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03-29-04, 11:10 AM
All RP for the FATAL FOURWAY BATTLE ROYAL for the New ERA World Title between EL ARCO IRIS, JONATHAN MARX, PETER FILE and LARRY TACT should be done in this thread.

All RP and angles should be submitted by Monday April 5th, at 11:59pm. All angles should be submitted to secandido@comcast.net .

04-01-04, 12:41 AM
(Cue up: "Bolo Ta Ra Ra" by Daler Mehndi.)

(FADEIN:: A busy city sidewalk. The camera pans to an adolescent male, perhaps in his mid-to-late teens, dressed in baggy blue jeans and a faded IWF KRoW t-shirt, with a backpack slung over his shoulder. His face is scowling.)

(The camera switches to a shot of El Arco Iris, in his mask, a rainbow track suit with the jacket open to reveal a rainbow tie-dye t-shirt, and carrying a copy of MAD Magazine, walking in the opposite direction.)

(The camera switches to a wide shot as we can see the two are walking towards each other. The teen is looking off into the distance, seemingly preoccupied, and doesn't notice the incredibly conspicuous Iris until they pass each other. Upon noticing who just walked by, the teen, turns around and runs back towards Iris, stopping in front of him, stopping El Arco Iris as well.)

Teen: Hey, you're El Arco Iris, the pro wrestler!

El Arco Iris: Hello. Yes, El Arco Iris cannot tell a lie!

Teen: Wow, I see you on TV alot, you're really entertaining!(eyeing El Arco Iris' outfit) And...colorful...wow. You really are like you say you are, aren't you?

El Arco Iris: El Arco Iris is El Arco Iris, and would not wish to be anyone else. El Arco Iris is also just delighted to know that a smile comes to your face when El Arco Iris performs!

Teen: Yeah, you really set yourself out from the crowd. (takes his backpack off his shoulder) Do you think I could get an autograph? My friends would love to see this...(fishes around inside the backpack and gets out a pen and a sheet of notebook paper.)

Iris: But of course! El Arco Iris relishes the appreciation of every single fan, and would love to return it. (Takes the pen and sets the paper against a wall as he writes.) Who shall El Arco Iris address this too?

Teen: Ben. My name's Ben Riley. Nice to meet you.

Iris: Absolutely delighted to meet you, too!

(El Arco iris hands back the pen and paper and gives Ben the warmest, most welcoming grin possible.)

Ben: Thanks, thanks alot.

(Ben turns away and begins to walk, but then turns back.)

Hey...can I ask you something?

Iris: El Arco Iris is never in a hurry.

Ben: Yeah...This has been bugging me for a while. Why? Why are you a professional wrestler? A guy like you is happy all the time...loves everyone...don't you seem a little out of place in a profession where you hurt people?

Iris: (chuckles) Ah, a question oft asked by both friends and opponents. Think about what you just said. El Arco iris loves everyone...and seems out of place. Why should this be? Why is friendliness...love...happiness...such a foreign concept to people? Why must people HATE each other just because they compete against each other? You say it's a profession where people hurt each other, but it's only the people who make it about pain, about hate, about anger.

(Ben has begun to scowl a bit more deeply as El Arco Iris talks.)

People who must have pain locked up inside them that they must channel it and direct it at other people, spreading their pain. El Arco Iris is a pro wrestler because if there is one less person who hurts and hates, then the state of wrestling can only get better. Besides, in today's world...does television need more black clothes and spiteful words?

Ben: No...but the way you say it, it sounds ridiculous! I knew it! I thought it was just a television character, but you really are a namby-pamby dork in real life! How can you be how you are...WHO you are...just telling people to IGNORE their problems and just be blithely happy? Isn't the balance between dark and light what makes a man human...are you telling us to reject humanity, or are you just stupid? How am I supposed to be happy when my dad get's drunk and hits my mom, huh?

Iris: Typical, Ben. El Arco Iris never said anybody should ignore their problems and pain, no. El Arco Iris KNOWS that people always focus TOO MUCH on their trials and tribulations, and simply believe that there is no solution and end to their problems. They give up, dismissing life as pointless and not worth living. You've probably felt that way at some point, haven't you?

