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04-14-04, 01:02 PM
Kin Hiroshi vs. 'Yours Truly' Adam Benjamin

This match is SIGNED and it'll be done SUBMISSION STYLE!!!

04-14-04, 04:16 PM
* F.A.O. Schwartz's doors are closed. Forever. A single man sits outside their doors with lit candles and flowers, holding a sigil for the store that was his safe haven away from the world of wrestling. First Hiroshi-Berry Muffin Co. was sold to Hostess, now F.A.O. Schwartz is gone. All that remains in Kin Hiroshi's world is wrestling.

Through a choked voiced, and streaming tears, Kin looks up at the omnipresent camera. *

KIN HIROSHI: Adam Benjamin, you made a mistake. You challenged me into a submission match during my week of suffering. I was the spokesperson for F.A.O. Schwartz for years. Even before I came to the U.S. They knew what I had, and I let them use me. Discounts on all the Legos I could buy.

But now, now I have nothing. I have my money, my women, and a ring in the middle of a sold out crowd. Thousands of fans screaming my name night after night.

Well, Adam Benjamin, the only thing you'll be screaming when we meet is "Uncle! Uncle!" You'll be praying that I release you from the Jiro-Kin Sleeper. Don't get me wrong, that's not the only way I'll make you suffer.

Prepare yourself for arm ringers, and Boston crabs that will tear your appendages from their sockets. I will wreak havoc on your joints and your tendons will stretch and tear from the strain.

* Hiroshi wipes the tears from his face, and regains a little composure. *

KIN HIROSHI: And to top it all off, you think you can beat me. I'm the comedian here! I'm the one who's clever and makes jokes. Luckily, I'll get the chance to do it again when I make a joke out of you.

I've suffered too much: never holding THE strap over my shoulder, betrayed by my mentor, laughed at by my colleagues, and shunned by my family. You think I'm the joke? Hardly; you corner a scared animal, and he's going to retaliate. I'm just as every bit as ferocious as a lioness that you've seperated from her young, and just as venomous as a viper.

I've lost everything. My company, my sponsor, my friends, my chance at stardom. Well, at the John Miller Memorial Show, I'll show you what John Miller was all about. I wrestled that man for the championship and lost. Against Adam Benjamin, I'll prove that it was a fluke and that my reign is just around the corner.

* Kin stands, placing the flowers at the base of F.A.O. Schwartz's main entrance. He smiles half-heartedly, and walks away. *


04-17-04, 08:59 PM
(Fade into Adam Benjamin finishing up a workout at his gym. Benjamin takes a seat on a bench, water bottle in hand he begins talking)

Benjamin: Yours Truly has made a mistake? My I do not look at it that way my friend. What I have done is step up and decided to take on one of the top guns or so they are considered. Yours Truly cares little about businesses gone under. What I care about is making a statement this week, fresh off my PPV win live in England home of Yours Truly along with the greatest people walking the planet.

(Adam smiles)

Benjamin: Yours Truly will be screaming uncle? Take a look at me, I am the new age Technician, the master of the mat, and I am going to scream uncle? You are going to make a joke out of me in the end? My the joke will be given to you if you think that my dear friend. You see I will not take away your god given talent, but I will not forget mine. You on the other hand come out pushing your own ego, yet down playing mine.

(Adam gets up and grabs his stuff)

Benjamin: Kin take a look at me, you might not know a lot about me right now, but I am sure after our match you will know just who Yours Truly really is.

(fade to black)

04-18-04, 01:43 AM
* Kin Hiroshi is pacing back and forth across his Seattle apartment being followed closely by his new dog, Brutus. As they pace, Kin listens intently to the remarks of "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin through the surround sound stereo system. Kin rewinds, fast-forwards, and even freeze frames certain sections. As the camera crew focus back on Hiroshi, he begins talking back to the television... *

ADAM BENJAMIN: "What I care about is making a statement this week, fresh off my PPV win live in England..."

* Hiroshi pauses the tape, and rewinds it. *

KIN HIROSHI: Listen, if you plan on making a statement, I don't think X-Perience is the place to do it kid. No offense, but like you stated, you just came off a win at Battleground Britian. The biggest PPV that GWE has seen recently, and you don't think THAT is a statement. Instead, you think that challenging a man who just recently became considered main event material, a man that recently has a lack-luster track record, and a man that obviously doesn't have a whole lot of standing room in GWE will make a statement?

Kid, please, think before you speak.

* Kin presses the play button. *

ADAM: "Yours Truly has made a mistake? My I do not look at it that way my friend."

