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04-16-04, 06:48 PM
All RP for the CHAOS and MINDKILLER match should be done in this thread.

All RP and angles should be submitted by Friday April 23rd, at 11:59pm. All angles should be submitted to secandido@comcast.net .

04-17-04, 02:43 AM
The camera fades in to show a building at night with a large flashing neon sign that says "SIN Dojo". The camera zooms into the dojo, to show Necromancer sitting on a red velvet chair relaxing, while Mindkiller is about 7 feet in front of the chair doing pushup after pushup.

Necromancer is wearing a black Mindkiller T-Shirt (now available at NEW Shopzone, go on, you know you want one) and black jeans. Mindkiller, on the other hand, is wearing black karate slacks with no shirt or shoes. The camera gets closer as Necromancer turns to face the camera.

Necromancer: "First of all, congratulations to New Era for signing up Mindkiller, soon enough you will realize just how lucky you are for having him around. He is my best student, a quick learner, determined, agile, and most importantly, completely obidient.

For the last 3 years, Mindkiller has gone from fed to fed, perfecting destruction in it's purest form, training like no other, just waiting to unleash his fury in a very concentrated manner.

Mindkiller has taken a vow of silence, promising never to speak again until he reaches his goal, and his goal is to be the greatest wrestler in the world.

This is where you come in Chaos, you seem to be the proverbial sheep that is sacrificed, just for Mindkiller here to slaughter. You see, I can talk all day long about how great my student is, and how dangerous he can be, but talk never proves a point as well as a good ol' fashioned asskicking.

One day you will be in your hospital bed with a feeding tube inserted into your mouth trying to tell your grandkids about how you ended up this way. And when you wake up in the middle of the night and see Mindkiller haunting you in your dreams, you can warn your kids about the dangers of pro wrestling.

But enough about you, its time to talk about my favorite topic, ME! If you haven't heard, I am one of the great wrestlers to come out of A1E, former tag champion, and all around great guy. Most people tend to disagree with me about that last part, but every one of them is wrong, I am a friendly guy."

Mindkiller stands up to take a breather.

Necromancer: "Mindkiller, you idiot, did I tell you you could stop? Just for that, you have another hour of training to do today.

Even after all these years, he still doesn't get it. He thinks that becoming great means you can take breaks. I am here to correct that theory that somehow got stuck in his head though. One day, he will realize that my advice is the best advice he could possibly take. He's alot better than he was when I first started shaping him, I will admit that. When I first got him, he was just another kid off the street thinking he had what it took to compete in this sport. Let me tell you, he was pathetic.

I wouldn't of been suprised if back then, a girl scout could beat him up, but within even the first week, he could kick the whole troops ass. Nowadays, he only does that for fun, I'll tell you what, I am starting to think he enjoys it. But hey, if thats what it takes to keep him motivated, more power to him. Can't say I never thought about kicking one of those little girls myself.

But anyways, enough of the idle chat, heres a warning to every wrestler in the New Era locker room that is watching this promo right now. All of you, be prepared, be cautious, and study hard, because soon, this monster is going to be cutting thru the ranks around here.

And management, look closely, because this is the big money athlete that you have been waiting for to put your federation to that next level. And then, after you realize just how valuable he is, we can talk about a bigger contract and some bonus money. I'll let you see him in action for yourself first though, because everywhere I have been, noone believed just how good he was until they saw that first match.

New Era, meet your next legend."

The camera zooms out of the building, and then zooms back into the neon sign before fading to black.

04-20-04, 03:29 AM
(It's 2 AM in the Double Down Saloon as the large man behind the bar looks at the clock. He reaches up, rings a bell hanging above and the attention of all the patrons draw to him)

Stone: LAST CALL!!!!! Don't have to go, but you can't stay here.

(There's a round of boo's from everyone, but all the regulars smile widely. There's a furry of last minute drink orders, but the furry is broken as the shadow of a tall figure walks from the back of the building towards the bar. He pats the bar tender Stone upon the shoulder and the two converse for a few minutes. The two smile in friendship and then he knocks upon the large oak bar He walks away towards the back room and the camera follows. Inside the small office he sits behind a large wooden desk and let's out a sigh)

Man: Hello...I'm Chaos. Yet you...you should know this. If you don't then well I suggest...I suggest very strongly that you should.

(He leans forward upon massive forearms and smiles)

Chaos: See it's been over a year. It's been over a year and people have been asking...asking the same question. Chaos, when are you getting back in the ring. Chaos, when is your next match. Chaos, you ever going to wrestle again.