Ben: ...Yeah...of course. Because I'm HUMAN, I get sad! It's a fact! There are things to be sad over.

Iris: So being human means suffering? Pain is a cycle that exists in human beings as we create pain for each other to creat for others. We make our own things to be sad over. Why do you feel it's pointless? Because things get hard and obstacles seem insurmountable? That's because all everyone sees is the obstacle itself these days. El Arco Iris knows there can be a solution even to your problem, but you just can't mope around and whine about it. Television is full of cynicism and abysmal people talking about abysmal things. Let me ask YOU something...how does watching other wrestlers make you feel? Seriously.

Ben: Well...(looks from side to side)...Now that I think about it, intimidated...scared...angry...I see humongous muscely people and people who care more about themselves than others it reminds me of all the selfishness...reminds me of my dad...

Iris: ...And then?

Ben: ...and then you come on. And...I see you...(his scowl slowly dissapears)...And you care about other people, you try to make them happy, you hug a guy even if he's your opponent and doesn't like you...you dance around and wear bright clothing...you just try to make a difference...and go out there, compete, and at the same time entertain...

Iris: Aha...El Arco Iris makes his own difference. El Arco Iris doesn't just TALK about being happy, but El Arco Iris makes an effort to be happy and make others happy. Perhaps you, instead of passively accepting that you have a problem with your father and drinking, you could take ACTION, right?

Ben: (stammering out of reluctance to answer)...H-How--

Iris: Right? There is always a way, but only you can find it, and then you can be happy, and leave your sorrows behind. Do you ever talk to your Dad?

Ben: No!

Iris: Well? How do you expect a change? El Arco Iris always talks to his opponents, knowing that if he tries just HARD enough, there can perhaps be a CHANGE. Can you perhaps try and make that change?

Ben: Maybe...Wow. All I had to do was think things through and I think I answered my own question. You are who you are because the world is at it is, and you try to bring about change by being different, and you change pro wrestling as we all see it. Perhaps you're more human that I thought...Wow. I needed someone to remind me of my own power to change things...and I find it in a guy who wears a rainbow mask and track suit.

Iris: True happiness is rooted in wisdom. This knowledge helps El Arco Iris overcome challenges in the ring, and you can use it to overcome challenges in your own life, Ben.

Ben: Perhaps I will use it...Perhaps I will.

Iris: (Lets out a satisfied sigh, and puts his hand on Ben's shoulder.) Yes, Ben, sometimes this work is its own reward. While El Arco Iris' opponents are a reason El Arco Iris is a pro wrestler, but you are a little bit of the reason, too. El Arco Iris can help you see past the obstacle and to the solution...past the rain cloud...and to the rainbow. El Arco Iris knows that El Arco Iris can reach out and put another smile, on another face...You understand now?

Ben: I sure hope. (picks up his backpack)Thanks for the autograph(looks at El Arco Iris in an appreciative, but at the same time quizzical way) ...and for being you. Perhaps you really are a champion, El Arco Iris, you sure have your heart in the right place.

Iris: Don't praise El Arco Iris because El Arco Iris made you happy, praise yourself for allowing El Arco Iris to make you happy, when so many others can't. El Arco Iris...thinks El Arco Iris will see you later.

Ben: (Looking off into space...talking almost absent-mindedly) Yeah...I think I should get going now, too...

(El Arco Iris hugs ben, and then walks away. Ben remains standing there for a while, and then continues walking himself, now smiling a broad smile, as we FADE TO RAINBOW)

04-03-04, 03:58 AM
Fade in: to a NEW backdrop, where Larry Tact sits on a steel chair. He has on a blue muscle shirt and doo rag, black leather pants, boots, and fingerless gloves. Despite being somewhat bruised from the Street Fight at the last Raucous, Tact's face says it all. He means business.

