug again.

Dave: Really now?

Travis: Yeah.

Dave: Who's called you up this time?

Travis: New ERA of Wrestling.

Dave: Never heard of them.

Travis: Yeah, I found them over the net and I did a little reading up on them. Seems like an impressive group.

Dave: Well feel free to use the gym.

~Travis laughs and heads into the locker room.~