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04-16-04, 06:51 PM
All RP for the JOHN DOE, NICK SAVAGE and JEAN RABESQUE (c) 'Menage a Trois' Television Title match should be done in this thread.

All RP and angles should be submitted by Friday April 23rd, at 11:59pm. All angles should be submitted to secandido@comcast.net .

04-16-04, 11:36 PM

{The NEW the champions have been crowned. The champions have been set apart from the rest of the federation. They are no longer trying to be the best, because they are the best. Whats next for these champions? The same thing that is next for every champion; they have to prove that they deserve to be a champion. These champions have to defend their titles week in & week out. Jean Rabesque defeated John Doe to become the first ever NEW Television Champion in the finals of the tournament. The question that still remains is where has Nick Savage been this whole time. Where has the Violator been the past two weeks. Nick Savage has been training for his chance; his chance to become the Television Champion. Nick Savage's chance has come; next week on Raucous he will be facing John Doe & Jean Rabesque in a triple threat match for the Television Championship. It will be his chance to shine & no one can take that away from him; not even John Doe or Jean Rabesque.

{The scene appears inside of a fairly good sized room; it appears to be a training room. There are different weight sets scattered across the room, a gatorade machine in the back, and even a simple wrestling ring set up in the center of the room. The camera zooms around the backside of the ring as a familiar face appears. Its been awhile since this face has been seen on the LAW camera; its none other than The Violator: Nick Savage. Nick is in a deep sweat as he continues lifting the 265 lb weights. Nick sets the weights back on their bar and sits up. Nick grabs a white towel from the floor and wipes off his face. Nick quickly looks back up at the camera as he throws the towel over his left shoulder and stands up. Nick slides into the ring sitting right next to the weight set he was just at. Nick quickly stands up to his feet and looks at the camera once more; as if he seen a ghost. Nick slowly walks over to the left turnbuckle and slowly climbs up as if to do a move, but he sits down facing the camera which is in the center of the ring. Nick just stares at the camera for awhile before any words even come out of his mouth.}

Nick Savage:Congradulations Jean Rabesque on your huge defeat over John Doe and becoming the first ever NEW Television Champion. Congradulations for defeating the man who shcooled me in my debut match here in LAW. Thats why I have been gone for two weeks; I have been gone training. Training for my return match; but this is not just any return match. This is a return match for the Television Championship; not just against you Jean Rabesque, but also John Doe. Every man for himself. John Doe, what a great athlete. You defeated me fair and square in my debut match, but next week on Raucous it will be like wrestling a whole different wrestler.

{Nick Savage slides down off the top turnbuckle and lands solidly on the ring mat. Nick then walks over to the edge of the ropes and slides out of the ring. Nick Savage walks over to the Gatorade machine and pulls a dollor out of his wallet. The machine eats up his dollor like candy as Nick waits a few seconds to make his choice. He presses the Fruit Punch button as the gatorade drops to the bottom of the machine and Nick reaches in and pulls it out. Nick walks over to a chair sitting beside the door and twists the lid off his bottle. Nick then downs a huge drink & re-caps the bottle.}

Nick Savage: Jean Rabesque you have the greatest edge in this triple threat match. You have not faced me before, but you have defeated the man who defeat me in my first ever match here in NEW. Therefore that is better than defeating me. John Doe, you have beat me before, but to win the title you will also have to deal with Jean Rabesque. The man who defeated you in the final round of the Television Championship tournament. Then there is the third competitor in this match. Nick Savage; Me; The Violator! Even though I have the least chance of winning that match, I wouldn't count me out just yet. I am going to give this match all I have got & in the end it will be either John Doe or Jean Rabesque tapping out and me leaving Raucous with the Television Championship around my waist.

{Nick stands up making a tuant representing the TV Title being around his waist. Nick Savage then walks out the large door beside the chair he was sitting in. The camera does not follow.}

John Doe
04-17-04, 02:59 PM
[Fade in as John Doe is spinning around in circles looking at the ceiling. John laughs as he spins faster then falls on his ass from his dizziness. John gets up as Korn “Ya’ll Want a Single” plays in the background. John gets up and starts to spin around again, then he suddenly stops and looks around tilting his head slightly.]

