View Full Version : WEEK 11: KIN HIROSHI vs. EVAN AHO

04-07-04, 03:19 AM
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04-12-04, 04:36 PM
* Life keeps getting better. A bit redundant, but better; he's challenging for the CSWA Greensboro Title again, he's struggling for a foothold in GWE, and in NFW he's in a match against Evan Aho.

Kin leans back as he flips through the television channels at home. A few miles away, he imagines that Seattle native Evan Aho is doing the same thing. Is Aho imagining the unachievable? Imagining something that he's failed to do three seperate times? Is the quentisential wrestling imagining finally beating Hiroshi?

It's all the same to Hiroshi. He's beaten the former CSWA World Champion. Another former champion is on his mind...

Eddy Love.

Ever since Love's name appeared on the roster, Hiroshi has tried to find a way to confront him. *

KIN HIROSHI: "Evan Aho has a lot to prove by going against me this week. First of all, I've beaten him again...and again...and again. I've proven through Aho that I can run with the big boys. Who's taken notice though? Who's said to themselves, 'You know, Kin Hiroshi is a contender, maybe we should give him a shot.'? No one has. Why? Because I'm just misunderstood.

See, when I first got into wrestling, I thought the crowd needed something more than wrestling. I offered them entertainment, and humerous entertainment if I do say so. I also started to prove that I could wrestle. Eddy Love saw that and took me under his wing.

Evan Aho, on the other hand, thought me to be another challenge, but I proved him wrong again and again. Sure, I teamed with Aho, brought him into the former GXW as a one-night only tag-partner. Sure, we won the match, but we were viciously destroyed aftwards.

Aho hasn't talked to me since. That's fine, the less news from that guy, the better. It gives me the opportunity to be suprised in this match, rather than know his disadvantages. Well, his NEW disadvantages.

We all know he prides himself on his wrestling abilities and not striving to be "hardcore" to win a match. Mr. Aho, I applaude you for that. As a second generation wrestler, I understand where you are coming from. But thrice I have proven that your abilities cannot compare to mine in the ring.

Once again I pose the question, why do people not take notice of Kin Hiroshi?

I've been a steady-Eddy in NFW so far, not falling to far back in the crowd, but not making myself a target for everyone. I've kept to myself and not gotten tossed in the middle of anybodies feuds. After I'm done with Aho, that will all change. Hiroshi's going to to the top, and I know one man who should take notice...

Eddy Love has seen what I can do in the ring, and although I don't have anything to prove, Eddy might want to schedule a meeting with me before he makes another enemy out of an old friend...