Tact: And after all was said and done, all the mystery opponents brought in, all the naysayers and big talkers put in their places....we've come to the final four. The Battle Bowl Mania Finals. It's no longer just about surviving as a team, or thinking only 'one round at a time.' There are no more rounds. There are no more teams. It's four men, going all-out for the biggest prize in New ERA of Wrestling....the World Heavyweight Championship!

Tact's lips form a small grin.

Tact: But rather than BORE all of you with talking about my wrestling skills, and how versatile I have been in this tournament, or how El Arco Iris and I have been the best damn wrestling team in this promotion...I'm going to try looking ahead rather than back to the past. Cuz all of that other stuff? A.I. and I showed how good we were, individually and as a team, in our previous matches here. So Marx...File....what level of talent we bring to the ring should be crystal clear to you. Of course, you could deny it....but that won't do any good, I assure you.

Tact leans back in the chair.

Tact: But the thing to concentrate on now, is the future. The future of each one of us, and the future of the NEW as a promotion. There's no doubting that only one of us can walk out of this the World Heavyweight Champion. And that person will have more than just a gold belt on their hands when they leave. They'll have the microscope on them...the attention of the whole promotion will pass over the new Champion, at one point or another, once he is crowned. In this match, we will all set examples of how we think we can take this place for our own. What we think is the way to success. There's no doubt that it will be a crazy match...four wrestlers competing at the same time in one ring never has been an organized task to manage. But that's the pressure a Champion will need to deal with, the scutiny that they will be put under once they win. And the way that pressure is handled, whoever handles it best, will be the New ERA World Champion by night's end.

Tact nods his head.

Tact: I know I'm ready and capable of handling that pressure, the 'weight of a Champion.' But what about the rest of you? Peter File, what do you think people would say if you won this match? I mean, it'd get publicity, I guess...but what good would it really do for the promotion? You're nothing but a man without a real purpose. You don't come in looking to succeed...just to play games, mind games with your opponents, and then attempt to subject them to humiliation in the ring. It's sickening. It's exactly what New Era doesn't need as the image of its World Champion. But that won't be the case, because as I showed in our match last Raucous, you just couldn't match up to me. You took your beating like a man, which is more than I would have expected. But you got beaten, as well, which is nothing to be overlooked. I did it then, and not much has changed between then and now, except that I've had time to study our match and recuperate a bit, whereas you've probably been spending your time 'satisfying your needs' with Lily and the harem. For you, that's a recipe for disaster. For me, it's a recipe for continued success.

Tact nods again.

Tact: Then there's Johnathan Marx....

Tact pauses for a bit, rubbing his chin with a hand.

Tact: An 'old school' die hard. Possibly the most highly publicized wrestler on the circuit for the past year. But realistically, publicity is a media engine, and we all know the media can exaggerate a good thing to make it something much greater. Not to discredit you, Marx....but I'm not sure what it is that makes you that great. I've seen you in action plenty of times, in multiple promotions. Your work is good when the time comes to put up. You remind me of a man that I believe you've had the...'pleasure' of seeing perform in the ring, in NFW. I think you know who I'm referring to. And even I have to admit, he's one of the top technicians on the circuit right now. Yeah...Christian Sands is a rising star. But the fact remains that this is NEW, and the two of us? We've both got legacies to pave, yet. The problem is, only one of us can continue laying the bricks here, and while you're good, Marx...the critics are about to be proven wrong....again. I may not be as exposed to the wrestling media as you are, but I prefer it that way. What's the point of building up an image that isn't true to form? I'd rather show people just what I bring to the table when they come to face me. So step up to the plate, Marx. Let me hear from the 'gentleman' himself, what all the fuss is about.

Tact grins a bit more widely momentarily, but then returns to an even expression.