DOE: Jean Rabesque…nice match, you’re good. I doubted you a bit. That is true I have to say you gave me a run for my money. A rematch, a rematch me versus you, should be fun don’t you think? I mean this is another match for me, another chance. For me to attempt to put that title around my waist. Wait a second, this a triple threat isn’t it? John Doe verse Nick Savage verses Jean Rabesque. Jeanie Boy this is good! This is really good…not. Look Jean, if you haven’t noticed I never learn a lesson, usually when people like me do something bad we just repeat our errors. Let me tell you something Rabesque, this is one piece of history that won’t be repeated. You beat me, I admit it, I have no problem what so ever admitting that you pinned me 1…2….3. In fact, you pulled off some moves that I myself was not ready for. It all comes with experience don’t you say? We battled it out really good, you pulled off some great moves, veteran moves. You had me mapped out captain! Are you ready Jean for the next encounter with me? I am…kind of. See I am going to watch our match. I made a mistake. My new style should have you on your toes Rabesque! But it’s not just you and me this time buddy ‘ol pal, there’s one more man in this match. NICK SAVAGE, yay! Ha, ha, ha, woo, man oh man. Nicky Savage is in this match up, Nick all I have to say is not to suffocate yourself in Rabesque’s wrinkles. Rabesque is a good wrestler no doubt about it, he is I am not kidding at all, Rabesque is one of a kind, he is one wrestler that deserves the T.V Title, I won’t lie about it. But there are two men, Rabesque not kids in the ring, two kids in their prime. I take back what I said your not washed up, you’re good, good very good, you have what I would say, a good talent, a very good talent. One of excellent standards. Jean, what’s your problem? You have some sort of problem with me don’t you. Well get over it! It’s time to see the new breed of wrestlers that are entering the business you had a taste of me, you had a chance to defeat me, which you did by far. You were in the running, you are in the running you are the T.V Champion, I will not deny it. You are a good champion, possibly the shortest championship reign in any federation history, Jean you are going to step in the ring with me again, a second time, this time you will not be so lucky, this time you will be sad to find out that I am ready, more ready than before, this time I am set, I have my mind focused on you, Nick and the title. When we fought, when we wrestled I had my mind on the title, not on the match, I saw that title in the air and my eyes grew. I when I first step in that N.E.W ring I saw that crowd, the crowd shocked me, all those people in the arena, watching you, booing or cheering, watching as you make mistakes, as you become greater. You remember how it is? Or is that Amnesia setting in? I saw that gold in the air and my mouth watered, you took it from me Jean, that’s ok cause I am going to get it back from you, fair and square.

[John begins spinning around and around, again. John’s laughs a cynical laugh as he falls on the ground again. John walks towards the window as a white truck pulls up the drive men in white uniforms walk of the truck as John smiles.]

DOE: Savage, remember me? You should we faced off a long time ago, back in the day as Jean would say. Savage you are a powerful wrestler. Man a very powerful wrestler, you almost beat me, remember that day? When you all most beat me, those days are over, I am a new John Doe, I figure why play this guy that just talks a bunch of stuff and never gets in done in the ring? But that’s ok I guess? I mean it’s not pride-full its just confidence, and my confidence is my pride. I acknowledge you as a competitor, more than I do Rabesque. That’s something to be happy about, think about it that someone actually respects you, more than a guy that one a bunch of titles. Which reminds me that Rabesque is no better than me and you, we just has experience in the ring, I picked up a couple moves from him, but since your leave Savage, things have changed, things have changed since our last meet in the ring, I have evolved as a wrestler, I am what I’d like to call “Ring Smart”. I am more knowledge on what I have to get done in the ring, and what I have to do in order to win, and If I know what I have to do to win, then well everything falls in order. Fact of the matter is, one of you two is going to lose two me. It’s nothing personal Savage, it’s a match, and a match is a match. I want that title as bad as you do, oh and Rabesque key words in that sentence were “Nothing personal Savage.” For you it’s a different story, I want you’re fricken head on a damn stick! For one of three reasons: One: I don’t like you Two: you piss me off, and Three; You took the title. That is something a man of my standards is hard to live by! Savage, when you enter the ring with me be ready, I am not the same man you knew so many weeks ago, I am ready I am set and I have that title in my mind, I am going to make sure that I am the T.V Champion by the end of the night. This is my time..again. It’s time for John Do eto be a champion. And for you fools to watch as I become it. You probally tellingyourself you can beat me don’t forget Savage and Rabesque……..

[Before John can finish his sentence the door to John’s house crashes in as the men in the white uniforms rush in. They tackle John to the floor as the wrap a straight jacket around him. John laughs as they do so, foam drips from his mouth as they pull the jacket tighter. They men set John on a dolly and strap him in it. The men pull out a muzzle as they try to set it over John’s face. Before they set it on John starts to speak]

DOE: “I Am Not Anyone…..I Am John Doe”.

[The men force the muzzle on cutting John’s face. The men roll John out of the house and into the truck. The truck pulls away as the camera’s catch the words “Black Water Mental Institution”. The camera’s fade out.]


04-20-04, 07:39 PM
(The screen comes in on Jean Rabesque, as he stands in front of an NEW backdrop, wearing the normal gear)

“It’s honestly going from the ridiculous to the sublime now. When NEW came calling, they did write me a big fat check in the chance to allure a pre-eminent supposed superstar to their federation. I will be honest when I say the money did have something to do with it. But I was also told that this was going to quickly develop into one of the strongest federations in the world, one to rival the CSWA and the NFW for supremacy.

“And now I get stuck defending a title against Nick Savage and John Doe???

“What the hell is going on in here? Is there a system to this? Or is this, who wants a TV title shot, come one, come all? We have one man making his SECOND EVER match, who likes freakishly like Ken Shamrock, and lost his first match to the other chump, who somehow waltzed into the finals of this thing before bowing out. All the way while NEITHER of them can form any kind of coherent thought.

“And this is a main event!!

“I have nothing but respect for New ERA, I have nothing but respect for many of the wrestlers here, and I most definitely have nothing but respect for the wonderful fans of this promotion, but you have GOT to be kidding me. This is the best you have to offer? This is what you’re going to pawn off on the fans that pay good hard-earned money to come watch?

