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03-29-04, 11:09 AM
All RP for the FINALS of the Television Title tournament match between JEAN RABESQUE and JOHN DOE should be done in this thread.

All RP and angles should be submitted by Monday April 5th, at 11:59pm. All angles should be submitted to secandido@comcast.net .

John Doe
03-30-04, 11:02 AM
(Scene opens to a dark, backstage area. A quite voice speaks through the darkness.)

Doe: Jean Rabesque...a perfect example of what everyone wants to be...perfect. So what's the problem Jean. Am I to cocky? Or have you become one of the few to wrestle me. I jsut noticed not to be cocky, and not to be full of myself that i am undefeated.
I am the town bully and you are the new kid on the block...and thats too bad...you see...I'm here to make a statement...I'm here to dominant...I to destroy you. Time is ticking away Jean. Time is tickinga way, and you blood is going to satin the floor big guy, this is going to be fun, me verus you, oh man I can't wait. I am so pumped jean, pumped up to KICK YOUR ASS!

Doe: I've waited a long time for this moment, a whole three months I have trained and i have pushed my body to levels that I never knew I can go. I have bled, I have put my body and career on the line for I can face you, and you Jean, you are in the path of a madman, you are going to have to step toe to toe with me. Listen Jean, I want you to suffer, plain and simple. Do you understand that? Do you? Because I don't think you don't. See time is going by, and when the time strolls along by, well it will all end for you, it will all end. It's ticking, my mind is counting the days, hours, minutes, and seconds till our match. I want to see you bleed, I want to taste your blood on my tounge Jean, and I want you to lose, I want you to die, I want you to see what I am and who you are about to face off with, a monster, I am going to be the biggest threat in your career. Jean this is big for both of us, this is the time for us to fight, for us to wrestle, for us to show everyone what we are capable of, or what I am capable of. Hmmm, I can see it now, I can see you leaving the arena in a strecher, leaving the parking lot in an ambulence, and breathing with a tube in your mouth.

Doe: Jean what drives you day to day? Why do you choose to wrestle, why do you choose to continue in this tournament? Do see that you will loose in the finals. You will be defeated and you will lose to me, the best, John Doe.

Doe: Oh yes, you heard it loud and clear big fella, going to make sure you se the true side of me, the evil dark side. Be prepared Jean be prepared. As you can see Jean, its too bad for you...because on that Raucous night will be a new birth...as the sun slowly sets the T.V Champion will rise, and that champion will be me.


03-31-04, 11:09 PM
(The screen comes in on “NO FALSE GIMMICKS” in rather large white lettering on a black background, until we slowly back away and realize that it is blazoned across the chest of Jean Rabesque, who stands in front of an NEW backdrop, a smile on his face as the cameras roll in, he pauses for a moment, takes a breath, and then speaks)

Rabesque: (as if talking to someone behind the camera) “So, this is for real right?”

(No response)

“Yeah, you, I’m talking to you.”

(Camera pans around to a stagehand, dark hair, green shirt, about 25-26 years old, headset on, clipboard in his hand, a bewildered look on his face)

MAN: “Is— is what for real?”

Rabesque (offstage): “This guy, this is the guy who I should be talking to, this is the clown that has advanced to face me in the TV Title tournament? This.... John Doe?”

MAN: “Um... yes, Mr. Rabesque. It’s you vs. John Doe for the title.”

(Camera pans again back to Rabesque, a look of bewilderment still remaining on his face)

Rabesque: “Just... just come here.”

(A moment later the boy joins Rabesque)

Rabesque: “What’s your name?”

MAN: “Adam.”

Rabesque: “Hi, Adam, so, you’re positive that this is what is going to be going down. Me against that guy who’s tape I just had to watch. You put this together, right?”

Adam: “Yes sir, I was there when he filmed it.”

Rabesque: “And you could contain yourself from laughter? Adam, here’s what I want you to do son. Go find John Doe, maybe take a thesaurus, maybe a dictionary, maybe an encyclopedia on the history of professional wrestling, and make sure nothing like what I just had to watch ever happens again. Me and monkey-boy here on the camera can take care of the rest.”

Adam: “Um... sir.”

Rabesque: “JUST DO IT!”

Adam: “Yes sir!”

(Adam departs leaving only Rabesque in front of the camera, a smile beginning to reappear on his face, he looks into the camera and speaks again)

Rabesque: “So John, help is on the way. I’m not one to normally get involved in the lives of others, but I just had to come to the rescue there. Have you just been living under a rock for your entire existence? Is that why you have the name you do, since you haven’t left the house since 1983 and everyone considers you anonymous?