Tact: Then there's the third and last of my opponents. A.I....El Arco Iris....man, we've had a nice run. But you knew this was bound to happen. You knew all along we would have to face each other if we made it this far. So while it's been a....unique experience working with you, now it's time to see how we fair individually. Judging by what you had against Marx, I couldn't help but see a different Arco Iris than the one who I teamed with. I guess there are some differences between teaming and singles competition, but it's about adjustment right now. You've got to have yourself focused and ready for this match, because you aren't facing bullies in the ring. You aren't facing wife beaters or alcoholics or child mo....the point is, you're facing wrestlers who can take you out of the match at any time. We're the top line here, there's no further up to go. And while one person will stay up at the top, three will have nowhere to go but downward. I won't be one of those three going down, Iris. You know I don't hold back, and I give nothing but my all. So while it's a respectable thing to be helping outside the ring...this time, right now, you've got to forget that. Because otherwise....well, take it from someone who knows...what you hold dear can be used against you in this industry. You wouldn't believe some of the things that I've gone through, but believe me, I wouldn't put it past some of the guys here to try ruining your shot by doing the same to you. People get jealous, they get angry, bitter, and want to screw you over and out of your chance to win the top prize. So while your efforts are commendable, you have to know when to put them aside for your own good. If you don't, you may just find that moment of choice coming to you, and I won't be able to wait for you to choose which way to go, Iris. I'll take you out of this match. Nothing personal, but I don't waste opportunities.

Tact leans forward in the steel chair and crosses his arms over his knees.

Tact: There's only one person who has it all together right now, and that's me. I've proven I can succeed, both in a team and on my own. I've proven that I don't need acts of vulgarity to get wins in a match. I can stick to one style or switch up, adapting to win. I've got the skills to pull a win out of the jaws of defeat, turning things around in a moment's time, we've all seen that. And above all...I have the heart of a Champion. I don't care what magazines or tabloids say, only what I believe in myself. There's no opponent I can't defeat, because I will always find a way, and then it's just a matter of applying. And I've shown I can do that, as well. So when you come to the ring against me, expect no less than a top quality opponent. The challenge that you never heard of, and won't want to remember afterward. But the only thing that you need to remember....is the humbling that I instill in your minds....when you are tactilized.....and I am raising the New Era World Championship in my hands.

Tact gets up from the chair, smirks, and walks off. Fade out.

04-04-04, 03:36 PM
::Marx is pacing back and forth going over his strategy as Jacobs is watching the news as a story about a fight on Sesame Street breaks out.::

BRANDON JACOBS: Marx, stop pacing. You look like you are all strung out on coffee.

JONATHAN MARX: When I was a little kid, my dad use to come home with the NGEN World Heavyweight Title in his bag and I thought it was the most marvelous thing in all of the world. My dad still has a picture of me up at home when I was little with the title.

BRANDON JACOBS: It was a hell of a title.

JONATHAN MARX: My father made a ton of money in NGEN but he was always the happiest when he had that World Heavyweight Title around his waist. Fans use to come up to him and pat him on the back to congratulate him on winning the title. You could tell they were happy that he won the title and he was happy that they were happy and he could manage to do something for other people.

BRANDON JACOBS: He loved this sport and he wanted to be the best and wearing the World Heavyweight Title proved that.

JONATHAN MARX: He wasn’t a great technician. But he was a smart man and a hell of a fighter, everything he did in the ring, the fans were behind and he had the spirit of ten men. Nobody could break him.

BRANDON JACOBS: You have his spirit, I’ve seen it in your matches with Maelstrom, Manson, and Dan Ryan.

JONATHAN MARX: I don’t know about that, I hope I do. I want to make him proud. I want to make all the fans who have followed me and believe Marxism proud. I’ve dreamt about this moment for a long time. There have been half a dozen moments along the way that I wanted to quit but I won’t let them kill this sport as long as I’m alive.

BRANDON JACOBS: Give them hell.

JONATHAN MARX: Do you know how long I’ve waited for this? The reign of Marxism is finally upon us. All of my hard work, which started in IWF and continue on to GLCW and NFW will finally pay off. This is my chance to win the World Heavyweight Title and lead a revolution.

BRANDON JACOBS: You have some tough opposition though if you are going to realize your dream

JONATHAN MARX: You have Larry Tact who is the one of the greatest technicians on the planet. You have El Arco Iris who makes up for his lack of size with his spirit and amateur wrestling ability. And last but not least, you have the best partner a man could ask for in Peter File, because you always know he’ll watch your ass.