“You boys are fooling yourselves if you expect this to fly. Sure, I’ll show up, I’ll put on one hell of a show, I’ll carry both John Doe and Nick Savage to the best matches that will have in their career. I will get the standing ovation, and I will walk out the television champ, but what else do we have to offer? You banking on Suicide to sell tickets? Hell, based on past projections, about three more matches and he’ll be moving on to another promotion he can leave hanging high and dry. The point is that you’re wasting the time of everyone by booking this match, and even more by making it the main event of a Raucous. But, you want me to fight? I’ll fight.

“Let’s break this down a little bit then, shall we?”

(Rabesque pauses for a moment, gathers his thoughts, and then resumes)

“‘Violent’ Nick Savage, after checking you out a little bit, I have but a few questions, and the first goes ringing through my head...... why so violent? Huh? Repressed childhood memories? Feelings of regret over a lack of wrestling ability? Compensating for something a little bit below the belt? What is it Nick?

“Because you have nothing to be angry about. You mentioned to break your way into the wrestling industry, you have already made it this far. There are so many others that try to make it to this point and most of them pathetically fall by the way side. So, you have made it further than most. And the #1 reason not to be angry Nick is that you’re about to have a clinic, a first hand experience if you will, on what it really is to be a professional wrestler. You’ve wrestled what, one match in your career, and you think you have what it takes to beat me? Starting out against me Nick is like learning to drive on a Lamborghini. Sure, it might sound fun, it might even look like something you can tame, but there is no way in hell you’re going to be able to handle yourself once you get behind the wheel. You can talk and say what you want Nick, but you have so much to learn I don’t even know where to start.

“So I guess I’ll simply ask you to pay a great deal of attention at Raucous, because you’ll learn more in that one night than you ever have in any kind of wrestling training you’ve ever received. And that Nicki, is a promise. Now, go back to being violent or something.”

(Rabesque again pauses for a moment, and then continues)

“And thus we return to the King of Intelligibility, John Doe. John I would ask if the childhood has something to do with your issues, but I know you won’t remember, but I think it’s safe to say daddy probably really liked you growing up. (smiles) But anyway, I see you’re back to more of the same. You’re back to putting way too much importance on yourself, thinking that I actually care about you and that the TV title actually means something to me. As I’ve previously stated John, it really doesn’t. Larry Tact and the belt on his shoulder are basically the two things I’m interested in, because that actually provides something you don’t John..... a challenge.”

(Rabesque stops and begins feigning shock)

“But no, all of that has changed now. It has all changed because John Doe has learned a new wrestling style!! One that’s going to ‘keep me on my toes!!’ That’s it, why didn’t I think of that? I’ve spent twenty years trying to perfect a wrestling style and this guy goes and learns a new one in two weeks! Hot damn, what the heck did I miss? I must have no chance now that John Doe has gone and learned himself a new wrestling style. What is it John, have you become a master martial artist? A super high flyer, or did you go Barry Bonds on us and hulk up in preparation of throwing me around the ring? I’m sure I will now enjoy many a sleepless night in sheer dread of John Doe’s new wrestling style.”

(Back to reality)

“Get real John. Just like I said the last time, I’m going to beat you for one reason, and one reason only....


I’m sorry John, the truth hurts. You can deny it all you want, you can think you’re as wonderful as you want. The fact of the matter is, you’re knowledge of wrestling must have went with the amnesia John, because you ain’t s(FCC)t!

“No false gimmicks, no false hype, I am Jean Rabesque!”

(Fade out)

04-20-04, 11:00 PM

{The scene opens up in a birds eye view watching cars zoom down a highway by the dozens. The cars varie in different models and colors. Most are normal everyday cars you would see in a small town, but some are pretty impressive. The wind is blowing at a good breeze by looking at the trees swaying back in forth along side the highway. The camera zooms closer to the highway and as a black mustang zooms by the camera zooms alongside it. Soon the camera cuts off and reappears inside of the black mustang. By looking at the interior of the car you can tell that it is brand new. The entire car is clean....from the leather seats to the dash. The car is totally customed from the PS2 on in between the driver and passenger seat to the fish tank installed in the back of the car. There are fuzzy dice hanging from the rear-view mirror and just looking at the sound system would make you dream of owning that car. As the camera swings from the sound system in the back the camera then locks on the driver. The driver is not a well recognized man....ecleast not yet. He has been seen around NEW though. He is none other than "The Violator" Nick Savage. He is wearing his custom made glasses ( Don't Ask For Some - You Can't Afford Them ), one of the newest t-shirts made by NEW. It says "nVs - Nick Savage" on the front and on the back it says "I Am The Violator - I Violate The Law" He is also wearing a pair of baggy blue jeans. He is layed back with his left hand on the steering wheel and his right hand on the stick shift. He just keeps on driving down the road not saying a word in the complete silence. Then he slightly turns his head towards the camera and opens his mouth.}

Nick Savage: Here in NEW I have a losing record, which is not normal to me at all. Back when I was in cage fighting it was simple to me. I was never seen as a loser, but always a top competitor. I have held many cage fighting championships, but then again this is not cage fighting is it. No. Its not cage fighting & I realize that. I guess I am going to just have to work harder here in NEW than I have been. This is no problom for me, because I have always had to work for things in life. If I wanted to win, I would have to train and practice. Thats how I became such a well known fighter, but now that I am here in NEW. No one knows me. No one at all. Thats why I have to win the NEW Television Championship and become a top competitor in NEW.