“John, or are you really just that oblivious to the world? Let me ask you one very important question John: ‘Do you have any idea who the hell I am?’ You speak with this ever-confident swagger, bragging, no.... boasting about how you are undefeated. Well, who the hell have you beaten John? What’s your biggest career win? Was taking down ‘Rage O’ Fire’ the end all be all of your wrestling career? Was that the top? Was that the pinnacle?

“And then to top that, you stated in your infinite wisdom that you were some kind of bully and that I’m the ‘New Kid on the Block.’ First off, the NEW has been around for what, 5 shows? I don’t think any of us could quite be classified as old or new. Second, I’ve been wrestling since you were in diapers little boy. I’ve seen men and beaten men that you can’t even comprehend facing. If you want to play up the macho thing, then sure, go ahead, but for God’s sake at least do some damn research. So what, you think because I missed the beginning of this tournament then I’m so kind of rookie? Hey boy, in case you weren’t paying attention, I’m leading the NFW right now. I’m the CSWA Greensboro Champion. I’ve been a World Champion on several continents. I think I know what the hell is going on and I also know that you’re absolutely IGNORANT when it comes to the wrestling world.

“So Johnnie, I’m curious. What is your master plan to do all of the things that you at least tried to say you were going to do me, although I must admit I’m not exactly sure what it means when you say you’re going to satin the floor with me. But with the legends I’ve gone against not being able to put me out, what makes you think that you’re going to be able to? Do you have some crazy martial art skill that no one knows about? Were you trained in some exotic dojo in some mysterious art form? Do you drink some magic potion that causes your head to swell to three times its normal size? What is it Johnny? You can sure talk a big game but I see no proof of any athletic ability on your part. Hell, I see hardly a speck of anything. I’m amazed you made it here altogether, considering you speak like a man with a third grade education.

“But you’ve trained for three months to get to this point. (Laughs and mock claps) Wow, Johnnie, three whole long months. How have you managed to persevere for that amount of time? THREE WHOLE MONTHS! I mean, I’ve only been doing this for 20 years, what can I know? You’ve been doing this for THREE WHOLE MONTHS! Way to push your body there buddy!! (Laughs)

“Are you really THAT clueless Johnnie? You’re not a threat to me, this match really isn’t even that big to me. You want that TV title so bad? Fine, take it! That in itself means nothing to me. I wrestle where I’m told when I’m told because I have a job to do. You’re in no way the biggest threat of my career. Hell, you’re not even my biggest threat this week. I’ve got McMillan the Hiroshi to worry about also. But I’ll just do what I always to do, go out, steal the show, and win the match. If someone decides to give me some TV title as a result, so be it. But I’m only settling for one title and one man right now. This is just a stop along the way. And you Johnnie, are the roadblock.

“The best part of this entire thing is that I think you honestly believe everything that you’re saying Johnnie, and I can’t wait for you to get eloquent about it, which I’m sure is coming soon. You honestly think you’re the best thing out there, when you could not be farther away from that point. You haven’t paid a single due, and you haven’t beaten anyone in your career. You can talk about being undefeated all you want, but now the test is coming. If you get past this one, then maybe we’ll talk, but in the mean time... do us all a favor and SHUT THE HELL UP! Above all else, you’ll be saving yourself the embarrassment.

“No false gimmicks, no false hype, I am Jean Rabesque.”

(Fade out)

John Doe
04-02-04, 09:56 AM
[Fade to A ring as John Doe is seen sitting on a turnbuckle. John yawns lightly, as he stretches his arm. Doe looks around and sighs. John shakes his head]

Doe: Want to play games do we Me. Rabesque? Sitting there with your stupid smile, with your stupid laughs. I don’t care who you have wrestled, or how good you think you are You pissed me off. Jean..what’s my master plan? What do I have in store? To beat the living **** out of you that’s what my plan is. You just woke up the demon inside of me Jean, you just made me a ticking time bomb. You with your stupid no false gimmicks crap, shove it. Save your breath for the match. You sit there thinking you’re the king of the damn world. Time for you to get your ass kicked off your high horse. You think your so damn good, you think your so damn great, you haven’t step in the ring with me yet, you haven’t wrestled me. I can give two ****s about who you wrestled, or how damn good you think you are. You can kiss my ass for all I care.

