View Full Version : [CD] Reckoning: part 2

04-25-04, 01:03 AM
Tom Neiden’s home
2237 Chestnut Boulevard
Parma, Ohio
12:06 PM

The cherry red caddie was loaded with Michael Bigelow’s crew. Pointing at Alex Borden were three glocks and a mac 10 wielded by Bigelow himself.

For Alex time froze for a surreal millisecond that caused his heart to become a stone.

“Hey, Borden! Whats up, blood?! Hahahaha!!!” Michael smiled broadly.

“M-Michael... M-m-man, listen to me. I don’t got the money. I don’t got the money, man, I swear to God!” Alex stammered.

“Shut the f*ck up! B*tch, it wuz you!” Michael snarled. “Heh, we gunna take you on a hell ride, we gunna smoke yer lyin’ ass!”

“Sh-sh*t!” Alex cried out and bolted back toward the house. The world around Alex exploded. He dove behind Tom’s car as the back and right side of it took blast after blast from the gunmen. Alex clapped his hands over his ears, clenched his eyes shut and gritted his teeth in fear of the fury of the onslaught.




Just then the front door opened and Tom ran out, yelling “Borden, what the hell is going on out here!”

A second later he saw the men’s guns and his car’s devastation. His eyes went wide and he froze in panic.

“TOM!!” Alex just had the time to scream his name in warning before seeing a bullet rip through his friend’s abdomen. He was thrown back against the house as he was shot again in the shoulder, and again above his forehead.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” Alex screamed in horror.

As the bullets continued to fly all around his prone body, Tom Neiden shuttered, and slid down, leaving three bloody streaks above him.

“Ah-ah God!... AH GOD!! YOU F*CKING B*STAAAARRDDS!!!!!” Alex shrieked, and pulled out a gun from his pants. He walked out from behind the car and blasted again and again, crying out. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!”




It was after Alex got three shots off that he was hit in the chest. “UGH!” He grunted in pain and fell back, skidding in the grass.

The gunfire stopped.

He laid there limp, and motionless.

The tinted black windows of the cadillac rolled up at once and it sped off screeching, leaving the sound of its roaring engine in its wake.

For a few deathly silent moments all was still. Marie ran out and cried out for Tom. “Tom! Tom! Oh my god!” She cradled him and held his head in her lap.

Alex Borden’s body seized up and his eyes rolled back in his head. The air was filled with the sound of Marie’s anguished sobbing.

to be continued....