04-07-04, 03:18 AM
RP here.

04-15-04, 09:33 PM
(The screen comes in on Jean Rabesque, wearing the normal gear, standing in front of an NFW backdrop, you know the drill)

Rabesque: “Another day and the stress continues to mount. Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror, and I wonder to myself, what the hell am I doing? I have a huge CSWA match coming up, defending my title, I just won the TV title over in New ERA, and don’t even get me started about returning Sean Edmunds back to his place like I’m about to do over for my one shot deal over in WFW. The bank account is overflowing, but I often have to question my own decisions.

“What is it that makes us do this? I had a similar discussion with Shane Southern just a few short weeks ago, and he was wondering the same thing. Why do some of us not settle just for the abuse of one place, but we travel from place to place, fighting some of the same people, some different people, getting our faces busted in, constantly having to prove ourselves?

“Why do we do it?

“It’s all about the drive. The hunger, the motivation to be the very best. It’s all about squelching any person that may doubt me for one second, and that is a list long enough to fill an entire wrestling show. But it’s that passion that drives me forward, even after I have a cage exploded onto me, even after I have to put another person through Triple Flaming Tables, even after I humble Sean Edmunds for the TWELFTH time. The passion still burns, the need to continue to strive to get better, knowing all along that there is no such thing as perfection, but striving to become as close as humanly possible.”

(Rabesque stops for a moment, looks down, and looks back up)

“Like the Triple Flaming Tables reference Cam? I figured you would. How long ago was it that you were sent howling in agony, all because of me? Now, I will be honest Cam, I hold no ill will towards you, in fact I think you’re one hell of a guy, and you really do a nice job to augment the midcard wherever you go. I hope you don’t hold it personally, it was just business. You were in my way, and I had a job to do. You aren’t my goal in the NFW, and I’m sure I’m not yours. It’s all about reaching for that brass ring.

“I don’t really think that this match could be bigger for the both of us, would you agree Cam? First off, we have you, sitting in last place, scratching.... clawing..... doing everything in your power to try to make it out of the bottom. Most of the other guys in your position joined halfway Cam, so I understand that you’re feeling a bit.... frustrated. I also understand that you’re going to do everything and anything in your power to see to it that you don’t stay in that position. And honestly, I can respect that Cam. I know you want to make the playoffs as badly as anyone, you just continuously fall short when it counts. And you’re hoping that your match against me is going to change all that.

“And then there’s me, the man that despite every prediction, STILL leads the entire damn NFW coming down to the wire. I’ve lost track of how many weeks I’ve been on top, I honestly have, and every week somebody else thinks that they’re going to be the one to finally knock me off the perch, so that I can move out of the way so such “rightful” contenders such as Southern, Manson, Love, Marx, Hornet, or whomever can ascend to the position that they ‘should’ be in.

“I continue to take pleasure in pissing everyone off Cam. I enjoy being the one to spoil everyone’s forecasted dream matches for the Ultratitle. I enjoy being the red-headed stepchild crashing the party. It’s a feeling that I enjoy very much, and I have no intention of backing down now.... or ever. I’m sure you’re going to have everything geared towards me at the next Crash. It’s a feeling that I have come to know and love all too well in the NFW.

“You think you can be the one to knock me off the pedestal Cam? Think you can leap from basement and move up a couple notches?”

(Rabesque laughs to himself)

“GET REAL!!!!”

(He pauses a moment)

“No false gimmicks, no false hype, I am Jean Rabesque.”

(Fade out)

04-19-04, 03:57 PM
(Fadein, Cruise inside a tub, his right arm draped over the side, wrapped up from his tag match Christian Sands and Adam Benjamin the night before. Lifting his head up from against the wall, he faces the camera as steam rises up from the tub.)

CC: You know for once, I think I very much might surprise you Jean. In what I mean by that is that I do very much believe in what you're doing isn't going unnoticed. People are indeed seeing that the person of the no-nonsense-persona-attitude of the man with no-gimmick is what he claims to be.

