04-07-04, 03:20 AM
RP here.

04-15-04, 02:47 PM
::Jonathan Marx is in the white room where he trained for his match with DJ Havok speaking to a voice which can not been seen::

JONATHAN MARX: Jacobs… that NO GOOD DIRTY SNEAK. How DARE he take up an alliance with that Marx IMPERSONATOR?!

VOICE FROM ABOVE: Wink said he was no good. Why didn’t you listen?

JONATHAN MARX: I don’t know. I just expect more out of people. Jacobs was just a sycophant trying to take advantage of my guilt over breaking his neck in a freak accident.

VOICE FROM ABOVE: You’re too soft. It got you in trouble once in your match against Manson. Why do you keep on repeating your mistakes?

JONATHAN MARX: I am who I am.

VOICE FROM ABOVE: Being the god of old school wrestling isn’t good enough…

JONATHAN MARX: DAMN IT, I’LL MAKE IT ENOUGH. Why can’t you just let me have peace?

VOICE FROM ABOVE: If you fail, wrestling will die. You’ll let everyone down.

JONATHAN MARX: Why me? Why can’t you bother Rabesque or Christian Sands? Why can’t I be happy?

VOICE FROM ABOVE: Genius means being blessed knowing what others cannot understand.

JONATHAN MARX: Blessed? How is THIS ALL A BLESSING? I’m cursed. Avery Prosser is his gang of thugs are hunting me down, Dan Ryan laid me out, and now I have to face Shizaki. I’m a magnet to all the evil in the universe. Everyone is out for themselves and I am left to fight off the world.


JONATHAN MARX: That is damn brilliant advice. Are there any others like you up there? I know I have to fight, but I’m looking for answers.

VOICE FROM ABOVE: You already know what you need to know. Look within..

JONATHAN MARX: Why must you always be so vague? I descend from the same genius that I answer to but you always talk in generalities. Why must you frustrate me so?

VOICE FROM ABOVE: Simplicity is beautiful. You will be unable to comprehend everything you need to know unless you make the journey and learn on your own. Genius is knowing you are not ready to know everything.

JONATHAN MARX: I don’t know how much I can take paying for the sins of others and putting on a good face fighting what seems to be a losing battle. My body bares the scars from crimes against this sport and my road is not getting any easier. Shizaki is one of the toughest wrestlers here in NFW. Do you know the battle I’m in for?

VOICE FROM ABOVE: Fight. Fight to the death.

JONATHAN MARX: There is no pride in dying for your cause before you get the job done. I'd be eternally unsatisfied and would have to live with my misery weighing on my soul like chains.

::a depressed Marx puts his head in his hands::

Sometimes I feel like I’m talking to myself, but I’ve come too far to give up now. I will live up to your faith in me.

::Marx opens the door and exits::


04-15-04, 10:54 PM
(FADEIN to what appears to be a traditional Japanese dojo, fit with walls of white paper and wood... before these walls we see two silhouettes...

... one of them is Kazuo Shizaki, in a fighting stance...

... the other seems to be an old man, leaning forward on a cane...

... suddenly, Shizaki leaps forward, moving quickly and firing a series of straight edges at the old man, which he easily blocks with the cane, as if they came in slow motion. The old man speaks in Japanese, and we see subtitles below... )

OLD MAN: "A true warrior does not make excuses for his weakness... "

(Again, a series of quick movements, as Shizaki goes for a series of kicks, but again, the old man easily defends... )

OLD MAN: "A true warrior does not let his own injuries get in this way of his goal... "

(And again... )

OLD MAN: "You are no warrior, young Kazuo. But you must be if you intend to do what must be done. In the name of the sport... in the name of the warrior."

(Another burst of movement, but this time, Kazuo connects with the Tsume Mahi, and the old man falls. He does not attempt to pick him up. Instead, the man slowly stands and bows... walking away...

.... Kazuo kneels down and lowers his head as he speaks, now in an impressive, almost accent-free English.)

SHIZAKI: "Jonathan-san, you have afforded me much respect. For that I thank you. But your respect will not heal my wounds, and will not avenge my losses.

"I find it amusing, Mr. Marx, that you would go through such an elaborate ruse... a metaphorical journey into your psyche, perhaps.

"My ribs have healed. My neck barely feels of stiffness anymore. For you, Mr. Marx... I shall be my very best.

"For you are not the only one with a quest. I have my own journey, Mr. Marx, and despite what you may think, that journey is not one into my own ambition or greed. In time... my name will mean nothing... because I have no great pride. I do not do this for Kazuo.

"I do this for the sport. You are right in one sense, Mr. Marx, when you say that all may be lost. But you are not the solution. You are more of the same. You are only concerned with yourself. What has happened to you.

"I owe you, Mr. Marx... for coming down and saving me from what may have been a career-ending injury. I owe you and Mr. Ryan both.

"For that, you have my respect. But just as your respect will not heal my wounds, nor will my respect allow me to grow soft or weak.

"We all have our dreams, Mr. Marx. We all have our own visions. And though you may think yours is the One True Vision... a warrior knows that the purpose itself is more than one vision.

"You and I have met before, and I imagine we will meet again in the playoffs... so I will save you my usual threats.

"You know what the Black Rose is, for you have seen its bittersweet sting from the very place you and I are both trying to save.

"The money means nothing to me. My employer came to me with a vision... a dream... and I know that it was what has needed to be done for a long time now.

"What must be done.

"And what it takes is a warrior. A warrior the likes of which this sport has forgotten about. A man who knows no pride nor ego.

"I am not yet what warrior, Mr. Marx.

"But I will be."

(FADEOUT as he bows... )