(He shrugs his broad shoulders)

Chaos: To tell you the truth...I wasn't sure I ever was. See I don't really need it. I really don't. This business, this bar I own. Well it serves me very well. It's made me a wealthy man. a very wealthy man. For you see in the past wrestling really didn't mean that much to me. In the past it was nothing more then a paycheck. It was nothing more then a means to an end. However...times change

(He slowly stands, his tall form nearly touching the cieling. He motions the cameraman back and heads out towards the bar. As the camera pans around only a few last stragglers are left and the big bartender known a Stone is seeing them out. Chaos pauses as the bar, pours himself a drink and look back at the camera)

Chaos: See I came to Racous to see my friend Brody Hansen wrestle. I had a ringside seat. I didn't know who his opponent was and I didn't care. That's when suicide came out and that's when my attention grew. See I know Suicide. I know him well. He's beaten me

(He smiles)

Chaos: and I've beaten him. i knew Brody couldn't beat him. Not with that knee the way it was. So when I saw my friend on the bad end. Well that's when I cared again. That's when I wanted back in. That's when it wasn't a business anymore. It became personal and now I stand here waiting to fight you...

(He raises the glass and takes a drink)

Chaos: Here's to you Mindkiller. Here's to your beginning and your end.

(He steps forward and frowns)

Chaos: Your very bitter end

(He takes a few steps back and polishes off the rest of the drink. He takes a moment rattling the ice cubes in the empty glass and looks back up)

Chaos: Am I supposed to be scared? Should I be intimated? Should a man who doesn't even speak for himself send a shiver down my spine?

(He shakes his head)

Chaos: Well it doesn't. It's all talk and we know how cheap that is. For all I've heard is you Necro. all I've heard is you talk. You talk about your boy. You talk about Sin Dojo. You talk about him being the next legend in New Era.

(He shrugs his shoulders)

Chaos: I've heard it all before. All the idle threats. An asskicking, a feeding tube, on and on and on. Well here's the simple fact.

(He stares coldly into the camera)

Chaos: I don't care. You've done NOTHING!!!! You DON'T scare me in the least. See I've been to the top. I've been to the bottom. Hell I've been up and down all over. Your boy? What's he done? What...some gym work? Who's he beaten? Who'd he been in the ring with? Who the hell are you Necro?...and an even better question? Why should I care? Because here's a simple fact your over looking...

(He smiles and chuckles)

Chaos: I'm not the guy I used to be. This time around it's not just a paycheck. It's not a means to an end. No this time I'm focused. this time I'm anxious. This time...


Chaos: I'm dangerous. So Necro...do me a favor. Tell your boy to speak up or shut up. For I'm not stepping into the ring with you.

(He points a finger towards the camera)

Chaos: and that makes you damn lucky. But since your doing all the talking. Since your boy is has taken his vow. You tell him this...

(His eyes narrow and voice goes grave)

Chaos: tell Mindkiller that he's going to be on the receiving end of a Chaos Bomb

(He snaps his fingers)

Chaos: and if you get in my way Necro?

(He laughs coldly)

Chaos: Then you'll get one too

(He taps his empty glass on the bar and Stone makes his way over. He fills the glass once more and Chaos hoists it high. He then tips the glass towards his opponent and drinks it down)


04-20-04, 04:03 PM
The camera fades in to show a building at night with a large flashing neon sign that says "SIN Dojo". The camera zooms into the dojo showing Mindkiller showing Mindkiller standing at attention with an intense look on his face, and a fire in his eyes. The camera stays on Mindkiller, yet his lips don't move as you hear a voice.

Voice: "So you want to hear the voice of Mindkiller? Its not too hard to hear if you listen hard enough. In fact, you have already heard it."

Camera zooms out to show Necromancer standing tall, looking like a Giant compared to the not so small Mindkiller.

Necromancer: "Really Chaos, what's in a voice? Does it really matter that my prodigy doesn't speak? Not a bit, he understands what I am saying, and that is all he needs. Besides, in most cases, when someone talks, it usually leads to trouble, something you will learn quickly.

You want me to tell Mindkiller that you will be the one to give him a Chaos bomb? Theres really no need for that, he might be mute, but his hearing is just fine. He heard you just fine, but was that really all that necessary? Of course, the ultimate goal of any match is to knock them out, hold them down for 3 seconds, or make them tap, of course you are going to try to bring your best offense.

On the same token, so is Mindkiller here, he is going to bring his best, and he is going to have no distractions while he is busy working you down til your last bit of energy is drained from your body.

Chaos, you and Mindkiller are alike in a few ways though, but with many differences. Both of you have been out of the ring for a bit now, you more than him. So it's been a year huh? Don't try to downplay us Chaos, Mindkiller here is a tough opponent, even moreso for someone who hasn't been around for a while.

You also seem to have a fire about you, a rage, even a nice little mean streak to you. Thats a very good trait to have, it means we will have us a good fight. Unfortunately, among all the good traits I see, you also have your downfalls.

