View Full Version : Hi I'm new here

04-22-04, 10:07 PM
Hey, New Era.

I've just been accepted by the prez if this fed and I must say, I see some awesome roleplayers. I look forward to competing here.

Thank you for giving me a chance. :D Let the good times roll, baby!

David Pair
Alex Borden

04-24-04, 07:34 AM
This OOC board is amazing. I sware to god if I listen hard enough I can hear crickets chirping in the distance.

04-24-04, 05:10 PM
Thanks for giving us the opportunity to have your talent ..

Don't worry about the OOC board :) I'll be putting more effort into having some more stuff in here once I finish writing this card.

Angel Latora
04-27-04, 05:14 PM
haha...I got the cricket response too. What's up with that? Why do you people not have an OOC community? GAHHHH

04-27-04, 06:24 PM
Im working on it .. im working on it :P

once i finish this week of papers and writing the card you'll see some attempts to envigorate the OORP board :P

04-27-04, 07:43 PM
Hey Alex, welcome aboard!