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04-24-04, 07:21 AM
They say that there is no honor among thieves and that what goes around comes around. For Alex Borden, these proverbs have become deadly lessons.

Tom Neiden’s home
2237 Chestnut Boulevard
Parma, Ohio
11:47 AM

In the still of a sleepy suburban town, one man reveals the horrifying truth to an unsuspecting friend.

Tom Neiden, Alex’s friend and fellow wrestler, was a fellow most would call sturdy and reliable. He was a man’s man, but not just that, a family man. Tom was always devoted to his friends and he cared for his loved ones. He fought for his country and stood up for what he believed was right. Patriotic, intelligent and hardworking.

After the disturbing phone call Tom received, he knew that to expect the worst would be wise. And he did. Tom could hear the weight of desperation in his young friend’s voice and he saw the destruction of his home. It wasn’t just trashed; it was ravaged; destroyed. Alex said he needed to talk, and that he sought revenge for what happened to him, whatever that meant. What Tom expected was bad news of the most dire sort. What he got was so much worse then he had ever imagined.

It wasn’t long after Alex hung up that he arrived at Tom’s home, a blue boxy house with a sharp rooftop and a chimney; two stories of pure Americana with neatly trimmed bushes and brightly colored tulips growing in a flowerbed.

Alex parked his rusted Volvo on the street and strode up to the house thinking about what he was about to tell his only trusted friend.

How can I tell him the truth? I hope I’m doing the right thing. Hell, at this point it doesn’t really matter. I need his help. Its my only option.

He knocked on the door. After a few seconds a stirring was heard beyond the door followed by the clicking of a lock unlatching. It was Marie, Tom’s wife.

“Hello, Alex.” she greeted pleasantly.

“Hey, Marie.” said Alex.

“Tom told me you were coming. Come in!”


“So what’s this all about, Alex?” Tom asked.

The two were seated around a folding card table in Tom’s basement/home weight room. They went there now and again to work out or play cards away from the wife.

“Now I need you to just listen to what I have to say because I’m going to be straight with you.” Alex said.

“I’m listening.” said Tom, folding his arms.

Alex sighed deeply and began. “There are some things about myself I’ve never told you. I couldn’t talk about this ever, not to nobody. Not till now. About a year ago in prison I met this guy, Michael Bigelow.”

Tom raised his brow in surprise.

“Yeah, I was in prison a bunch of times. All for small sh*t, though. Just stealin’ or whatever. The point is, I met a guy named Michael Bigelow; this big black dude in lockdown for drug running. He’s a real big shot I guess. Everyone was scared of him and nobody f*cked with him or anyone he ran with. So I got on his good side. It took a while, but I was in for an eight month stretch so I had the time. We bullsh*ted with each other every day in the yard. Talked, joked, and I did what favors I could for him. I earned his
trust, believe me. He told me about this bank in a town outside Dayton, some backwoods hickass place ripe and available for anyone in the know with the balls to take it. He said it was loaded with the cash of every livestock rancher and corn farmer in the county. He told me all about how their security were just rent-a-cops and how there were barely any cops in the whole godd*mn town! He told that their system was older then he was. He had people who could short circuit it easy. God, he made that place sound like easy money.”

“You’re telling me you robbed a bank?” Tom asked incredulously.

“Yeah. Yeah I am, Tom. And we did it. We hit that b*tch up and robbed those rednecks blind! It was everything he said it would be. It went down so smooth. Nobody got hurt, Tom. We didn’t kill anybody. I couldn’t, you have to believe me.” Alex pulled a pack of Newports and a lighter out from his jacket pocket and lit a cigarette. He took a quick but deep drag and exhaled heavily. “But something went wrong. After we got back to Bigelow’s place he said he was going to hold on to it for a couple days until things cooled off. I was so stupid. I went along with it. Three days later I get a call from one of Bigelow’s crew. He demanded that I bring his money back. He accused me of stealing it for myself. He said that the money was gone and Bigelow knows that I took it.”

“So did you?” Tom asked coldly.

“What?! Hell no, I didn’t take the money! How could I have possibly snuck in and just stole it right from under their damn noses?! I didn’t even see any of them after the job. I don’t know what he was talking about.”

“And you expect me to believe that?” Tom raised his voice and stood. “You tell me that you’ve fed me nothing but lies for the entire time I’ve known you and you dare to ask for my trust?! I took you into my house, I took you into my family and godd*mn it I took you into my heart. I considered you my best friend, Alex. And you lied to me.”

“Tom listen I--”

“You lied to me! About you’re entire life!” Tom bitterly laughed. “And you robbed a bank! Haha! You sure you didn’t kill anybody? Maybe you’re the Columbus highway sniper!”

“Look man, I’m sorry. Really I am. But what I did I did to protect you. These guys are after me. They think I have their money and they’re looking to kill me for it. I know them, their f*cking heartless bastards and they would kill anyone who got in their way. Keeping this to myself was the only way I could stay in hiding without endangering anyone. But they’ve found me and I know they won’t stop until I’m dead.”


“Yeah. Please, man. I need your help.”

Tom turned his back to him and leaned up against a benchpress bar. He closed his eyes and stood there silently for an endless moment. He breathed.

“Get out.”

Alex stood. “W- What? Tom, I’m serious. I need help!”

“Get out.” He said again with ice in his voice.

“Tom... we’re friends.”

“GET OUT!!!” Tom raged and hurled the 200 pound bar at Alex. Alex leaped out of the way before the weight smashed the flimsy card table apart. “Go!” he shouted.

Without another word Alex Borden walked up the stairs with malice and walked through the kitchen. Marie sat at the table and she saw the look in his face. She said nothing as he stormed out of the house.

Damn it! Everything’s falling apart! I thought my acceptence into NEW was a sign that things were finally going to go right for me. I thought I finally found my way and now the **** has really hit the fan. Alex thought, walking down Tom’s driveway to his car.

Just then, a red cadillac parked down the street sped up and screached to a halt just in front of Tom Neiden’s house. Alex’s heart almost burst out of his chest when he saw that driving the cadillac was Michael Bigelow. He pulled out a mac 10 and pointed it at Alex. Michael smiled broadly.

“Hey, Borden! Whats up, blood?! Hahahaha!!!”

to be continued....