Your biggest downfall seems to be your cockiness. Now don't get me wrong, I am one of the cockiest mofo's you will ever meet, but at the same time, my cockiness has gotten me in trouble a few times. Of course, cockiness doesn't just grow on trees, it is usually the result of a great career, one where most in front of you have fallen, and for a while, you may have even considered yourself unstoppable. Tell me if I'm wrong so far.

The golden question is, what happens when a cocky SOB meets up with someone who was taught by one just as cocky, if not moreso? We will find out soon enough.

But lets get things straight, I ain't here to see who has the biggest pecker, and I ain't here to throw a pissing contest. I am here for one reason, and one reason alone. I have alot invested in Mindkiller here, alot of time, and alot of money. I will get a return on my investment, and if it means ending the career on someone trying to relive past greatness, so be it. Mindkiller will be happy to accomodate that need.

So Chaos, tell me, what have you been doing since you were a wrestler? Running a bar, drinking alot, being lazy? Thats cool if thats how you spent your time, I'm sure barfighting is a suitable way of maintaining your beer gut. Mindkiller here, on the other hand, has spent his last 3 years training, and fighting. He don't watch TV, he don't go out on dates, he don't have any friends.

He came to me wanting to be the best there is, and I have given him the tools to accomplish those goals. He's strong willed, hard working, and doesn't give up, and those are the things that are going to take him to the top. Also helps that he has someone as great as me in his corner, helping him along the way."

Necro smirks.

Necromancer: "But Chaos, lets get one thing clear when it comes to this match. I have no intention on getting involved in this match, I believe Mindkiller is more than capable of taking care of himself in that ring. I am more like his guiding force, no need take advantage of the disadvantaged. But Chaos, don't think that means that you can get some free shots at me, because I knock back. I am not some over the hill retired wrestler, I am still in my prime.

So lets just keep this a one on one affair, shall we? Lets not get stupid about it."

The camera zooms out of the building, and then zooms back into the neon sign before fading to black.

04-22-04, 04:22 AM

(It's 5:55 AM outisde the Top Rank gym in Las Vegas, Nevada. Following daily routine Chaos knocks upon the glass door par usual before the place even opens. A smile and nod folows from the owner as he unlocks the front door. Chaos enters sweat drenching his shirt from the mile run from work to the gym. From behind the front desk the man behind tosses Chaos a bottle of water.

Chaos: Thanks Stan.

(The camera pans to the man. He's in his mid-thirties, athletic build and think mustache.)

Stan: Hey...it's routine. I'll give you a few momentas to catch your breath.

(He looks at his watch)

Stan: Your sparring partner won't be here for another twenty minutes

(The camera pans back to Chaos a smile on his face as he checks his watch)

Chaos: Damn. I don't think Snake has even been on time.

(The two share the same laugh as they do every morning and Chaos motions the camera to follow. He makes his way towards the back. As the camera follows a boxing ring and exercise equipment fill the area. He sits upon a well worn wooden bench, takes a deep drink of water and catches his breath. After a moment he looks up)

Chaos: Take a good look Necro. Tell your boy to also. Because this is the last time you'll see me this fatigued.

(He again pauses as he breathing becomes more normal)

Chaos: a mile first hink every morning. Really gets the blood pumping.

(He smiles)

Chaos: Gives me that runners high. Ah, but I'll bet you'll tell me. It's nothing compared to the grueling pace you've got Mindkiller on. After all that's why he's quiet...right? That's why we don't here from him...right? That's why all I get is a steady dose of your mouth. You know those might be very hollow words...I mean after all your not the one who will be backing them up. In the end your just a mouthpiece...right? Why?...why should I take anything yuo ahve to say with even the slighest worry?

(He slowly stands and casually walsk to the ring. He places his arms upon the top rope and turns his face to the camera)

Chaos: That's why I wanted to hear from Mindkiller. After all a man who can't speak for himself. Well he isn't much of a man at all is he? However...I'll give you a grain of salt. For the moment this one I'm sharing right now...well I'll pretend everything you say is true. There's just one problem fro you and your boy.

(he shrugs hs shoulders and smiles)

Chaos: I don't care. I really...really...really...don't care. I don't care what you say or what you think. You threats?

(Shakes his head)

Chaos: All bullsh*t I've heard before. Why should I get so worried? I mean look at you. Your his mentor? His Sensei? His guiding light? Ultimatly your resposible fro what happens to him in the ring. Yet you really don't even know who yuor dealing with

(He takes a step back and smiles)

Chaos: He that's not my problem. It's your boys' Don't know what a Chaos Bomb is?

(He shrugshis broad shoulders)

Chaos: Fine with me. I'll be happy to show him one of the most devastating finishers in wrestling history. You say your boy as been training for three years

(Again he shrugs)

Chaos: He me too. But I've been fighting Necro. I've been preparing. I've fought every day. Hell it's part of my job. I don't just sit in that back office and pay bills. You should know this Necro. You should know this and your boy should too. Hey it's no skin off my nose. In the end the only person Mindkiller will have to blame is...