{Nick keeps on driving down the highway that never seems to end. He glances up at one of the signs along the highway and notices it says "The Chappelle's Show" on tonight. Nick quickly turns off on the nearest exit and turns around heading back for home. The scene fades to black as he continues driving. The scene opens back up outside of a huge hotel. Nick's car then drives up in front of the hotel entrance. Nick shuts off his car and steps out. On his way to the door he throws his keys to the guy who parks cars for a living. He walks through the entrance and through the lobby. A small kid that is probally 8 years old comes running up to Nick Savage. He is carrying a poster.}


{Nick pulls a pen out of his pocket wondoring how this kid knew who he was and wondored why he wanted an autograph since he had a losing streak in NEW. Then as he lifted up the poster he froze. He noticed a poster of him back in cage fighting with the world heavyweight championship. Nick smiles and signs the autogragh. The kids mother calls for him as he runs along. Nick then continues walking towards the elevators. The elevator soon dings as he steps on. Nick presses the button for the 3rd floor. Finally after about 23 seconds the elevator dings and the doors slide open. Nick pulls a card out of his wallet as he walks towards his room. He walks past #304 - #305 - #306 - finally #307; his room #. Nick slides the card through the electronic key on the door and walks on through. Nick throws down everything he has on the bed and grabs his remote. He then jumps onto the bed and gets comfortable. He clicks on the remote and changes it to channal 107 - Comedy Central. The scene cuts out and now all you see is whats on Comedy Central.}


{Commerciall on the new episode of the Crank Yankers where Eminem is asking to get his daughtor a tattoo. The scene cuts out to a new commericall about The Chappelle's Show. It says that tonight there would be a wrestling match between Nick Savage and Little John!!! for the Chappelle's Show Championship with Dave Chapelle as refferee.}

[The show starts out with Dave Chappelle's entrance and Chappelle comes out to a standing ovation with microphone in hand.]

Dave Chapelle: Hey everyone. Welcome to The Chappele's Show and I am your host David Chapelle!! The first skit I want to show you guys here tonight will crown the Chappele's Champion!!! It will be a no holds bar match between NEW Superstar Nick Savage and Little John!!! Lets get things rolling!!!

[Special Chapelle's Sketch]

{An interviewer runs down the hall and catches up with Little John who is on his way to the ring. The interviewer is none other than Rick James!}

Rick James: Little John I need to get a word with you!!! before your match!!

Little John: MMMWHAT!!!

Rick James: I said I need to get a word with you!!! before your match!!

Little John: MMMMMWHAT!!!

Rick James: I said I need to get a word with you!!! before your match!!

Little John: MMMMMOK!!!!

Rick James: Do you think you have a chance against Pro Wrestler Nick Savage?

Little John: MMMMMWHAT!!!

Rick James: I said do you think you have a chance against Pro Wrestler Nick Savage?

Little John: MMMMMWHAT!!!

Rick James: Do you think you have a chance against Pro Wrestler Nick Savage?

Little John: MMMMMMWHAT!!!

Rick James: **** THIS SH**!! I'M RICK JAMES BI*CH!!!

{Rick James storms off as Little John stumbles his way to the ring. The crowd small crowd cheers and Little John waves to them. He steps on the apron and trips over the ropes and lands in the ring. He stumbles to his feet and gets in a fighting postition. Nick Savage looks at him and gets ready to fight. Dave Chappelle holds up the Chappelle's Belt ( A NEW World Belt - Sold In Stores Fake ) The bell rings as Nick jumsp for Little John and Little John falls to the ground. John starts crawling around the ring as Nick chases him. Soon Nick catchess him and puts him in the Violent Lock and John taps out.}

Little John: MMMMMMMM-I QUIT!!!

{The scene fades to black and back to Nick Savage sitting on his bed laughing his ass off as you hear "A MOMENT IN THE LIFE OF LITTLE JOHN" from the TV set. Nick clicks off the TV and looks at the camera.}

Nick Savage: Thats how I am going to win my Television Championship. I am going to make someone tap out & I don't really care if its you Jean or if its you John. One of you will tap out.

{The scene fades to black}

John Doe
04-21-04, 10:08 AM
[Fade in as Doe is sitting in a room banging his head against the soft padded walls. Two guards enter the room as the grab Doe and drag him out of the room and into a waiting area. They untie him from the muzzle and straightjacket then let him sit there in the open.]

Guard: Doctor said it was time for your monthly check up. You know how it goes, its basic procedure.

Doe: Oh, thanks, I could hardly breath in that damn thing.

[A door in front of John opens as the guard makes John get up and walk in the room. Three doctors are sitting at a table as the motion John to sit down.]

Doctor: John, how are you this morning?

Doe: I feel like crap, I have to get out of here doc.

Doctor: Well, first we have to have your monthly evaluation to make sure you are able to continue being a normal citizen on the streets.

Doe: A normal citizen? What are you say in I am abnormal? Is that what your saying? Because I think I am just fine, or do you disagree Mr. Know-it-all doctor?