You aren't at the top for a quick glance and then backing off for someone else to take a turn. Which, believe it or not, is as it should be taken here, in NFW.

As a matter of fact, I kinda do see a similarity between us Jean. We're abit alike, you and I. You just might have abit more luck with it than I do.

Your goal is to get through matches on the side of victory and and take what everyone here is all about, myself included--The Ultratitle.

So is mine.

You're beating up on several punks in other leagues besides this one.

So am I.

You're stalking an undoubtably beautiful woman through several leagues.

Well....I kinda married mine (Wiggles ring finger).

Now-a-days, as we get closer to the playoffs, I'm coming to alot of realizations about what's going on around me, Jean.

I used to hate you because I thought you were ignorant and self-centered, high on the fact that you were on the road toward the top, not just here, but in other leagues, NEW, CSWA, WFW.....you've got it all quite well taken care of.

But then I realized....you knew what you had and weren't afraid to flaunt it. It's accentuated yourself very well and you've got yourself in quite the position for the bye to given really as a shoo-in.

But you see, while I'm not exactly on the same route, I see how it is your method is used, and I'm sure I'm one of the first few to admit....it WORKS.

I agree with you as well, performing in the ring has become to some....you and I included....as more of a need to push yourself higher and farther than you before. Stepping into the ring, it might not even matter if it's a match in the bag before the bell rings....or if it's the fight of your life for an agonizing hour or two for that extra leverage.

I can make witty references too Jean, but the fact of the matter is, is that what we did a few weeks ago....while it was a Triple Flaming Tables match....and you did come out on top....what's that got to do with this time around Jean?

I mean really, do you really think that everytime I come to the ring I'm expecting tables and fire before I'm through? Or have you taken a trip down memory lane to what it was like for punks in GLCW, who didn't exceed to a certain someone's expectations.

Yeah, I'm comin' at you with what all I've got.

I don't have really much of a choice left.

However, note that while you see me as someone who continue's to fail in winning the big one....the one who's alway's stuck in mediocrity while you and everyone else Main Event, do remember:

You need me, Jean.

You need me to help you stay at the top. Because without me....your Penthouse-stay at the top....while I'm sure it's grand....will continue to turn into a homeless shelter, as long as I continue to lose.

Bring me down, Jean, I'm begging you.

Because, so long as I go down....you go down with me.

Now....if you can't see that sir....and if....IF...you beat me at Crash....that just very well be a Reality Check you just....won't like.

(Cruise turns back and rests his head on the wall, relaxing. Steam continues to rise as the camera fades out.)

04-20-04, 11:13 PM
(The screen comes in on Jean Rabesque, as he stands in front of an NFW backdrop, wearing the normal gear)

“Lots of words, Cam, but I’m going to give you a response that you probably wouldn’t expect. You would probably expect me to come out here and be gracious for your kind words, and then maybe we could get the mutual respect thing going for a bit, and to be honest, that seemed like the kind of angle you were going. I do have a lot of respect for you Cam. I think you’ve accomplished many wonderful things in this sport. I think you’ve made yourself one hell of a career. But this is the NFW, and this is the Ultratitle that we’re talking about, and as much as it pains me to say, this isn’t about mutual respect.

“This is a message that not only goes out to you but to everyone in the NFW. Everything that I do..... everything.... is about gaining the Ultratitle. Some, in fact many, may argue otherwise, but I cannot attest more to that simple fact. If I make some friends along the way, it will probably be unintentional. If I make some enemies, then so be it, but I’m not going to divert from the original course. If you think the world of me Cam, if you thought I was the second coming of Christ....it really wouldn’t change anything. Because I won’t let it distract me from the goal.