[Doe mimics Rabesque]

Doe: “I’m leading the NFW right now. I’m the CSWA Greensboro Champion. I’ve been a World Champion on several continents”. Oh no I’m so scared now…not. Please, your kidding me right? This isn’t CSWA buddy this is N.E.W this is the NEW ERA of Wrestling not that p*ssy **** you been in. wake up smell the coffee buddy. Oh and cut the Johnnie crap I’m not your friend, I’m your worst enemy, your nightmare, you have no clue how bad I want to kick your stupid face in right now, where you at? Huh? Where you at, for I can just beat you to a bloody pulp. God you have no clue how bad I want to break you damn neck right now Jean. Oh whoopty doo whoo hoo you’ve been wrestling 20 years, huh? Feel special? Think your all godo just because you’ve wrestled 20 stupid years? What for you can get beat by me the underdog? Ha! Wait, just wait, man oh man just wait. I am going to ring your damn neck. You have no clue what you have just done Jean, you have no clue who you just pissed off you. You pissed off the wrong guy.

[Doe hops off the top turnbuckle and walks around the ring]

Doe: Do you think your special? Do you Jean? I don’t, I think you’re a piece of crap That I’m going to kick around in a rink at Raucous. I really don’t care if I lose or not at Raucous now, no just as I long as I get to beat the idiotic brain matter out of your stupid skull. Jean what do you think is going to happen at Raucous? That you are going to walk out with a clear victory, just an easy five-minute match up? Thinking you are the T.V Champ already because you got a nobody as an opponent, think you can kick around the newbies. I may be a rookie Jean, but I still can kick ass. I still can make you work for a win, I’m not going to just lay down and let you pin me, I’m not just going to say “here Jean hit me in the face”. Get it straight Jeanie boy, get it in your mind that I am like no one else. I am different I am a new breed of wrestling. I am ready to destroy you Jean, I can’t wait ether, I feel it running in my veins, the anger is rising and I can’t stop it, you will have to endure it Jean. You will see what I am saying, you will feel my anger as you wrestle me, as you ATTEMPT to win, as you try to take me out. You can sit there and have your little fin of mocking me and enjoying your little games and what not, have fun. Care for a bag of popcorn Jean as you think I am a joke? Wish for me to put on a clown suite for oyu, maybe that will entertain you more, or maybe the thought of you leaving the arena on a stretcher may suite you better, lose you appetite Jean?

Doe: Yes Jean I said I was going to satin the floor with you, and I meant it, your stupid face is going to spell pain. You will feel utter pain when you wrestle me. I will make sure of it, trust me I will. Just for the sake of it I want to beat you senseless. Just want to take you and beat you around like the ***** you are. You talking crap Jean? Well ain’t that something? Come on Jean you want you step up to step up to me? Want to try to defeat me, trying to contemplate how you’re going to wrestle me, what moves to work? WELL FORGET IT! I am know your moves Jean, I’ve watched tape. I’ve seen you wrestle before. Nothing special, just a rust, old, no good, wrestler. Sure you had a couple good matches, nothing that great, if you were so good as you boost I would have heard of you, which I haven’t. must mean you’re a nobody a LOSER. A wrestler with NO skill one that wishes to meet his maker, one that just ticked off me, which isn’t a very smart is you ask me Jean. Last guy to piss me off ending up in a coffin. I ended up in an asylum, and well you, you wrestled, and I, well I trained, and you well you laid back and joined N.E.W and now we step in the ring with each other. Quite interesting isn’t it? Want to hear the end of the story?

[Doe walks around the ring in a circle as he talks making hand motions]

Doe: Well this is how it ends, I lay The Amnesia Attack on you an then you lay on your back knocked out. I pin you 1,2,3. Then I am the T.V Title Champion. Easy as said, or it can end the other way with you winning. HA! Yeah right, you really think you can beat me Rabesque? Come on don’t lie you do, you have it in the back of your mind there buddy ‘ol pal. You know you think you can beat me admit it, don’t deny it. Just say it, come on say it “I think I can beat John Doe”. Well that’s all it is at the moment a thought, a dumb and stupid thought but a thought none the less. Therefore we must treat this thought like every other thought and believe that it is true, well I don’t think it is true but you do, that’s good for you though, at least your pitiful brain can think. I mean that’s an accomplishment right?

Doe: The point is Jean I don’t even know you and I hate you, I can’t stand you and I can’t wait till we face off at Raucous. Take care Jean; enjoy your pitiful days because at Raucous I am going to put them to an end.


04-02-04, 01:34 PM
(The screen comes in on an NEW backdrop, where Jean Rabesque stands, motioning behind the camera, dressed in his normal gear)

Rabesque: “Translation, TRANSLATION PLEASE! ADAM!!”

(Camera pans away, and we see Adam making his way for the exits)

Rabesque: “ADAM! Come back here! I need your help! You were there when he said all of this, what the hell was he trying to say??”