Doctor: Well I think that you are fine but we have a tape for you, this was you last night we had to give you three shots to control you. Please play the tape.

[The guard inserts a tape into a VHS player as the T.V starts with static snow then turns on with John talking]

Doe: Look at me, I am Jean Rabesque the idiot of all idiots, the king of stupidity. I thought I’d act like you for a second. Actually it’s not that hard just have to act like an ass. So Jean you think you are to good to wrestle in N.E.W the CSWA Greensboro Champion, right? That’s good that’s a good accomplishment. I mean who would have thought our Jean Rabesque could accomplish that? In over twenty years, that he can beat a rookie that has been wrestling for 3 months. Oh man Jean you must really be proud of yourself! I mean your beating up bunch of new comers and men that are trying to start off. I mean your in CSWA that’s one of the oldest federations around and It’s quite great that you decided to join N.E.W maybe I wouldn’t have a second chance to kick in your teeth if you weren’t here. If you think that you can go around and start talking **** about everyone. Well I think I am going to have a swell time kicking in your face, I am going to break my foot in your ass Rabesque. You are to old, to sassy, to stupid to understand. You talk about how you think that the T.V title is nothing that Tact is what you have on your mind. Tact would toss you around like a rag doll Rabesque! Just like I am going to do, I getting sick of hearing you already, you’re a really annoying fellow, did you know that? I mean you actually annoy the hell out of me and it makes me angry. I swear I am going to win this time Rabesque! This time you will pay, I mean you aren’t serious when you think you are the greatest wrestler of all time. No False Gimmicks? You Are Jean Rabesque? Shove it…. it’s pathetic, it makes me giggle. Just like you, you make me giggle, with your stupidity. You may be proud of what you have done in your life Jean but in the long run, NO ONE CARES. You think I have respect for you? I have the more respect for the crap I **** then you! Oh yeah I get to wrestle Jean Rabesque, Whoopty Fricken Doo! You think you scare me? You want to talk about my past? You want to talk **** about my family? You crossed the F*CKING LINE! YOU HAVE JUST PUT YOUR SELF IN A DEATH MATCH JEAN! YOU ARE A DEAD, A F*CKING DEAD MAN WALKING, YOU BETTER BE READY, BEACAUSE WHEN OUR TIME COEMS IN THAT RING I AM GOING TO KILL YOU! I AM GOING TO CHOKE THE LIFE OUT OF YOU! You think I am joking with you? Think I am just saying crap? I AM NOT PLAYING ANYMORE! Now I mean pure business now I want to destroy you, now I want to kill you! I hate you Jean with every bone in my body, I hate you. And now you are going to step in the ring with me again. This time your won’t be so lucky, this time you won’t walk out the T.V Champion, this time I am going to do what I should have done in the first place and destroyed you. you’re a dead man, a pure dead man, and I have the honor to make that happen at Raucous. Be prepared say your prayers “I Am Not Just Anyone……I Am John Doe!”
[Screen cuts back to John and the three doctors in the room as John has his head hanging. The doctors look at john shaking their heads]

Doctor: John you said you are going to kill this fellow Jean Rabesque. We can’t allow you to be released due to your break down. If you will please tell us why you want to kill him?

Doe: I don’t like him, I don’t like him at all. I want to beat his face in until he can’t see straight. I am getting sick of him. Of hearing his voice on his promotions, of hearing him talk, it’s getting to my head.

Doctor: Well, we can’t release you until a full analysis is done.

Doe: No, you will release me, right now in fact. Open the damn doors doctor, I have to get to my training.

Doctor: Training? For the match you are not going to have? Can’t allow you to do that.

Doe: No for the match I am going to have, the match where I beat the hell out of Rabesque, the match where I kick in his teeth. I need to end him, I need to get rid of him, and I want to take his belt away from him. And I will, this Raucous I will do that.

[John stands up and punches the guard in the face making him fall. John makes a run for it as he gets the outside of the institute. John hops over the fence and stands on the other side of the fence looking to the Mental Clinic]

Doe: You’re mine Rabesque, you are a dead man, a man that has nothing to look forward to. I am going to end you once and for all. Like I said Rabesque; Be prepared, say your prayers, “I Am Not Just Anyone…..I Am John Doe!”

[Fade out on John making a full-blown sprint away from Black Water Mental Institution

04-21-04, 11:10 PM
The scene appears inside of a medium sized gentlemen's club. There are hott woman all over the place doing various things. Giving lap dances, swinging around polls, flirting with guys and some are just flirting with eachother. In the back of the room there is a guy just layed back relaxed on a couch. He is just relaxing watching the action take place in the club. He is wearing a pair of custom made glasses, an officiall LAW t-shirt, & a pair of black button up pants. The man is a well recognized professionall wrestler. The man is known only as 'The Violator' Nick Savage.

Nick Savage: Welcome to a place where I come to relax, hey you can't be more relaxed than this.

Nick reaches to a table sitting next to him and grabs a bottle of beer and takes gulps down half the bottle.

Nick Savage: Agghhh!!! Thats hits the spot. Now next week I will be in a triple threat match in the main event for the television championship agaist John Doe and the Television Champion Rabesque. I get along ok with John Doe, he is an ok guy, but the Television Champion Jean Rabesque I have got a problom with him.