(He points a finger towards the camera)

Chaos: Is you. After all I've already told him and as you've said...he can hear me. So let him train. Let him train another five years. Training doesn't fight back...I do. And...you you've actually been smart enough to notice...I fight with...

(The camera zooms in and he smiles wide)

Chaos: A VENGEANCE!!! You can call it cockiness. You can call it ego. I call it confidence, because if you don't have it. Well you get nowhere. You say I'm trying to relive past greatness. Hey that might be true, but your boy...well he doesn't even have that to strive for. Then of course we have you. Aren't you trying to do the very same thing?...just though somebody else? At least I have the confidence to do it on my own? What's your excuse?

(He waves a hand as if to silence an incoming voice)

Chaos: Nevermind. It's rhetorical. I'll answer one for you though. You want to know what I've ben doing since I left wrestling? Security...that's what I do. This is Vegas...Vegas Necro. It's amazing what the rich will pay for someone willing to put there bodies on the line for others. Kinda the opposite of what you do. So no...I haven't been wasting away. Sitting in my bar tossing back drinks and watching my waistline grow. Perhaps you have. There's only so much challenge in protecting the rich, figting the occasional bad guy and keep cool under pressure. Yet in the end...it's stilll more then sitting in a gym and taking orders. I don't take orders Necro.

(He chuckles and smiles wide)

Chaos: I also don't follow rules very well either. Yet don't worry about yourself. I won't be taking any free shots at you. No...that's not my style. Once I'm in that ring ...well I'm all business. My focus will be on your boy...until I pin his shoulders to the mat. Only he has something to worry about...

(He stops as his focus his drawn to the large man ready in head gear and standing in head gear in the opposite corner)

Chaos: You...well all you have to worry about is your lost investemnt. After all we can't get time back. As for your personal wellbeing. Nothing there. No threat from me.

(He takes a step forward and smiles)

Chaos: Unless you draw my attention. Then...well then Necro...

(He pauses his stare forward for a second)

Chaos: Mindkiller won't be the only one who get's hurt that night.

(He checks his watch again)

Chaos: I gotta go and you? Well you better get your boy ready. He's going to need it

(He smiles and mockingly waves good-bye. He turns his back to the camera and steps inside the rign ropes. Stan helps him put on a pair of gloves and seconds later a bell rings)


04-23-04, 11:24 PM
(Backstage at Savannah Civic Centre is a mass of confusing just a few hours before showtime. A large crew a people run at a frenzied pace making last minute preparations. though the sea of confusing a tall figure cuts the waves. He slowly makes his way into the inner arena and stares at the ring sitting center stage. He makes his way towards the ring and pauses halfway there)

Chaos: Well here we are. Raucaus and we're live in Georgia. It's been quite awhile since I've bene in the ring, but the feeling is coming back. That rush of adrenaline is already coursing in my veins. I saw the crowd outside and it's standing room only. soon they are going to be filling this arena up and when my music hits tonight...well this place is going to explode. The ride begins again. Last time it took me straight to the top

(he looks at the camera and smiles)

Chaos: And it's going to again. See Necro I've heard you talk, but you've been silent since I put you to the test. I questioned your motives and your training. Have you really made a monster...or as I questioned was it all talk?

(he shakes his hand)

Chaos: Doesn't really matter...it's too late now. The hour is at hand. No last minute training will help...no words of advice will help overcome. Your either ready or your not...I'm ready Necro?

(He smiles wide)

Chaos: Is your boy ready? he's better be, because I've got plans for him. I've got terrible unhappy plans for him. They start in the ring Necro, but where they will finish...ah hell let me show you

(Chaos makes his way to the ring, rolls under the bottom rope, stands and walks to the far corner ring post)

Chaos: Well it might not be in this corner, but one of them That's where the Chaos Bomb takes place.

(He leans forward and stares)

Chaos: That's when I lift your boy the top and Powerbomb him to the mat. That's what a Chaos Bomb is and that WILL be then end of Mindkiller. See I don't care what you have or haven't told him. I don't care how long he's trained. sooner or later I'll get him up there. I'll hoist him in the air and BOOM!!!!!!! It will all be over. I've done it to better men then him Necro. I plan on more in the future.

(He pounds the top turnbuckle and his massive hand)

Chaos: So the ball is in your court Necro. Your boy had better be ready. You had better be ready. I'm surely ready. I'm ready to get my first match underway. I'm ready to start my march to the top all over again. I'm ready to drop a Chaos Bomb upon everyman that steps in my way. Mindkiller...

(he points a finger towards the camera)

Chaos: Tonight I start...WITH YOU!!!

(He smiles, turns his back and walks away)