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03-29-04, 11:09 AM
All RP for the SUICIDE and BRODY HANSEN match should be done in this thread.

All RP and angles should be submitted by Monday April 5th, at 11:59pm. All angles should be submitted to secandido@comcast.net .

04-01-04, 09:49 PM
(Camera fades in to Japan, where shown in its entirety is none other than the famous Hellion Dojo. Hellion Dojo houses some of the most famous students to be taught by wrestling great Hellion. A large building, it secludes the outside world as the trainings and teachings of Hellion. However, a single figure stands in front of the Hellion Dojo. As the camera zooms in on the figure, he is shown to be none other than Suicide, wearing his black leather trench coat and Fedora hat, with a cigar in hand. He looks into the camera sternly, gesturing to the dojo behind him with his thumb.)

Suicide: "Hellion Dojo, established by one of the greatest World Heavyweight champions of all time; Hellion. Famed wrestler of WWL and many other great promotions, Hellion has dedicated his life to teach his skills and disciplines he set forth in the ring for many years. Many known wrestlers, like his brothers Chaos and Psycho are just two students of his. Jarod Poe, a man who made a name for himself in GLCW and now, a Television champion in the NWL, is also another proud student of his. But we're not here to talk about any of these men. For you see, there is only one that is important to me. This man never backs down from a challenge, which he has been taught very well by his teacher. This man is always ready for a fight, no matter if it costs him his health or dignity. This man is one of two wrestlers I have to look forward to, with pleasure of course, in facing at NEW Raucous."

(Suicide takes a puff of his cigar and then takes off his Fedora hat, holding it to his side.)

Suicide: "Mr. Brody Hansen.....'The Southern Beast'. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm sure your teacher and his brothers have spoken of me. To very few people who know me on a personal level, as well as the birth name given to me by my mother, I am Ulysis Carlos Solian. But for all intentions and purposes, you will come to know me as simply Suicide. I've heard about you and seen you in action. Mixing the teachings of Hellion with your own special brand of Southwestern bunkhouse brutality, you are definitely a man not to be taken lightly. You are definitely a fine specimen that I feel honored in facing. However, there are a few things I feel that maybe you weren't told about me. So let me get you up to speed...."

(Suicide lifts his foot and puts the cigar out on his boot. He then places it in his pocket, as he then holds his Fedora with both hands.)

Suicide: "First off, you can save me the speech of how this won't be a wrestling match and just a straight up barn house brawl. You see, as much as I love to wrestle, I also love a good fight. Living in the city, I've had to survive the trials and tribulations of the urban jungle each and every day. Whatever you can bring to the table and dish out, I'll welcome it with open arms. I'm no stranger to a good brawl; Chaos can tell you this. I've had many in my day and continue to do so. Now if you wish to use anything that isn't attached to a hard surface and use it to your advantage, by all means, I welcome you to it. Be forewarned however Mr. Hansen; I'm not afraid to use what you bring in the ring against you. I'm no stranger to a hardcore battle; Psycho can tell you this. I've been in every kind of match where a man's life was at stake that you can think of. A King of a Deathmatch trophy and a few Hardcore titles are nothing to brag about. You'll just have to experience it live and in living color if you choose to go that route."

(Suicide scratches his face through his mask, never keeping his gaze off the camera.)

Suicide: "Second thing I want to point out is that I know I brought up the interesting fact that you are a graduate of the Hellion Dojo behind me. I'm sure now that I have mentioned such, you may give a synopsis of your experiences. Well, that may be all well and good, just note thing history fact. The last two students I have had the privilege and honor of facing didn't fare well. Psycho thought that being an 'American Dangerman' would some how make him more dangerous than a timid and silent mysterious wanderer. But one fatal mistake and he fell fifteen feet to his demise. Chaos thought that by defeating me in our first encounter that he was king of the world, that he accomplished the greatest feat in his entire career. Too bad it was just an illucid dream, as his fantasy world came crashing to a halt; first in RMWF, then in CWWF, taking away the one thing that mattered more to him than a bottle of good ol' JD. That of course would be a World Heavyweight championship. Now I know you're different from these two, so also take this interesting fact to heart. Your master, your sensei, your teacher.....Hellion. He thought by walking into a second-rate promotion, he could walk all over the competition and just snatch the World Title like it was his own. Now this was coming to life for awhile....until he met me. Of course it wasn't me as you see and know me now, but as one of many alter egos that escapes now and then. Viewing me as nothing more than a joke, in the end.....the joke was on him."