:He thinks he is the best damn thing to ever step into NEW & is also a Mr. No It All. Obviously he has never read my biography, because it says in there I have had matches in such federations as LAW, NWL, & even ISWF. Not to mention my whole cage match fighting career. I am in the Ultimate Cage Fighting and Asylum Cage Fighting Hall of Fame and am best fighter of the year for 2001; 2002; & 2003.

:I may not have won a match here in NEW Jean Rabesque, but you did say I have never won a match in my career. That is somthing you did not research very well. You also made a remark about why they call me Violent NIck Savage. You really want to know? I will tell you somthing, just walk down to your local video rental store and rent one of the Ultimate Cage Fighting videos and you will find out. Don't worry I will be on 90% of the ones the store carrys and while your watching that you can get jealous at how big my World Championship was compared to your skimpy little Television Championship.

:Wait a second? Did I say 'yours'? I think I did, but what I meant to say was "MY!!" Televison Championship. Lets face it Jeany Boy. You are just giving this company bad names carrying that belt around. I don't like it one bit & neither do your so called fans. You can respect this company if you want, and you can respect them fans, but they don't respect you so why waste your time trying to please them. These fans will all be cheering my name after this week, because they will know why I will be holding the Television Championship around my waste and not you.

A hott blonde walks over to Nick and sits on his lap. Nick rabs his hand through her hair and has her get up and tells her he is busy. As she walks away Nick slaps her fine @$$.

Nick Savage: You said it yourself Jeany Boy. You said that the only reason you joined NEW was because of the money. You shouldn't be a wrestler unless you joined for the rush of the addrenaline, the roar of the crowd, the pumping motivation, the drive to succeed. You see them are the reasons I joined NEW. I also joined to prove myself to the world that I could make it in the wrestling federation just like I did back in the cage fighting championships.

:Thats just you Jeany Boy, don't forget this is a triple threat match; which means that I have another oppoent to deal with. Thats you John Doe. Sure I am fairly good friends with you out of the bussiness, but you see in this match I am sliding our friendship out of the way. I am going to give this match all I have got. Sure. I will give you the credit of defeating me in my debut match here in LaW, but I am a new man now. A different man that you will not be able to beat next week. A new man that will be known only as the Television Champion.

:John Doe next week you won't even be able to keep up with my moves. I will dominate the match and I will make somone submit when its all said and done. I will also have that Television Championship around my waste along with my dignaty and bragging rights. Saying that not only did I defeat the man that beat me in my debut match to win my first wrestling championship, but I defeat the only guy that defeat the guy that beat me to become the television champion. I am The Violator and I don't play by the law. John you may be losing your mind, but I will kick all that silly **** out of you next week, better yet I will make you tap for it. Good luck to both of you, you will both need it next week. You are speaking to the next Television Champion.

Nick Savage sits there and takes another drink of his beer before calling over his babe. He calls her over and she sits in his lap and starts making out with him as the scene fades to black.

John Doe
04-22-04, 09:56 AM
[Fade in with John sitting walking around in the streets. John looks at a sign of Nick Savage and across the street a billboard of Jean Rabesque. John shakes his head as he smirks to himself. John turns to the billboard of Nick Savage]

Doe: I remember way back when, when I tossed a nice rag tail bomb at your billboard Nick, and when it set on fire. Remember that day? I do, it was quite fun. No, I am not here to set another one of your stupid billboards on fire, then Marcus would yell at me like before on “How we spent money on that”. Money on that, quite funny isn’t it, they spent money on you two. They pay you then they spend more money just to promote you. Promote you? Why? You aren’t that good to be promoted, I don’t have a problem with you Nick, like you said you don’t have a problem with me. I will enjoy facing off with you again more than I want to face off with stupid Jean “No False Gimmicks” or, as I like to call him “Mothball”. Ha,ha not catching on huh? See old people smell like mothballs, and Jean reeks of it. Man I crack myself up, but no seriously, Nick, I thought you would have learned you lesson the firs time I kicked you up and down the ring, you need a second lesson? That’s ok though, I have no problem repeating a lesson for you, I have no problem kicking your ass again, I mean it wasn’t that hard the first time, I t won’t be hard again. You really think that you, Nick Savage, scare me? I’ve seen a cat more violent than you, and I would know I have wrestled you before Nicky. Sure you’re strong, I won’t deny that, you are a strong boy, but you are dumb. It’s ok we can’t all be smart, I mean look at Rabesque over there, he thinks he’s Mr. Know It All, but he’s not. I think I need to show you that and him that. Its ok nick, I will be happy to kick in your face for you at Raucous, It won’t be that hard. Wait a second, why are you promoting another Federation Nick? Wearing that LAW shirt, come on now. We are N.E.W not L.A.W, I hope Mr. LaRoque didn’t see that. I can’t believe you Nick, promoting another federation, what are you trying to say you don’t like us? I thought we were all good friends. PSSSH! Yeah right me friend with Rabesque, you have to be sick to think such a thing! So Nick you want to get your ass kicked again huh? Ok you are in for one wake up call…again.