“Let’s make something else overwhelmingly clear right now Cam, I don’t need you for anything. You’re just another roadblock. I don’t need you to get ten points, I don’t need you to get to the top. You’re entire rambling on the subject was completely non-sensical. I don’t care how far down you go or whatever pain you might be caused. You going far down has absolutely nothing to do with my quest to go in the opposite direction that you’re currently heading. You doubt this Cam? Then don’t show up. No-show the match, and I’ll take my points, cash my paycheck, and head for my next booking. You going down will not have effected me in the least.

“But if you’re going to turn all of this around, if you’re going to make a push back towards the top like everyone knows you have the ability to do, then this effects me. Then I’m going to have to step up and match your level of intensity. That’s the only way you’ll be effecting what happens to me Cam. I’ve already taken you out once, and I’ll do it again, I don’t care what level I have to achieve to ensure that that happens.

“Speaking of that, Triple Flaming Tables. You can claim until you turn... well, red in the face that that match means nothing right now, and you might be right. But I beg to differ. I’ve proven that I can get it done inside the ring against you Cam. I’ve proven that in a match totally foreign to me, that you still can’t get it done. Now imagine what’s going to happen as I step into the ring in my kind of match, a match in which you openly admitted I am one of the best in the world at. It’s not Triple Flaming Tables, it’s not a Ladder Match, a Barbed Wire Match, or a Hell in the Cell, it’s just a straight up wrestling match.

“If you think you got what it takes, then step up. I continue to affirm my belief that you don’t have what it takes. At least... anymore. I welcome the challenge, but I don’t need it. If you want to continue the trend of mediocrity, then I will take pleasure in easily dispatching of you. The choice is yours, but either way the answer is already determined, and Cam, as much as you might not want to admit it, I think you know it just as well as I do. No false gimmicks, no false hype, I am Jean Rabesque.”

(Fade out)

04-21-04, 03:14 PM
(Fadein, Cruise, dressed in black jeans, white shirt, shades and his leather jacket in front of an NFW-backdrop.)

CC: Just because I don't have as much hatred for you Jean than I use to, doesn't exactly mean I care whether or not you think I'm a threat to your being on top of the World, Jean. It doesn't even mean that I'm willing to give a damn what you do here in NFW or in the CSWA, NEW or anywhere else you might be booked at.

It just means that I respect you and what you bring to this business, that's all.

But perhaps I maybe abit mistaken.

Perhaps there is something more than this little swaree.

I mean, because the way you're responding to me Jean, it almost sounds like you're giving up this business after your goal of winning the Ultratitle has been achieved, yes? I mean, that and conquering the likes of Kin Hiroshi, beating senseless those like Sean Edmunds....hell, even when your little number one fan John Doe finally grows a pair and quits acting like a baby enough for you to stop babysitting him and anyother punk that doesn't give you the time of day to even see what you've managed to notch on your belt in this business.

Is this really it Jean?

I would like to hope not.

As a matter of fact, I would hope that you don't take it to too far of an extreme that you forgot whatever it was that gave you a reason to keep going in this business. Thus far, in our little discussion it kinda sounds like you're wandering abit far from the provervial house. I mean, call it more involved, call it obsessed, but I've kinda sensed the pattern that goes on around here, as of late.

I win....it helps you...in terms of standings. I lose...it hurts you...in terms of standings. I mean really think about it. All I have to do this time around is beat you, and then see if Joey, Shawn and Hornet take care of business and look where that puts you there, Mister Big Stuff??

Right....next..(points a thumb at himself..to me.

Funny how even the worst-placed athletes in this competition can have one of the biggest impacts especially nearing the playoffs isn't it Jean?

I don't care if you think that I'm un-deserving, or if I don't have what it takes anymore in this business, not this time around. Because it's statements like that Jean, that led to one huge impact already this season Jean. We both know how that one went as well.

I already told you that I don't have many choices left, we both know this. We both also know who won the Triple Flaming Tables match a few weeks ago, even if you had to remind me. This week, however....is a different story.

But if you're so confident of all the outcomes at Crash, that afterwards you won't have to worry about me or my coming at all....then hey, do me a favor.

Skip out on the match.