JONATHAN MARX: I am not going to stand here and run down any of my opponents because I respect all three of them in their own way. But I am going to go out there and I’m go to win this match and bring in the dawning of the NEW era as World Heavyweight Champion. The age of Marxism is finally upon us and once it starts and we begin to unravel all the damage that has been done to this sport and rebuilding it back to greatness, nobody will be able to stop us.

BRANDON JACOBS: I believe in you Jonathan. But there is someone I want you to talk to before your big match up…. Grab your coat, it is about time we did this.

JONATHAN MARX: ::grabs his coat off the chair:: Where are we going?

BRANDON JACOBS: You’ll know when we get there.


04-05-04, 10:11 PM
(fade in: Peter File leaning up against a brick wall in a dimly lit alley. He is wearing his usual denim and brown boot ensemble. His hair is greasy and he now has a five o’clock shadow. Lilly is in the background licking a lollipop. Peter looks into the camera, snickers and begins his rampage.)

..nothing much can be said about Peter File that hasn’t already been said or assumed by the millions or most likely, hundreds of fans that tune in to watch New Era Wrestling every week. The idea that Peter File is simply a obnoxious and disgusting infidel here to corrupt your youth and mind and eat babies covered in Worchester Sauce. Now in all honesty, all but the last are false.. I truly am a child hungry mad man set loose on the nation to attack and devour your children with a side of kidney beans and amaretto.

hmm.. apparently understanding the nuances of sarcasm is not part of the brain capacity of most of the fans here in NEW, and without a doubt all of the wrestlers except for Mr. Marx, for he has assisted me and gotten me this far. How sad it is though, that he too must fall to the enormous.. heh.. aptitude of one young buck, Peter File.

..I wonder when I sit here and talk to you the fans, you the wrestlers, etc. if you are truly getting my message.. that I am not here to beat any men, and have them tremble in fear of me.. I’m here to teach them a lesson.

Children, children, children.. the World Title is not all that is at stakes here in the NEW, it’s the acceptance of the fans, parents, etc. for some or the glory and ability to show everyone for this brief instant in their miniscule life that they are truly worth the canvas they stomp their boots on. But alas, this is all petty in the true scheme of things. There’s not a lot that a World Title can truly bring you except the glares of the one’s below you, the men and women who want to overtake you and steal the glory that is yours. It’s a terrible part about human society. We want which we do not have, and we will always want more.

..to be on top is so delightful, it brings you so much power.. when you thrust, they cower.. the rush of excitement to the tip of your reign at the top is so fulfilling. If I had the chance I would not ask for this, I would never want the pressure that it brings... Peter File, me, I, myself.. would rather hang on to the excitement but never have to blow... it all over the television screens of America and abroad. The excitement is enough..

Lilly: Yes daddy. Yes.

(fade out)

04-05-04, 11:11 PM
::Brandon Jacobs and Jonathan Marx pull up in Marx’s Lincoln Continental to a large mansion which looks vaguely familiar::

BRANDON JACOBS: We are finally here.

JONATHAN MARX: This is Wink’s Mansion. Do you remember what happened the last time I we were here? He stuck me with that bumbling idiot Domovoi who is constantly eating up all of my food.

BRANDON JACOBS: I don’t want to be here any more than you do, but Wink was a world champion several times over and he was there for your father when he won his first title. Listen to what he has to say, it may help you.

JONATHAN MARX: Does he know we are here?

BRANDON JACOBS: Of course. Have you seen the size of Wink’s security detail? They wouldn’t ask questions until after they shot you.

JONATHAN MARX: That is true. This NEW World Heavyweight Title match has my nerves on end.

::Jonathan Marx gets out of the car and looks in marvel at the large and well kept Wink estate::

BRANDON JACOBS: Trust me. When have I ever steered you wrong?