* Kin presses stop and fast forwards a bit, then plays around to get the tape into position. *

KIN: First off, I'd watch out if you wanted to start callling ME friend. People like Chad Dupree, who only grants me with matches and a paycheck since I poisoned him, don't look to kindly on people affiliated with myself. Secondly, I really think you did make a mistake. If you wanted to make a statement, you should have challenged someone like Boogie Smallz.

You did do some homework to challenge me, no one knows submission moves better than the Japanese Thunder...

* Pressing play, Kin interrupts himself, but it's almost intentional at this point... *

ADAM: "Yours Truly will be screaming uncle? Take a look at me, I'm am the new age Technician, the master of the mat, and I am going to scream uncle?"

* Grinning, Hiroshi presses stop again. *

KIN: Wow. First of all, I did take a look at you working out at the beginning of your segment, Adam. Take a look at me, I don't need to work out. Do you know why? Because I'm physical perfection. You, on the otherhand, need to work on those lovehandles a bit before you think about calling yourself the "master of the mat". More like, "the sultan of slouchers". Go ahead and call yourself the "New Age Technician" but I'm the Daimyo of Drop-Toe Holds, the Samurai of Side-Head Locks, the Emperor of Inverted Facelock Surfboards, the Tzar of Triangle Scissor Locks.

I could go on, but the facts state the obvious. You will lose. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Oh, and there's on FINAL, LITTLE, TINY matter to clear up.

* A spiteful look crosses Kin's face as he presses play one last time... *

ADAM: "I'm sure after our match you will know just who Yours Truly really is."

KIN: Geez, "Kin take a look at me, you might not know a lot about me right now, but I'm sure after our match you will know just who Yours Truly really is" sounds a little familiar. Let me try it...

* Kin clears his throat. *

KIN: Do you know the Muffin Man? You might not now, but come our match, you will know the Muffin Man personally.

Now, I'm not mad that you ripped me off, but WHERE THE HELL ARE MY ROYALTIES!?!? Punk-ass, just for that, I'm going to dismantle you limb by f**king limb in the ring. Not because you deserve it, but because I can.

Sorry I couldn't be more of a "friend," but like I always say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. At X-Perience, I'll be close enough to tea-bag your snaggle-toothed face through my pants, and there isn't anything you're going to do about it.

Do you know the...whatever...I said it already...


04-18-04, 12:03 PM
(Fade into Adam Benjamin sitting in his living room drinking his morning tea. Adam is seen watching the newest outburst from Kin and with a smile Adam begins talking)

Benjamin: Kin are you upset with Yours Truly? You seem a little upset from my last promo. I mean I get a feeling just maybe you did not take my words seriously, as if you are some how better than me? You see at the PPV I did what I said I was going to do; I beat Marx who is considered a talent in this sport. I went out and showed the fools in GWE that Yours Truly is a talent that they have been holding back for way to long.

(Adam shakes his head)

Benjamin: You see Kin the statement I made at the PPV must not have been good enough, since the almighty GWE last week decided not to even book Yours Truly. Now Kin as far as the reference to calling you friend that was a mere name I tossed out. I often call fellow workers mate or friend, it is a nice way of addressing a man I will soon be facing. It is almost a respectful gesture before I go to war with them. But from now on I will call you Kin and not friend or mate.

(Adam gives an I am sorry gesture towards the camera)

Benjamin: Now as far as you poking fun at my weight, your comedic stick is not good at all. I am 245 pounds of pure impact. I have no love handles yet you decide to say I do. Now as far as the “new age technician” line goes it was given to me, I did not make that up like the muffin man a old school kiddy song. You see Kin I hear you talking during your promo’s about how you are going to do this that and the other thing to me. What you are doing is talking me down, overplaying yourself and attempting to make me doubt myself. But guess what Kin I am “Yours Truly” Adam Benjamin I do not fear anyone, I take on any wrestler that thinks he can go the distance. In GXE I might not be a huge name, but around other parts I am a impact wrestler. But Kin in all your talking you have not given any reasons to why you are going to beat me. I mean you say you are going to, but come on it is so easy to say you are going to do something, and when the times comes to do it, the task becomes a little more challenging. Now I believe that my mat skills are bare none, and that my drive this week will take me to the victory table. I believe that I am going to take you to the limit and at that point all jokes aside you will be forced to tap out. But hey I am sure you have a nice comeback so by all means bring it one Kin…

(Adam laughs as the camera fades)