(Camera pans, nothing)

Rabesque: “Oh hell, I guess I’m again left to do this myself. Left to puzzle the idea of satining the floor. I still wish this guy would explain to me what the hell it means to satin the floor with me, but he just holds steadfast to the idea that he’s going to do. At least he should have the common courtesy to give me a heads up on the pain and agony I should be expecting, considering he is the greatest wrestler in the world. Maybe he’s going to make a quilt out of me? A satin quilt? Maybe a skirt? Oh hell, why do I even try to figure this stuff out?

“Johnnie, I don’t know how you do it. With your kindergarten education at all, how you get dressed in the morning is a boggle to me, much less the fact that you’ve somehow made it into a reputable wrestling federation, and right now sit one match away from being the inaugural television champion. Hell, I know for a fact that you could do dominate the Special Olympics Pro Wrestling Division, Johnnie. Hell, you might even me invited in the four way match to become their World Champion. And then maybe, just maybe, you’d get one of those special medals. But then again, you’re a winner already, aren’t you Johnnie? At least, that’s what your mommy always told you when you got on the short bus every morning, right?

“So do I want to play games John? That was the first question you asked me right at the beginning of my spot? No, to be honest with you Johnnie, I have no intentions of playing games with you. To be honest, I really have a difficult time justifying that you’re even worth my time. If I really had my druthers, I’d pin your arrogant ass right now, get it over with, collect the title they want to give me, go cash the fat check they’re paying me, and go back to stalking Lindsay Troy, because DAMN she has a hot ass. She’s a pretty good kisser too! (Smiles)

“So here’s the real deal here Johnnie. I don’t really care how much I’ve angered you, the truth being if that makes you angry, I have no idea how you’re going to feel in a couple days when you feel the total wrath of what I’m capable of behind the scenes. Because right now, you really have no idea. But the thing is Johnnie, even if you are some kind of “ticking time bomb,” it really doesn’t matter. I’m going to say this as slow as I possibly can, to make sure that even someone of your intellect can understand it. Ok, you listening right now Johnnie?

“YOU’RE...........NOT.............. VERY.......................GOOD!

“In fact, that might be a bit on the flattering side. I’ve seen all the tape there is of you, all eight matches, and again I ask you Johnnie, who the hell have you beaten? If this ‘rage’ of yours is so violent, why haven’t you left a trail of the legends of wrestling lying in the dust. You know, you took out GUNS right? Left him lying, huh? Hornet was no match for you, true? How about Kin Hiroshi? Lawrence Stanley? I took him out of the NFW, how about you? But for you to come out on television and blast the NFW and blast the CSWA is just plain ignorant! I have a lot of respect for what the suits here at NEW are trying to do and I will help in whatever way I can to make this place a success, but right now, the names here don’t match up to the names over there, and for you to even insinuate that that is the case is just plain asinine!

“The fact is Johnnie that you have so much to learn it’s frightening. Now, in theory, there’s nothing wrong with that. We were all rookies once, we all had a point in our careers when we had a LOT to learn. The smart ones among us sought help, and went out of way to speak to those who had much more experience than us, to help make us better! But you Johnnie, you insist that you already have everything figured out, that there is no one who can help you, because you’re ‘mad’ and you’re already the best thing going! I hate to be the one to break this to you Johnnie, but you’re not, NOT EVEN CLOSE!

“I don’t have to think that I’m special Johnnie, the reaction I get from the crowd every single night does nothing but reinforce that. I don’t need to come out and tell everyone how much ass I can kick, but I can provide you one hell of a list of references of people who could readily verify that very fact. People you can’t even fathom stepping into the ring with have TAPPED OUT TO ME! It didn’t matter how angry they were, it didn’t matter how much better they thought they were than me. I just went out and proved it. And since you’re ONLY argument in this entire verbal exchange is “I’m better than you,” then I almost feeling I’m wasting my time here. You’re obviously too dense to catch on to reality, so just do your best and get a DAMN CLUE!

“If you want to think that I have no skill going into our match, then fine, do so. It’s not really going to make any bit of difference.

“In closing for you Johnnie, if you’re mad now, I can’t wait to see what you’re going to be like in just a few days. Because Johnnie, the best is yet to come. That, my son, is a promise!

“No false gimmicks, no false hype, I am Jean Rabesque.”

(Rabesque begins walking into the next room, above we see a sign that simply reads “THE JEAN RABESQUE SHOW...... Fadeout)

John Doe
04-06-04, 09:09 PM
[Fade in to a white room as John Doe walks toward the camera. John stops and pauses as he holds a remote in his hand. John smiles lightly as he looks at the cameras.]