[John gives the middle finger to the billboard of Nick Savage as he turns to Jean Rabesque’s billboard. John smiles as he snickers to himself]

Doe: Rabesque, where are you at? I haven’t heard form you in a while! To chicken **** to promote again? Ah you are? That’s funny, that’s pretty funny if you ask me, but it’s ok, I will just have to continue to talk crap about you. Thanks, you are probably wondering what I am thanking you for, I am thanking you for not talking, I mean your voice was getting on my last nerves I was about o go nuts…again. But that’s ok, if I just go a little over the edge if you ask me; I mean I will go over the edge on Raucous. I am going to push you to the limits, make sure that you are going to walk out with no title, the same thing goes for Nicky Savage over there. See Rabesque, I think it’s time for a wake up call for you, see you ticked me off last time, and your walked out the champ, this time you aren’t going to walk out you are going to be sitting in that ring no title by you, knowing you got beat by John Doe. As for Savage, well Savage will have to watch me walk out the champ as well, I might give hi a shot at my title, if I win it, but you Rabesque I despise you to much to give you a rematch, but that’s if I do win, until that day comes I will have to see that title around your waist Rabesque, of course that will make me vomit, but I will have to live with it. So, why do you think you are better than me Rabesque? Just because you have more experience, because you have been wrestling longer? Well that means jack squat. I have the heart to win, I have the motivation, and I have the spirit to kill . I hate you Rabesque and I will end you at Raucous.
[Doe spits at Rabesque’s billboard as he gives the billboard the finger also]

Doe: Be ready guys, I am coming at full force. Be ready, I am going to make sure you two are in pain. This is the time for me to rise to my feet. To walk out a winner, and you two to walk out as losers and nothing to show for it. The clock is ticking gentlemen, the clock is ticking until a new TV Champion raises form the depths. It is time for me to take my title, my dream my goal, and make it a reality; I will step on anyone who gets in my way. You two have been in my way. I will remove you two from my path, and make sure you don’t return. I wish you luck gentlemen. Be prepared, say your prayers because “I Am No Just Anyone…I Am John Doe”


04-22-04, 07:55 PM
(A black screen)

V/O: “Oh, you had to know it was coming.”

(BAM! CUEUP: A television studio, a large crowd of people who have obviously been paid to be there pack the please, up on their feet cheering wildly)

(On the screen in bright yellow lettering comes the words “THE JEAN RABESQUE SHOW!! The crowd continues to cheer wildly)


(CUTTO: In on of the aisles, we see Jean Rabesque, dressed in quite possibly the most hideous looking yellow suit you’ve ever seen, and as we see him, Jean Rabesque is doing the running man in the aisle as the crowd continues to scream)


(Then Rabesque makes a motion across his neck, signaling a ‘cut’ motion, and the crowd is IMMEDIATELY silent and in their seats)

Rabesque: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Jean Rabesque Show!!!”

(Crowd screams, and is then again silenced by Rabesque)

Rabesque: “It has been a long time since this Emmy award winning telecast has hit the airwaves, but we finally feel it’s time. The worst in wrestling is here, and it’s found a home in New ERA, and The Jean Rabesque Show is here to bring you the very worst.!”

(Crowd again goes wild)

“Tonight, we have not one special guest, but two. But these men are so distinguished that it would be of absolutely no justice to bring them out together, so we simply must introduce and interview them individually. Our first guest night has a LONG and STORIED career in the annals of New ERA wrestling. Let’s take a look of the highlights of his long and illustrious career.”

(CUTTO: Nick Savage getting pinned by John Doe)

(CUTTO: Back to Rabesque, who stares at the camera blankly)

Rabesque: “Um.... I thought we were going to show that Nick Savage highlight package.”

Cameraman (off stage): “Um...... that’s it.”

Rabesque: “WHAT? You’re telling me that one match is the entire highlight package?”

CM: “Well, you know the past, he’s had only one match, and he LOST to John Doe. What do you want us to do?”

Rabesque: “Ah, hell! Well, what the hell, might as well bring him out, ladies and gentlemen, ‘THE VIOLATOR’ NICK SAVAGE!!”

(The crowd boos loudly, as KEN SHAMROCK appears on The Jean Rabesque Show!! He comes out, looking quite mean and intense, CUTTO: Rabesque, who is CRACKING UP at this site)

Rabesque: “Ladies and gentlemen, KEN SHAMROCK!!”

“Savage”: “What are you talking about?? I’M NICK SAVAGE!”

Rabesque: “Uh huh, sure you are Nick. How the hell much did we pay you for this Ken? (to offstage) How did we get Ken Shamrock?”

“Savage”: I’m not Ken Shamrock! I’m ‘The Violator’ Nick Savage, and I’m coming to take you out Rabesque. Granted that I am TOTALLY unqualified for this, but it doesn’t matter. You’re going down Rabesque!!”

Rabesque (dazed look on his face): “So, what exactly is your justification for this? What are your qualifications?”

“Savage”: “I WON A MATCH ONCE!!”

Rabesque: “You won.... a match..... once?”

“Savage:” Yeah, that’s right, and that fool had no idea what had hit him. I busted out my killer shoot fighting moves on him!”

Rabesque: “Ah yes, that’s right, your shoot fighting career. So what shoot fighting leagues did you fight in, especially the ones that led you to be shoot fighter of the year?”