Skip out on the match, and stay home instead. That way I know you can take the load of my possibly proving you wrong and taking you off that proverbial pedestal, off your mind and let you worry about things that could be worse.

(Cruise smirks and then speaks with sarcasm.)

Ya know....like John Doe.

Seriously Jean, quit thinking about what COULD happen at Crash this week, and at least give thought to what very well MIGHT happen, if you're not careful.

Because if you're not....then I guarantee you this Jean:

A win over you this week will be a reality check that I WILL like.


04-21-04, 10:58 PM
(The screen comes in on Jean Rabesque, as he stands in front of an NFW backdrop, wearing the normal gear)

“Skip on the match? Skip on the match? You’d like that, wouldn’t you Cam? You’d like the free ride to ten points, knowing all along that that’s the only way that it’s going to happen. Explain the logic there to me Cam. You claim that I’m bursting with confidence, overflowing even, and that I’m not taking you seriously enough, and then you implore me to skip on the match. Am I the only one not getting this? I’m sure as hell going to show up, and I’m sure as hell going to whip your ass all over the arena Cameron.

“I’ve never skipped out on anything in my life. Much less, I’ve never had anything given to me, going all the way back as far as I can remember. I know full well not to take anything for granted. You learn that real quick when you’re not exactly sure where your next meal is coming from. You learn that quickly when you’re not sure where you’re going to be living next month, or if there is ever going to be someone there when you get home from school. You quickly learn in those surroundings what it’s like to never be able to skip on anything.

“Somehow, I’ve managed to make that work also in this sick and twisted world that we call professional wrestling. I’ve made my name by always being the one bringing the ‘A’ game, by always being the one that regardless of the crowd size, regardless of the venue, regardless of the opponent, always brought down the house. Whether it’s in a backyard against Bull Budweiser, whether it was opening at CSWA 15, or whether it was headlining the NFW All-Star Show, I have always brought everything that I have every night, and I have ALWAYS done everything in my power to ensure that I am prepared for each and every match. And honestly, the farther I spread myself, the more difficult it becomes.

“But now is no different Cam. I’m sure as hell ready for you. I’m sure as hell prepared to kick some ass.”

(Brief pause)

“You spent a great deal of time talking about the ‘what-ifs’ Cam. A lot of time dealing with what would happen if you beat me at Crash. Ok, that’s all and good, but would it be conceited of me to acknowledge that those thoughts had never even entered my head. Me lose to you? I guess it very well COULD happen, I’m still not counting on it. I’m still not preparing for it. And if it does happen, and then Joey, Shawn, and Hornet ALL happen to get the job done, then sure, I guess it could happen that we end up next to each other.

“But here’s the thing Cam, I’ve put myself in a position where there are no ‘ifs’ right now. I win out, I’m the number one seed, I get the bye in the playoffs. It really is that simply for me. I’m completely in control of my own destiny. Now think about yourself Cam. Sure, it’s possible, but think about everything that has to go right for you to have a sniffing chance at making it to the postseason. All of your wins plus all of the losses by the people in front of you. Which position would you rather be in Cameron? And to think, you COULD have avoided all of this, by maybe showing up and putting forth an effort at the beginning of the season. It’s a marathon, not a sprint Cam. You can try kicking all you want at the end of the race, but if you’re already three miles behind, then it’s not going to make a damn bit of difference.

“And finally, do you honestly think I’m going to throw in the towel once I win the Ultratitle? (laughs) Couldn’t be farther from the truth Cam. At that point, I then get the task of being the one on top of the moment, and I’ll be provided with a new intrinsic motivation. That is to be the one to stay on top of the mountain, and continue to strive for excellence with the bull’s-eye painted squarely on my back. It’s a challenge I long for, and it’s one that is most definitely on the horizon.

“In the mean time Cam, say your prayers, train, eat your vitamins, because you’re definitely going to need all the help you can get. No false gimmicks, no false hype, I am Jean Rabesque.”

(Fade out)