::Brandon Jacobs starts to get out of the car when a seven foot Chris Wink barges out of his house looking angrily at the two. A scared ****less Brandon puts his key in the ignition and takes off without Marx leaving him behind as there is a look of terror in Marx’s eyes::


::Chris Wink puts his hand on Jonathan’s shoulder to which he gulps and turns around::

JONATHAN MARX: Listen, I didn’t come here by choice. Brandon hijacked me and took me here without my knowledge by telling me that I needed to speak to someone. I know you don’t want to be bothered so I will just walk back down the main road and call for a taxi at a gas station.

CHRIS WINK: I’m awfully mad at you kid.

JONATHAN MARX: What was I to do? Jacobs loves taking me on all these confounded field trips half the time I don’t even know…

CHRIS WINK: That isn’t what I am angry about.

JONATHAN MARX: What are you angry about then?

CHRIS WINK: I’m angry that you didn’t come back to me sooner. Whether I like you are not, you are still the son of my best friend and I’d do anything for him.

JONATHAN MARX: ::relieved sigh::

CHRIS WINK: Back when I won the MFL World Heavyweight Title, I wasn’t nearly the wrestler in the ring that you are right now. But god blessed me with natural size which I used until I learned my craft in that ring and became one of the very best.

JONATHAN MARX: Are we here to put you over?.

CHRIS WINK: No, let me get to my point, the reason I gave you the Good Book of Old School Wrestling a year and a half ago was because I wanted you to follow in the footsteps of those who came before you and set this sport back in the right direction. Time is running out, you need to take a stand against baby eaters like Peter File before they diminish the World Heavyweight Title as nothing but a joke.

JONATHAN MARX: Peter File is a good wrestler. He has helped to lead me here.

CHRIS WINK: I never said anything about his wrestling ability. But if he or El Arco Iris wins, he is going to tarnish that NEW World Heavyweight and he is going to make your job even harder. You are growing too soft soon. You can’t let your “feelings” for those two get in the way of you doing your job.

JONATHAN MARX: I wasn’t going to take it easy on them.

CHRIS WINK: Son, you have to HATE them and HATE what they stand for if you want to walk out as champ. You have to go in there and give them all you have. You can’t hold anything back out of sympathy or compassion. You have to go at them from bell to bell and chuck then over the one, one by one by one until you are the last man standing.

JONATHAN MARX: I will do my best.

::Chris Wink slaps Marx across the face::

CHRIS WINK: THAT ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH! You have to do better. Your dad is getting on in the years. Don’t you want him to be alive when you win your first World Heavyweight Title?

JONATHAN MARX: Yes I do. But I don’t really think you should use emotional blackmail on me like my mother.

CHRIS WINK: Dead. He’ll be dead before you ever win a World Title.


JONATHAN MARX: I’M GOING TO GO OUT THERE AND I’M GOING TO WIN THE NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE! But I’m NOT going to do it for my father and I’m not going to do it for the rest of you… I’M GOING TO DO BECAUSE I WANT TO SAVE THIS DAMN SPORT! I haven’t been working for nearly TWO DAMN years to blow this opportunity in order to set this sport right. You don’t have to tell me about the sport burning down before my eyes because I am out there and I see it. If I wasn’t so damn angry, I’d cry. This sport is what I live for and I’m going to put NEW on the DAMN MAP because this WILL BE THE BIRTHPLACE OF MARXISM! THIS WILL BE THE CENTER OF THE REVOLUTION OF THIS DAMN SPORT!

::Chris Wink hugs Marx::

JONATHAN MARX: Why are you hugging me?

CHRIS WINK: Because you make me proud and you give me hope, maybe we can save this damn thing.

JONATHAN MARX: Was there ever any doubt that we could?

CHRIS WINK: ::laughs:: Before I send for a car to send you home, I want to to come in and look at the MFL World Title that me and your father battled to protect.

JONATHAN MARX: Can you tell me the story about the time you fought against Max Knight?

::Wink puts his arm around Marx and they start walking to the house with their back to the camera::

CHRIS WINK: I think I remember that. You know, next time we get together, I want you to be the one to tell me the story.

JONATHAN MARX: I will Wink. I promise.