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ERRRT! ERRRT! ERRRT! ERRRT! ERR -(wack!)-tzzzkk..

Alex Borden’s eyes felt dried-up and swollen as he pried them open to smash his blaring alarm clock against the wall.

His first thought that morning was of sheer contempt for the morning light that shown through the shades of his apartment like peircing, violating daggers. The light was sufficent to see most of his bedroom and Alex clenched his eyes shut. He knew there was nothing here that he wanted to see. His room was in ruins. His entire life was in ruins.

He whinced as he sat up. His chest throbbed and shot jolts of pain up and down his arm. Moaning, he fell back on his pillow. For minutes he laid there, unmoving, stairing at the ceiling. His will felt drained from his body. His mind was filled with flashing faces and voices from the violence last night.

“F*ck.” was all he pushed past his busted lips as he got up and headed for the shower.

The rest of his small apartment was ravished. Destruction adorned every room. Cottony gashes were torn into his couch, his television was in peices on the ground, his belongings were scattered everywhere. Alex picked a cracked gold picture frame from off the floor and placed it on a counter. On it was a picture of a smiling woman with warm eyes and fair skin. On the frame was enscribed:

To my son, I shall love you eternally.

Alex threw his clothes off haphazardly against a wall and stepped into the shower. As the hot water cascaded down his back, he shuddered and closed his eyes.


Alex spent most of the night last night with his friend and fellow grappler, Tom. The two had worked-out and sparred together two times a week for five hours a day for many months now. They met at a YMCA of all places and became close friends fast.

They were celebrating Alex’s acceptance into New Era Wrestling, a promising young national federation. His big break had finally come and they were painting the town red. The drunken jubilation came to a sudden and abrupt halt however, as Alex came home to find that he was being robbed.

He quite literally walked in on the men who were busily busting his home up. As he opened the door the first thing he saw was a tall bald man holding a couch cushion in one hand and a switchblade in the other. His head jerked over at Alex in surprize as he swung open the door. The intruder stood there for a moment, frozen in shock and panic, but only for a moment as Alex lunged for him.

“PAULY!” cried the balding man as he turned and tried to run. Alex grabbed his legs and brought him down. Pinning him on the ground, he rained blows down upon the man’s face. He easily wrestled the knife from the man’s hand by cinching in a grinding hammerlock.

“What?!” came a voice from the kitchen. A moment later, a tall, lanky man who could only be Pauly walked into the room. “Oh, sh*t!” he cried.

Releasing the beaten man, Alex chased after Pauly to the kitchen. The next thing Alex Borden knew, was the sensation of a louisville slugger cracking the side of his head with a metallic clank. The force the the blow spun him around and he saw that there was a third intruder hiding just behind the entrence to the kitchen.

I.... I didn’t see him. thought Alex just before his world went dark and he collapsed.

His memories at this point are fragmented and fuzzy. All he can remember clearly is the feel of rough boots stomping down on him and their laughter as they hit him again and again in the ribs and chest with their bat.

“.....sh*t, that was close!” came a voice from above him.

“...idiot! You said he wouldn’t be home for hours...”

“...got the sucker...”

“...didn’t stand a chance...”

“...better hope we find it, b*tch.”


Then blackness.

Alex rinsed off and stepped out of the shower. He grabbed a towel and went searching the bedroom floor for clean clothes.

Someone’s gunna pay. thought Alex, feeling the throbbing pain in his skull. Someones gunna PAY! What the hell could they have wanted? What were they looking for? I got nothin’! God... Why is this happening now? Why today?!

The phone rang.

“Yeah?” Alex asked.

“Alex. Are you alright?” It was Tom. He was the first person Alex called after he regained consciousness.

“No I’m not alright! Cops had me at headquarters six hours last night! I just got home a few hours ago.” Alex said.

“What? Damn. What took so long?” Tom asked.

“Hell if I know! They had me waiting there with my thumb up my ass all night with a sh*tload of papers to fill out. They ignored me. They don’t care about people like us.” he lied. Alex couldn’t go to the police, not for this.

Alex has a colorful list of misdemeanors on record including shoplifting, petty theft, public drunkenness, disturbing the peace, and marijuana possession with intent to distribute. He has been convicted of several felonious crimes as domestic violence, assault and battery and attempted arson. Alex was on trial for the attempted murder of his father but the case was thrown out due to the experiation of the statue of limitations. Currently, a trial for a charge of grand theft auto is pending.

He knew who sent those men, and he knew what he had to do.

“Just relax, Alex. Just chill for a minute. We need to think this through.” Tom paused. “Alex, I know a good attorney. I’ll help you through this, lets just goto the police department again together and we’ll--”

“No.” Alex intrupted. “Not again. Listen, we need to talk, but not over the phone. I’m coming over to your place.”

“Nows not really good. I have to pick up Tylor from school at 1:00. Its a half day.”

“No, I’m coming over. We need to talk...” Alex said grimly. “It’s important.”

Tom sighed “Alright, when are you coming?”

“Now.” Alex replied.

“Fine. But what the hells going on?”