Doe: Welcome, the time ticks by us as we count down the days until me and ignorant Jean Rabesque fight for the T.V Title, this is match of a lifetime, one that will be of great measures, one that should be very exciting, and it should be quite fun to see who will come out victorious, all I have to say is don’t count your chickens before they hatch Jean, anything can happen in that ring….anything.

[John presses the remote as a picture of Jean Rabesque is shown.]

Doe: This is Jean Rabesque if we all didn’t know already, me and him will be facing off for a chance at the T.V Title at Raucous. Jean likes to be sarcastic and a complete moron, he also thinks he can beat me, that’s good and dandy I’d like to see him in the ring and put his money where is mouth is right now. See Jean here is a good wrestle I’m not going to lie to anyone he is a very talented athlete and superstar, he has been in the game for 20 years, while I have been in the game for 5 shows. Surly we would all say well Jean is better than you are. But we will see what happen at Raucous won’t we Jean. Frankly I think that this is ether going to be a great win for me or a great learning experience ether way I get something that will benefit me in future matches.

[Doe press the remote again as the picture changes to the T.V. Title.]

Doe: This is the T.V Title, beautiful isn’t it? Well this is what I have worked for the last couple of weeks to win this baby. She is made of gold, and that’s what I want the T.V Title gold, and Jean your in the way of that, and that’s o because I have to move you out of the way to win it and if I have to do that I will, I have no problem working for a goal. This is something I’ve always wanted and I will have. See Jean I can see it already I can see the T.V Title, I feel the adrenaline rushing through my body. It’s a great feeling actually I like it a lot, but see you will see what I mean; you will get a taste of that in the ring. I am pure energy I am thriving and thirsty for that win, I want the title. You use to be good at this weren’t you Jean? You were in your prime once. I mean you held some prestigious titles I think. This isn’t just a no good title this is the T.V Title, I mean I want this title just as bad as you do Jean, I am not just going to let you beat me, no you will work and I will work then one of use will be the champion, got that?

[Doe presses the remote yet again as the picture flicks to a ring with a blood marking in the center]

Doe: See that, that is a ring stained with blood, kind of what will happen at Raucous, Jean that’s kind of like you blood there, just sitting there, staying in the ring,. That means every time you wrestle you can say wow that’s where John Doe beat me up, that’s where he busted me up right there. And I can say that’s where I beat one of the greatest wrestlers in N.E.W right there. I mean to me Jean you’re a legend, we use to watch you back in the Asylum when ever they allowed us to leave or cells, sit and watch Jean Rabesque wrestle beat up his opponents with your cocky attitude. You would win, beat up some good wrestlers, at one point I use to image my wrestling after you. If you want to get serious Jean, I want to wrestle you, technically I figure you are one of the greats, but you have to prove that at Raucous, you have to show how great you really are. I mean how good are you Jean? Are you that good that you think you can beat me that quick? That you can just Clothesline me once and you get a 1…2…3 just like that and be the T.V. Champion? Jean this is the FINALS, the FINALS, no the rat tails not the quarterfinals, the finals the last battle. This is where it all goes, this is where blood is shed, and this is where anything can go down and will go down at anytime. I mean this is one of the greatest matches, this is the one everyone is watching, eyes will be set on me and you, one will come out the champion, only one of us. This is where the proving point is this is where we all find out how damn good you really are, or if you are just a goof that had a couple good matches and couldn’t cut it out to beat the rookie.

[John presses the remote as it changes to a picture of two wrestlers going at it]

Doe: Great isn’t it?

[Doe pulls up a stool and sits on it facing some of the screen and some of the camera]

Doe: Two men fighting for the chance to win, putting their bodies on the line, fighting for they believe is their dreams, their destiny, their goal. It’s awesome if you think about it, the power some people posses over others, the abilities people have over one another. What is there is someone with your exact methods of wrestling, not saying there is, but wouldn’t that be kind of weird if you think about it. I’m going off track the point is Jean I know your moves, I watches tape I gather what I can and am going to attempt to counter what ever I can as best as I can. Therefore, you are going to have to do the same, hopefully you are watching film of my past matches and watching what I can do, and you will be surprised on what I am going to pull of at Raucous. I will amaze millions across the nation with the style of wrestling and my charisma I will present to the crowds.

[John presses as the projector shuts off]

Doe: Jean, are you ready for Raucous, are you sure you are, I believe you aren’t. I think you aren’t 100% sure on what to expect, or maybe you think you are maybe you are so damn ignorant that you think you can beat anyone. Well get it straight, “I Am Not Just Anyone……I Am John Doe”