(Suicide places the hat right back on his head, adjusting it carefully.)

Suicide: "So what does this all mean? While none of that actually has any real meaning, there is one thing all three men share in common….they all believed that I was a nobody. Now I'm not trying to signal them out, however, if these are the same people that have taught you all that you have known thus far in this sport. then you should learn from their past mistakes. I'm flesh and bone Mr. Hansen. When it comes on contact with more flesh and bone, it's the strongest substance to destroy any man. Not steel chairs, not baseball bats, not even a wooden table. You can make me bleed, you can bruise me, even break a bone or two. I will still come and haunt you in that ring Mr. Hansen. You want a fight? You'll get one....tenfold. I didn't come to NEW to take it easy. Everyone in this promotion is someone I take seriously. Each has their own set of unique tools of the trade to defeat me at any given moment. But I carry with me my own special tools as well. It will boil down to whose tools are the most effective. So my suggestion to you Mr. Hansen is to prepare yourself for this match. The night before we meet, lay out all your tools and choose the best one for the job. You're going to probably need every tool in the drawer because I will keep coming back for more until there's nothing left inside my body, other than the empty soul and black heart that swims in it. Then, when the dust has settled, and it's all said and done, you will come to know me, just like your teacher and fellow alumni before you have come to know, that I am.....The Man....The Myth.....The Legend......and I am as real as it can get. Fight me Mr. Hansen, for you will be fighting tooth and nail for not just your honor, not just your pride......but for your life. 'Nuff said......"

(Suicide turns around and looks at Hellion Dojo before leaving the camera's view. The camera focuses on the dojo, before fading to black....)

04-05-04, 10:57 PM
Brody Hansen step in before a NEW backdrop. his leather vest slaps against his sides and he stares up from underneath his big stetson. He paces back and forth for a few moments. Before a slight smile appears on his face. He nods to the camera and slowly the smile begins to fade. He steps forward)

Hansen: Suicide...well look who I get to face tonight. The Man...The MYTH...THE <coughs> LEGEND!!!

(he pauses and applaudes loudly)

Hansen: Well aren't I the lucky one. Yet Suicide must be taking this serious. After all you flew ALL the way to Japan. <shrugs> What to prove some point? To stand outside Hellion Dojo and what Suicide...what was the point? Was it to show us a pair of doors you were not fit to walk through? Where you gig ut of you way to look for Hellion. Becuase I can tell you for fact...he wasn't there. In fact it's facts Suicide...it's facts you seem to be lacking the knowledge of.

(He smiles and point to his chest)

Hansen: So let me do you a favor and see if I can't clear some of them up. After all...I still tlak to the big man once and awhile. See I sat back and I listened I really did try to listen Suicide. I really wanted to take in everything you had to say. Problem is...why there was a small amount of respect you showed me..it wasn't long before The Man...The Myth and The Ego soon came out. It soon became all about you and what you had done. Your little history lesson meant nothing to me. It was an insult that you didn't think I would have learned from the past. What you really pointed out was your past succes against my sensei and his family.

(He holds up his index finger as a sign of caution)

Hansen: Why you might have gotten a decision over Psycho and you did manage to defeat Chaos for that title you tend to forget a few things. See Suicide...much like you have done in the past and like your doing know. Well you tend to disappear. How many times have you retired...only to come back a few months later and expect the world to drop at your feet? How many times have you put your success on the line and not run away before it's taken away? What will be different about NEW then any other league. How many months will it be before you pack your bags and go away once more. I mean aren't you just coming from a league were that happened again?