“Savage”: “Um.... well, they were over in Japan.”

Rabesque: “Which ones?”

“Savage”: “You know, a big one!”

Rabesque: “That’s what I thought Nick, you never fought anyone, did you?”

“Savage”: “Well, no, but I’ve more than made up for it with all the leagues that I’ve conquered in my professional wrestling career.”

Rabesque: “Really? You did list out a bunch of leagues. Where you have you wrestled again?

“Savage”: “Well, I was a dominator in the HFGH, the YENBC, the POOIR, and let’s definitely not forgot about the RJUGFVNM!!!

Rabesque: “The what???”

“Savage”: Yeah, you know, the RJUGFVNM!!!! I owned that place! That PROVES that I have experience! That PROVES that I’m going to whip your ass!! I don’t care if my nickname SCREAMS of gay pedophilia, I am ‘THE VIOLATOR!!”

Rabesque: “Well, you stole my next line, I was always curious as to why you and Peter File weren’t better friends. I most distinctly noticed the similarities!”

“Savage”: “And what’s more, I WAS ON THE CHAPPELLE SHOW!”

Rabesque: “NO YOU WEREN’T!”

“Savage”: “Yeah I was, I’m a big time star, don’t you know that? I was on the show!”

Rabesque: “You’re full of crap, and you know how I know that? BECAUSE I’M JEAN RABESQUE B!TCH!”


Rabesque: “Yeah, that’s right, so you shut your mouth, before I b!tch slap your ass back into The Union and let you carry a 2x4 again.”

(Rabesque pauses for a moment and fixes his hideous tie, and then resumes)

Rabesque: “Our second guest tonight not only sets new standards for over self-importance, but also for bad grammar, and as I learned last Raucous, BAD BREATH! Please welcome, JOHN DOE!!!”

(Crowd boos again as a guy comes stumbling out in a straight jacket, looking to find his seat next to “Savage”)

Rabesque: “Welcome to the show Johnnie.”

“Doe”: Yuo knwo Jeanie, it’s the biggest nghit of our carreers, and I’m the best fightr youve ever seen before, and I no that you’re in for the fghti of your life tongiht! I’m the best oponent you’ve ever seen. Can you smell it Jeanie? Can you smel it in the air? The anticipation, as we face in the mpst hight;y anticipated mathc youve eveb been in.”

Rabesque: “Um....what the hell did you just say, I’m not sure if I’m speaking the same language you are? Can you try that again?”

“Doe”: Youre going to get beat Jeanie, and I’m going to enjoy it? Why Jeanie, because I don’t like you veyr much. I hate everything about you. I despise everything that you do. I knopw I don’t have any kind of wrestlingh ability, but it doesnt matter either. Because Im not anyone, I’m John Doe!”

Rabesque: “Yeah, unfortunately, we know exactly who you are. This is all because of your childhood, isn’t it John?”

“Doe”: “Well, actually my childhood was pretty normal, I grew up in a...... um..... I mean.... I DON’T REMEMBER MY CHILDHOOD! I HAVE AMNESIA!”

Rabesque: “Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure you do. So what is your strategy for this match going to be Johnnie?”

“Doe”: “I’m going to showcase the brand new wrestling style this week that I learned! It’s part Ju jitsu, part Sweating to the Oldies. I calling it “Jitsing to the Oldies!”

(CUEUP: “Twist and Shout” by The Beatles. “Doe” begins to do some kind of martial arts dance around the stage, Rabesque simply blankly stares, the crowd boos quite loudly)

“Doe”: “That is how I am going to beat you. Plus, YOU’RE SCARED! You haven’t promoed in like....SIX MONTHS! THAT’S SO FUNNY! I also like to laugh at my own jokes that aren’t really funny at all. Like the one about the mothballs! It might have been the stupidest saying ever, but it cracks me up!”

Rabesque: “Um... John, I cut a promo about 48 hours ago.”

“Doe’: “It doesn’t matter! I’m John Doe and I hate you!!!”

Rabesque: “So, who doesn’t? What’s your point?”

“Doe”: “But you care about me the most?!”

Rabesque: “Um, no I don’t”

“Doe”: “But I’m the best opponent you’ve ever had!”

Rabesque: “Um.... no you’re not.”

“Doe”: “But I’m John Doe!!”

Rabesque: “Unfortunately.”


Rabesque: “Yeah, for once, you’re right.”

(Just then “Nick Savage” reappears)

“Savage”: “You better shut up boy! I’m Nick Savage and I will VIOLATE YOU!”

“Doe’: “Yeah, well, I’m John Doe, I take cameras with me into the mental hospital.”

“Savage”: “Well, yeah, but I take them with me in the car!”

“Doe”: “HOSPITAL!”

“Savage’: “CAR!!”

(The crowd goes crazy as the two get into one hellacious slap fight!)


(Bedlam breaks loose, as the camera comes back to Jean)

Rabesque: “Well, sorry to cut this one a little short, but I don’t think we can take much more of this. I’m going to do what the New ERA censors SHOULD do with the REAL Nick Savage and John Doe, and censor them early. For everyone at The Jean Rabesque Show, GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY!”

(CUEUP: The cheesy organ music, Rabesque resumes his running man as the slapfight continues)


(Fade out)