(He shrugs his shoulders and spit son the ground)

Hansen: Makes me take into question your status when it comes to being myth or legend? IF you ask me...well it's much more of a fable. So pardon me..pardon me if I don't bow to yuor supposed greatness. Or give you the same respect others might show you. See I know something that the others don't

(He steps forward and peers into the camera)

Hansen: You got an EGO Suicide and you've got a big one. You went out of you way to tell us about ALL you've done in the past. Problem is...I don't care. This is know and when your in the ring with me...the past is just that. Your still three seconds away from getting beat just like everybody else.

(He holds up a finger)

Hansen: yet I'm going to surprise you. No I'm not...I'm not going to slap my arm...give you the Lariat and tell you I'm going to pin your sorry ass. No I'm not going to do that. I'm going to surprise you Suicide and a big surprise it will be

(He smiles a look of self satisfaction)

Hansen: So good luck tonight. Good luck in your match and stay healthy for when you meet me. For if there's one thing I can guarantee. By the end of the night...you'll be surprised

(He turns his back and walks away)


04-05-04, 11:23 PM
(Camera fades in to a black and white shot of the NEW backdrop against a white wall. The camera stares into it for several minutes before finally; a presence blocks its view. That presence is none other than Suicide. He stands there, in a black t-shirt with the words "'Nuff Said." on the front in white letters, in front of a black Suicide symbol with a white glow. He stands there, not with his traditional mask on, but with an eye patch with the symbol on the front, covering his right eye.)

Suicide: "Apparently I stand corrected. It seems that someone has laid down the facts in front of me, presented them in a coherent manner, and basically made me look like a fool. Although I didn't need help with that, it seems Mr. Brody Hansen knows everything there is to know about me, and henceforth I'm a beaten man."

(Suicide scratches his chin, looking off camera a bit, before staring back into the camera.)

Suicide: "Unfortunately, as many times I have been beaten to within an inch of my life, I still get up and I continue on. As a mysterious wanderer, it is my business when I stay and when I go from place to place. When destiny calls for me to leave someplace to start anew someplace else, I beckon its call. Successes mean nothing to me, it's all about survival. When I disappear and reappear, I could give two ****s whether or not people care. I know no one could care less about me, but do you really believe I don't feel the same way about them? Mr. Hansen, the question at hand isn't when I will be leaving but, when you will stop acting like your predecessors and actually look at me as someone that threatens your well-being? When will you get the win you've been waiting for Mr. Hansen? When will you break out from the shadows of your forefathers?"

(Suicide scratches his face a bit, smirking slightly.)

Suicide: "You may get it over me. Your surprise, which is obviously is you're going to wrestle me, as you can see, clear as day, is nothing more than a farce. Ego? No sir, if I had an ego, I'd be walking into NEW like I owned the place, going into every single match claiming I'm going to win easily. No you see Mr. Hansen; this is where your judgment clouds your mind. I want a challenge. I want someone to give me the match of my life. I tried to educate you Mr. Hansen because it seems Hellion and company did nothing to teach you from their past mistakes. Not honored enough to walk in those hollowed halls? You can read a book about rocket science, but it doesn't make you a rocket scientist. You can read a cookbook and follow the ingredients for a recipe, but it doesn't make you a five-star chef. And you can be taught everything one person knows about wrestling, giving you lessons on every hold, move, submission....but it doesn't make you a wrestler. It's experience that crafts you to be one. Honing your skill by going in the ring, day in and day out....THAT'S the point I tried to get across to you. Seeing as how you have learned nothing from this, it seems hands-on experience is the only way that this 'fable' will turn into a reality that you can tell your relatives generations to come. Hellion doubted me, Chaos laughed at me, Psycho spat on me.....but I'm still standing, while Hellion's nursing his wounds, Chaos is drinking himself into his own little world, and Psycho’s currently playing ***** to Anarky. Doesn't matter how many times I go and come back, point is, there is nothing you can do Mr. Hansen to get rid of me, short of stabbing me straight through my black heart. The only surprise happening in our match......will be me opening your eyes from the lie you've been living......only for me to close them back up with these...."

(Suicide raises his fists in front of him.)

Suicide: "'Nuff said...."

(The camera fades out.)